Energetic feelings

Yesterday my husband and I took an incredible motorcycle ride up west of Golden along the lariat loop to Evergreen and back to Golden.

It was a very nice trip,

While along the trip I noticed that the mountains gave off a VERY different vibe then mountains in others areas.

As we drove along, I kept getting this depleted feeling. Like the land I was looking at had been depleted of spirit. This really bothered me. I kept thinking… How can this be? It felt as though the magic had been sucked out of the earth. Sounds strange but believe me it felt even more weird. It was like the ground had been exhausted of all it’s energy.

In all our travels through the mountains I have never experienced such a feeling. I realized that I had not appreciated what the earth has been giving back to me as I ride by. I felt that the area on lookout mountain was so populated, so trampled that it lacked the hope and inspiration that I receive in other areas. I think this area has experienced so many people coming here to find peace and solitude that it may have given all it could give… I think that the energy the spirit left in that area is being reserved for the earth itself. The energy is being used to replenish and grow.

I think we need to remember that we need to give back to the forests.

I have been in many burned forest areas…many of these areas appear very desolate however… In those extreme areas of visual desolation there is still an overwhelming feeling of hope, determination, growth and love. What amazes me is that even in the state these areas are in…there is still energy given, shared.

Pretty strange how even when an area doesn’t appear to have anything to give…it still gives. I think what we need to realize is that the earth naturally gives. It gives unconditionally, until it can no longer give. When that time comes it just slows down it’s giving and rebuilds itself.

As we continued our ride we wound our way onto the highway 7 canyon. Once in this canyon I was overwhelmed by the energy I was hit with. It was in this canyon that I started to realize that the majority of the energy coming toward me was coming from the rocks…the boulders.

Many of these boulders have been around thousands of years and some maybe even since the beginning of time…amazing, amazing that I am able to share it’s energy…the spirit and love that it gives so freely.

I felt so privileged to be given this energetic honor.


Had a very good class tonight. Was rather untraditional, but good. Discussed the importance of understanding others. Their delivery and where the message is coming from.
Discussed the more traditional learning process of the clairvoyant process.

The thing I am working on practicing tolerance and understanding. Delivering messages from the heart not from anger. I need to understand the purpose of why communication is not necessarily equal. Why some have higher expectations of the communication expected to them and yet don’t equally communicated back.

Question of the day: who takes care of you?
Think about that… I think that your answer will surprise you.

One other thing, never let some religion, or…person make you fear your beliefs or intuition. Trust yourself. Believe in yourself, your feeling.

I have been absent from blogging… And with that I feel like I have gotten all backed up in my head space. I have been grounding myself… But without expressing myself in words… I have found myself congested.

Thoughts and words balled up in my head. My heart bursting with confusion. My mind in over analyzing mode… which is nothing short of dangerous for me.

I don’t know why I get like that…. Over loaded.

In my Thursday classes everyone has been seeing me balanced… Centered… I am not sure where that is right now. Sometimes I get scared. The farther in I go, to refund myself… I fear that I won’t always be accepted. Accepted by the ones I love the most. Why does everything have to be so hard? Does it have to be? How does it work?

Love prevails. Kindness will always win whatever is worth winning.

My weekend hike

Went on an 8 1/2 mile round trip hike today. What a beautiful time. We took some great pictures, I hope to post one or two very soon.

My hike today was escorted by a series of beautiful butterflies! The colors ranged from black and yellow, traditional monarch, soft yellow,white, and even a black with a little orange. It was pretty amazing experience really.

My head was clear…and every time I would wander in thought a butterfly would flutter by and bring me back. I also experienced hearing what sounded like voices one minute and the buzzing of bugs the next. I didn’t feel like we were alone… Yet there was no one else was around.

We took a nice long break in the shade, and I took the opportunity to ground myself while sitting on the forest floor. What a peaceful grounding experience.
When I was receiving earth energy it was a very strong earthy flow of earth (dirt) and water. It was such a strong feeling. As for spirit energy i received a strong flow of focus and perseverance. It was incredible. I came out of my mini meditation completely renewed.

We really had a wonderful hike.
Hiking for me has become spiritual… The best church ever.

Arg… I have had quite a week. Symbolism galore! I keep typing it all out only to have it disappear… Communication issues.
Other symbols hearts; saw the clouds part while I was driving, frustrated, the clouds parted to form a little heart.
Saw a bruise on a friends arm in the shape of a heart. Saw a bruise in the shape of a heart on my husbands arm. Symbolism….
I have had issues with my credit cards, my Starbucks gold card…more symbolism.

I am going to reflect on these realizations and follow up tomorrow.

Center of head…the 6th chakra

Last nights class was very much needed for me, as always.

Mostly it was a typical class..big class, a couple newer people. The dynamics has been changing, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

As we were being lead through our guided meditation I realized my 6th chakra (my center of head…private room) had changed decor. I know this sounds a bit….odd but, we are guided to imagine a space all our own, with no one else. A place to reflect, sit, meditate, and collect your self. Mine had always been a very clean white and brown room. Very relaxing and comfortable. It has been this way really for over a year now, so…imagine my surprise when I got there and it was completely different. I couldn’t help but chuckle even…for my room had turned into the I dream of Jeanie bottle!! Yep, that’s right! I dream of Jeanie.
Pretty crazy… I know.

Well…I need to sleep.