Unlock the gates and look within and see what you may be carrying with you from a past life.


Past lives…

I have been wanting to address this topic for awhile now…
Often times we have emotions in our lives that don’t always make sense or connect to our current situations. Sometimes these emotions or feelings are attributed to a past life.
When people hear the term past life it can conjure up many different reactions. Personally, it lends me a measure of perspective.

I have noticed in my own life that when we have an extreme emotion it may often be left over residue from a past life experience. These experiences can be either traumatic, intense or possibly just left a very lasting impression.

Let’s see if I can give an example…
Personally, I have had a past life where I was feared due to my psychic abilities. In this life time I misused this power for revenge and out of anger. I was also very alone and treated as an outcast. When my spirit was designing my life path this time around, I believe cautions were set in place (These cautions are based on the experiences of our past). They are meant to protect us from repeating (at least in this example) the pain I once felt. But, the thing is, for me in this lifetime my experiences are very different. I know that based on my current situation and the culture I live in, that nothing will be experienced in the same manner. The protections are just not needed, instead what is happening is I am self sabotaging and blocking myself out of an unnecessary fear.

For Example, I have struggled with fully embracing my gifts. For the longest time I would get to a certain level and I would stop…I would hit a wall of sorts. Finally after meditating, much work and reflection I have unraveled my personal mystery. The next step for me was to break through this block. To break through I needed to begin by looking into this past life and seeing the pain and loneliness I experienced. I then looked at my current life time to find any similar patterns. Realizing that I was not the same person, that my life was much different than the past life, I needed to heal this part of me. I needed to spend time thanking my spirit for placing the protection into this life time. However; I also explained (to myself/spirit) how this protection no longer served me. I assured my spirit, that I could control my powers of intuition in this lifetime. I was not the same person, and would not repeat the same mistakes. I asked to release this hold.

In this example it is about realizing where a blockage is coming from, breaking it down to the core. Once it has been identified for what it was, releasing it. Just the act of appreciating its purpose and owning the responsibility now can help remove the blockage. It is not necessarily an instant fix, you need to be 100% honest with yourself and that is the hard part. Sometimes we can remove the obstacles, but blockages will still remain. Why? Because unfortunately when we remove the blockage fear of owning ourself steps in and we make excuses. When we have nothing to blame, we seek other excuses then doing the self work needed to move on. We need to stay aware of our actions and motives to continue to grow.

This is just one small touch on a past life experience affecting a current life. I think it is really fascinating to evaluate our lives and see what we carry from current experiences and what we bring with us from past lives. Take a look within and see what you unravel!



7 thoughts on “Unlock the gates and look within and see what you may be carrying with you from a past life.

    You changed up the blog format – I love it. So simple and clean…nice! Sorry I haven’t been by for a while, been so busy with life and Traveling Psychic Supper Club stuff, it’s nuts…but wanted to say hi – how have you been? Love the past lives post. We are having a meeting today – a little private book swap at one of the member’s house, and I was thinking I sure wish you could come! I hope we can sit down to lunch one day and talk. Some really great things are happening that may make that a real possiblility…
    It sounds like you are doing some real evolving of your own, what a gift to everyone who reads the blog. Love it. Have an amazing day my dear friend!
    XOXO – Deb

  2. This blog is one of my favorites because it helps me understand many things. this post brought to light something I have been thinking about for a long time.Thank you for sharing these examples. I am dealing with some past life emotions through writing a book about that time. What scares me is the sudden flood of emotion I get when I talk about the subject. I am now in a position where I am talking to groups about the book to promote it. How do I control these sudden emotions. I cant tell everyone this story was about a past life, I have had some very bad experiences doing this, Is there something I can do that will free me to talk about this and not become emotional?

    • First off… Thank you. I am really glad you enjoyed the post!
      It sounds like a lot is going on with this past life that you may still be holding onto in this life. I would really advise you to look at these emotions that are coming to surface. How are they attached to you in this life time? I feel as though there is a lot to be examined in your current life that possibly is mirroring the events from the previous one. I think that in writing the book you have opened up or tore off the band aid so to speak. Back to your actual question though. I would suggest setting a neutral space around the topic. I am not sure if you run energy or ground yourself, but I would recommend before speaking on the book (whenever possible) to set some boundaries around the book/topic. Holding your crown or space at neutrality and humor to help allow yourself the distance and detachment from the actual experience to be able to deliver the message. I hope that helps! Feel free to email me as well!! jackiem19@yahoo.com

      Good luck!!!

      • Thank you Jackie. I will try these this as well as begin to look at the similarities between both lives. I never thought about that part of it. Thank you for your email. I will write if I have any more questions.

        • Good luck. Remember you are not alone. I feel really strong about there being some connection to your current life. The pictures may be completely different, however the cause of the emotion is probably a similar cause in this life time.

          I have strong fears of abandonment, commercials will even evoke this pain and fear from me. What I have uncovered was a past that explains this reaction. For me, even though I am aware and have worked on this issue I still have a hard time letting things go. The work can be constant, but in a good way. Hope that makes sense.
          Have a great day!

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