That simple word can illicit so many emotions.

What is the first word that comes to your mind when you hear the word change?
For me; today it is fear.

It can be exciting and hopeful but when it comes down to it…fear.
Fear of the unknown.

Full of what if’s and I don’t knows. But the one thing in this lifetime that is guaranteed…is change. We go through it every day…so I don’t understand why it is such a powerful emotion.

Nothing stays the same….nothing. So, if something is not staying the same, it is changing.
This is my focus this week. To focus on change. What I can take control of and change.
When it comes to our journey… I think we need to remember that no decision is wrong, some may have harder lessons to learn and some may take us down longer or shorter paths. But all the lessons we learn along either way are equally important.

Sorry so short… Been an interesting internal day.


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