Just something I have been thinking about…

Have you ever really thought about our emotions. Let break it down, and take a look at these crazy little words that rule our earthly existence.

That’s what they are right? Mere words.
Fear, lust, love, weakness, joy, happiness, sadness, disappointment, anger, jealousy, depression, loneliness, content…these are a few that come to my mind. So…Do the emotions that first pop into your head have a direct meaning in your life? I think everything means something. So yes, it does mean something. Theses are the emotions we have at the forefront of our mind. So for whatever they must have some meaning to us.

When you think of emotions what are the first ones that come your mind…

Here is an exercise to try…
Write down the first five emotions that you think of.
Next to each of the five words,write a description of that word. In your own words, no dictionaries.
Then read your list, your definitions. What ones felt more personal then the other, why… How can you change the emotion. Do you even want to. Is this emotion serving you, or is it hindering you or your growth.

Another interesting exercise is place a name of a person next to the emotion…

Next to your first group of five emotions…make a new list of emotions you didn’t list in the first group. Are these emotions ones you would like more of…or are you happy (or even slightly surprised) that they are not in you first group.

Now that we have made ourselves really think about emotions…let’s go one step further…besides the definition, can you explain the emotion? Explain to me as if I were an alien… And did not know what the word meant. Would you be able? Are some harder for you than others. Do you know what they feel like…technically…and feeling wise?
Do we play out out emotions based on preprogramed data we have watched or read about, or off of actual felt experience?

Weird, I know…
Basically all these emotions are first created in our heads…so, as they are forming, or being created can’t we change them? Change the course of our thoughts. Create a better feeling/emotion? Can’t we take control of our emotions by molding them to benefit us, help teach us, mold us.

Just something to think about…


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