This Thursdays class :)

I really do enjoy my Thursday class.

Tonight was fun. We did healing’s on each other. A pretty quick check in.

Then we did some group healing’s. It is always fun for me to work on people I do not know. I like the challenge and the validation of what I come up with.

I really enjoy tapping in and getting the information. Sitting there with it and wondering is this really the information…do I sound stupid….and am I really going to say this, only to have it be my turn…say what I see or hear, or feel and then….get validation from the person or the person that knows the person we are healing or reading. I love to prove to myself that I get it. That I can do this. That I am not off in left field. It’s funny but I think….wait, I know I am my worst critic.

I think in this process…learning to trust ourselves is one of the biggest challenges. Our analytical selves are very hard to convince. It is hard to stop judging ourselves. We sometimes push ourselves to failure instead of success, just because we are u sure of the unknown. Maybe we are even a little afraid of the power. Whatever it is this is a lesson we must remember to not forget. We must learn,to trust ourselves. Trust what we are being given/gifted.

Practice meditating… Reinvent meditation. Who says it has to be this way or that….find what works for you…and make it your own. Till next time….meditate…make your tomorrow your tomorrow.



Lunch break

What a beautiful day.

Lucky enough today to enjoy my lunch outside at the park under a tree. The hard part today will be going back to the office. I Love the fall. The sound of the leaves rustling in the wind. The warm sun on my face with the crisp breeze lightly blowing my hair. The colors in the trees… The feeling inside of ” ah… I made it” made it where… Or how, doesn’t seem to matter anymore… I just know I made it. Made it here…this far along only path. The path that is ever changing the path that no matter who along the way I meet…is still, my path.

What I do and don’t do in this life time is mine alone. My gift or my struggle, whatever it is I choose, I have chosen it.

This feeling….that I have right now. What is it? Is it peace, happiness, what? And how do I hold on to it?

Carry it in my pocket to aid me along the way.

I am going to meditate…and see what answers I am presented with…

Well… I am back. While meditating…I was presented with a beautiful grey wolf. In my vision, my mind eye. I was laying in the grass by a big boulder when my shaman guide approached me. He didn’t speak to me but I was aware of the task to connect with him. That I needed to remember him. When he faded I was left sitting there… And a grey wolf slowly…walked right in front of me.

Hmmm…. This I shall ponder. Now I must go back to work.

Tonight was my Thursday class. It had been about three weeks since I last attended. It was strange. I have really missed the class…but felt weird going.

I got a late start getting there. It seems something always seems to be detaining me or testing me.
What do I mean? Well, it never seems to fail that right before I am getting ready to leave work to get to class, some work will pop up, or an alternate invitation that I have actually been hoping or waiting for is presented.

Today was no exception. Today actually was both. Work for a weekend event is piling up on my desk, and an impromptu happy hour vent session presented itself to me. Tests…I get sick of them.

On my way to class my mood just switched. It was most all I could do to just keep myself from crying. Now, why this happened is a mystery to me. It has actually happened to me on more than one occasion.
I get to class…I go in. Sit…and instead of being my normal goofy out going self…I am quiet. A few times in the class I just looked at myself. What do I mean I just looked at myself? Well… How can I explain this. I feel like I was within myself that I was able to float out and look at my body. And what I saw was me…physically sitting there listening.

Have you ever really thought about listening…and I mean listening without thinking what your response is…or what your going to ask next, or your story that explains everything better than theirs. I mean really listening. That’s what I was watching myself attempt to do. Now I would say watch myself do…however, I was not 100% attentive if I was watching myself listen now was I?

It was a surreal experience nonetheless.

Class tonight was about gauging others in group or work settings. I find I do this a lot. We all do actually. It’s natural and we all really chalk it off to the “first impression” we get upon meeting some one.
After discussing gauging…. We paired off and did some readings on each other.
Our task was to read our partners summer/cycle. And what we will harvest from it this fall…and what part of the season we need to reseed for te next cycle.
It was very easy to get in the mode…
well as much as I want to keep writing… I am falling asleep as I have been typing…
I will finish this post another day.
Good night~

Well, it worked.
One could call it chance…or luck…but I call it divine intervention.

First off let me tell you, that was one of the hardest thing I have done in along time. For me I am a control freak. If you know me and you are reading this…I am sure right about now you are thinking no, you?!?!
Well I am…. So….this….was difficult. I couldn’t do it.
I didn’t give up however…meditated, did some reiki,and fell asleep. All with the intention of releasing my worry and anxiety of the lost bag.
Slept through the night, quite soundly actually. Woke up to my alarm and the first thing that I can consciously remember thinking about is…I wonder where that bag is. All day the same thing, randomly throughout the day I would wonder….where could I have put that bag… Finally towards the end of the day….while in my spin class, my mind is completely clear…open…no worries or doubts. I feel refreshed and at such peace… I get home, and I am there for less than 10 minutes go by and I pick up a couch cushion and there is the missing bag.

It wasn’t there the day before.

The amazing power of intention.
It is amazing.

Remember to always believe…
Trust your guides and remember they are here to help, we just have to remember to look and ask,



Stress… Ok, how does one deal with it?

I have had quite a bit going on and…I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed. Stress is a funny thing.

The more I try to control my stress, or not be stressed I find myself stressed about my stress! Now how is that effective??

I seem to forget the internal power we have to focus…ground and ask for help… I Get so caught up in my first and second chakra during the stressful phase of my life…. It is crazy, that when I am able to really look at the situation (of course once it has past) I can see how focused I am on the 1st and 2nd chakras. It over comes me. If I could/can only figure out a way to remind myself that if I would ask for help… Or look to my higher chakras for focus on a enlightenment on the situation….

Now here is an example of how flustered my mind has become…I bought some jewelry and….it was in a small bright pink bag…I saw it, thought about moving it to check out the pieces…and now, I cannot find it. I have searched the whole house. I am frustrated and my heart is beating out of control. I have dug in the garbage…inside and out. I have looked everywhere in my house (well obviously not everywhere since I have not found it). I need to think About what I wrote above…I need to release it and hope that it will appear or come to me where I put it.

I am going to take my own advice tonight…ground myself..ask for help from my angels, ask them to guide me to the item. Release it. Focus on my higher chakras. My heart needs to relax.

So… I will follow up on this post. Let you know how my advice works and if I am even able to follow it. The words all sound so reasonable, I will put my faith in what my guides have guided me to write…

Sorry if this blog seems so disjointed, it all goes back to stress… Self imposed or not…

Fall is like the sprint at the end of a race…

You know what I mean right? It that part of our manifesting that propels us to action. To finish what we started…the do or die. I hate to say it quite like that…but it pretty much is.

Think about it…

Let’s look at a very rudimentary view of the seasons.

Spring…start, excited full of ideas and hopes…possibilities. The thought is planted in our being.

Summer…This is where we really start to cultivate and nurture our ideas our plans. This is also the point of exhaustion, with the combination of the heat and long days we can start to tire out…start to lose site of how it will all come together. It depends on the event or plan that has been planted to grow…it can easily be seen as daunting and unachievable. This is where we need to remember to look to the sun, to find the confidence and strength to persevere and have faith. Many give up here, only to repeat the adventure later on…sometimes much harder than the first time.

Fall…the sprint I was talking about. This time of the year, as we start to see the changes happening all around us in nature, we start to believe change is once again possible. And actually more than possible, highly probable. We gain a renewed sense of confidence in our plan, which now we view as our dream. We see the end in sight… We hear the crowd cheer us on. Regardless how tired we are we plunge ahead with gusto. Fall brings results. Now the results we see may not be what we expected or what we thought we wanted, but they are there.

Winter…I shall elaborate on winter closer to the season. In the mean time, what do you think winter represents?

Fall is my favorite time of the year and it always has been. I feel so energized, so ready to live. My confidence is usually at an all time high and at times I have even felt invincible. I have never really fully understood it. An at the same time I have never challenged it.

I remember back in high school I had started dating this boy. I liked him for many reasons but the main one at that time was because he seemed to be out of my league (something that was pointed out to me by a fellow student). First off I was incredibly flattered, and felt that at the time we really hit it off. What does this have to do with The season?

I know…I am getting there I promise. I remember sitting in his truck…talking, yes…we were really just talking. While we were talking I mentioned my love for the Fall…the best time of the year. He replied that he hated Fall…I was stunned, who I’m their right mind could hate Fall? No really…who?

I asked him….why?.

He said because of football practice fall equalled pain to him. I can remember just sitting there thinking how very sad that was. I told him that I was sorry. He was confused. I told him that I was sorry because, fall…offers us so so so much beauty.

So remember, to look around you. Enjoy what you see as your sprinting towards that finish line. Embrace whatever results you achieve. Reward yourself for the goal…the perseverance through the challenge of the hot summer…the rays of doubt that are splashed upon you. Rejoice in your ability to manifest your dreams…your future.

I hope this post make some sense. I have not made my class in a few weeks and I can lose touch with my inner self a bit when that happens.

Tonight I picked a few topics from my blog jogger list I created…and what was born from that,well…you just read it. If I think about it…it was like an out of body experience. You know what I mean? Like the time you drive to work…or home… And you get there and you stop and look around thinking….how the heck did I get here?


10:49 pm….
I should be asleep. Getting up at 5am… Working out, then off to work until 6pm…
But for some reason my favorite time of year (it is a little early still…) fall is throwing me a curve ball. My emotions felt so steadfast… Dead on… Till today, today has been a whirlwind for me. Maybe it’s that extra three day weekend. My body was tricked into some kind of re adjustment….some kind of false reset.

It takes some time for me to re-adjust lately…then when I have it’s time to switch back.

Crazy how I just sat at my desk today and felt my emotions slip out of my control. All the while I consciously thought…my emotions are careening out of control, I should do something about it. Yet, I did nothing but observe. Why? Why would I do that? Why do we do that? What was I hoping for, or looking for?

Every time I have thought of grounding today I have noticed that my heart aches. Crazy as it sounds…my heart ached. For what? Really I am asking, for what?
It feels as though there has been a loss. Am I picking up on something? Is this a foreboding feeling? Am I grieving a season gone?
To me fall is full of possibilities and excitement…my favorite time of the year. The time when everything we have worked towards,for or to create can be utilized or experienced. Does this make sense?

Most things/articles etc… Would describe fall as the end whereas spring is the beginning. I see it as the do time. The experience time, the let’s put this to practice or use time. A time of manifestation. Actually the manifestation of something that has come to fruition. Spring the ideas start… Summer we grow the idea…feed them with the inspiration and the Intention of what is to be. Think about it. Water…sun…earth…oxygen… The warmth of the sun acts as the comforted our souls and the earths souls need to become what we dream. Fall is us jumping out of the nest… Taking the leap. The weather is more tolerable…energizing not as slow and comforting. We put a sweater on to comfort and hug ourselves. In the summer we open ourselves up to the universe and look for it to feed and warm our souls.

Fall… Is what happens sometimes…we gain the courage to take a chance…and sometimes we fall.

Regardless of my mood today… I think I realized that the transition of the seasons may be the hardest. It is at this point that we see the changes that we must make for what they are. The first steps into the next phase.

Well folks…
I need to go to sleep,I will continue the discussion of “fall” very soon.
Good night.