I read this….and really needed to reblog this. I was amazed how accurate this was!!!


Buckle up, it could be a bumpy ride, but the air is fresh and the mood is inventive as we welcome in springtime. What we set in motion this week can build momentum in the months to come, so let’s be careful what we start.

Fresh, brash, direct, impatient Aries gives us the gumption to rebel against winter and create life afresh each spring, This Aries energy helps us get out of our rut as spring begins and the Sun and Moon join Mercury and Uranus in Aries. To get us moving, Aries can stimulate us to be us really uncomfortable with anything that feels old, dysfunctional, slow or inept.

Aries tends to shoot from the hip and ask questions later. It is reactive. With this lineup in Aries we become full of histamines and can develop an allergic reaction to both pollen and to being told what to do…

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  1. This Explains…A LOT!
    I am only hoping that my month can be manageable…after reading this…I realize that I will have to really focus on not being so reactive…and thinking…before I speak. Deep…deep…breaths.

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