Spring…has sprung


I think spring finally feels here for me… Now don’t get me wrong. The weather has been incredible lately…the sun has been out the birds are singing…
We have gone on a few motorcycle rides and really been enjoying the weather. But…it really hadn’t felt like spring, until yesterday.
Yesterday I left work (an hour early)…but it was an amazing hour. Got home….changed and got on the back of the bike. We took off for my favorite spot. Whenever we ride over there…what ever the weather…whatever the season…it makes me feel AMAZING…
I cannot describe the feeling. There is a ranch over there called The Sunrise Ranch. It is a bit of a commune type place…but…the earth…is truly alive…

The cliffs and trees and earth speak to my soul. Yesterday, was especially magical, the trees were alive…it was as if they were awakening, from their winter slumber. Not quite budded out…but reaching for the sun, and the tips were just starting to turn the most beautiful of green.
Inspiring…beautiful…and exactly what my spirit needed.

I also did a little spring clean up in my yard…cleaned and filled my pond, and now…I have a new visitor to my yard…a beautiful croaking frog/toad.. I think a little magic is on the horizon…

Even though this is a quick, short blurp..it was very important. It’s a reminder that we are not alone. And sometimes we need more than what we think we need. More than money, food, to feel important…we need spirit, love, and nature. Don’t forget, the roses really may not be out yet, but please…don’t forget to stop and smell the roses.


One thought on “Spring…has sprung

  1. such a positive, heart lifting reminder, thank you loads, dear. I too have been enjoying the Spring and spending more time outdoors connecting with the elements…

    Love and a big Hufg your way xx

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