The boundaries that help define our path.


I was really challenged today…to maintain my sanity. To put to use the tools I have developed to keep myself grounded. I have to say, in my lowest point of my day today… I sought some solitude and decided to check my email, there was an email from a fellow blogger…who’s post…really lifted my spirits and reminded me that I need to remember to ask for help, from our Angels. I needed that reminder…thank you..

One of the challenges i am facing is that I am a definite empath…and it is really hard to keep my boundaries. I have to strengthen my boundaries so that I can keep my spirit positive and protected. I find that when I do not protect myself or put up my personal boundaries….I am overcome by others emotions…and subjected to their issues…emotions…which then clouds my own emotions and I can’t tell my emotions from someone else’s.

I love helping others… I really do. I love being around them and trying to calm their energy… The only down side is, that if I am not grounded enough….I take on their energy and it feels twice as intense…..

The hard part is, working throughout the emotion and sifting throughout them to find what is mine and what is not. Grounding is the key…remembering to ground myself in different settings is my biggest challenge. I am looking forward to my Thursday night class tomorrow….class always resets my spirit…puts me back in my place…
I hope to post more tomorrow…

Namaste my friends…


One thought on “The boundaries that help define our path.

  1. Beeing empaths leave us very “open” to others energies and residual energy too…i am learning to shield, this is what i’d advice to you too, so that we dont find ourselves absorbing so much. Much Love and be brave for you are a warrior of Light ~

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