Spring…has sprung


I think spring finally feels here for me… Now don’t get me wrong. The weather has been incredible lately…the sun has been out the birds are singing…
We have gone on a few motorcycle rides and really been enjoying the weather. But…it really hadn’t felt like spring, until yesterday.
Yesterday I left work (an hour early)…but it was an amazing hour. Got home….changed and got on the back of the bike. We took off for my favorite spot. Whenever we ride over there…what ever the weather…whatever the season…it makes me feel AMAZING…
I cannot describe the feeling. There is a ranch over there called The Sunrise Ranch. It is a bit of a commune type place…but…the earth…is truly alive…

The cliffs and trees and earth speak to my soul. Yesterday, was especially magical, the trees were alive…it was as if they were awakening, from their winter slumber. Not quite budded out…but reaching for the sun, and the tips were just starting to turn the most beautiful of green.
Inspiring…beautiful…and exactly what my spirit needed.

I also did a little spring clean up in my yard…cleaned and filled my pond, and now…I have a new visitor to my yard…a beautiful croaking frog/toad.. I think a little magic is on the horizon…

Even though this is a quick, short blurp..it was very important. It’s a reminder that we are not alone. And sometimes we need more than what we think we need. More than money, food, to feel important…we need spirit, love, and nature. Don’t forget, the roses really may not be out yet, but please…don’t forget to stop and smell the roses.


Fifth chakra task…


Life as we know it.

It easy to get lost. Even in a crowd. Alone but surrounded by people…silence in the midst of chaos… You speak, and nothing comes out. Your voice is drowned out by the chatter of those around you.

In trying to Learn to control my fifth chakra…I think I have allowed myself to drift away a little. To some extent I need to be aware of my voice, my message…but that is really it. I think that dwelling on it, lessens my ability to affectively communicate, which in turn only leads to personal frustration. I think the best message I have received in regards to communication lately is to always run my communication through my heart chakra… By intending love in my message I need not worry how it is received. By sending my message through my heart with love as the only motivator for being heard…or the best intention…..then my message is in the hands or ears of the receiver. It is now theirs to disseminate the information ….use it or ignore it.

Reminding me that I only can control the delivery of the message not the reaction or the actions that the information may illicit. Accepting that is very difficult for a control freak like myself. I can’t help feeling like I have failed if my message does not change someone’s mind, or if they don’t agree with me… Failed how you may be wondering…but what I mean is that I must not have done a very good job explaining myself… But the reality is…I could give the best explanation. Or sales job or information speech that there ever was…but…if the recipient is not ready to hear it, or willing to be open to the idea…it will fall on deaf ears. Sigh…this can be very frustrating. I on the other side of this discussion….like to be challenged…if you can convince me…lay some thing out and teach me something I did not know or fully understand…I will change my mind.

Something that I am going to try is imagining a rose quartz crystal in my fifth chakra…and intending all my words to travel through the crystal…infusing it with love and positivity…
In the more challenging times…someone suggested holding a bouquet of roses between me and the person I am speaking with…holding them with love… The trick is intending the message to come from my heart…not jealousy, anger, manipulation, or competition…if this is not possible… Rethink the importance of your message at that time.

So…back to being lost in a crowd…
Sometimes I shut myself off….and when I do this I find it difficult to engage…my boundaries get so tight….so much that I end up shutting myself off from everyone. Which can make me feel alone in a crowd…and slightly depressed. I have been talking with lots of people about ascension…and have been reading a lot about how we are all dealing with this. Bottom line is it is a crazy time right now… Everything is moving so fast, and the more open and sensitive you are to the shift…the more it seems to be effecting you. Especially physically…dizziness, stomach issues, headaches, disorientation, confusion and frustration… These are things I have personally noticed.

For me, my goal for the rest of the month…. Work on embracing my fifth chakra…no longer forcing it…or constricting it…to cause a back up…which ultimately leads to frustration…

I am also going to work on my boundaries…play around with different colors and intentions. So as to not isolate myself but still protect myself from everyone’s energies…this is the hardest task for me…as I am overly empathic, and seem to absorb the energy around me… I need to stop taking on what isn’t mine…and trying to fix what’s not mine to fix.

Blogging has been such a release for me… I think that blogging in connection with my fifth chakra exercise will really help me move forward through this next month…

Well… I think I have rambled enough for one night…. Thanks for listening.


I thought I would touch a bit on how I became so connected, or…I should say more… aware of the messages from nature.

I will start with my connection with animals.

My first introduction to animal guides was through a guided meditation intended to introduce us to one of our animal guides. … we were laying on the floor…our eyes closed…created a scenario that was relaxing and yet intriguing…with a path. During the guided meditation we watched the path to see what animal came upon it to meet us. Mine at the time was a tiger.
What I did after that class was research what the tiger represented… I found similar qualities that seemed to jump out to me…

However my relationship with animals and my animal guides have really changed since then. All I can say is that one day I became….aware…
Aware…that I kept seeing the same type of animal…. It really started with the Hawk. I would see them In random places…and for a while it seemed that I didn’t notice anything but the hawk. This prompted my to look up the meaning of hawks (animal symbolism) the meaning fit my life at that time.
When I first started seeing the vultures…I have to say, I was at first a little alarmed…but after doing some research, I started to actually seal them out…but like any good animal guide, those we look for sometimes stay hidden. When they do appear…and they did 3 times for me in the last 2 years…they have a strong meaning…

Then….it would randomly change up…I would see foxes all over…or rabbits…birds,but not just birds, I would start to se a specific type over and over.

I know we all see birds and many of us are lucky to see a variety of animals…because of where we may live. Many of us don’t have the luxury of being so close to nature that you have the opportunity to see these creatures throughout your day or you week or life… But my advice…is to be open and awar to what you are currently seeing. It could be the animals picture…in a movie or commercial repeatedly you are drawn to notice a specific animal…or, you pick up a paper (and an animal name or type) and something just catches your eye…or jumps out at you. Could you be seeing an animal in your dreams?? There are many ways to be contacted by your animal guides…or just messages from our animal friends (I just typed furry and feathered friends, but had to erase it… Because the message I was getting wants you to know that lizards, snakes, frogs, fish…you name it, all have messages for us. That was kind of funny!)

Ultimately, Read up on their meaning….find out what messages they are trying to give you that you are not paying attention to…. Because that is the key…paying attention.
So many times one might say…just give me a sign, pleas for help and answers…that many feel have been ignored, are probably responses that have just gone unheard…unnoticed.
The spirit world loves us and wants to help guide us…they try, but some times no matter how hard they try…short of slapping us in the face…we are just unaware.

Happy Monday!

Next time I hope to have something on nature, trees, rocks and the symbolism, and beauty they share with us as well.


Inspirational Blogger award


Very inspiring blogger award

Wow!! I have been awarded with the very inspiring blogger award by one of the most amazing bloggers I have ever…came upon. http://www.crystalmoons.wordpress.com/about

In accepting this award, I must discharge my duties of sharing seven random things about myself that you wouldnt know yet, this is one of the rules, so here we go:

1. I nervously bit my nails…

2. one of my guilty pleasures is watching reality TV

3. I love hiking.

4. I accepted the fact that I love the carpenters…and old country music… Yep… I like to sing along…even if I am not able to carry a tune.

5. I have an amazing relationship with my children.

6. I feel a huge sense of pride when I have built…painted…created something. I love that feeling of accomplishment.

7. I love to debate a point…to the point that some may think I am…unbending, when in fact I am not…I just need you to present a good argument…facts… I can be swayed. And I respect the fact that we may all not…always agree. The only thing I ask is your respect that of me as well. We are individuals with individual experiences. With that, know that I am the hardest on myself in the form of expectations, and judgement.. One of my biggest fault in this life time.

As for the other two rules, they are as follow: show gratitude to the person who awarded you and pick 7 other nominees for this award yourself.

my seven nominees have been chosen, they are, in no particular order…these bloggers have encouraged me to continue blogging in ways I can not describe…thank you, blog on!








Keep the love going!!!!



I want to jot this down before I forget…
I had a strange dream last night I can’t really figure out.
I dreamt of work (not so strange since I am here all the time) two people on my team… One requesting something from me, which made me go to work on my day off…the other didn’t say much to me just was present… I was in her office ( which used to be mine) and I was making a phone call….she had two little yellow chickadee birds in h office flying around that were hers…. She would tap her finger and they would come to her and land on her finger…then fly off again. I was on the phone…waiting…tapping my chin, when one of the chickadees landed in my mouth… Sat there. Turned around and was looking out of my mouth as if it were in a cave. I kept my tongue in the back of my throat so I would not swallow any potential bird poop…yes that is what I was thinking in my dream…

When the bird finally flew out my mouth I left her office looking for the person that called me in to work, to give him the information he requested.. He was sitting on top of the highest bleachers ever….( I work at a bank…we do not have bleacher at work…so this is weird in itself) I am afraid of heights…and made my way to the top…afraid to look down. I was just opening my mouth to tell her about the birds and the phone call when the yellow chickadees started flying towards my mouth again… In my head I was screaming shut your mouth…shut your mouth… Then I woke up.

So….am I suppose to shut up??? Lol!!! I need some expertise decoding here.

I think I supposed to be communicating carefully maybe… More melodic? Not so abruptly?? Or…not at all? I really haven’t been waking at a point to really remember my dreams and this one seemed soooooo detailed and so specific to me and my mouth… That I am looking for some guidance.

Funny and crazy at the same time….I know mercury is going retrograde here very shortly…so I feel it is with communication…just not sure what…

Well thank, I better hurry and log off…since I am at work….

The week that felt like a month!


I want to talk about symbolism…but before I do I need to express how frustrating it is to have a lesson present itself to you over and over and over. I don’t get it….I think I get the message… But then again maybe I don’t. How can I give advice to my children how to be strong when I don’t follow it for myself? How can I do readings and relay messages that I don’t listen to when they are for me as well.

I feel I have been giving myself away, seeking value and worth from people that don’t really matter…at least some would say…but they must matter somehow right? Otherwise why give so much of yourself to them…and for what? To seem irreplaceable? To feel important…to be better then others? Is it all ego driven?is it competition? How do I reign in my competitiveness? Is it serving me or holding me back? Even when we win….do we win in spirit or body… I think if winning is what brings you glory than I am ultimately losing and holding myself back…

Frustrating day. Chose not to communicate…be quiet… Some would call me down right moody as of late. I am becoming someone I do not like…

I drafted this on Monday…then…I had my yellow chickadee dream…got an inspirational blogger award….and had a pretty intense argument at work..Went to a spin class that has an amazing instructor that helped me remember why I love his class sooo much. And… here it is only Wednesday. I feel as though at least a week has gone by, but tonight although I am physically beat…I feel really good. I actually feel really clear. I feel like I have purged and voiced so much that has been bottled up, like I am back on track!

Symbolism is something that I really have been wanting to talk about…
The dream I posted was full of it, and thanks to many of you that added your insight…I really think I understand the meaning. Truth is hard to speak at times, and for me it is especially so when it for myself and not others.
I keep asking to see my animal guides, or see them as I am out in my car…my lovely hawks that I missed so much weeks before. And…I am happy to say they are back. I am seeing the hawks…reminding me in my tougher times that they really are there for me. Thank you hawks. The fox… I was driving home and realized all day I had not seen any animals that I really could remember taking note of…and said out loud (like I so often do) dang…why is everything avoiding me….
Well…minutes after I said that a black fox with a white bushy tipped tail darted across the street in front of my car…I was amazed at what I saw…the timing was impeccable…
The message that came fleeting towards me was…”we are here…you are just to busy to notice, I have been here waiting for you…but you never see me, I had to throw myself in front of your car before you even noticed me. You need to slow down”. Wow…was all I could say.

The message was right…

Well…I need to go to sleep…but I will finish, or really start my take on symbolism…hopefully tomorrow. Good night.

I read this….and really needed to reblog this. I was amazed how accurate this was!!!


Buckle up, it could be a bumpy ride, but the air is fresh and the mood is inventive as we welcome in springtime. What we set in motion this week can build momentum in the months to come, so let’s be careful what we start.

Fresh, brash, direct, impatient Aries gives us the gumption to rebel against winter and create life afresh each spring, This Aries energy helps us get out of our rut as spring begins and the Sun and Moon join Mercury and Uranus in Aries. To get us moving, Aries can stimulate us to be us really uncomfortable with anything that feels old, dysfunctional, slow or inept.

Aries tends to shoot from the hip and ask questions later. It is reactive. With this lineup in Aries we become full of histamines and can develop an allergic reaction to both pollen and to being told what to do…

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Sometimes I wonder…

Sometimes I wonder, who I am, where I am do I fit it…

Crazy how theses words from my youth (a song from Fame) which impacted me 25 some odd years ago in high school…still impact me today.

I wonder who I am all the time. Perception of who I am verses who I think I portray are very different then who I feel I am…when do we feel like we are. Do we ever?

Well before I forget what I wanted to say the other day in regards to my blog….Time…
I was talking with a friend about how we wouldn’t change a thing in our past…even though we both agreed that there were many things we wished we never had to of experienced…as well as hoped someone else wouldn’t have to work through, however….in the same breath we both realized that had we not experienced what we experienced…we would not be who we are today.
Yes…the argument out there is we could be better…as well as worse. We will never know…but what we do know is the relationships in our lives would be very different.

So…during that conversation I started getting flashes of thought…messages…they started as memories…that came along with thoughts of how I knew to do or choose what I chose.

I think that I visited in thought…myself. Does that make sense? Now at first I thought….am I saying that I time traveled back to tell myself…to sway myself to making certain decisions???
That is/was tough for me to swallow. I believe in free choice…I believe based on our attention to spirit…at that particular point in time we make choices based on our connection to spirit. So…to say I could come back and tell myself something…means that my path is predetermined…and I can’t accept that 100% partially….determined, yes…an outline of sorts.

So…what I can accept is this message is telling me that my higher self, my spirit, is guiding me along my journey. Knowing what the original plan was. With the help from my friends…fellow spirits….we created the life plan I am currently in. Sometimes…when I ponder upon this, I have to chuckle and wonder what the heck was I thinking?! So…back to time travel….there are certain memories in my past that I stop and think…I can remember just knowing… Example…coincidence??? You tell me.
I first met…and that is a very loose description….let me change it to this…when I first encountered my now husband…in high school…(a brief encounter in front of the auditorium) I told my friend “I am going to marry that guy” and..I did. Another experience…. I was in a park with my friend and we were young and silly playing a game if let’s pretend….let topic was, let’s pretend it’s the year 2000 and we haven’t seen each other in a long while… Ok so this is my senior year…I lived in Minnesota, never lived out of state… My profile to her at that time was this…I was married, with two kids a boy and a girl..and I lived in Colorado….the weird thing is… I am married (still to the brief encounter from high school) I have two kids a boy and a girl, and I lived and still live in Colorado…these two memories made me realize that they really are not premonitions…but spirit nudges…guidance…visits from my higher self. Which is a form of time travel…. For in spirit there is no concept of time as we know it…time is irrelevant.

I wish I had more time to really dissect this topic…I feel i have touched on so many topics…spirit, spirit guides, higher self, fate, paths, life plans…

Really quick…in a reading I had a while ago…I was told my spirit energy was so strong… That the reader felt that I had once been a master…so to speak… As wells someone that helped other spirits develop their life plans, and that was why I had so many experiences placed in front of me in my life…funny thing is, in all the readings I have had done….I am always described as having such a powerful spirit…energy… I wish it was unveiled to me as clearly as others seem to see it…
Ah…well This is another topic for another blog…
I must go to sleep….



Time is a funny thing… I was talking with a friend last night…and a message was delivered to me…in a series of “flashbacks”…I am too busy to detail it out (at work as ( type)…but I think that my current self…future self…visited me as a child… sounds crazy…but I think I sent messages…images of hope and promise… to keep me focused on where I was or am going…

I will try and elaborated more later…