Think of your dreams as a gift…that you have to unwrap…


Have you ever woke up from a dream to be so confused that as bad as the dream was, you want to go back to sleep to better understand what just happened?

This is what happened to me this morning. I woke up (knowing I was awaking from a dream) yet, needing more information. I laid there…trying to make sense of my dream. Hoping to keep myself in the dream state, long enough to understand. Understand the cryptic message that was playing out for me in an alternate universe otherwise known as my subconscious.

I used to have dreams where I would awaken hurt, upset or just down right angry with my husband. I would carry that emotion not only with me all day but at my husband(the poor guy)! Even though I knew this was a completely irrational behavior, I still could not help but express the emotion.

This blog is really not about what my dream was, but the dream experience. I know that the more enlightened I have become the more I understand that for me my dreams are many things. Sometimes they are a glimpse of a previous life, or a direct message from spirit, and other times, they are messages from my subconscious. A reminder of sorts to remain focused. The latter I believe happens when I start to lose sight or start to possibly Wander slightly off track.

As I type this I can hear the voice in my head say…ok then, so what the heck was the message I am missing,and why were the messages coming from those specific people? Obviously I need to focus on breaking down the symbology in my dream to really be able to put the pieces together and decipher my message.

Sounds like a lot of work! Guess what? It is. But are we not worth it? Aren’t we? We ask for answers and signs all the time. We complain that no one is listening, what if the complaint goes both ways. What if we are the ones not listening? Just because it is not written in ink on a piece of paper in front of us we seem to not see or hear the messages. We have to learn to do the work. Break down our thoughts and the imagery we see in our daily life, so we can hear.

For dreams how do you do this? Well it will be unique for each individual, but this is how I break it down.

1) I look at the overall story of my dream if there is one.

2) I look the people in the dream. What characteristics do they have that stand out. How does that person relate to me? Do they relate to me? How do they make me feel? What are they known for? You get the point? I really look for something that explains a little about the dream and why that person was the person spirit picked to help deliver a message.

3) I look at the location- how does it make me feel. Do I have a connection to it. Does it make me feel safe, anxious…is it foreign to me…etc.

4) How did I feel right before I woke up. A lot of times this feeling does not make sense. We may be in a really frightening situation , yet feel calm…or vis versa. What does this tell you? If I am calm in the face of a fearful situation for example…I could be letting myself know that what ever is on the horizon that I am worried about I will be ready for it. Or it could mean that I am to stay or remain calm and the worst will pass. Do you kind of see what I mean?

5) I then try and piece all this together. If it still makes no sense then maybe I just need to sit with it a few days and let it soak in.

Sometimes the messages may make total sense, some will be easier than others. Many times things may not make sense to us. This is ok as well. These messages often times get planted in our sixth and seventh chakras for use at a later time. I like to think of it as a download of sorts.

So, the next time you wake up and think…what the heck was that dream about. Don’t just dismiss it. Think of it as a gift that you need to unwrap. There are many sites out there to read up on all the symbology…but really we all have our own tools. Try going within first, then seek outside information. Whatever works for you will be the best direction for you to follow.

Well, that is enough for now…sleep tight and happy dreaming!



13 thoughts on “Think of your dreams as a gift…that you have to unwrap…

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  5. Great post! I too receive a lot of info from my dream. I find there are several types of dreams, or more like astral levels, that we work within. Some are relevant to current issues and some are of distant futures. Others represent the past and what must be worked through to enter the future while others still don’t have anything to do with our existence here on Earth but the other planets and collective dynamics we hold consciousness within. All of them serve a purpose…it’s best to investigate like Jackie said – THANKS

  6. As I rarely dream, those that do come are always accepted as having a message for me. At times they are warning, a ‘heads-up’ of something to expect, but most times they are ‘alerts’…information on something going on around me, commonly with people who are close. Finding this blog today however was especially timely, as I am less than an hour awake from ‘one of those’ dreams…I woke with a clear sense of ‘what the Heck was That’?? I am sure the answers will be revealed at some point….

  7. My dreams, nearly always in color tend to be “out there…as in way out there.” But I do wake up with those deep emotional feelings at times. Occasionally I’ll have a clue as to what they might relate to, but mostly I am left wondering what the heck “that” was all about.

    • Mine can be way out there as well. I also dream in color and I have always been surprised when they say that the majority of people dream in black in white…I would like to challenge that actually.

        • Very interesting. Maybe….if your third eye is not open (even a little) you dream in black and white.

          It would be very interesting to take a look at that red truck, sounds like it was a very intense memory for her, that was probably a pivotal experience in her life.

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