Are you in control of your emotions… or are your emotions in control of you?

Image from Visual Paradox

Image from Visual Paradox


I hear it…do you?
The pumping…thumping…pounding
beating rhythm of a heart…my heart.

Edgar Allen Poe is running through my thoughts right now…
He was always a favorite poet and story-teller of mine, when I was younger.  He seemed to be able to describe in such great detail the depth of pain a heart could cause or hold. 

Think about it…an organ, a magnificent body organ that works in harmony with our brain to keep us alive.
That is all it is right…an organ.
But is it? I am afraid not. Even though it is an organ, this beautiful construction has the capacity to make us feel,and hold emotions.  Some that are in the moment and many that no longer serve us.

Even a simple rhythm in a song can trigger and  recreates an emotional reaction…
a longing in the heart.  Just as the tempo shifts our thoughts and feelings begin to change as well.  We react  like the strings attached to a marionette. 

Are you in control of your emotions…or are your emotions in control of you?

What emotion do you lead with? In your daily life…your exchanges, are you leading with your heart?  What does this mean to you? Are you able to tell the difference between the two? Can you tell if you are leading or being lead? Do you see the potential difference?

I have fond myself at times in a an emotional circle… Where I have experienced something that left a very strong emotional reaction/impact on my heart… Instead of working through it and looking for the lesson…breaking down the experience, and removing judgment of self and others…I wallow. 

Let me say for a minute here that there is a great difference between , feeling an emotion, letting it run its course and wallowing. It is really important to feel the emotion and move through it. Coming out on the other side is important. If you don’t process it…it can become you. 

Leading with emotion is not always bad…as with pretty much anything I write about it is about balance.  I find it hard to fixate on a black and white type of answer or society.  everything happens for a reason and everything that needs to happen will.  It is how we come at things… what emotion or stance we hold going into a situation can give it a completely different outcome.  It all goes back to the fact that we have choices and lessons in this life time… how we get to our destination is determined by us.  Some choices and lessons will take faster than others and some will move slower.  How you get there is up to you.  We need to learn to look within ourselves and see what our motivation or agenda is at any given time. 

Some will say that they do not live from agenda and that they have reached the highest of vibrations… Great… I don’t necessarily believe that this happens very often.  This physical life of ours is full of twists and turns.  We live equally in ego and spirit… to do this we encounter the effects of both.  All I want for all of us is to open our minds and our hearts to our intentions.  Understand ourselves and why we chose left and not right.  Learn from our choices and our reactions.  Don’t just be a game piece in your life, live it, be an active participant of the internal life as well as your external. 

It is possible to coast through and let ourselves be led through the experiences in our current life time…but why?  Why wouldn’t we want to be an active participant in our choices?  Relish in the beauty of it, the joy…sure there is pain as well…but through the pain we always have the potential for growth.  Expansion…in awareness of who we are and who we were meant to be. 

So as we embark on this confusing spring season (yes confusing)  engage your heart and chose neutrality in most all your outward interactions.   Why do I say confusing?  I seem to be getting the message that each season this year holds a year of seasons within it.  Each primary season magnified by its matching season within it, but also having traits and mirroring all the other seasons as well.    2013 is proving to be very unique, fast and exciting all at the same time.  Again I compare it to a time warp… a worm hole in the universe, providing an express lane to the next lesson. 

The biggest reminder is to live from your heart, that incrediable organ holds the key to your continued growth.  This chakra has been preparing for a very long time to help take on the power needed to infuse the rest of your energy centers.  All you need to do is open it up, air it out, let the blood pump through and trust that this is the new direction for all. 

Hold on and enjoy the ride.  Happy spring.



6 thoughts on “Are you in control of your emotions… or are your emotions in control of you?

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  2. many times in our lives we come across situations that we can not handle emotionally, and are forced to look with in for answers, allowing us to mentally over take our emotions, and do what is best for our self. This is where the Heart and mind can work together for the better good. Emotions make several paths, our mind allows us to choose the right path for our self, which may not be the right path for some one else. Some where knowing what is right and what is wrong for us comes to our heart and mind. That is what makes us Human. And every Human Being is unique.

    • Beautifully put! You are very right. By learning how to discern from our experiences what that experience really means (to us) is a true gift. As is doing what is right for you individually!

  3. Edgar Cacy has always inspired me
    Has put me into wonders
    He was here and he was every where
    When he went to trance
    He had the access to all knowledge
    He knew all skills
    All pathies
    Such a great divine Soul
    Such a great personality
    Was he incarnation
    Who was he
    I fail to understand
    But I cannot forget him
    He is always in my mind
    For ever ,how can I forget him
    May he come again
    So that I can meet him
    See him ,talk to him
    That is my prayer to God.

  4. 2013 is proving to be unique. And emotions might just be the theme of the year. However, wallowing may not be exactly what you think…maybe its necessary to wallow in order to truly “feel” the emotion rather than mentally processing it and quickly moving on. Perhaps in the act of wallowing one might actually be allowing themselves to feel – maybe even for the first time ever, thus the need to wallow.

    So I think as we move on this Spring, we should leave self judgment behind because I “feel” as those we are in for many highs and lows that may provoke unexplained emotions that we should simply need to allow without labeling them good or bad because once we have run the gamut of emotion, we will be better equipped to manifest (emotions are magnetic) a new reality full of all possibilities.

    • A good perspective…maybe wallowing to actually allow the emotion to unfold is what we need to do. Maybe I was a bit to hasty on the wallow….maybe the initial emotion we feel is just a cover up emotion… A protective shield to trick us (protect) from dealing with the real emotion. The underlying issues… Hmmm…

      What I don’t think we should do however is use the emotion…or reaction as an excuse to not really dig deep or…look thoroughly at a situation… It is going to be an interesting year. :-).

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