Graduation isn’t just for your kids…


My babies are now all graduated…
I am both so proud….and sad. They are amazing children, but now they will need me in different ways. A transition…wether I am ready for this or not that transition is here and now.
This phase of my life has me thinking about raising children. This really isn’t much to do with being clairvoyant…just in being a parent and from my perspective a mom…

For many of us we follow the path of getting married, and sometimes before you even figure out who you are or who you are together you start right in on wanting a family…
And for many others you’re thrust into parenthood…regardless the start once you have that little bundle of joy in your arms the journey begins.

We nurture and love these little creatures we are amazed we created. We hope for the best for them….wish for them all that you could imagine…and promise to guard them from everything bad in the world. We coach them to roll over, we cheer at their first smile, we try to memorize all the firsts and share them boastfully with anyone that will listen. Basically from the time they are born we are teaching them to be independent. We cheerfully and sometimes sorrowfully embrace all the major milestones that make up their lives. The first tooth, the first day of school…the sport…the sleepovers…the first time they even stand up for themselves…we smile inside knowing that they are growing up. Then, they start to drive, date, stay out late…and later… We worry… Oh how we worry…are they safe, will they be ok? Can they defend themselves, will they get in an accident. We wonder and worry if we taught them enough. We start to look at the time…where did it go? Once high school starts…we realize that time is not running at a normal pace…no…it is now running at an accelerated pace. In a blink of an eye you’re sitting in a stadium…watching…with a tear in your eye, your baby…graduating.

As a parent you may understand that tear…it’s a tear of pride, joy, excitement and yes a little bit of sadness. The world is open…what they decide to do is up to them. We can lead and persuade but just as it was for us when we embarked on our journey…it’s their life. Life is now just starting for them… We can hope we did it right… Regret the mistakes we made along the way..

Some of us have enjoyed the journey so much we don’t feel ready to let go, but we know in our hearts we must. Knowing full well that you never let go completely…we just change up the grip a bit. Knowing that we did our best, and yes they will fall, stumble…but they will also succeed and feel joy like they have never felt before.

Ah…so…what now? I have never been that person that wanted more children…or melted at the site of a new baby, my two were all I needed. But, here I am, 45 years young…and ready or not the next journey of my life is starting as well. But, this transition…is going to be really hard…bittersweet…
Thankfully spirit is on my side, my guides are leading me along my path. Reminding me that I still have a job to do. Even though I feel a little melancholy..this too shall pass. The relationships I have developed with my children will change…change is inevitable….the one thing that will only grow is the love I have for them.

With a lot of support from my lovely husband…my friends…and spirit… I will take a deep breath (ok…quite a few deep breaths) and embrace what is to come.

I guess in a way this was my Graduation as well…I guess that means I passed. 🙂


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