Don’t look at it as forgiveness… look at it as acceptance

254509_10151117635338129_771528384_nSomeone recently asked me a question about forgiveness. To explain it, and talk about how we forgive.  It really got my mind thinking about forgiveness…what is it. Is the act of forgiveness really taking place if while the words are echoing within you, your heart is screaming to be heard?

Is forgiveness really that of a spiritual nature or the ego? Think about it…
If it is truly coming from the heart…. I think…. it can be…but then why would we be needing to forgive, wouldn’t we just be accepting? Accepting the person or the behavior.  Isn’t forgiving them just another means to state that they aren’t good enough or didn’t live up to your expectations or standards?

Granted there so many different times when forgiveness is being used so it can sometimes seem difficult to have a vague discussion about it… AND again I state that if we are truly forgiving someone for something it must be from our hearts to make it really valid.

Look at it from the side of receiving forgiveness… isn’t this too an ego booster. Doesn’t  being forgiven for whatever it is we did “wrong” make us feel better about ourselves, relieved?

Let’s look at a pretty simple generic example: If someone were to say “I am really sorry I lied, I did not mean to hurt you like this”. If the apology is sincere, heartfelt and the person is honestly regretful for the act, and you honestly believe them and forgive them, then all is good in this situation. Forgiveness makes sense. The act is still somewhat ego based though (don’t you think?) since both sides feel better because one has been forgiven (exonerated in a way) and the other has had the power to forgive.When in truth the basis for forgiveness (I think in its original form or intention) was intended to be an acceptance of what happened with an acknowledgement of each others part in the pain.

Maybe we should be looking at our intentions behind forgiveness. Are you forgiving for the power of forgiveness or are you being forgiving because of understanding the situation or the person? I think the key is removing judgement, and being true and honest when you forgive. Saying the words I forgive you or I forgive___ can be really empty. The words need to have heart and feeling behind them to mean anything. 

Overall acceptance and understanding need to have a play in forgiveness.  No one is perfect and no one should ever feel like they HAVE to forgive someone…defeats the purpose of forgiving.  We need to be in alignment with our whole self to truly forgive. 

That brings me to another point that comes up with forgiveness… With big issues in life we are often told that we will never forget, but we can forgive.  This statement is really a tough one.  I think that no one should feel that they have to forgive… I think that the word “forgive” should be replaced with “Let go”.  We may never forget, but we can let go. I like how that sounds much better.  So often  the big issues we hold on to where we are told to forgive, are the hardest ones… we hold on to them with such rigor… such hate… that forgiving is next to impossible.  What we need to do is let go of it.  Release it.  Stop allowing it to take so much of our energy.  The longer we hold on the weaker we become, our energy drains from us… because we are holding on to the issue/situation so tightly.  All of our reserves go to holding on to the anger or hatred we feel, we are so often afraid that if we forgive it makes it ok…. Many times it is was not ok.  Forgiveness in violent situations is a big thing to ask.  Shouldn’t necessarily be asked.  We should be focusing on letting it go.  This is not validating the person or experience… it is, not letting the person or experience take anymore of our time or energy.  It is freeing yourself to take care of yourself, to focus on love.  Love of self not hate and anger. 

Ultimately we create more of what we focus on, why spend time on hate and anger when you can focus on love of self (first) and others.  Love creates Love… Anger creates Anger….Hate creates Hate. 

You say you can’t find anything to focus your love on?  Start with yourself… Look deep… Look around you, at the sky… Love is all around us. 

Go create more love!




Trust in the direction you are headed and know that soon the path will become clear.

DSCN3695I am not sure about the rest of you…but I thought coming into March would feel a little calmer.  Instead I am feeling focused one minute and completely scattered the next. 

My head is full of thoughts and direction and yet I am overwhelmed and unsure of my next step.  Where am I going?  What was I doing?  Focus and then confusion, this is my current  routine.   

Thoughts and plans spin rapidly in my brain.  Formulas and ideas for my next class or venture spring up.  Plans and possibilities are everywhere.  One minute I am excited and the very next I am unsure.  I can feel my confidence slide and slowly slip between my fingers.  I find myself sitting…starring blankly at the screen wondering not only where but how do I even begin.  Looking at the clock I find that what felt like moments were really minutes.  Minutes that slipped into hours.  Hours of sitting, with nothing to show.  A blank screen.  A reflection of the direction I feel like I am heading. 

I am torn with do-ing and be-ing.  Knowing full well that I am still in the state of be-ing.  The do-ing is coming…

I realize I cannot start do-ing right now, even though I have this intense need to surge ahead at times.  What I am realizing is… if I started do-ing right now (that is if the universe actually allowed me to, which it is not!) I would end up re-doing everything anyway.  It being stressed to me in so many ways that everything is not in place yet, ideas are still formulating.  The intentions are still fermenting, getting ready to burst through the soil.  The Cycle of time right now is that of a dust storm.  Those things that have not quite been dealt with or taken care of are being re-circulated to the forefront of our attention. 

 The next two weeks are going to be about waiting out the dust storm.  Letting the dust settle before we start sweeping up the debris.  If we start now we will just be moving it from one corner to another.  Give it all time to settle, then asses what is still needing cleaned up.  THEN, finally we can start the steps needed to create the space for all that we have been dreaming of.  This winter has been about seeding our intentions for the coming year.  

Mercury being in retrograde is usually a challenge of its own, but right now it actually feels helpful.  I communication that is struggling for most of us in our internal communication.  The clarity and then the haze that we may feel internally actually forces us to look deeper within.  It is as though the fog we may be experiencing is the universes way of slowing us down from being to reactive.  Basically what I am trying to tell you all is to realize you are not alone… right now, just take some breaths, trust all will make sense soon, and go with the flow.   

Spring will be abundant.  Abundant in so many ways. 

Enjoy your Monday!


Ask and you shall receive….but are you asking correctly?

I attended a class and crossed over event last night.  A good friend of mine Sarina Baptista  holds a monthly event and is very passionate about connecting you to your loved ones.  It is always inspiring for me to sit in and listen and feel the connections that happen.  Time stands still and the energy is so positive and hopeful,full of love and of course a bit apprehensive.  It is funny.  As excited as people are to connect you can sense the slight unease of the possibility of the chance of a connection.  Even though I did not get or even expect to have a connection I always leave with a message.


Last nights message was in  letting go and accepting oneself as not perfect, we are human. We don’t have to be everything to everyone.  Learning to accept ourselves and who we are is sometimes one of our biggest challenges.  I was also reminded on how to ask for what it is we want.  It is pretty tricky.  You don’t want to get stuck in a want loop!  What do I mean?  I am sure many of you have heard of the book  The Secret or Law of Attraction.  In these books they explain in detail how to ask for what you want, need, desire.  The trick is in the wording (yes) however it is also in the intention and for a lack of better words the faith in what you are requesting. 

If you say for example I want a better _____  (you fill in the blank).  Whatever you want a better of is what you will be putting out there, so you willbe putting yourself in a state of always being in a state of want.  The universe will give you more want of a better blank.  We also need to remember that occasionally what we “want” may not be in our best interest. 

It is very important right now to be sending out your intentions, wishes, needs and wants in ways that will help you manifest what your truly asking for. 

Today also marks the full moon lunar eclipse… the last one until the winter solstice, December 21st.  Time is in full force at what can sometimes feel like warp speed.  Remembering that is very important and key in keeping your footings in all that is transpiring right now.  Keeping your head focused, your thoughts positive and maintaining a high vibration.  Trying to keep up with all these things can inevitably wear the strongest of spirits out.  So with that my advice to you is to check out my friends blog on It’s time to feed the chickens.  She talks about the importance of maintaining balance. 

It is key right now to remember to not only take care of everyone and everything else, but to care for yourself as well.  That is also why it is so  important to fine tune your request for what you want more of in your life.  Focus on the positive on what you currently have and express gratitude.  The universe will recognize this, and provide you with more of it.  The form of that “more” can sometimes be even better than you could have ever expected.

A final note on the eclipse, The Power Path gives a great summary of what this phase represents so for a detailed summary check out The Power Path Moon Phases.  My take on it is be aware that this is a time of letting go of those things and people who no longer serve your best interest. Look at it as a form of graduating to the next level of your journey and letting go of what you have already accomplished or no longer feel the need to hold onto.  Do something new…look for creative ways to express yourself (regardless of your abilities) open yourself up.  Intentions are manifesting quickly in this phase so be careful to keep your thoughts positive and in a forward direction. 

Enjoy this time for it truly is a time of celebration!


Love the life your in…you picked it.

End of the season flower I found in the mountains.

I am amazed how fast this month is going. Here it is October 20th, happy Birthday Mom by the way! 🙂 

Thinking of birthdays… do you know that each one of us had a hand in picking our birthdays.  Not only did we have a hand in picking our day of birth, but we picked our life, our families even our astrological sign.  This was not a rash decision either.  We researched and contemplated for what would seem like years to us here on earth.  

I know that many have a really hard time accepting this concept.  Many would wonder…why would I have chosen this… such a hard life for myself?  Many of the experiences we have in our life are lessons, some harder than others. 

We as a spirit body spent an enormous amount of time gathering information and collectively working in spirit to put your individual path together, piece by piece person by person.  Now don’t get me wrong, our life is not all “predetermined” we have free will and choice.  This is why the plan takes so long to put into place, so many variables.  

The Spirit takes a look at where it has been.  Look at all the experiences that it has gathered.  Stronger spirits will take on tougher lessons.  The old saying you are only given as much as you can handle, it is really true.  What about those that leave too early or take themselves out before they seem to be done, you might ask?  That may have been their path?  It is not that they couldn’t handle it any more or were weak.  Possibly the lesson was for those around them.

We all are interconnected.  We are all her to teach each other something.  When our spirit is laying out our plan/path they don’t just sit and plop hurdles and roadblocks.  The intention is to learn things the easiest way, but as a physical body we more often than not do things the hard way.  But when making this plan, there are many people, past connections and new spirits that contract with us.  They all agree to help us fulfill our mission (so to speak) we are all collectively connected in spirit and light. 

Hate, pain, loss, regret are all in our lives for a reason, but so are love, joy, pride, connections, bliss, amazement.  The light and the dark.  Balance.  Sometimes we can get lost in the dark, when that happens we have usually stopped looking within.  Within us all our spirit and light shines.  It is a never-ending flame that no matter how dark it gets, deep within a light will always be there to guide us on our way. 

We create our experiences.  We create our reaction to the life events we experience.  No matter the path that we may have designed for ourselves in spirit, we have always had the power to create how that experience may affect us and how we will choose to react to it.  

I was told in a reading I had a few years back something that really intrigued me.  We were doing past lives and was told that the lifetime they saw was not the normal physical lifetime.  It was of  me as spirit.  She told me as spirit energy we all had jobs so to speak… not like now, but jobs nonetheless.  She said I was one of the master spirits that helped with the creation of the soul path, life plans.  I was an old soul (oracle) that had experienced many, many lifetimes. She also told me that my current life path/plan was chosen to remember and familiarize myself of the challenges and tribulations that the lessons we choose can take in physical form.  She said I wanted to remember and better understand the realities and constraints that we put on ourselves when we are in physical form.  Our spirit know love and healing and the abundance of energy, it is sometimes confused by how hard we make things.  I liked this reading… this life really resonated with me.  I remember it frequently and hold on to the thought. 

Life is beautiful, and we all have things to absorb, transition through, and climb over.  Just know that where ever you are in your life path/plan, you… your higher self, your spirit knew you could do it, knows you can do it.  You just have to remember to not do it alone.  Look within to find your light. Look to the people in your life, they are there for a reason.  Even that stranger you just met or bumped into.  Look outside the traditional and always remember things happen for a reason. And sometimes you have to look even outside yourself and at the big picture. 

Enjoy your Saturday!



This little light of mine… defeated my cold…I am going to let it shine!

Sunset on the Mummy Range

A beautiful view of the sun setting on the Mummy Range near my home

I believe things happen to us for a reason. And usually the bigger the thing is that happens, the bigger the reason/ message. That being said I am going to talk to you about my recent cold. Now, I am not saying my cold is a big thing (although my family may think it was, based on how I may have acted). I am saying that with a lot of my newfound clarity and focus I feel have in a way been asked to put  my new knowledge to a test of sorts.

I have been experiencing what I am going to call a speed cold. It has really been odd. here, let me bore you with some details of my cold.

Day 1 (Saturday evening) Head ache, really just felt slightly off .

Day 2 (Sunday) woke in a rather bad mood and to a bad asthma attack a heavy chest (could barely breathe) all day. Very odd, have never that I can recall experienced this before. couldn’t really talk without wheezing. Started losing my voice.

Day 3 (Monday) Breathing issue-GONE.  However today when I woke my throat was beat red and swollen. Went to work  started to feel like your basic head and chest cold. Nose would not stop running.  Drank lots of tea.  Funny how even though I love coffee… plain old black coffee, whenever I am even the slightest bit under the weather, I cannot drink it. I can only drink tea.

Day 4 (Tuesday) massive headache, body aches SOOO amazingly tired. My glands were so swollen that I could see them bulge out when I looked in the mirror. Struggled to even get out of bed. In a matter of 4 days I felt like I went through four uniquely different colds and the flu! It has been the weirdest cold ever! Each day a very SPECIFICALLY different symptom. I had to call in to work Tuesday too… Something I don’t ever do.

Yesterday while I was home on the couch, in between napping and watching TV it all actually started to makes sense.
Here is what I was doing energetically through the last few days.

Day 1 You see I told a friend I was getting sick on Sunday, she said she would take a look at it for me and do a healing.
Day 2 I then used the Dynamind toning technique Becca Chopra talks about in her book (which  really helped ).
Day 3. I repeated the Dynamind technique and also took a deep look at each of the areas affected.  Focussed on clearing those Chakras. Accepted the information I received.
Day 4. I asked for help.  Asked my guides to help me get well.  I saw the trend of the cold. Made note of the changes each day. I felt excited by the progress, how what was being done was working. Each day the symptom I focused on was either completely cleared up or nearly cleared up the very next day.  I told myself that this could not be a coincidence.  It had to be spirit.
Today Day 5 I am blogging about it.  And I will do some reiki on myself as well.

I have been really working on all of my Chakras lately.  Trying to clear up some deeper  issues as well as find a way to open my heart chakra up more. I think this is what started the cold actually.

All of our Chakras can hold congestion. The fourth and fifth Chakra is where we tend to hold the majority of that congestion. I think we tend to filter so much that junk just gets stuck, easily buried.  If you look a little closer at the two Chakras you will see how the symptoms can correspond to the cold symptoms I have mentioned.

The Fourth Chakra– The heart Chakra, this is where we hold our compassion, love, forgiveness and unconditional love for self and others and trust.  When there is an imbalance in any of these areas are health issues will start to manifest themselves such as heart conditions, asthma, lung & breast cancers, thoracic spine, pneumonia, upper back, shoulder problems

The Fifth Chakra This is where we speak our truth. Where we express ourselves for who we are. How truthful we are in doing this can also cause congestion here. The repression of our anger or displeasure by ignoring our feelings through evasive sweet talk, or silence, can manifest into throat imbalances as well such as sore throat, strep throat and laryngitis, thyroid issues to name a few.

I have been spending the last two weeks paying special attention to these two chakras. In this process I have been forced to look a things that have not been looked at for quiet some time, re-evaluate myself and my truth. I had been looking at what was coming up, but not really paying it the attention it needed. I go, go, go.  Working on my Clairvoyant gifts, expanding my views, being a wife, parent, friend, as well as work a 40 plus work week I am burning myself out. I have known this.  Even as it was coming up in meditation I was pushing it aside, trying to get to the next issue. Silly me did not realize that I was not going to get to the next issue (until I actively did something with this one first).

 Being forced to spend the day home on the couch Tuesday,  in and out of a sleep stupor was really the only way I would take a clear look at the messages I was being presented with. It was exactly what I needed.

Yesterday my glands felt like they were about to explode. Everyone of my joints hurt . Today, my cold is lingering. Slight after affects, but hopefully it is on its way out. Truly the experience has been amazing!!!

I think what is happening is that, as I raise my vibrations I am jogging lose all kinds of things I need to deal with. Brining it all to the surface. But by trying to keep my vibrations high, and asking for help from above, this cold was showing me what is possible. That with focus and determination even the things that seem hard to overcome and get past are possible. ALl we have to do is stay intuned with our bodies.  Understand how everything effects us.  By keeping ourselves intuned with spirit we have an amazing healing gift at our mere fingertips, our mind, our soul and all those above us.

Healings are possible. 

Now, I know this is just a simple cold…simple, yet complex at the same time really. It is not like I cured cancer or healed a broken bone. But, I was given an opportunity to see the possibilities, experience it for myself. There is nothing better than validation to keep you coming back for more. We all have the divine light within us, faith is what we need to support the light. Trust will keep it glowing.

This little light of mine… I’m going to let it shine.


Day 3 of the Fear Challenge- DONE!! Thank goodness.


Today has been a rough one.

I am starting to think this may have been a bad week to do this. I seemingly have very little tolerance for incompetancy and laziness. I didn’t want all my posts to be negative or seemingly about work related issues… but…geeze it is where a lot of us spend the majority of our lives isn’t it? I used to love mine. I really did at one time. Currently, I am falling out of love with it.

Either my growth is bringing me to this point or maybe after 10 years I have just had enough. In relation to my Fear focus this week, I think I can sum up all my fears in my micro world here at work.

Today I feel like I am jumping ahead and piling all my fears that pop into my head into one day, all in the name of work.

Fears I relate to work

Not being good enough
Not knowing enough
Not living up to expectations
Being taken advantage of
Being left behind
Being forgotten about
Not mattering
Not making a difference
Being left out
Not being respected
Being laughed at

How do these fears effect my work, at least from my perspective.
I over extend myself. I worry too much about pleasing others. I fix things. I am abrupt. I hold things in until they can no longer be contained. I am aggressive. I am passive. I am both of those but not usually together like passive aggressive.

How I believe you should be at work.
Speak your mind
Take ownership
Don’t be afraid to make a mistake
Be honest
Take pride in what you do
Have fun
I believe in working hard

Now for my analysis

1) Fear: For some reason in this life time, at this time in my life I seem to have forgotten actually I honestly seem to be aftaid to live for me.

2) Alternate response: Stop. Accept myself and realize only I can really give myself away.

3) Rational or Irrational? Totally irrational. Obviously irrational, but I honestly don’t know where I am going right now. I know if your reading this your thinking…wow, she has gone off the deep end. I haven’t. Rational me is still very much here.

4) My take on the fear and the signs that signal this fear in the future: I have said that I am a dual person…I have even said a triple person. When really I believe I am a chameleon. I am what and who ever you want me to be for the most part (always with a sprinkling of me splattered in the mix). I have always felt this trait of mine was a good one. It has helped me to be compasionate, empathetic, strong and capable in many different situations. I still think it is a wonderful trait to have. I do see that it is also a liability if at some point along the way you forget to be more you than the make believe, make everyone happy you. Otherwise what happens is you forget little by little who the true you is. It never goes away mind you, it just gets used to taking the back seat, and when you end up calling upon it, its presence is not as sure or strong. Potentially making you believe you are lost and all alone. Depleting us of our power and the control of your feelings.

Acceptance isn’t everything…unless it’s the acceptance of oneself, then it’s not just everything but the only thing.

The one thing that I really need to remember is, that no matter how out of control or out of the mix I feel, only I can give myself away. If ever, or should I say when I start to feel that way, then I need to stop myself and realize that only by allowing it, does it really happen or only then does it feel real.


I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

Challenge day 1- anger-fear-choices-wrong= my fear today



Let me start out by saying that this is hard. I knew it would be, however the accountability part…yikes. My encounter with “Fear” I believe was disguised as anger.

1) Anger Today an emotion that kept presenting itself to me was anger. The more angry I would get, the more I felt like it really wasn’t just anger. It had all the makings of my first topic on personal fear, and how it disguises itself.

2) Alternate response to this form of fear would be to breathe- Stop and ask yourself whyWhy are you so angry right now. The key today was to really ask myself what I was so mad at. How did the issue affect me, my day. Is it really a form of fear? Alternately I should have noted the issue and then left it at that. I did not have a solution and it really was not my issue. I should have let it go.

3 & 4) Analyse this fear deeper. Is it rational or irrational- did this. Please believe me that this is tough. I over justify as well as analyse everything and as I am trying to snuff of the anger I am feeling, I am convincing myself that it is unjust. I then found myself arguing internally about how just it really was. In actually writing this I cannot help but chuckle. I am wittnessing myself having an internal argument over whether or not I am justified in being angry. LOL! the funny thing is, I am still on the fence. Maybe the real fear here is choosing a side. Commiting to a point of view. Being afraid of allienating myself or others. Fear of being labeled narrow minded. Fear of being labeled…weak. Burried benieth the layers of what the issue was (which by the way was a work thing, something that effected the whole not just me) a global work enviroment issue. which alternately forced me to get angry because deep inside I felt I needed to make a choice, pick a side, take a stance….this can sometimes really hold me back

Signs to look for in the future… intense anger in situations that don’t seem to be directly related to me. These moments are really good cues for me to look for in the future.

Whew! I am thinking that I may have bit off more than I can chew here… Today Anger brought me to Fear… in looking into this fear I realized that the fear of picking a side and not remaining neutral and possibly having it laid out in front of me to make me face the fact that I was leading by emotions and not facts is what held me back… and kept me from standing up for what was maybe not a popular choice or voice but one that should have been expressed, ultimately making me feel weak for being a women or feeling like a weak woman. YEP that was a round about way of coming to it… but yep…I said it..

Was this a good thing today??? I need to continue thinking about this. I feel I have at least uncovered a layer or two. Now I am thinking that the week is going to really pull this challenge together.

Day one…done.

Fear-Cause-Solution = New Reaction/Behavior


If you have been following along, you have noticed a lot of talk (or writing) on self awareness.

Maybe self discovery more aptly describes my journey. A friend and mentor of mine said it best recently “it’s back to school time” for all of us.

For many of us we have been lucky and had parents, relatives that have spent many years leading us in the “right” direction. Teaching us what is right…wrong. Then we go to school and learn some more. Here we are instructed to learn to be something or someone….that we are not already.
We use these formidable years to learn, we grow, we propel our selves to try and figure out what it is we want to be when we grow up.

We grow up and we think we have it figured out (at least a little). We’ve learned a lot of things along the way. We have also forgotten…a lot. Most of what we have learned deals with conformity, how to fit in. We learn what it is we don’t like, agree with or don’t want to become. We wander around in this phase hoping that someone was right…that this was where we wanted to be. We learn the ever important skill of faking it until we make it. This truly is a skill.

What is it that we make though?
Some figured it out along the way. Some realized that listening to the voice inside was the key.

In this phase of my life I am re-learning that skill, to listen to the voice within. It is about me. It is not about being selfish. It is about learning to be who I was born to be.

Learning that somewhere along the way many of us have stopped ourselves from moving forward.

I have done this…I stopped myself from moving forward. The biggest lesson we all must figure out is that no one but ourselves stop us. We allow fear to stop us all the time. Sometimes we are aware and many times we are not.

I think many times we repeat habits partly to repeat them…for the comfort (as self destructive as that can sometimes be.) for the familiarity that it may provide.

This week I would like to feature a fear a day. Everything I have read says to not focus on the fear…to focus on the positive.
This has not worked for me…completely, so I would like to try another approach.

I think it is time to fight fear with awareness.
Each day this week…my goal will be to post a fear. How it has affected me that day. What did I do to overcome it (if I was able to) and what I will do with that fear the next time I recognize it creeping up on me.

Basically I think acknowledging some of our fears will help us to really be accountable for them as well as over come them.
Part of this challenge will be to
1- write down and focus on one fear a day.
2- Write down and focus on an alternate response or solution to the fear.
3- Analyse and write out whether this fear was rational or was it irrational.
4- Write out what your take on the fear was, what caused it. What signs may help you recognize it in the future.

Fear-Cause-Solution = New Reaction/Behavior.
What can it hurt, right?

I think a lot of fears go unnoticed, they hide behind judgement or justification or just plain hide. The deeper they are the more irrational and stupid they may be. These fears can prove to be very embarrassing to reveal, especially to an otherwise seemingly strong and intelligent person. Hence why we hide them and when confronted with them by others blatantly deny them.

If you are interested in joining me in this, please feel free to share your comments and experience. But I also understand this is a private journey and you are also welcome to just follow along. I am also always open to comments and insight, sometimes I may be too close to really see what it is I may not be seeing.

Ready or not fear…here we come!

Good luck my friends, it’s our time.

Angels Among Us


Have you ever looked at the people in your life…and thought when did this relationship happen…what happened to…? When did I lose touch with _____? How did I allow this to happen? I mean have you really stopped and looked at the relationships in your life at all of them…the good…the bad…and the ugly.

We have all probably heard someone say “people come into our lives for a reason” have you ever stopped and wondered what some of those reasons are?

I have read many times that these micro relationships…passing acquaintances and friendships are either Angels themselves or sent to us by Angels to help us in specific times of need…struggle…and success.

Upon reflection I have been blessed with many divine interventions in my lifetime. Special people I have connected with and many people that showed up in my life that I believe were here to help me in different phases. People that regardless of how I felt towards them, or them towards me were important figures in shaping my life and helping forge through a specific situation.

You see…I believe we are all here for a reason. And the people that we happen to interact with and show up in our lives are there for many reasons…but… the big one…I believe is to either teach us or help us through specific life lessons.

Many times we are drawn to people that ignite something within us. This spark that is ignited…this flame is instrumental in our personal development… our growth. How we connect may not always make sense. The message is not always clear. This is where it’s our choice to either accept them into our life and learn, or turn away and go it a different route.

How this connection works is relatively simple. Again I ask you to think of the people you have met in your lifetime. Was there a person at some stage of your life that at that time was an integral part of your life? Someone whom you shared everything with and you never could imagine them not being there? Yet now, looking back, you’re not even sure when you drifted apart? These are the connections I am talking about. Many times when we think of people making a mark on our lives we immediately think of romantic relationships, unrequited loves, lost loves. I am not just talking about the relationships of our heart. These relationships in particular will definitely go unforgotten, for each one leave a unique etching upon our soul…which we will never forget. Many of them are here to teach us so much more then the romance they bring.

A lot of the people that truly affect our lives in fact…fade in and fade out quietly, never truly disrupting the status quo. Many we encounter may resemble something in ourselves and the draw is quiet natural, obvious even. Others we may actually resent or feel some form of aversion to. Yes… I said resent. Resentment…anger or even when we down right loath someone, is definitely a lesson. A lot of times what we despise in this person could very well be a trait we either fear or see in our selves… This is not always easy to see or even admit. Because they can ignite such strong emotions in us we may never fully appreciate or understand their purpose. Sometimes…all it takes is accepting…forgiving or even just overlooking the trait we so outwardly clash with is the first step in forgiving or overlooking that trait in ourselves, there in allowing us to grow. After we have accepted or reflected on this, many times this person… will fade out of our life. The relationship will change to the point that it is no longer as prominent.

The relationships we connect to or resemble help us by encouraging us to not feel so alone. The impact they have on our lives can seem obvious…we’re alike, we naturally mesh…etc. However; one of the key benefits that we often overlook is how these relationships encourage us to be more compassionate. How this happens is when we care for these individuals, understand and empathize their situations, we encourage them and support them. By doing this we not only gain acceptance of this person we reiterate an acceptance of that trait or that situation in them as well as ourselves. And in return we learn to be compassionate of ourselves, patient and understanding. This is priceless. Each one of us is naturally quicker to point out or peck at one of our own flaws or mistakes then we are of someone else who acts or does the same exact thing. So by accepting them we learn to accept ourselves.

Let’s talk of the broken heart. How and why is this helpful? How does the pain benefit us? As easy as it is to say it…it is much harder for any of us to always believe and follow it…but the answer is…it does. What we must do like any other situation is dissect it. Look at what it is that is causing the pain. Break it down to the fundamentals. Some people…some lessons are harder more painful because we have failed to learn from the more subtle gentler attempts that have been presented to us previously. Other times they are this way because they are more monumental, the lesson just “is” that big. The impact needs to leave a chink in our proverbial armor so as to not get lost or forgotten along our journey. How many times have you seen someone or been that someone to repeat a bad relationship, mistake or lesson to only say later… why does this always happen to me?
Well…are you listening to the answer? Have you looked at the dynamics of the people you are around… many (not all) of our answers are right in front of our nose. I am not saying they are simple…or painless… but they are there, we just need to really want to see it. For once we see it…we can no longer just ignore it, or cast blame.

Just like you I am learning to understand the people in my life. Beautiful connections that have helped me develop into the person I am today…as well as the person I am becoming. I like to see them all as blessings…sparks of light and dark… that have helped me understand more of myself. Life is about choices, the people you connect to and relationships you develop help us to make those choices more coherently. By being aware of the affect we all have on one another we are able to take more ownership in the directions we chose to go. A good friend/co worker once shared with me some advice they had gotten from one of their parents in regards to wondering if they were making the right decision they said “No matter what choice you make, it will be the right one. You have to believe that otherwise you are setting yourself up to be the wrong one”. They are very right.

The people, relationships, situations in our lives act as mirrors. Reflecting back onto us what we not only put out to others but what we accept of others and ourselves. We are here to help one another. Act as inspiring Angels to cheer on, support, and sometimes even cry with. We are all someone’s light…their spark of hope…someone’s…Angel.

Motorcycle meditation and the topic of Memories….


Yesterday I finally got a chance to be out on the motorcycle again…It has been FAR to long since the last ride. How do I know this? My backside told me so!
While riding around the beautiful reservoirs and foothills that I am so fortunate to live by, my mind started to wander like it usually does. Something along the ride triggered a childhood memory for me.
When I was young I lived in many different locations growing up, the memory I came upon yesterday was one from a time in my life that I was full of imagination and creativity. I cannot remember the exact age I was in this memory flash, and really it doesn’t matter.
The flash of memory was of me sitting on the front steps of someone’s house. I remembered sitting here often. I do not remember the name of the owner of the house….I am not sure I ever knew her name. I think I remember her as an old woman that I believe lived in the house alone. I was not close to this woman; however she may have had me in for cookies once or twice.
This front step of hers was a place of solitude and contemplation for me. This much I remember. I recall sitting there thinking … I sat here many times in this phase of my childhood…thinking… wondering about the trees, the grass, God…and the world.
This flash of a memory prompted me to start to think about memories in general. I thought of conversations with my own children, about events and things we did in there childhood. Conversations like “do you remember that time….” and when they would respond “no, I don’t remember that”. I started to think…what activities in our lifetime get chosen as memories? What is it that triggers something in your life that it quantifies a place in your active memory?
I say “active” memory, because I believe all record of our past and current lives are kept in chronological order in our Akashic Records. Putting the Akashic records aside for another blog topic for now, lets think about our current life…”active” memories.
We have all had a memory flash that could range from something very important or momentous in our life, to the flash of something so seemingly insignificant that you just have to stop and wonder. Why that memory?
When I started this post I really didn’t have a clue to the answer to my question. Now however as I type my guides are telling me that nothing is insignificant. Every thing in every life matters and makes up a choice. Maybe that flash seems nonchalant and unimportant… when in fact it could have been a turning point in your physical life or your mental body. A choice may have been made effecting the direction your life was to take. Every event provides choices and options. Subconsciously these moments are grand and momentous and moments to treasure however; in our conscious mind they may seem like an everyday experience, when really they are pinpoints on our path. The same life path we created for our self before we were even born. I guess you could call them spiritual check points. Points along the way we have preselected as gauges for our spirit to check in are we on our planned path, or have we taken yet another detour? They are points along the way for us to remember that moment…remember that point in our life and proceed from there in the direction we have chosen. Funny but it could be something as simple as stopping at the store and purchasing a sucker… some gas….or holding open a door for a stranger.
It makes me appreciate and treasure these things we call memories. I know that I will now look at them differently. I will look at them as precious gifts as well as incredible little mysteries in the thing called my life…
As for my specific memory flash that prompted all this. I spent a lot of time as a child thinking within as much as I did talking… (and for people who have known me throughout my life know that I did and do love to talk!) I think for me the flash of memory of me sitting on the front step is a reminder for me that I am on the right path. I have reconnected to my spirit (that little girl) sitting, thinking, contemplating. And that makes me smile inside and out.
Enjoy your day! I hope to enjoy a little more solitude and meditation today on the back of our Road King Classic…look out mountains, look out spirit world…here I come again.