Are we alone in our thoughts?

Photo taken at a herb garden in a little Oregon town.


My daughter text me something  last week that is still bouncing around in my head.

“I sometimes forget that other people have things going on in their own life. That they don’t only exist in that paticular moment of contact, in my life, for me. That when I am not around their lives continues on”.  EM

I couldn’t help but just freeze in that moment and be transported back in time. To my childhood.  It was shortly after my parents divorce and my Grandfathers death.  I recalled being in the back seat of my Moms Malibu, we were driving somewhere, and I was watching the landscap pass as we drove. I would see cars passing by and get a glimps of the people in the car, sometimes I would meet eyes with one of the passengers and smile.  While sitting at a stoplight I remember watching the people in the car next to me… imagining what was transpiring in their conversation and in their lives.  Who were they, did they really exsist?  Were they only there at that moment in time for me?  To distract me, my thoughts?  Did anyone exsist after my encounter with them was finished?  If I could no longer see them, were they real? 

I started to think about this alot.  From that moment on I really wondered how this life of mine would play out.  Were all the people in my life, just playing a roll?  It started to make sense.  It would also begin to explain why I felt so different, do detached from everything and everyone. 

Jumping back to the now… I suddenly was thinking, what are the odds that my daughter would have some of the same thoughts?  I have asked others if they have pondered this (and I know there are others out there)…but those that I have asked in my life, all have responded with a “no”.  I have then gone on to ask if they have known of anyone that has told them they felt this way at one time.  They have chuckled and said “no, just … you and now your daughter”.    I refuse to think or  believe this is that unique!

Now, for me these thoughts did not stop there… they continued and progressed into a different thought.  I started to realize I was different, and that I needed to keep my differentness hidden.  I started to think that the people in my family were all monsters.  That when I would go to sleep, they would contemplate ways to get rid of me.  I would imagine that if they got angry enough with me, they would get rid of my and would plot my demise.  I know this is a rather shocking statement… Honestly, at 45 I have only spoken of this childhood fear a handful of times.  Whenever I did it was always in a joking way.  But it haunted me.  Looking back I think it had a lot to do with my souls adjustment.  You see, I always knew too much, things that didnt make sense to know.  At first I didn’t know any different, and the knowing was just knowing.  It made sense.  I could sense emotions, feel them.  I knew I was bigger, older than my age. However; it started confusing others.  My stories and tales were just fabrications of a little strange girl.  I feel I lived in two worlds, the one in my head and the one I learned to project to the world around me.  I am sure my images of Monsters plotting my demise also had a lot to do with a child learning to dealing with loss, my parents divorce and the loss of my Grandfather (a man I was deeply attached to).  Eventually these images were pushed aside, contemplated again only when sitting with friends discussing the purpose of life.

As I pushed the images of Monsters and the world revolving literally around and for only me deep down into my subconsious, I also pushed my secrets away.  The talking to the trees, and the communication with animals, I slowly started to shut them off. 

I think that when you grow up realizing that your different and long to just fit in… you end up creating masks for yourself.  Masks that allow you to be whatever the people in your life want you to be.  You become to some extent a pleaser, never wanting to rock the boat, at least not too hard…  

Interesting how, that one text would bring up all these memories. Awakening oneself to the rediscovery of self. 
My goal now is to make sure that my daughter never forgets herself.  To teach her and enable her to retain the gifts she has, the knowing, the animal connection, her empathy.  To teach her to embrace her uniquness. 

Now is the time for us all to accept who were are, where we are on our paths.  Embrace the life you live.  Imagine the beauty of collective acceptance.  Letting light flow into the shadows of doubt and misgivings that fear creates.  My heart begings to overflow with love and peace at knowing that right…now… is really just the beginning!



We cannot be strong without first learning to be weak.


I have been in a space lately which has provided me with little focus on my writing. It seems a lot of the different compartments in my life are all needing some kind of attention.

Each one with a message, a lesson to be learned, all coming at me at one time. This is not however by chance. I realize this. It is because of the journey I have been on and the growth I have experienced along the way. I understand this, and I welcome the chance to grow. A greater part of my lessons really, is to learn how to discern what is mine and of mine what is the most important. I am being presented with the points along my path that I maybe would have missed before. Little stops in the road, so to speak. Places where you must chose a direction to take, left or right.

For me weakness is a big theme. It seems I am being faced with this word in what feels like all aspects of my life. Work, health, relationships, and internally.

As for the physical sense, well I have undertaken a personal challenge to get in shape. Even though I have spent a lot of time over the past few years in our local gym I have become out of shape. I seem to of gotten into such a routine nothing was changing. I decided to take charge and signed up for a Firm body boot camp. This class has humbled me, by how weak and out of shape I have truly become. The class is kicking my butt!!

I was also getting a massage from a wonderful healer who uses many different healing modalities in her service. While working on my body and receiving information for me from her guides and my guides she told me that I need to be more accepting of my feminine self. Embrace her. She asked me why I resisted it so much. I told her that I have seemed to equate being feminine with being weak. She told me that I cannot be strong with out first being weak, and that sometimes strength comes to us in the acceptance of our weaknesses. This actually made me cry. I have spent and still spend to much time being strong. Sometimes I have even resented the weak, for not taking charge or a stand. I have not allowed myself to accept weakness in myself.

I can accept and encourage others to embrace their hearts, cry if they need to cry, and have encouraged them take comfort in their needs. All the while telling them it is ok, that there is no judgement and nothing wrong with simply crying. I believe this with all my heart and do not judge them. I accept them and do not find them as weak. Yet, I will not accept it in myself, for to me I would be weak… Makes no sense, I know this.

Most all of us hold ourselves at a higher standard, we expect more from ourselves then we do from others. I have always assumed it is because deep within,we know how hard we have tried, or haven’t tried. We know. That knowing seems to get out of hand however, we can begin to expect to much.

The first few days of my boot camp, I felt like giving up. I pushed on and nearly passed out. How stupid is that!? What glory do I have to gain by passing out, what and to whom do I have anything to really prove? The fear of weakness can be physically taxing and even dangerous for your health.

I think of crying as a sign of weakness. At a very early age, I found that crying did not change things, it can sometimes actually make them worse. I stuff my emotions, and live in a vey protected bubble. Never allowing my emotions to run completely free. Doing so in my eyes would make me weak.

Crying does not make one weak. Never asking for help makes us weak. Never letting our true self be seen makes us weak.

I believe that in our fight to be strong we sometime find it easier to push ourselves aside and hide behind a coat of armor versus face ourselves in the mirror.
Doing this causes us to see images in others that may reflect a part of who we are that we may have forgotten,because we have buried that piece of ourselves so deep.

I do believe that this desire to block out our weaknesses and live only within the strength is controlled more by our ego then by spirit.

So we must stop trying to be perfect, live to experience life. Stop and smell the roses when you get tired. Life is not a race. It is not meant for us to be perfect. It is to learn, grow and make decisions that change our life. Strength is in the acceptance of ourself, so we can stop fearing the differences in others. Weakness does not cause fear, hate or win or lose wars. Denying our weaknesses is. For by denying our weakness, we deny ourselves.

I will let you in on something I have been trying.

I have decided to imagine myself in whatever images of weakness I can think of. I have closed my eyes, and lined up all the weak me’s I can imagine.
Now, I am warning you this is hard, and very emotional so it may take a few times (depending on how many images you have).

Once all of me are present, I sit and really take a look at me. The first time I did this I was only able to look at the first one. It was so…awakening. I saw a version of me, crying. I felt so bad for this person. I asked what was wrong, why I was crying. I looked at myself and this version of me said, because you have rejected me. I was moved to tears. How could anyone reject this beautiful soul. I was moved.

I realized then that I need to look at my so called weaknesses as if I am looking at a stranger. Would I then see it as a weakness and dismiss it, or would I understand and accept them for who and what they were.

Granted I have only done this exercise twice. It is a process I feel you cannot rush. Conjuring up all your weakened versions of yourself (can be overwhelming) the first time is a good idea. This gives you a good look at what your have to work through personally. After that, work with one version at a time. Just acknowledge them, and let the reality of it sink in. This is how you will heal.

My issue is weakness, but I really think this process will work with whatever internal issue you are working on.

Good luck, thanks for letting me express myself. I hope you all have a wonderful weak.


Hey…don’t I know you?


In one of my recent blogs, I talked about picking your life. I feel like going back to that topic little.

While we are in that process, of mapping out our life, figuring the lessons and what experiences we want to encounter, we will contract with others to help us on our journey.

Some are here to help us remember where we came from, while others are here to help us achieve our goals, and keep us headed in the right direction.

Have you ever met someone for the first time and feel like you know them, or have known them forever, and feel instantly comfortable? Or have you made a connection with someone that you just met but instantly trust and you can’t explain it? I know you have heard of love at first sight…how is it possible?

These people may be a stranger to you here, now… But chances are you have spent a lifetime or two together in the past. These are people we either have created a bond with and have agreed to be in our lives as either a reminder of our spirit, or to help
us on our journey.

These encounters can though can go both ways however. You know…you meet someone, whom everyone likes, but something inside you rejects everything about them. These special (souls) people have agreed to play this roll for you. They also carry big messages. A lot of times those very same traits you clash with or dislike are traits within ourselves that we need to look at and work on. And sometimes they are there to activate that moral compass of ours that may have gone dormant. Their roll may be to force you to make changes that you would not have made, due to becoming too comfortable. They could be there to awaken that part of you that you did not even know existed. So many reasons!

Relationships will also come into our lives over and over again. Rolls may be reversed or all together different. We may have had a unrequited love for someone that comes into our life this time as a best friend, or a love interest. Sometimes these relationships will continue to cross each other in hopes of helping us to work on the issues that have kept us apart, or to make us a better person.

Some relationships could be karmic, a repeated action from a different perspective, intended to teach you something that you have missed before. Karma in general is both positive and negative, maybe the only way to repent or learn or change is to expeience something for yourself.

The thing is, we all need to remember that every person that touches our life, touches it for a reason. Even if it just for a moment, all it takes is a moment to trigger something in us that can change the course of our life completely. Sometimes those people pop up because we have specifically gone so far off course, that we need to be reminded of our hearts path, nudged and sometimes pushed back in the direction of our original path.

The hard part, is learning to love and appreciate everyone. The beauty of mankind, is all our differences we bring to the table. We each have something to teach and share with one another, no matter who you are.

So, remember that in traffic, in line when your frustrated with someone…stop and ask yourself, what can I learn right now. What can this situation or person teach me?

Happy Wednesday!!


The Seeds of Intention


I took an amazing walk this afternoon. I am so lucky to have a path along a ditch (right by my home) that take you to a reservoir. Sadly I have not been on this path all year. Funny how we can take the things that are the closest to us for granted.

I suppose that goes for many things in our lives. We always seem to think that things and people will always be there. There is always a tomorrow. Sometimes however, tomorrow never comes. Shouldn’t we actually live each day, instead of spending so much of our life and time pushing it away?

I think now is the perfect time to take a look at how we can better live our days. October seems to be a good month for harvesting our thoughts, and identifying our intentions.

Many may need to start at the beginning

  1. Sit and take a look at what you want your lives to look like.
  2. What do you want in it.
  3. What do you want more or less of?
  4. Evaluate your priorities.
  5. Write them out (this helps in recommitting to them).

Contrary to what many of us may believe the list is the actual hard part. The doing is the easy.

To put your list into motion all you need to do is set your intentions. How do you set your intentions? That is what the list is. Everything you laid out as a want more of, need less of. Those, are intentions.

Now set them free. Release them to the wind, let spirit take them and nestle them into fruition.

The key is setting the intention, and then releasing them to a higher power. Let spirit receive the intentions and guide you along the way. Now I said this was the easy part right? And it truly is, for many of us figuring out what we want is the hard part. But when I say easy, I don’t mean as in a magic genie will appear and grant all your wishes true. You actually have to do the work.

But if it’s what you want more of, and or less of, is it really work? Part of seeding the intention is setting it within yourself as well. The biggest lesson on earth is actually being willing to do the work. That doesn’t mean it will require blood, sweat, tears, or frustration. It does mean you have to be an active participant in your own life.

Don’t think you are alone.
Open your heart up to receiving guidance.
Your Angels and guides are always standing by. Waiting for you to hear them, see the signs they have left you and notice the clues they put along your path. They want to help, you just have to ask, and be open to receiving their help.

Imagine taking those intentions, and blowing them deeply into the wind, letting them float along the waves of spirit and the flutter in the breeze of tomorrow.

Take a deep breath in and as the air comes in…smile. Hold for a count of seven and release, and as the air leaves… So do all your doubts however; your smile remains.

Have a wonderful week.



Love the life your in…you picked it.

End of the season flower I found in the mountains.

I am amazed how fast this month is going. Here it is October 20th, happy Birthday Mom by the way! 🙂 

Thinking of birthdays… do you know that each one of us had a hand in picking our birthdays.  Not only did we have a hand in picking our day of birth, but we picked our life, our families even our astrological sign.  This was not a rash decision either.  We researched and contemplated for what would seem like years to us here on earth.  

I know that many have a really hard time accepting this concept.  Many would wonder…why would I have chosen this… such a hard life for myself?  Many of the experiences we have in our life are lessons, some harder than others. 

We as a spirit body spent an enormous amount of time gathering information and collectively working in spirit to put your individual path together, piece by piece person by person.  Now don’t get me wrong, our life is not all “predetermined” we have free will and choice.  This is why the plan takes so long to put into place, so many variables.  

The Spirit takes a look at where it has been.  Look at all the experiences that it has gathered.  Stronger spirits will take on tougher lessons.  The old saying you are only given as much as you can handle, it is really true.  What about those that leave too early or take themselves out before they seem to be done, you might ask?  That may have been their path?  It is not that they couldn’t handle it any more or were weak.  Possibly the lesson was for those around them.

We all are interconnected.  We are all her to teach each other something.  When our spirit is laying out our plan/path they don’t just sit and plop hurdles and roadblocks.  The intention is to learn things the easiest way, but as a physical body we more often than not do things the hard way.  But when making this plan, there are many people, past connections and new spirits that contract with us.  They all agree to help us fulfill our mission (so to speak) we are all collectively connected in spirit and light. 

Hate, pain, loss, regret are all in our lives for a reason, but so are love, joy, pride, connections, bliss, amazement.  The light and the dark.  Balance.  Sometimes we can get lost in the dark, when that happens we have usually stopped looking within.  Within us all our spirit and light shines.  It is a never-ending flame that no matter how dark it gets, deep within a light will always be there to guide us on our way. 

We create our experiences.  We create our reaction to the life events we experience.  No matter the path that we may have designed for ourselves in spirit, we have always had the power to create how that experience may affect us and how we will choose to react to it.  

I was told in a reading I had a few years back something that really intrigued me.  We were doing past lives and was told that the lifetime they saw was not the normal physical lifetime.  It was of  me as spirit.  She told me as spirit energy we all had jobs so to speak… not like now, but jobs nonetheless.  She said I was one of the master spirits that helped with the creation of the soul path, life plans.  I was an old soul (oracle) that had experienced many, many lifetimes. She also told me that my current life path/plan was chosen to remember and familiarize myself of the challenges and tribulations that the lessons we choose can take in physical form.  She said I wanted to remember and better understand the realities and constraints that we put on ourselves when we are in physical form.  Our spirit know love and healing and the abundance of energy, it is sometimes confused by how hard we make things.  I liked this reading… this life really resonated with me.  I remember it frequently and hold on to the thought. 

Life is beautiful, and we all have things to absorb, transition through, and climb over.  Just know that where ever you are in your life path/plan, you… your higher self, your spirit knew you could do it, knows you can do it.  You just have to remember to not do it alone.  Look within to find your light. Look to the people in your life, they are there for a reason.  Even that stranger you just met or bumped into.  Look outside the traditional and always remember things happen for a reason. And sometimes you have to look even outside yourself and at the big picture. 

Enjoy your Saturday!



Intentions in the wind

Shadowscape Art “Wind Machine”

The soft wind speaks of carrying wishes, delivering dreams
Wind…Blowing, whistling, casting spells.

Gently sweeping the dust from my mind 
Wind… Blowing, whistling, distruptive and hell.

Sleepless thoughts, seductive whispers, mindless tells
Wind…Blowing, whistling, clairity begins.

Thoughts and intentions set forth on a breeze
Wind…Blowing, whistling, promises lingering in the trees.

Wind…Blowing… Gently…In the breeze.
Tomorrow shapes itself amongst the leaves.

Effects of Transformation

Today I noticed I was feeling… a bit different, a little off-balance.  I started to worry a bit, as this “different” feeling was feeling a tad bit like detachment, and this got me thinking.

All of us out there that are undergoing a transformation of some kind need to really take a look at what you have been trying to transform or  manifest. 

Now, I would attribute my feelings of “detachment” to the end result of whatever I had set my intentions to.  Look at it like this.  You have a stack of Dominoes all laid out (imagine this is your life) with twists and turns here and there.  The first Domino standing in the line (of your life pattern) is you at your current stage of growth/life.  This single domino is the one that affects all the other dominoes. 

If you are at a point in your life (like I am)  of reviewing your life path, this first domino represents the initial action of the intention/s you set .  Many of us when setting our intentions, do so with the end result in mind.  I know I do.  This is the direct goal right? This is the light we aim for.  And as is with every choice we make in our life we are affected by this choice.

What we fail to understand is that a transformation, is a process. It doesn’t happen overnight. That feeling you’re experiencing today of detachment could really be part of your transformation.  A reprogramming of values and attachments that either no longer serve you or your end intention. It could just be the new connection with something within your transformation.  The key is to recognize it for what it is and if you are comfortable with this new attachment, acknowledge it and proceed.  If however you feel uncomfortable with it, it may be time to look over your original intention.  Does it still serve you. Is it still what you need or want?  It is your life, don’t just go along for the ride, be an active participant.   

I guess what I am trying to say is, for every action there is a reaction and then another and another and so on. I believe that an action creates a reaction which then creates another action and another reaction.  I am starting to wonder if it is possible that when those intentions we set don’t pan out like we originally hoped is it possible that we may have self sabotaged them along the way? 

Hmmm… how can I explain this…
Let’s say you set your intention to create better balance in your life between family and work.  
You have focused on this intention, you have visualized the end result.  You are dedicated to this and you believe it can happen.  Then, one day you are driving to work and you start to feel detached or apathetic.  You question this feeling.  This is possibly your intention being created.  Sometimes on our path of change and improvement some of the things in our life will change as well.  Subtle things/changes… that you may have never thought were connected to the set intention. This slight feeling of detachment may be what is needed to create the better balance you were intending.

 Back to the domino illusion again.  Think of it like this when you tip the balance of the first domino (you, by changing your thoughts, beliefs, and patterns) this domino takes motion forward (growth) and effectively changes the balance of everything in its path.  Every interaction will somehow be affected by the changes you create. 

Transformation takes work, patience and diligence.  The perfect example of this is the butterfly.
The caterpillar did not become a butterfly overnight… it went through a long gruelling process which included: strength, perseverance, growth,  focused intention, seclusion as well as pain. The end result however; BEAUTIFUL

Catching up with spirit


I recently met an amazing woman at a local Holistic fair. I have actually been drawn to her business for quite some time. Many of the motorcycle trips we have taken up to Estes Park , I have found myself walking next to her office. Grabbing a flyer and thinking one of these times I will stop in.

I met her accidentally at this fair. We nearly bumped into each other walking down a crowded isle at this fair. We started talking and she asked me if we knew each other. I said no, but I have been outside of your shop many times. What she said to me next really stuck. She said, oh…that’s it. Your spirit has already visited me, I have been expecting you.

We walked back to her booth and we talked. I ended up having her do this crystal art grid for my meditation room, to help me open up and heal my heart chakra. She also includes a channeled message from my guides, both spirit and angels. I got the piece Friday, it exceeded my expectations and I am totally in love with it. It is beautiful.
The message has truly touched me as well.

My meditation space, is becoming very sacred and comforting. Please check out her site. She does not have the art pieces up yet, but is planing to post them soon. She is an inspiration. Inner healing

The message from my guides was titled “Presence” this is so fitting! The crystal that was chosen for me to sit in the center of the grid is apophyllite. A beautiful crystal. I actually went to a local rock and gem store and bought a couple clusters for my home. Love my rocks, and my new grid!!

Looking forward to what comes next in my life.




Big Thompson Canyon

Big Thompson River

This date feels really important to me. 

Like a stepping stone…to something bigger.  Awareness. 

My equilibrium is a tad off today, started last night actually. I am feeling a little out of balance. 
Maybe I am not “unbalanced” but what is happening is my balance is recalibrating.

All summer I felt that October was going to be a big month. I feel like I am going through an attunement of sorts.  I have been spending a lot of time in my head.  As my clarity changes so does my perspective. I have talked so much about the chakras lately, but they are so important! 

I am personally finding it very hard to continue to live in duality.  My esoteric body and mental body keep me in constant debates within myself.  The more I struggle with this the more I realize that maybe that is the result of balance.  Maybe…just maybe when you live 50/50 you remain slightly unattached to either side? Is balance what we should be seeking?  If not balance what?  Living on a line is hard.  Seeing both sides causes one to not always react appropriately.  Sometimes when you can see the end at the beginning do you forget to enjoy the middle?  

This is where I am right now, in contemplation.  The other side of it is when you have lived shut off from the whole of all your emotions (you know, kept them tucked safely away for protection) when they start to surface do you recognize them?  How does it feel to actually feel everything and not just what you allow in?  How do you find balance of the emotions like you do of the mind?  When the dam breaks and the emotions break free do you let them run where they may?  If so are you washed away with them or do you create your own stream? 

My thoughts on this is when your ready to break down the dam, you need to be ready to trust the path that it settles into.  I am working on accepting the strength in the stream over the strength of the dam.  They both are strong and mighty.  One is just much more truer than the other.  And in the end truth will endure any structure placed solely to contain emotion. 

My fear is what if breaking the dam breaks me.  Just admitting that, typing it, lets my soul know that I am that much closer to creating my true stream.  Even though just the thought of releasing that dam tightens my chest and brings to surface such internal fear it also makes my heart smile knowing and  feeling the love and joy it also evokes.  I am on my way.  Word by word.  Step by step, we all are. 

October is about contemplation, looking within and accepting and planning our new futures.

Enjoy the process.

Learning to let go.


Learning to let go. The trees do it, why can’t I?

I think Fall is a really good time to look at this lesson. For me this seems to be a tough one. I find that I personally have a really hard time letting go of things, people and even patterns. I know I cannot be the only one! We are out there. I know that there is a bigger picture to all of this. Why we are here. Why I chose the path I did. But for some reason…letting go and taking that step off the cliff is SO very hard to actually do.

When I sit and contemplate this, the message I receive over and over is always the same, it’s an ingrained behavior. It is carried over from not one but many (for me at least) past lives.

I recently read a posts from one of my favorite bloggers(Yamya ~ check her out) and I think she stated it very nicely. On this journey to achieve a higher state of consciousness we need to make sure that we actually take the time and work on healing ourselves. We need to remember to not just push through to the next so-called chapter. So, I am attempting to bring awareness to the issue and work at figuring this inability to let things go, out. Hopefully it may help you look within and figure things out as well.

It confuses me at how I can be spontaneous one minute (in a controlled environment mind you LOL!) and so extremely structured in the next. The point is I have a huge fear of loss. A terrifying fear of losing the ones I love, leaving and being forgotten. I have shared this with friends and loved ones who will sometimes just look at me funny and say Oh come on how could anyone forget you? The point is this feeling, this fear that sits deep within my chest, and is actually real. Based on what I am learning the first place to look to for healing…is my Heart Chakra!

What is it that makes us hold on so tight?

So tight we risk losing all that we hold on to?

Some may say its the “L” word… Love. How can that be really? Love is eternal. The higher I go the more I realize that. How can love make us not let go? In the stories and tales aren’t we supposed to be able to set something free, and if it comes back to you it was yours if it doesn’t it never was. It can’t all be a lie… So, it must be something called fear. I think fear may be the new four letter f word!

I have held too tightly to many things in my life. I don’t want you to think I am talking only about relationships here. I am talking about so much more than just relationships. I am talking about clothing, cars, papers, houses, mementos, letters, jobs… and yes people. We maintain and create all kinds of relationships. Sometimes we can hold on too long to those things. The question for me again is why?

We can all analyze our current lives. And many may find that the solution to our problems can easily be solved right here. Something that spells out the explanation of why our lives turned out the way they did, and why we have some of the issues that we may have. However; sometimes all the self analysis in this world or lifetime won’t fix the underlying issue, since it may be underlying in another lifetime.

For me, I have had numerous readings in my classes by other students, where we have reviewed past lives in each other. The past lifetimes that have been seen for me have stayed fairly consistent. You don’t need to have a past life regression to know that an issue may be from a past life. What you need to do is listen to yourself. Ground yourself and meditate on your issues. What doesn’t make sense to you ask for it to be released from you.

Start with asking your guides to relieve you of this unnecessary block.
Become aware of it, this alone helps to weaken it’s hold on you.
Imagine the best out come…you can do this by removing all the fear, and anxiety that holds you in place.

Next look into balancing your Chakra’s. We will talk more on that soon, I think this gives us a pretty good start. Awareness is always the best start!

Our lessons will keep repeating themselves until we actually learn them. Just something to think about.

Have a good evening…