Fall, the time of the year the colors burn brightly just before they say good bye.


With the beginning of Fall upon us, I thought I would take a different look at the season.

My whole life (as far back as I can remember at least) Fall/Autumn has always been my favorite time of year. Probably for many of the same reasons that many of you have. The leaves are changing the colors are vibrant and bright. Depending on where you live the change in seasons is an reprieve of the hot summer. I enjoy Fall for all these reasons and then some.

For me, the onslaught of Fall rejuvenates me. I find such excitement and hope in the season. As all the leaves are dying, I am filled with an enormous sense of excitement, energy actually. The season pushes me forward.

Because of this internal excitement, I used to feel that I was a little off. I used to think that Fall was just about things dying, conserving energy, slowing down, and preparing for winter. With this general train of thought you can see why I would be a little confused by the excitement and energy I always begun to feel during the season.

It makes more sense to me now. Now that I understand that Fall is so much more. Sure, the trees start to redirect their energies, and leaves start to die and the colors burn brightly just before they say good bye. Grass hibernates, flowers die, and a chill fills the air. Then, when you look deeper into the soil (soul) you can see that the energy that once was shining above is now focused inside. The direction is aimed at setting the intention for what is to come.

This is where I think we all can and should connect to the season. It is about nourishing the seeds of creation (creativity) and growth. It is a time of excitement, because the unknown is possible. For now is the time to intend, imagine what you want the world (your life) to look like. The possibilities are endless. It’s sad to see the old end, fade or just go away. What is beyond can truly be amazing. Scary…yes, but once you take the plunge you will notice that you have more control then you may have once believed to make it whatever you want it to be.

I heard in a song the other day a line that really stuck with me (sorry I cannot remember the song) the line was “you can be addicted to a certain kind of feeling”. This statement really resonates with me in SO many ways. In reference to this blog however I think it fits with my connection to the season. I love Fall, I love the feeling I get inside when the season is here. It’s an internal excitement, my creativity starts to flow, I begin to believe anything is possible. I truly believe you can be addicted to a certain kind of feeling, and in the Fall for me that feeling is hope and possibilities.

Happy season of nurturing the seeds of intention.


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