Fifth chakra task…


Life as we know it.

It easy to get lost. Even in a crowd. Alone but surrounded by people…silence in the midst of chaos… You speak, and nothing comes out. Your voice is drowned out by the chatter of those around you.

In trying to Learn to control my fifth chakra…I think I have allowed myself to drift away a little. To some extent I need to be aware of my voice, my message…but that is really it. I think that dwelling on it, lessens my ability to affectively communicate, which in turn only leads to personal frustration. I think the best message I have received in regards to communication lately is to always run my communication through my heart chakra… By intending love in my message I need not worry how it is received. By sending my message through my heart with love as the only motivator for being heard…or the best intention…..then my message is in the hands or ears of the receiver. It is now theirs to disseminate the information ….use it or ignore it.

Reminding me that I only can control the delivery of the message not the reaction or the actions that the information may illicit. Accepting that is very difficult for a control freak like myself. I can’t help feeling like I have failed if my message does not change someone’s mind, or if they don’t agree with me… Failed how you may be wondering…but what I mean is that I must not have done a very good job explaining myself… But the reality is…I could give the best explanation. Or sales job or information speech that there ever was…but…if the recipient is not ready to hear it, or willing to be open to the idea…it will fall on deaf ears. Sigh…this can be very frustrating. I on the other side of this discussion….like to be challenged…if you can convince me…lay some thing out and teach me something I did not know or fully understand…I will change my mind.

Something that I am going to try is imagining a rose quartz crystal in my fifth chakra…and intending all my words to travel through the crystal…infusing it with love and positivity…
In the more challenging times…someone suggested holding a bouquet of roses between me and the person I am speaking with…holding them with love… The trick is intending the message to come from my heart…not jealousy, anger, manipulation, or competition…if this is not possible… Rethink the importance of your message at that time.

So…back to being lost in a crowd…
Sometimes I shut myself off….and when I do this I find it difficult to engage…my boundaries get so tight….so much that I end up shutting myself off from everyone. Which can make me feel alone in a crowd…and slightly depressed. I have been talking with lots of people about ascension…and have been reading a lot about how we are all dealing with this. Bottom line is it is a crazy time right now… Everything is moving so fast, and the more open and sensitive you are to the shift…the more it seems to be effecting you. Especially physically…dizziness, stomach issues, headaches, disorientation, confusion and frustration… These are things I have personally noticed.

For me, my goal for the rest of the month…. Work on embracing my fifth chakra…no longer forcing it…or constricting it…to cause a back up…which ultimately leads to frustration…

I am also going to work on my boundaries…play around with different colors and intentions. So as to not isolate myself but still protect myself from everyone’s energies…this is the hardest task for me…as I am overly empathic, and seem to absorb the energy around me… I need to stop taking on what isn’t mine…and trying to fix what’s not mine to fix.

Blogging has been such a release for me… I think that blogging in connection with my fifth chakra exercise will really help me move forward through this next month…

Well… I think I have rambled enough for one night…. Thanks for listening.


10 thoughts on “Fifth chakra task…

  1. Hey Beautiful,
    DUDE!! I can totally relate to feeling “lost in a crowd”. Sometimes I feel so disconnected, I feel like I don’t even belong on the planet. I get depressed by the state of things, I don’t even watch the news and barely even watch TV. I mostly watch Food Network, ha! but yea, I’m happier outside with my chickens than with most people…but then you come into contact with someone who absolutely makes your heart SING and it makes it all worth it, that connection. Then I think (and get frustrated) this is what it’s SUPPOSED to be like. THIS is it. I wish we could just DO THIS THING already!!! Hope you have a wonderful day!

    • It is tough…
      I work in marketing and…I don’t watch the news…or read the paper… And when I do…belch! I have been stopped in a doorway as well…I sold real estate for a while and…talk about some crazy energies… Nature….hikes…walks…the mountains…ah….
      Then there are those people that make your heart sing…and remind you just how wonderful things can be and feel…

    • My boundaries….stink!!!! At lunch at work right now… And the emotions I have ran through today alone have wiped me out… I need to figure this boundary thing out. Taking on everyone’s secret emotions or energies is wearing me out!!!

  2. It’s amazing to me how something that I say, even when I make a real effort to say it gently and calmly with LOVE, can still construed as a personal jibe. However we have got to remember that the recipient has issues too and no matter how much WE think that we’re coming from a place of love, their place may be filled with self doubt, guilt and frustration with themselves. So it doesn’t matter how we speak or what we say, in this situation it will be heard as a ‘nag’ or a negative. I believe that our words DO sink in though..whenever this has happened to me, the other person has always come back and admitted that they have thought about what I said and realised I meant to help………….what else can we do? 🙂

    • There is nothing else we can do…except of course to make sure our message is with the best of intentions…from there, like you said…it is out of our hands. I know i have caught myself…sometimes saying what is right…nice…but being resentful that I am the one saying it…in these moments…these very human moments…we can be miscommunicating. We can only do our best right?! Thanks for reading!!!

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