Sometimes I wonder…

Sometimes I wonder, who I am, where I am do I fit it…

Crazy how theses words from my youth (a song from Fame) which impacted me 25 some odd years ago in high school…still impact me today.

I wonder who I am all the time. Perception of who I am verses who I think I portray are very different then who I feel I am…when do we feel like we are. Do we ever?

Well before I forget what I wanted to say the other day in regards to my blog….Time…
I was talking with a friend about how we wouldn’t change a thing in our past…even though we both agreed that there were many things we wished we never had to of experienced…as well as hoped someone else wouldn’t have to work through, however….in the same breath we both realized that had we not experienced what we experienced…we would not be who we are today.
Yes…the argument out there is we could be better…as well as worse. We will never know…but what we do know is the relationships in our lives would be very different.

So…during that conversation I started getting flashes of thought…messages…they started as memories…that came along with thoughts of how I knew to do or choose what I chose.

I think that I visited in thought…myself. Does that make sense? Now at first I thought….am I saying that I time traveled back to tell myself…to sway myself to making certain decisions???
That is/was tough for me to swallow. I believe in free choice…I believe based on our attention to spirit…at that particular point in time we make choices based on our connection to spirit. So…to say I could come back and tell myself something…means that my path is predetermined…and I can’t accept that 100% partially….determined, yes…an outline of sorts.

So…what I can accept is this message is telling me that my higher self, my spirit, is guiding me along my journey. Knowing what the original plan was. With the help from my friends…fellow spirits….we created the life plan I am currently in. Sometimes…when I ponder upon this, I have to chuckle and wonder what the heck was I thinking?! So…back to time travel….there are certain memories in my past that I stop and think…I can remember just knowing… Example…coincidence??? You tell me.
I first met…and that is a very loose description….let me change it to this…when I first encountered my now husband…in high school…(a brief encounter in front of the auditorium) I told my friend “I am going to marry that guy” and..I did. Another experience…. I was in a park with my friend and we were young and silly playing a game if let’s pretend….let topic was, let’s pretend it’s the year 2000 and we haven’t seen each other in a long while… Ok so this is my senior year…I lived in Minnesota, never lived out of state… My profile to her at that time was this…I was married, with two kids a boy and a girl..and I lived in Colorado….the weird thing is… I am married (still to the brief encounter from high school) I have two kids a boy and a girl, and I lived and still live in Colorado…these two memories made me realize that they really are not premonitions…but spirit nudges…guidance…visits from my higher self. Which is a form of time travel…. For in spirit there is no concept of time as we know it…time is irrelevant.

I wish I had more time to really dissect this topic…I feel i have touched on so many topics…spirit, spirit guides, higher self, fate, paths, life plans…

Really quick…in a reading I had a while ago…I was told my spirit energy was so strong… That the reader felt that I had once been a master…so to speak… As wells someone that helped other spirits develop their life plans, and that was why I had so many experiences placed in front of me in my life…funny thing is, in all the readings I have had done….I am always described as having such a powerful spirit…energy… I wish it was unveiled to me as clearly as others seem to see it…
Ah…well This is another topic for another blog…
I must go to sleep….



3 thoughts on “Sometimes I wonder…

  1. you do have a strong energy ♥ you’re an old soul too and have likely lived many times on Earth and non Earth before this lifetime. Know that both your higher self and guides are always with you and guiding you towards your highest good…sometimes what seems to be something a not so good something or situation holds and hides the highest good purpose too.

    Love and hugs xx

  2. Sometimes I do wonder who I am, where I have been, and if I fit in. However, because of women like you who are willing to collaborate and not compete, I don’t feel out here on my own anymore. THANKS for ALL you do!!

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