When you come into contact with people are you presenting your true self, or do you wear a mask?


Original Artwork by my daughter Erin Mihalchick


I started thinking about this when I noticed that I have what seems to me as a slightly different presentation of myself, depending on the social situation I am in. So I started to take a look at what I am filtering and what masks I may  where and why.  This prompted me to list the most common social groups we encounter on a daily basis.  Some of these groups overlap eachother and can make them even that much more complex.

What about you, what masks or filters do you wear when you are with specific groups of people?  Do you represent yourself universally to all or does it depend on who you are with?

Take a moment and think about the following groups of people…

  • Strangers
  • Friends
  • CoWorkers
  • Spouse
  • Family (immediate)
  • Relative

I would love to say that  I am always the same person.  But I am not.  I used to strive to be the same person all the time.  The same face, same energy.  However what I have come to realize is that I am missing the beauty of all that I am.  We all wear so many faces throughout the day, it is the forgetting of our truth and our essence while switching from mask to mask that fades us away.  The trick, or lesson really (no tricks) is to learn how to remain yourself but allow your energy to adapt to the different situations you find yourself in,  to appropriately shine.

If you were asked which of the above do you feel you can be your true unmasked 100 watt self around, what would you answer?  Would it be Family, Spouse, Friends?  How many would pick  Strangers?  In giving you a 100% honest answer, for me I would pick Stangers.

Many may argue my point, and please feel free.  I love to hear and learn other perspectives!
I would pick strangers because with them there are no preconcieved expectations.  I can just be.  Usually in those moments of just being, when we do not think about the how or the why we are able to just be.

When we are with all the other groups our Friends, Family, Spouse, CoWorkers and Relatives we are ourselves but with a filter or mask.  We excentuate the traits that blend best with a specific group.  This goes even further than the groups listed we have subgroups within subgroups.  The challenge we all face is balance.  Balancing the extent of the filters or masks we wear.  If you find that you are using filter upon filter to drown out your truth then you are no longer being authentic.  Many will say you should not have to filter or mask at all that you should be accepted for you in all your entirety.  I think that there is sooo much truth to that, however I would challenge those with only that stance. 

 My challenge would be this.  Think about the many multidimensional layers that make us who we are.  In different times of our lives one may be more dominant than another (granted if you have successfully learned all that you were here to learn and were living in nirvana, well then this would not apply).  For all the rest of us we have journeys to travel and lessons to learn.  If we only surround ourselves with those that are just like us we become limited in our thoughts and our growth. By not allowing ourself to filter and not shield off others we are able to encounter new situations, new information and expand.  Learning and growth is about expansion of both our views and our encounters. Let us also not forget the power of enlightenment of others.  Allowing others to see our spark will draw them near and open there hearts and minds to possibilities they had not thought of before.  We are all here to share our knowledge with each other to come back to the collective.  Filters and Masks can help us connect more, it allows the different personalities that we all posses, the ability to unite and have a voice.

 Some here may call me crazy, but I really do believe we all carry multiple personalities; some of course may have more varied personalities than others abd there is a fine line of control with these traits.     

Think about it like this; if you are a parent you have a parent mask that you wear, at work you have (or for a lot of us) you have a professional mask you put on and filter out the party animal.  With friends you allow the social side of your to become dominant and you allow the worry and stress to be filtered.  With our spouse or a significant other you allow a romantic side to flow through and you enter a deeper more intimate you be exposed.  Some here would say that the filters and masks go away.  But this is where I disagree, almost all of them do but you still have expectations that are within the relationship, for the most part here, you have to wear the filter or mask however  you may perceive it to remember that you must consider another, not just self.  I am not saying we are not authentic or we are not really ourselves, I am saying that we all have layers and masks.  I just wonder how aware are you of yours?

The next question past awareness of the filters and masks are how you are using yours.  Are you hiding behind them seeking false acceptance?  Are you afraid to take yours off for fear of rejection?  Have you lost sight of who you really are? 

This is where running your energy, and grounding yourself can help you get back to you.  By learning how to tap into earth and spirit and then release…all that isn’t yours…This is how you can find your way back to you.  Here you can also feel again how it feels to be just you. A you without expectations, without responsibility, without masks and most importantly without judgment.   You are then able to look at where you wear your masks and filters.  You will be able to discern what serves you and what doesn’t.  The process of finding your energy and allowing yourself the space and boundaries to be all that you can be will be the most rewarding experience of your life.  It is the foundation of all growth. 

You will then understand the different filters and masks that you use and how to use them in a constructive way that allows you to still be who you are. 

It all comes back to understanding ourselves, and to truly understand ourselves we have to understand our energetic field, bodies our quantum selves.  We need to first look within to understand what is on the external side. Our internal light (spirit) shines so bright that sometimes we need to hold a space that allows our energy to not overpower anothers, this is where understanding your energy and holding your boundaries is so very crucial!

Going back to my intitial question of: If you were asked which of the above do you feel you can be your true unmasked 100 watt self around, what would you answer?  My initial answer of Stranger is probably incorrect.  Even when we are encountered by a stranger we are probably wearing the masks and filters of whatever situation we are in.  We have a higher chance of being 100% us, especially since we could be in that relaxed transition state.  My answer now though would be none of the above situations and would be, when I am running my energy. 

Well, there is a quick look at masks and layers.  Soon we will talk more about the positives as well as the negatives. 

Have a wonderful day!



Gratitude for a successful event!!!!


I need to take a few moments and talk about The success of The Everyday Psychics Conference! I am filled with gratitude and I want to thank everyone that was able to come out and participate!

It was AMAZING!!!! The women I worked with that day were amazing, the attendees were amazing…LOL! Yep, you could say it was amazing.

I was surrounded by such powerful and beautiful energies and all with the highest of intent for the day as well as overall enlightenment.  Our topics were all diverse yet so very similar.  It provided for such beautiful diversity.

I talked that day about understanding your energy, and the importance of grounding.  In the morning we spent a lot of time introducing ourselves, sharing our early experiences and talking about what it means to be psychic, intuitive or clairvoyant in our own lives.  In the afternoon we each had about 45 minutes to share a tool with you.  I took everyone through a guided meditation and grounding session. I talked about the energetic body and the many dimensions of self that make up who we are.  Eva Black Tail Swan did a drumming workshop and exposed us all to a wonderful sample of the Cherokee Ceremony. Sarina Baptista connected attendees to their crossed over loved ones and explained how this works for her.  Jonelle Davis talked about uncovering our wounds to find our gifts and how knowing your birth number can help you determine your perfect career.  Michelle talked about understanding your boundaries, and how being in tune with the cycles of time can help us all go with the ebb and flow of life.

We are trying to put together our next conference which will probably be in the Colorado Springs area early summer or late spring!

CLICK HERE to see some snippets of video of our intros as well as our closing comments of the conference! check us out!!!!!!


New Beginnings

We are all dealing with them.  In some form or another.  What are some of the new beginnings in your life right now? 

Why is it that new can feel so scary?  Is it the feel of the unknown? How is it that you can be so ready, do unhappy with Imagesomething, anything….

yet the mere step to making change actually happen can freeze you right on the spot? 

I know I have talked in the past about dissecting our fears and not letting them disable us from moving forward, and I am not trying to be redundant.  It is just that it is a never ending battle…fear, that is. 

Here we are on the fourth day of this new fabulous year, and well I have been inundated with change.  I am experiencing it from all aspects of my life.  Personally I am metamorphosing into the me I was born to be and as much as that work has been internal, only now am I seeing the external effects.  It has trickled down into many areas of my life.  

I am a big advocate for change (really I am)  I just like to have a sense of some kind of control over that change.  I think the next focus for me is CONTROL.  Why is it so important? Why do I feel the need to hold on to it so tightly? 

Basically what I am blabbering about is once we start the process of expansion and enlightenment, it is next to impossible to turn back.  Not that we want to.  What happens however is we begin to peel back the layers and layers of protection and programming.  When this happens, in the beginning we are excited and go right to work processing the lessons that pop up.  What we are sometimes not prepared for are the layers and layers of lessons or issues we are presented with.  It can sometimes be overwhelming when you think you have conquered or learned one to find another lurking underneath.  

Staying positive can be a true challenge.  One that I struggle with and I am sure as do many others.  But it is imperative!  The work may be hard.  Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to really see an issue or situation for what it is and for what your involvement in it has been.  Accountability starts within and we have spent many years in a society that does not teach accountability.  We are constantly looking for someone to blame.  Some one we can point a finger at and say it is your fault.  But really…is anything really anyone else ..fault?  

As I have said before this year is special.  Things will be happening much quicker than we are used to, mostly because of all the work we did leading up to now.  The good and the uncomfortable will and can happen faster.  

I am not sure if this really made much sense today… I think I really needed to just type it out.  My personal struggles and conflicts make much more sense to me when I type.  I am reminded by spirit that this is my master plan.  

I chose the direction and I also knew going in just how stubborn my spirit can be and the lessons for me were very particular.  

The next post will focus on our past lives and the roll they play in our lives today…look for it!

Lastly before I sign off a group of wonderful women I have been working with are preparing for a conference in February, A Day With The Everyday Psychics!  It will be February 16th location TBD from 9-6, in Loveland, Colorado.  We are setting up a website for the event with details and bio’s on all the speakers.  It will be a combination of lectures and interaction! The goal and focus is dispelling the myths about clairvoyants/psychics while teaching you how to tap into your own spirit. Look for more information early registration will be available soon!     

Have  beautiful day!!!

I am ready…yes I am!

Girl Preparing to Pool Dive

I don’t know about the rest of you but this is how I am feeling about 2013!

 I am ready! 
 Ready to dive in! 

I have this enormous amount of excitement building up within me.  I am filled with an abundance of happiness and a strong sense of adventure.  Even as I sit here trying to formulate my blog, spirit keeps interrupting my thoughts, they keep rushing me.    

I keep hearing: Let’s go! Let’s go!  

Spirit is telling me that the atmosphere has changed.  That collectively our universal vibration has raised to another level.  They are also telling me that this year we are to expect many more vibrational increases. 
There is a static in the air, a hint of what is to come.  Many of us are feeling it, or starting to feel it.  This static is filled with excitement and anticipation of the next phase.  We are ascending to the next level.  All the work we have been doing, has brought us here, to the end of the proverbial diving board.  In the past this leap of faith could have caused stress or anxiety, as many of us are  not accustom to jumping in without first getting our feet wet.  But not now.  We are ready to take the plunge, and not out of reckless abandonment but preparedness. 

I am being told to be ready for anything this year.  The key to continued success will be to remember to keep centered.  To remember the good in others even when all you see is bad.  Remove the idealization from that we hold with money.  Learning to live from our hearts and not our egos will put you on the fast track.  The saying Thoughts become things so choose the good ones…Is VERY important right now.  Every thing is happening faster, your wishes and your desires are being heard more clearly, so keep your thoughts and wishes positive.

I don’t know about you but I feel I have working towards this moment my whole life.  Now I am not saying once we take the plunge the work is done.  Not in the least! But the work that is to be done is somehow going to be different.  It will feel different.  There will be more certainty to it, and like our intentions the results due to that work, will manifest quicker.

Tonight I am going to make a list, check it twice and will say good-bye to 2012!
2013 here I come!!!

Have a safe and happy New Years Eve!

I look forward to seeing you in the pool!!!


It’s of the end of the world as you know it….and I feel fine


It’s the end of the world as we know it….and I feel fine.


Here we are. Now what?
Many are wondering what is the big deal?

The big deal is that going forward we will be stepping outside the box, creating our own new world. A world living with spirit,full of compassion,and endless possibilities. This is what is possible, embrace it. Know that you are about ready to embark change. This change will not be easy. It will take work on all our parts, but the mood of how that work will affect you partially depends upon your intentions and the moods you set into motion today.

Some things that you should spend some time doing today are as follows.

Start your day off with gratitude.
What you intend now, today, directly effects your future.
Ward off the negative. Negativity is bound to present itself at different points throughout your day today. You will have moments when you will be challenge to remain positive, this is ok. Acknowledge your frustration, negativity, then let it go and remind yourself what you are grateful for.

Things are changing (that’s the technical term, ha!) we are changing, the magnetics are changing. What does this mean? It is time to step outside the box. Know that your intentions are all yours. Take 5 minutes to write some of them down. Honor them. Don’t get these intentions confused with resolutions. Resolutions have failure written all over them. Intentions are wide open, they are yours to intend…to put out to the universe.
Write these intentions down. Place this list in a special place. Place a crystal on it. This is a time for honoring your intentions, you can make this as elaborate as you wish.

But most of all laugh today, enjoy and remember that even though today is loaded with so many symbology and historical importance, it is still, just a day…but this “day” is your day.

Happy New Year!!!!
Yes, I know I am early….but today feels like the beginning of so much that is new and good…

Lots of love and light~ Clairvoyant Girl

Trying to make sense of things…


I keep trying to piece together the sanity around the extreme sadness and shock that collectively we are all feeling. I am not going to begin to start writing about the recent tragedy in Connecticut. Instead I am going to remind myself that the end is coming.
I know this sounds dramatic, but as much as it is…it isn’t, dramatic that is.

What I mean is that we have been talking about the apocalypse the end of the world for ages now. Many of us have tried to dispel the so called “end of the world” as an actual ending of the planet…and life form, and re-describe it more as an end to what we consider the “norm”.

When talking about the “end” of the world, we have continued to say that many souls would be “opting” out. What do i mean by opting out? Well it is believed that many will have completed their planned journeys, and will decide to move on. While others may decide that they have just had enough and were no longer up for the changes that they once new were coming, and this is ok.
Even though many of us have talked bout this…had we really given any thought to what this “opting” out would look like? Did we ever think that it could affect us so deeply? Did we think we would be immune to the losses?

I think we chose not to think the words through, chose to not really comprehend it’s full meaning.

We have also talked about life paths/plans and how we choose these paths before we are even born. We talk of lessons that are put in place for us to learn. When we ignore the early lessons we place along our path, they show up again and again down the road. Each time one of those lessons present itself it is bigger and harder to ignore. Every time a lesson has to be repeated it not only can be more painful, but can also change future lessons in your life as it inevitably changes facets of who you are.

These lessons are not always meant for a single person. Some times lessons are put into motion by special select souls who came into this world knowing that there purpose was for the greater good. They knew that they were to be placed into motion to help the greater good of humanity. Time and again we see horrific things on our TV’s, so much so that we become desensitized by the horror. We become numb to what we see. Then something happens and we are suddenly shaken out of our reverie long enough to seek change. We look to others to build a community of hope. We awaken our hearts and see that for change to happen we need to wake up and take responsibility for our selves. We need to be the change we seek. I believe this is what is happening now. More of us are waking up.

The end that is coming is really an end of the world as we know it, and a beginning to what we are to become. As good as things are going to be, we will suffer some significant losses along the way.
What we all need to do is open our hearts. Send love to your neighbor. Replace hatred and jealousy with love and compassion. Spread love and light….how? Think it. Intend it. Just sit quietly for a moment, shut your eyes and imagine a big beautiful ball of color (whatever color pops into your head when you think of love, compassionate love) now think that ball of color and light to a person your sending it to. Imagine it surrounding them. Or…you could just think I want to send so and so some love. And bam…you have sent them love. The more we do this the higher our collective vibration will become. This will create a more peaceful world for us all to live in.

We need to stop living to be better than, and begin living to be better.

Sending you all lots of love and compassion~ clairvoyant girl.

In between endings and beginnings, is a time for being…


I have not blogged for a while… I have put myself into rest mode. I had some surgery and have basically been letting my body focus on recovering.

If you are anything like me sometimes the hardest thing we can do is just…”be”. I have realized that there is a definite time to “Do” and a definite time to just “Be”, and I am currently in the latter of the two.

This feeling for me feels counter productive. I mean here we are, all racing towards the end of the world,and i am sitting on the sidelines, watching? The end of the Mayan calendar is upon us,as well as the so called end of time as we know it.

Everyone is in action mode. The holidays are fast upon us, gifts need to be bought, parties need to be had. It seems nearly impossible to just stop everything and sit back and be still. But, this is exactly what I am being charged with this. I am being challenged to just “Be”. Fate, the Gods, spirit, and the universe happens to know me all to well. They know that as much as I would like to, I would not be able to take a step back and just be. My surgery was needed both physically as well as spiritually,to get me where I need to be. I am in a position of being. Learning to be still, accept help and admit that I cannot do it all. This is a tough lesson for me.

Just when I start to feel great, I over do it, and feel myself hit the wall. So I am forced to look again at the importance of being.

Being still, and allowing ourselves the permission to slow down can help us see clearer. It is a great time to assess the work that we have done throughout the year. Look back at what we have released. Mourn what we have let go. Observe what we have set into motion, and appreciate how much we have grown.

Sometimes the be-ing is needed to set all the do-ing into motion, to let it all play out.

There has been a lot of talk about how fast everything is happening right now. It has also been said that what has been set into motion is on its way, with or with out our help. Now is the quiet time that we need to reflect and appreciate all that we have done to get to this point in our lives. Time to take a moment and look at our choices, and be grateful for them. Appreciate every turn we have taken, every lesson we have learned and be grateful for all the people that have come into our lives. The inertia has been set into motion.
Give yourself the gift of observance,and reflection.

For every ending is a beginning. We just need to make room.

Thank you for the healing energy and love. I wish you all the best in your practice of “Be-ing” right now…this is the greatest gift you can give yourself.


Ask and you shall receive….but are you asking correctly?

I attended a class and crossed over event last night.  A good friend of mine Sarina Baptista  holds a monthly event and is very passionate about connecting you to your loved ones.  It is always inspiring for me to sit in and listen and feel the connections that happen.  Time stands still and the energy is so positive and hopeful,full of love and of course a bit apprehensive.  It is funny.  As excited as people are to connect you can sense the slight unease of the possibility of the chance of a connection.  Even though I did not get or even expect to have a connection I always leave with a message.


Last nights message was in  letting go and accepting oneself as not perfect, we are human. We don’t have to be everything to everyone.  Learning to accept ourselves and who we are is sometimes one of our biggest challenges.  I was also reminded on how to ask for what it is we want.  It is pretty tricky.  You don’t want to get stuck in a want loop!  What do I mean?  I am sure many of you have heard of the book  The Secret or Law of Attraction.  In these books they explain in detail how to ask for what you want, need, desire.  The trick is in the wording (yes) however it is also in the intention and for a lack of better words the faith in what you are requesting. 

If you say for example I want a better _____  (you fill in the blank).  Whatever you want a better of is what you will be putting out there, so you willbe putting yourself in a state of always being in a state of want.  The universe will give you more want of a better blank.  We also need to remember that occasionally what we “want” may not be in our best interest. 

It is very important right now to be sending out your intentions, wishes, needs and wants in ways that will help you manifest what your truly asking for. 

Today also marks the full moon lunar eclipse… the last one until the winter solstice, December 21st.  Time is in full force at what can sometimes feel like warp speed.  Remembering that is very important and key in keeping your footings in all that is transpiring right now.  Keeping your head focused, your thoughts positive and maintaining a high vibration.  Trying to keep up with all these things can inevitably wear the strongest of spirits out.  So with that my advice to you is to check out my friends blog on It’s time to feed the chickens.  She talks about the importance of maintaining balance. 

It is key right now to remember to not only take care of everyone and everything else, but to care for yourself as well.  That is also why it is so  important to fine tune your request for what you want more of in your life.  Focus on the positive on what you currently have and express gratitude.  The universe will recognize this, and provide you with more of it.  The form of that “more” can sometimes be even better than you could have ever expected.

A final note on the eclipse, The Power Path gives a great summary of what this phase represents so for a detailed summary check out The Power Path Moon Phases.  My take on it is be aware that this is a time of letting go of those things and people who no longer serve your best interest. Look at it as a form of graduating to the next level of your journey and letting go of what you have already accomplished or no longer feel the need to hold onto.  Do something new…look for creative ways to express yourself (regardless of your abilities) open yourself up.  Intentions are manifesting quickly in this phase so be careful to keep your thoughts positive and in a forward direction. 

Enjoy this time for it truly is a time of celebration!


Following our path.









I noticed a bird yesterday… following the road above my car.  It was a beautiful Black Raven, he was weaving in and out to avoid the tree tops but definitely following the road.  For awhile he was above us then in front of us, he was a big and beautiful Raven.  Even with his occasional sway you could tell that he was on such a sure mission. Instead of creating a flight pattern of his own he was following the road below him, laid out in front of us both.  Captivated by his distinct direction, I started to contemplate the symbolism. 

It seemed to confirm and assure me that I was on the right path. Headed in the right direction.  To not doubt or turn back just because somethings seems to be blocking your way.  That even when it looks like I am no longer in the clear, to remember to be flexible enough to not be knocked off course by the occasional stray branch.  To forge ahead, all the while remembering to go with the ebb and flow of life. 

This is a good message.  Some thing we all can take a look at in our own lives.  Where are you on your proverbial path?  Are you still headed in the right direction?  All the intentions you have been setting, are they in your best interest? Are you keeping in mind that what we ponder and intend today will directly affect the direction we continue in tomorrow? 

I have pondered these things a lot lately. I have found that I have hesitantly moved into unfamiliar yet passionate territory. All the while wondering am I moving in the right direction?  I have noticed that with the best intentions I have seemingly chosen to take baby steps.  These steps have allow me to change direction at any time.  They have also allowed me to inched myself  forward, but not with the vigilance that I now know I need to emit.   

Looking up at this often regarded dark bird confirmed the magic of it all. It ignited the confidence that I needed to be awakened.

I read somewhere that the Raven, in accordance with Celtic symbolism, is believed to be a sign that something special, but unexpected will happen. Something is yet to come.  What arrives depends solely on us.  I know that I want change.  I am ready to move in the direction that calls to my heart.  My first intention for the new year will be to share my light, expand my gift by not filtering.  Happily I will follow this path, and eventually when the path is no longer there(or no longer needed) I will create my own. 

Have a wonderful week! Happy belated Thanksgiving to all my followers, I am incredibly thankful for each and every one of you.  Besides my Facebook followers(friends) I have almost reached 100 followers.  This is truly  amazing to me.  Thank you for listening, and thank you for sharing your thoughts and opening me up to your blogs. 

Lots of Love~

aka Clairvoyant Girl

Discovering Lost messages…

An original piece I created in 2009

I found this on my computer at work.  It is crudely written; however I think it carries a good message and thought I would share it with you. 

Pieces of  Me   written 5/3/2010

What if…there was a place in time that you were really only you, a place that only existed when you needed it to, where only you could go. 

There is such a place; deep within the corner of your mind.  I like it there when it’s clean and freshly dusted.  Most of the time however; it’s full of cobwebs, dusty and slightly foggy.  Sometimes I open the door only to be reminded of how neglectful of this sacred space I really have been.  It’s slightly comically to see all the things I have left behind in this room.  The items that at one time were so special and priceless…now sit forgotten and useless in my neglected space.  I feel a sense of sadness when I look at all these forgotten pieces of my life.  One by one each replaced by the other, only to be left and forgotten. 

What I find amazing is that the dust can get so thick so fast.  It somehow seems unreal how long it has been since I was here last. 

I decide to dust off the chair and sit awhile.  It seems the right thing to do.  As I sit here and ponder the things that have gone forgotten…I am hit with the question of what it was that actually brought me back here to begin with.    I look down and find in my hand a letter.  It then seems all too clear…It all starts with a letter, a request or plea…

I decide to put the letter down.  I need to clean up.  Air the space out and clear the air.  As the dust starts to dissipate I start to find more letters among the forgotten items cast around the room, lost letters everywhere.  Letters that seemed so important at one point in my life, but now are only piles of paper and ink.  Some of these letters I find are very old…the more I dust and clean the more I find.  Letters on notebook paper, blank paper, stationary, parchment, even bark and stone… 

I question my assumption of all of these being just requests and pleas…
As I continue to question… I notice many are addressed…to…me.  They are letters from me…to me.  Letters of strength, hope, triumph and courage.  Letters to remind me I am not alone.  I have never been alone.  I gather the letters…  I need to read them, hold them and touch them.   Each of these letters in this dusty room in the corner of my mind is a reminder of where I have been. Who I have been. What I have learned. What I still need to learn.  They are all pieces of me.