Discovering Lost messages…

An original piece I created in 2009

I found this on my computer at work.  It is crudely written; however I think it carries a good message and thought I would share it with you. 

Pieces of  Me   written 5/3/2010

What if…there was a place in time that you were really only you, a place that only existed when you needed it to, where only you could go. 

There is such a place; deep within the corner of your mind.  I like it there when it’s clean and freshly dusted.  Most of the time however; it’s full of cobwebs, dusty and slightly foggy.  Sometimes I open the door only to be reminded of how neglectful of this sacred space I really have been.  It’s slightly comically to see all the things I have left behind in this room.  The items that at one time were so special and priceless…now sit forgotten and useless in my neglected space.  I feel a sense of sadness when I look at all these forgotten pieces of my life.  One by one each replaced by the other, only to be left and forgotten. 

What I find amazing is that the dust can get so thick so fast.  It somehow seems unreal how long it has been since I was here last. 

I decide to dust off the chair and sit awhile.  It seems the right thing to do.  As I sit here and ponder the things that have gone forgotten…I am hit with the question of what it was that actually brought me back here to begin with.    I look down and find in my hand a letter.  It then seems all too clear…It all starts with a letter, a request or plea…

I decide to put the letter down.  I need to clean up.  Air the space out and clear the air.  As the dust starts to dissipate I start to find more letters among the forgotten items cast around the room, lost letters everywhere.  Letters that seemed so important at one point in my life, but now are only piles of paper and ink.  Some of these letters I find are very old…the more I dust and clean the more I find.  Letters on notebook paper, blank paper, stationary, parchment, even bark and stone… 

I question my assumption of all of these being just requests and pleas…
As I continue to question… I notice many are addressed…to…me.  They are letters from me…to me.  Letters of strength, hope, triumph and courage.  Letters to remind me I am not alone.  I have never been alone.  I gather the letters…  I need to read them, hold them and touch them.   Each of these letters in this dusty room in the corner of my mind is a reminder of where I have been. Who I have been. What I have learned. What I still need to learn.  They are all pieces of me.


6 thoughts on “Discovering Lost messages…

  1. Hey ClairGirl,
    I’ve been spending so much time on my own stuff I haven’t been around to read anyone else’s in a while. But I wanted to stop by and read some of yours – since your blog is one of my favorites. 🙂 The way your wrote about your room and your letters, that’s how I feel about blogs, posts, even facebook in general – I was going back through my old old facebook posts one day and just laughing and smiling at the pictures and things I’d written about different stuff that was going on at any given time. Not quite stones and bark, but from so long ago it seems…I’m glad for my blogs and things like facebook for that reason – my memory is so poor – all that information is..somewhere…oops – I’ve rambled on and on! Much love, my dear friend!XOXO

    • I am doing really well thanks! How are you doing? Things have been crazy busy here too.

      I am 2 classes away from finishing the first 6 week class I am co teaching!! Pretty exciting. I have found my passion. I love sharing the information, and the process.

      I got a group of us together informally. Basically so my mentors could meet each other! It turned into something much bigger though. I am really excited and nervous, we are trying to put together an intuitive conference, in three major cities here in Colorado. Big under taking that is for sure.

      Keeping up on the blogs is tough… Time is moving so fast right now. It is funny the connection I feel with you. We must have a long history together, because I feel really connected to you on this journey. I saw I had a comment from you and was really excited.

      Keep up all your great work, but don’t burn yourself out. Remember to relax every now and then, on your own terms not because you have worn yourself out!!!

      Have a great thanksgiving. 🙂
      Lots of love~

      • I absolutely agree I think we have a history as sisters of some sort. I feel such an affinity for you as a peer and as someone I want to boost up and support. I am so happy to hear you are doing what you love.

        It sounds like you have got your own version of traveling psychic supper club going on!! Isn’t it amazing to get all of your people together?? I love it.

        I am so excited to hear about your intuitive conference!!! Oh, I want to come! I want to participate!! Please keep me informed. I would love to come to Colorado. A case I recently worked on had me on the phone a lot with places in Colorado. My dear family that I worked with has just this last month moved there. When we looked at moving from San Jose over 10 years ago, Colorado was one of the places we looked at, but we ended up here, outside of Austin. But a part of my heart still wants to go to Colorado. Maybe because my sister is there. 😉 Please keep me updated, and email me any time! much love my dear sister! Oh, yes and how funny you say not to get burnt out. I have been sick for a week. Going to doc today. XO – Deb

        • Feel better soon my friend!

          I am originally from Minnesota, we moved here 19 years ago (for my husbands job). I love it here in Colorado!

          I look forward to keeping in touch. My personal email is email me anytime!

          I look forward to filling you in on the conference when we have all the details put together!!
          Enjoy your week… today has been a struggle (at my day job) I am getting closer every minute to shedding corporate life and a steady paycheck (ok…the lack of a steady paycheck thing scares me).

          Jackie 🙂

  2. Wow, I am rather speechless. You have opened the room of memories, attachments and the freedom from … so beautifully in your words. I know the place you have expressed. The longing to be there as the start to the path of liberation. Great post. Thanks.

    • Thank you so much. Your comment means the world to me. To be able to share my journey of self discovery has allowed me to grow and move forward. I believe we all have a place like this and I am glad I have reminded you of yours.

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