I want to jot this down before I forget…
I had a strange dream last night I can’t really figure out.
I dreamt of work (not so strange since I am here all the time) two people on my team… One requesting something from me, which made me go to work on my day off…the other didn’t say much to me just was present… I was in her office ( which used to be mine) and I was making a phone call….she had two little yellow chickadee birds in h office flying around that were hers…. She would tap her finger and they would come to her and land on her finger…then fly off again. I was on the phone…waiting…tapping my chin, when one of the chickadees landed in my mouth… Sat there. Turned around and was looking out of my mouth as if it were in a cave. I kept my tongue in the back of my throat so I would not swallow any potential bird poop…yes that is what I was thinking in my dream…

When the bird finally flew out my mouth I left her office looking for the person that called me in to work, to give him the information he requested.. He was sitting on top of the highest bleachers ever….( I work at a bank…we do not have bleacher at work…so this is weird in itself) I am afraid of heights…and made my way to the top…afraid to look down. I was just opening my mouth to tell her about the birds and the phone call when the yellow chickadees started flying towards my mouth again… In my head I was screaming shut your mouth…shut your mouth… Then I woke up.

So….am I suppose to shut up??? Lol!!! I need some expertise decoding here.

I think I supposed to be communicating carefully maybe… More melodic? Not so abruptly?? Or…not at all? I really haven’t been waking at a point to really remember my dreams and this one seemed soooooo detailed and so specific to me and my mouth… That I am looking for some guidance.

Funny and crazy at the same time….I know mercury is going retrograde here very shortly…so I feel it is with communication…just not sure what…

Well thank, I better hurry and log off…since I am at work….


5 thoughts on “Dream

  1. The yellow chickadee was attached to your throat chakra and definitely represents a form of communication. What’s interesting is that one of the things the chickadee teaches us is that sometimes what needs to be communicated is the kind of truth that can hurt – the ugly truth.

    It would seem that your dream is speaking (haha) to unfinished business at work. Likely you recently experienced a request to communicate the truth of a situation at work only to have it not be well received. This request would have been made when you still worked in your old office. When you expressed the truth, your words were left hanging and the situation was left unresolved. It’s interesting that once you reclaimed your words and wanting to express yourself again that you got the message to “shut your mouth.” In that sense, your higher self was telling you to pause a moment and figure out how to say what you needed to say in a completely different way. That’s what the chickadees medicine (or poop) invokes – A new style of communication.

    The fact that the women now in your old office was in command of the birds, even though they represent your unfinished business, speaks (there I go again) to her style of communication. My guess would be that she listens more and speaks less. In order to be in command of your communications, the speak less, listen more approach is generally best – not that I would know anything about how to do that.

    Ultimately, I get the impression that this type of communication transcends work and filters into every aspect of your life. That’s the tall bleachers. You are reaching a level of mastery. It takes strength to say the hard stuff. You were brave in the hopes that things would improve. When they didn’t, you were left to re-evaluate your communicational approach. The chickadees is working with you to help you know what is best to say, when best to say it, and how best to present the information.

    I believe you are correct about the need to be more melodic and harmonious with our words right now. Mercury is in retrograde and its theme seems to be knowing what to say, what not to say, and the best way to present your stance.

    Let’s not forget that you were requested to give the truth as you saw it. You are not responsible for how it is or isn’t received. The only thing you are responsible for is your presentation. Sometimes the truth isn’t pretty yet it still needs to be said. This part of your mastery requires the technique of applying compassion to your words. It will soften the blow making it easier to hear.

    So find forgiveness for yourself for being clairvoyant and for having the higher perspective to see the truth both good and bad. Validate yourself for being able to communicate the things most people never could. And remember all you really want is what is best for all. Your intentions are for good so nothing bad can really transpire. Practice applying compassion to your messages and know that if they heard or not, you gave it your best effort which is all you can do – And thanks for being willing to do it! Somebody has to!

  2. I think the dream has to do with truth as well. Living your truth. your office is no longer your office? are you moving on?
    something to think about.

  3. Chickadees are known as the bird of Truth. They are also known for being social and fearless. Perhaps it is saying that you need to be fearless and truthful in your communications. Also, you needed to be fearless to make your way to the person on the high bleachers, conquering your fear of heights. What I get from that is that there is something you are afraid of sharing, but that you should be open about it. Maybe that honesty is work related.

    Also, your friend seemed to have built a kinship with these birds. How do you see her in aspects of communication? Does she symbolize and archetype for you?

    That is just what I get off the top of my head…. hope it is somewhat helpful….

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