Reading types and pricing

 If you are interested in a reading from me, you are in the right place! In an effort to both expand and share my gift, I offer distance readings. If you have received a reading from me in the past I want you to know that I have enjoyed getting to know each one of you. Your spirits have given me so much in return that I have decided to expand my readings to include a new combined version. If you have any questions about what type of reading may be best for you, feel free to email me as well and we can figure out what fits best for your current situation or question. My personal email address is

A little about me:
I have been doing readings for friends and family for the couple of years. Both on my own and in a classroom setting. My guides have been telling me for some time now that I needed to take things to the next level. I have been guided to open myself up and share my gift. I started teaching clairvoyant classes and seminars with my mentor and friend Michelle Despres

This page is about me moving forward and sharing spirit. All the readings I do are done with the highest of intentions.  I do my reading in a neutral space and focus on reading from the highest of vibrations.  I am led by my guides as well as the guides of those I read when I am choosing cards in the Tarot readings. When I am reading Chakra’s this is done while meditating with my guides and the readee’s guides as well.  All in all it is a joint effort  in spirit.

The techniques I follow have been taught to me by my mentor, trainer and friend Clairvoyant/Intuitive Michelle DesPres Author of The Clairvoyant Path, as well as through my guides.

The Reading Process:

Once I receive your submitted form and payment arrangements have been made you should expect to receive your reading from me via email within a 72 hour time frame.

  • I ground myself, clear my energy and ask to be connected to your guides.
  • I will perform the reading either with the Tarot or read your Chakra’s.  This process usually takes an hour.
  • I then type up your reading and email it to you. This process also takes up to an hour depending upon the amount of information I receive.



I am trying to figure out how to add a paypal link to this page to make paying easier… Look for updates
In the mean time you can send money through Paypal to: choose personal and click gift.


3 thoughts on “Reading types and pricing

      • You’re very welcome and thank you! I look forward to following your blog too.
        Here’s to the grand momentum of the unfolding path and all those in spirit applauding your perfection!

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