A date with the lake…


Something is telling me not to post this evening… Every time I finish something I lose it…but I I am persistent.
Basically I wanted to share with you all that I fell in a lake taking prom pictures tonight. After I reminded my daughter to be careful because of how clumsy she is…. And then…bam. Into the water I went…phone and all. So…cowboy boots, phone, and all…I went in…

Big message from spirit about disconnecting from my phone, for sure… The rest I am going to have to sleep on. It was hilarious… It was a slow motion fall.

And to think today I thought my next post needed to be on signs… Lol!!!!

This was a sign! More tomorrow….



4 thoughts on “A date with the lake…

    • Thank you…I think she is too!
      Yea…It was a sign…at first I thought it was about my phone… And…I think it was a little. But…over all the more I think about it, I think it’s about balance…and taking the plunge…just doing it…because what’s the worst that can happen? I come up all wet.

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