One of those days…maybe weeks. I think I am starting to sound like a broken record…
I realize that I am not like all the others…. People in general that is. I cannot believe how easily I become frustrated lately. And what really irritates me is how my frustration comes out…with such emotion.

I am not a fan of…emotional releases in the work place. But I am learning that sometimes what we go through has nothing to do with what we are a fan of…but more often than not, it is some kind of lesson we are working through.

I have been wearing a rose crystal around my neck this week… And you know, it really has helped , has it solved anything? No. Prevented some things from blowing up or out of proportion…yes.
It’s just sometimes I get tired. Tired of being tolerant. Picture a pail and shovel…you know the kind you had as a kid. I feel like the pail…start out empty…ready for what ever gets dropped in my bucket, then shovel by shovel my space fills up…I start feeling heavy and am running out of room. It gets harder to move…think and take on any more…. Until my pail is overflowing with sand…now let’s take a look at the sand…it is small tiny little particles small….insignificant issues, yet when they are all piled on top of one another they are heavy, suffocating and frustrating…
Well it seems my bucket get full a lot faster lately…my fault I know. It’s because I take on way too much. But because I listen and am willing to help, my bucket/pail gets full and I freak out. At least for me…I feel like I freak out. My emotions are crazy and then…once I have vented…released…cried…whatever. I am better and ready to start again.

Part of being an empath is what is making my bucket fill faster. I realize this…I am actively thinking of clearing and cleaning my spaces…my office, my car… I imagine a car wash of sorts clearing/cleaning people as they enter and leave…
I just need to get better at this. I also realize we are coming upon another full moon…so I am sure that is what is also effecting me.

This was a post I wrote yesterday that I never posted…


2 thoughts on “Frustration

  1. Its not uncommon for Effective People to develope cauious in there wok day for their self….We are known as problem solvers,so people approcach us to solve Their or mediate their problems…what we forget is that we cannot be a fix all or do all in one day.In order to survive mentally, you have to prioritize…one agenda at a time..starting with your own. Order…Priority..= accomplishment.Their is a Old book out there that might help you develope some order in your agenda, be it work related or Personal or spritiual. I beleive that the book will help you . the book is ” The seven Habits of Highly Effective People” by Steven Covey

  2. I used to be like the way you described here, until I learned that without self-care I cannot help another. I don’t allow my bucket to become full of sand now … I allow enough sand in to make one sandcastle (one difficulty – one solution) then release the old sand before I allow any more in my bucket. It’s about setting boundaries, drawing a line, and having enough self esteem and confidence to affirm the principles in your life. I like your ‘car-wash’ analogy and may use it myself in the future if need be. Blessings to you my friend.

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