My thoughts on being and being…random

Ever ponder think about the act of randomness? What is random, to be random does something have to be without purpose? That is what it says in the dictionary… It states “without purpose”

I have had some random discussions on the what it is to be random. I have been told that our actions cannot be considered random. My question is, does that mean every thing has a purpose? If so, then so does a random act.

To me the initiation of something random does have purpose, the very act of changing ones course is a direct decision one makes at that very moment in time. There was some reason no matter how small, that changed the course. The purpose…well that is sometimes obvious…and sometimes not known until the event, moment, action, or thought has run it’s course.
That all being said, I also believe in fate and free will. Many will argue this with me as well. Lol!!!
But let’s think about it….
Fate is a predestined result or action, be it a thought emotion or experience right??? Well ponder on this for a while.

Fate offers a somewhat vague preset result, freewill provides us with options on how we get to that end result and to what degree that result effects or shapes our life. Just because something is preset does not mean it has to be as intense as it was initially first proposed to be. This is where freewill really fits in. Any and all things that effect our life…given our experiences up to that point in time will shape the way we deal with any end result we encounter. That is why I think we have both…freewill and fate effecting our lives each and everyday.

This all goes back to random… With out little random events, thoughts, things taking us “off” course…allowing us to use our freewill life would be boring. And I don’t know about you, but life is really anything but boring.

I like knowing, believing in myself…my choices, allowing my freewill to help me shape the fate that is lying out there for me… For me, to decide if the fate that is there for me will be what “I” want it to be. If I am unsure…at least I know there is a plan out there. A plan that I decided before I was even born. I knew, we all knew, that when we set our life plans that we may at any time decide to change it. Of course, we all have to first discover that power within and figure out that we have had the power to do so all along.
Lucky for me I figured it out. You can too… Dare to dream. Dare to change the status quo…live with your heart, lead with it as well.

To blog…or not to blog.

That is the dilemma…

I am working on manifesting positive outcomes.
I am working at changing my eating, my food lifestyle.
I am working on being a better person.
I am working on expanding my clairvoyance.
I am working on being a better parent.
I am working on being a more positive employee.
I am working on selling my tutus.
I am working on me.
I am working on my control issues.
I am working on my emotions.
I am working on giving back to my community.
I am working…

My mind is overwhelmed.
I am working on getting it sorted out.
I am busy.
I am thankful.
I am lucky.
I am grateful for all that I have.
I am full of hope.
I am full of ideas.
I am full of desire.
I am full of love.
I am full of plans..

Thank you…

Welcome November a month of adjustments

It seems like this is the season for adjustments.
You name it, someone will be adjusting it.
From an attitude to something that is just not fitting our life. From physical to emotional it is all up for reflection.

Boundaries too, are big right now. Ultimately survive or continue my journey I will need to establish boundaries. I need to understand my boundaries and he to incorporate them into my life for continued growth as well as understanding.

I think about trying to combine these two messages, adjust my ideas and expectations while creating positive protective nurturing boundaries.
I read a message about understanding where we are sitting right now. They used the example of the moving from our well protected, well known pond into the ocean. A vast body of water with nothing to tether ourselves too. This comparison really made sense to me. We need to remember the corner we turned…the decision to make the change and leave the old behind…we turned the proverbial conner to face a new perspective, and direction. We moved forward, even if it was just a step. So now that we are here…where we know we need to be…it is unfamiliar. We are unaware of where the new path will take us. We don’t really know what ups and downs we may have to face, and this scares us.

So…the message of going within, and meditating, asking for guidance and hearing, feeling, or seeing the response, rings especially true. Re establish our boundaries so we don’t panic and sink in the vastness of the ocean.

So, the message I am carrying with me this November is learning to go within and listening to my inner voice, and adjusting my perspective…and finally learning to establish boundaries that will benefit me. Benefit my soul, and all the souls that I come into contact with.

One more thing I plan to work on this month, is self acceptance. I want to accept who I am, both as a physical being as well as a spirit.
I had a really profound reading last week. It really shook me for a while.
When reading my energy and how it is serving me…where it may be blocked, an image was presented to a question I asked my reader. I wanted to know….why is it my energy is so strong and everyone tells me I have such bright beautiful power and purpose….why is it then that when I seem to reach a specific point in my spiritual growth…why is it I am presented with a wall…a giant block. My block is like….A big black blank wall of nothing. No sound, no pictures, no fear, no hope….nothing.
I always seem to have to back track a bit…after I have taken a small reprieve?
Of course there was no simple…one sentence answer. What my reader was presented with was a very simple, plain looking women…with enormous compassion in her eyes and heart. Her response was to show my reader her hands. Her hands which revealed…the stigmata.

This image gave me great cause for pause…
I teared up. And felt a sincere sadness.
I am going to leave you with that for tonight…

I promise to recommit to writing… It’s part of my November growth.