Trust in the direction you are headed and know that soon the path will become clear.

DSCN3695I am not sure about the rest of you…but I thought coming into March would feel a little calmer.  Instead I am feeling focused one minute and completely scattered the next. 

My head is full of thoughts and direction and yet I am overwhelmed and unsure of my next step.  Where am I going?  What was I doing?  Focus and then confusion, this is my current  routine.   

Thoughts and plans spin rapidly in my brain.  Formulas and ideas for my next class or venture spring up.  Plans and possibilities are everywhere.  One minute I am excited and the very next I am unsure.  I can feel my confidence slide and slowly slip between my fingers.  I find myself sitting…starring blankly at the screen wondering not only where but how do I even begin.  Looking at the clock I find that what felt like moments were really minutes.  Minutes that slipped into hours.  Hours of sitting, with nothing to show.  A blank screen.  A reflection of the direction I feel like I am heading. 

I am torn with do-ing and be-ing.  Knowing full well that I am still in the state of be-ing.  The do-ing is coming…

I realize I cannot start do-ing right now, even though I have this intense need to surge ahead at times.  What I am realizing is… if I started do-ing right now (that is if the universe actually allowed me to, which it is not!) I would end up re-doing everything anyway.  It being stressed to me in so many ways that everything is not in place yet, ideas are still formulating.  The intentions are still fermenting, getting ready to burst through the soil.  The Cycle of time right now is that of a dust storm.  Those things that have not quite been dealt with or taken care of are being re-circulated to the forefront of our attention. 

 The next two weeks are going to be about waiting out the dust storm.  Letting the dust settle before we start sweeping up the debris.  If we start now we will just be moving it from one corner to another.  Give it all time to settle, then asses what is still needing cleaned up.  THEN, finally we can start the steps needed to create the space for all that we have been dreaming of.  This winter has been about seeding our intentions for the coming year.  

Mercury being in retrograde is usually a challenge of its own, but right now it actually feels helpful.  I communication that is struggling for most of us in our internal communication.  The clarity and then the haze that we may feel internally actually forces us to look deeper within.  It is as though the fog we may be experiencing is the universes way of slowing us down from being to reactive.  Basically what I am trying to tell you all is to realize you are not alone… right now, just take some breaths, trust all will make sense soon, and go with the flow.   

Spring will be abundant.  Abundant in so many ways. 

Enjoy your Monday!



10 thoughts on “Trust in the direction you are headed and know that soon the path will become clear.

  1. I can relate to your feelings because it was inevitable with the expansion of energy around the planet. It has been approaching at Light Speed for many years, now. I implemented a plan to write a book, teach and be the archetype of a caregiver–what was apparent to me—“Caregive your own life, too.” With a few health issues, it was time to examine who I was and where was I going. What a journey it has been this year. As the days and nights sped up, energy was almost out of control until I realized, float and flow was the mantra of my soul. And eating appropriately, mild exercise, meditation and more sleep were keys to my unexpected shifts in my conscious awareness. Still not fully in my regimen, yet, but listening to my heart’s desire has been vital to my sanity. Let Go and Embrace the unknown has been my choice for peace and harmony. It’s a calming effect for this changing world. The heartbeat of life goes on and on……….

    • Beautifully put! you are so right, all this change has been coming for quite some time now….learning to go with the ebb and flow is the first step…then listening within. We are all relearning the process, finding a process or tuning into a process. I love how you mention all the facets of our life that this new energetic change affects. It isn’t just in our meditation or our spiritual moments…it is our whole being all the energetic bodies combined. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  2. I appreciate your candidness. Most of the time people think psychics are supposed to always know and have it figured out. That is simply not true. We all have to experience what we are experiencing before we can know why we are experiencing it. And to be sure, nothing is predictable right now. THANKS!!

  3. This was exactly what I needed to hear today as I thought “I” was the only one feeling very scattered and out of control in my thoughts…………you made my day! Thanks for putting this all into perspective. Stephanie

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