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Acceptance is key…


I spent the weekend pondering on what topic to write about. I kept picking up my computer and then just putting it down. I ask for guidance and the word that kept popping up in my head was “Acceptance”.
Michelle and I filmed Video 4 in our Clairvoyant Living Series this weekend (watch for the post) and while we were preparing to film, we started talking and lo and behold the discussion of acceptance came up, there too.

Now acceptance is a really big word. When you hear the word what do you think of?

Do you think of accepting others, acceptance of gifts, compliments and possibly acceptance of another’s point of view. How many think of you think of it, in relation to ones self???

Let me start at the beginning…
For many of us our collective purpose is that of growth and healing. We seek guidance and advice, spend much of our life contemplating what we learn and reveal about ourselves. All this in the search for enlightenment. We see our faults and set out to change or correct them. We become focused on becoming a “better” person. We embark on a journey of change and dissection.

We dissect our personalities, categorizing our faults and our attributes into sections to be evaluated. Many times we will see areas that need to be enhances, supported or tamed down. Sometimes we even find things we don’t want to find. These things, these character flaws or errors of omissions we try to look over and not shed any real light on, are there. We think we should fix them…find out why we do what we do, why they are there. We try to unearth the wrong in our life that created this bleep in our path. We struggle with the dark that we find and try to overcompensate with extra good.

All this is part of the process that each one us encounter along our path of personal growth…or personal enlightenment. Many will spend their entire life trying to correct or fix things that they uncover that they feel do not meet the criteria of being the person they think they should be.

So…acceptance…where am I going with this? There comes a point in all of our lives that we need to stop what we are doing and accept who we are. All of who we are. Accept the beauty that is you.
Acceptance does not mean we are no longer working on improvement… rather it allows us the permission to be who we are. When we can love the person we are today in this very moment, this moment is the moment that true change and growth can actual begin to happen. Accepting ourselves our beauty, our faults, this is the biggest step forward we can ever take.

When we stop comparing ourselves to someone else or some other ideal and accept who we are and where we have been, then we can really look at the things we have not liked to look at. Look at them with a clearer view of what those attributes and traits were put into place for. Were they for survival? Wer they for defense, was put into place to prevent us from making a mistake we made once before in our past (current or past life)? We cannot change what was or has already been done…we can however look at the situation or experiences for what they were, the purpose… and know that this trait or attribute no longer serves us. We can then accept the past for what it was… knowing full well that it has helped to create the person you are today. Move forward with love and acceptance of yourself, this will enable you to let go of that which no longer fits your plan or your path. Sometimes experience is the best lesson in life…we learn from that which we personally experience and walk through. The key is knowing when and what you can let go of and leave behind you going forward.

Acceptance…is the key to love…unconditional love. To have it and to give it you must take the first step in accepting yourself.

Happy Monday.


Sometimes things are not quite what they seem.

It's Spring...Right?

It’s Spring…Right?

Lately, I have been pretty busy and excited keeping current on Facebook, LinkedIn, my blog, creating web videos and developing my new website! Not to mention taking care of my husband and daughter while they recuperate from some recent surgeries. I think sometimes I take the phrase go big or go home a little too seriously! HA! Never one to do one thing at a time…nope, not I, ANY way…

On top of all that I decided to really put myself out there and start advertising the readings I offer. I created a simple little ad and started running a campaign on Facebook.

I have been happy with the results and have really looked forward to the responses I have got. So, you may be wondering what is this blog about? No…it’s not a blog ad about the readings I offer.

You could say it’s about ethics, opposition, rejection, conflict and confrontation.

You see, I received a Facebook email the other day (which I thought was going to be a request for a reading) that put some things into perspective for me. It basically ended up being a hate email. Someone lashed out at me (let me clarify that this someone does not know me, or ever had any interaction with me). This person made allegation towards me after only…seeing my ad.

He started out by asking me to remove the photo I posted. This is the actual ad I ran. 602200_171620846325281_298425903_n

He told me “something about this photo bothers me. Could you please remove it”.

I was confused and quite frankly a tad taken back. I responded politely and told him it was my daughters eye, I found it quite beautiful and I was very sorry it bothered him. I told him my ad would be done by the end of the month and he should never have to see it again.

He responded with another email. This was the one that hurt. Basically, this is what he said to me:

Your picture isn’t what is disturbing, the fact that you take money from distressed people claiming to be a “clairvoyant” is what is pathetic. If I see your ad again, you’ll be reported to Facebook for violation of their TOS.

Honestly…I was instantaneously hurt…and angry… embarrassed, and then… finally, I felt bad for him. This is one of those events that I think many Clairvoyants, Psychics and Mediums fear. Ridicule and humiliation.
For me personally, what he claimed I was, went against everything I believe and personally feel I represent. My main focus is on educating others and teaching them to understand what it means to be and live a clairvoyant life. I try to demystify what is stereotypically seen as someone who is a Clairvoyant, Psychic or a Medium.

It has taken me a long time to (as I have joked) come out of the clairvoyant closet, and honestly a year ago, had this have happened, I would have ran back in and locked the proverbial clairvoyant closet door. I would have then lashed out at him or hid.

But…what I eventually realized (after really processing the email) was that this was not just an anti clairvoyant email, it was a personal test. I believe in what I do and what I try to teach others. I have realized that when someone criticizes us many times we will become defensive and aggressive. This reaction often happens because the criticism we have received is a personal criticism that we carry ourselves. It is that feeling of doubt that lurks in our subconscious telling us that we are not what we say we are. I realized within minutes…no…moments of reading that email I have no longer have those doubts! I passed the test. I also realized this would not be the first naysayer, and I am ok with that.

After I ran through all my personal emotions from the attack, I felt bad for this man. Obviously he personally (or maybe someone close to him) has had a negative experience with a Clairvoyant or psychic. That or possibly he doesn’t really understand, what it is I do. I wish I could say that it was all him and his ignorance or fear…but I can’t.

What I would like to discuss is the importance of Ethic’s. Like any profession, we (clairvoyants, Psychic’s and Mediums) should be working from a code of ethics. Unfortunately, there are many Clairvoyants ,psychic’s and Mediums out there that may not truly have your best interest at heart, just like there are many people in general (out there in the big world) that do not have your best interest at heart. To me a good Clairvoyant, Psychic or Medium does, it is the nature of the job! Some that are unethical are not reading from the highest of vibrations. You need to remember to always go with your gut…your intuition. If something doesn’t make sense or sound right to you, leave.

This brings me to the discussion of learning or “dabbling” in many areas of spirit without knowing what you are really doing. I don’t mean to say you have to understand it all and have it all figured out…on the contrary! It is meant to be a learning experience. The point I am trying to make is that…YOU hold the key. You can ask someone to tell you what they see, but ultimately you have control, or at least you should. True healing and growths comes with accountability, we are all personally accountable of our actions.

As you begin to look within you start a process, a process of self-reflection, growth and knowledge. You begin the path of taking ownership of where you are and where you are going. We should never rely solely on someone else’s information. Their purpose (my) purpose is to help show what you already know on another level. To help you become aware of the messages you are receiving and to let you know that you are not alone. My job is to help thin the veil between the earth and spirit, that years of programming and conditioning has put into place. Help you in awakening your spirit and the messages from your higher self.

When any of us start learning and opening our minds the next crucial step is looking within, and understanding ourselves (or at least how the information we receive affects us) before we start going out and advising others. I don’t mean we have to have ourselves all figured out, what I do mean is that we must understand how symbolism works for us…what to look at, why we may see things that we see. The most important thing to learn is…we all can see. What we need to understand however; is what you see today could change by tomorrow. We are a constant work in progress and what is right today could be left tomorrow…things change, we change. The destination of our path may stay the same, but how we get there will change many times along the way.

Back to ethics… When we don’t have an understanding, or maybe we do have an understanding and choose to use what we have developed for our gain and not for the purpose of helping someone else see the answers for themselves…you have someone who is operating from ego and a lower vibration for financial gain alone. It’s frustrating. Frustrating for the majority of us out there that are operating from our hearts.

I am not mad at this man…
I am actually thankful. So often we get comfortable in our environments, we surround ourselves with like-minded people to point of forgetting the majority.

He brings to the surface the amount of work that still needs to be done. His words remind me that my focus needs to be on educating the masses and raising the vibration of the collective. On a personal note he has highlighted within me my own personal growth and the belief I have in myself that I have cultivated over the last few years, for this I thank him. I wish him and others like him, nothing but the best.

Lead with your heart, let love and light dictate what you give to others as well as yourself.


Clairvoyant Living the online series part 1

Here is the first video in our new series… On line classes are coming soon!!!  Please check it out and let me know what you think!!!  Would love your feedback. 

Patience + Acceptance + Balance = Harmony

A Loveland Colorado sunset.

A Loveland Colorado sunset.

I have been thinking  a lot about patience and acceptance lately.

The practice of patience is truly all about balance and practice, and practice makes perfect…right? Perfection can be quite a tall order.  An aspiration  I actually don’t think I wish to obtain.

The challenge of accepting where we are at currently in the big scope of our lives requires patience. So often we are overly focused on what we believe to be “needs” like; what needs to be done, what we need to complete, what we need to say, where we need to be. We lose focus on the beauty of what is. Some would say that it is best to live life to the fullest each and every day….others would say that a life in that direction is a wasted life, and others yet would say we should never lose sight of what was, and learn from our mistakes. 

Well…Let’s see… A recent conversation in one of my workshops kind of addresses this.  We were talking  about being aware, learning to understand things that come up within our introspection. The conversation shifted on the discussing the importance of balancing our past our present and our future. We talked about how important it is to come to the understanding that the acceptance of all three is critical, for we cannot have one without the other. You also cannot live solely out the perspective of just one of them.

Let me see if some examples will help.
Dwellers of the past
Tend to be regretful, remorseful, and long for what was. Constantly tell stories of how things used to be. Have a really hard time accepting change as well as technology. Their minds tend to be set on predetermined or based off of pre-lived experiences only. Dwellers of the past are not always fun to be around because they tend to be slightly pessimistic and can seem stuck in life (as if they are not moving forward). Living solely from this frame of mind and you will not move forward, life will stay where it is.

Dwellers of the present
Tend to live just in the now. They can sometimes seem the life of the party, always having fun, taking nothing serious. they are fun to be around for periods of time. They can at times lead reckless lives. Never plan for anything. Eventually this focus will either keep them on the proverbial treadmill of life always in motion but really never going anywhere or staying just where they are. Living solely from this frame of mind you will eventually put yourself in the past. To stand steadfast in one place will eventually put you in the past and no longer in the present. Nothing living stands still, stops moving or growing.

Dwellers of the Future
Tend to be living always for tomorrow. Constantly focused on what can be. Focused on what will happen when… They can appear dreamy and unrealistic. They are often caught thinking about the what if’s in life. Coming up with ideas only to come up with a new one or another one. Always wanting to share the latest and greatest plan. Dreamers and visionaries, they are very inspiring people. They believe anything is possible, however they are always planning and never really seem to accomplish what they set out to accomplish (for the plan is always changing, before they even start it). Living with your site always on whats ahead of you, doesn’t allow you to enjoy what you have, or what you learn. To constantly think of a new way or better way forces you to never step forward in the physical form ( and that is what we are a physical of energy).

The goal I am sure you can already see is to find balance. To live with the past and in the present to create a new future. We need to be patient with our growth, our lives, and where we are along our path of life. Within the patience we need acceptance. We need to accept where we are, as well as all that is that makes us different. It is a constant focus this balance of acceptance of our past self, present self as well as the future self. Each essence as important as the other.  Understanding that any one alone in excess would be dangerous.

Ultimately the key is balance, not shutting out or off a facet of ourselves. Everything in our life is about balance. Patience is no different…the key to patience is balance as well. Knowing when too much turns in to apathy and indifference and when not enough invokes arrogance and righteousness.

Eventually, acceptance of what is and patience in what is to be, creates harmony.  Harmony within our spirits and our souls.  We become active participants in our lives, we no longer focus on the past or blame others.  We learn to assume ownership in our growth, our successes, failures and our enrichment. 

What comes to you when you think of patience and acceptance? 
I would love to hear!


Following our path.









I noticed a bird yesterday… following the road above my car.  It was a beautiful Black Raven, he was weaving in and out to avoid the tree tops but definitely following the road.  For awhile he was above us then in front of us, he was a big and beautiful Raven.  Even with his occasional sway you could tell that he was on such a sure mission. Instead of creating a flight pattern of his own he was following the road below him, laid out in front of us both.  Captivated by his distinct direction, I started to contemplate the symbolism. 

It seemed to confirm and assure me that I was on the right path. Headed in the right direction.  To not doubt or turn back just because somethings seems to be blocking your way.  That even when it looks like I am no longer in the clear, to remember to be flexible enough to not be knocked off course by the occasional stray branch.  To forge ahead, all the while remembering to go with the ebb and flow of life. 

This is a good message.  Some thing we all can take a look at in our own lives.  Where are you on your proverbial path?  Are you still headed in the right direction?  All the intentions you have been setting, are they in your best interest? Are you keeping in mind that what we ponder and intend today will directly affect the direction we continue in tomorrow? 

I have pondered these things a lot lately. I have found that I have hesitantly moved into unfamiliar yet passionate territory. All the while wondering am I moving in the right direction?  I have noticed that with the best intentions I have seemingly chosen to take baby steps.  These steps have allow me to change direction at any time.  They have also allowed me to inched myself  forward, but not with the vigilance that I now know I need to emit.   

Looking up at this often regarded dark bird confirmed the magic of it all. It ignited the confidence that I needed to be awakened.

I read somewhere that the Raven, in accordance with Celtic symbolism, is believed to be a sign that something special, but unexpected will happen. Something is yet to come.  What arrives depends solely on us.  I know that I want change.  I am ready to move in the direction that calls to my heart.  My first intention for the new year will be to share my light, expand my gift by not filtering.  Happily I will follow this path, and eventually when the path is no longer there(or no longer needed) I will create my own. 

Have a wonderful week! Happy belated Thanksgiving to all my followers, I am incredibly thankful for each and every one of you.  Besides my Facebook followers(friends) I have almost reached 100 followers.  This is truly  amazing to me.  Thank you for listening, and thank you for sharing your thoughts and opening me up to your blogs. 

Lots of Love~

aka Clairvoyant Girl



It feels like now is the time for focus. Seeing things with a clearer perspective.

I don’t know about any of you out there but the energy in my life feels very intense lately. Everything is a little more heightened. I find that many situations or transactions in my life can seem very intense for a lack of a better word. What I would normally pass off as plain frustration upon looking a little closer I see the issue with much more clarity.

This new found sense of clarity is causing a little bit of an overload which can lead to frustration. I shall compare it to getting your eyes tested and finding out you need glasses! You get used to seeing things a certain way day in and day out. Never realizing that what you are seeing is blurred or slightly askew. Then you get your new glasses… put them on and things seem brighter, crisper, clearer full of color. These new glasses can clear the way you see things but it can also cause some strain and pressure on your new found vision, sometimes even causing a headache. Why would seeing clearer cause this? With the clarity comes so much more detail and focus. The transition is fairly short for in all actuality you are decreasing the strain on your eyes and your muscles. Where you once had to strain to really focus on an image (issue) you no longer have to. Your brain is relieved of it’s additional duty.

Just like the new pair of glasses, when we continue to raise our vibrations our vision and mental clarity continues to become more and more detailed. We understand more of what used to cause us so much anquish and dissatisfaction.
We are able to grow spiritually. However that initial onslaught of focus and clarity in the form of information can cause a mental overload. Many of us are on the path to enlightenment, however we don’t always understand how that path will affect us physically and or emotionally.

Add all of that to where we are universally right now it downright spells INTENSE! With the alignment of the planets the changing patterns of earth herself, and the season, everything is all about change right now.

Change, Intention, Manifestation, Focus. I read something on a friends newsletter recently,that said if you feel like you have hit a wall maybe you have. The point is, sometimes some of the messages and signs we get are only the ones we respond to. That soft feather tap telling you your headed in the wrong direction, doesn’t seem to do the trick (9 out of 10 times). So they throw a brick wall at you, where spirit is saying hold up there buddy! They are telling you whatever you are doing is not helping you out. Stop what you are doing, focus, and think about where you’re headed, and what it is you are wanting. So, stop ignoring the wall. Use the newfound clarity that you have, to look inward and see what it is you are really wanting to happen in your life.

I have noticed that meditating has helped me. The only way I can really meditate is by (in my head) talking myself through my steps to grounding (check out my archived posts on this). When I am at the last step and filling myself in has been a great spot to stop and let what I need come in instead of picking things myself. The only thing I say here now is, to fill me with what I need. The other thing that has helped me is writing. Sometimes I am in control of what I write and other times I start with a sentence and let it flow from there,

What ever method sounds interesting to you (or maybe something I did not even mention) now is the time to do it. Now is the time for growth and setting intentions. Now is when we plant our dreams and aspirations and hopes. Providing them with a good foundation is key. This is where clarity and focus can be your friend.

For me it always seems easier to list what it is I don’t want, or don’t like. I used to think this frustrating and pretty negative, however I don’t know what I don’t know… so in a sense if I set the parameters as such it can only be better than what I did not want right? I am not capping it and missing on something better that I could never even fathom, right? I know some people that will say “I want this or better” I think this is a great option as well. Especially if you have a specific starting point.

Back to Focus. October to me feels like it is heavy on intention. I feel that every situation looks a little clearer to me. I see so much more detail in what once seemed so straight forward. Which allows me to stand back a little and look at the bigger pitcure (unlike before I felt I needed to be in the middle of it to really see it). This perspective allows me to (I think) make a clearer decision, if a decision is even warrented. Sometime the best thing to do is stand quietly to the side and let things unfold on their own.

The point I am trying to make is, embrace the frustration. Don’t instantly pass it off to anger. The Challenge I did the other week really helped me see through my instant reaction or emotion. Frustration and anger are big emotions, sometimes these emotions are what are needed to cause us to take notice of something we keep ignoring.

Embrace Focus, Clarity and pause and think before you give in to Anger. Someone may be trying to tell you something.

Introspection…boundaries…a journey


Went on a motorcycle ride this evening.
This doesn’t sound that exciting I know, as I go on quite a few rides. What makes tonights ride special is the peace it brought me.

Sometimes I need to shut down, we all do. Riding on the back of the motorcycle is just one crazy way that I have found that really helps me to do so. Tonight was one of those nights.

I know I have talked about my recent issue with writers block (which I still have) however, I still have a lot rolling around in there (my head) that today I needed to shut off. Words, issues and life events that I can’t put down on paper or in my blog just sit up there and roll around and around and round!

It was a beautiful night in Loveland Colorado. The mountains were beautiful, the meadows amazing and the sky was extremely endearing. While riding I kept reaching out asking for a sign, words of wisdom, for help. I don’t ask for help often or easily. Side note…It is a personal fault of mine. As we rode, even as relaxed as I was, I could not help but get frustrated. I kept saying, please a sign…I need to know you are listening.

I normally see a hidden deer, and a Hawk or Eagle and tonight I saw nothing. I was about ready to give up and assume my sign, lesson was to look within, not outside myself for what I need. That I need to stand alone (so to speak). I believe that this is still part of my lesson…my sign, and I say this because the lack of all the other stimuli I usually have and see, was just not there. That in itself was a pretty big message. Stand on your own two feet…and take that next step, because you want it, not because others led you that way. Be you…

As we were riding on our final leg back towards home I was enjoying the scenery when out of the blue I received a clairaudient sign. The word “boundaries” popped into my mind. Loudly and very clearly. My eyes were also drawn to an address on a house…333. I will research these numbers for a more in-depth message. But back to the word, boundaries.

As this word presented itself to me, I was admiring the fences around this farm, their property. I realized that besides standing on my own is something I need to do, I need to remember to do it with others. Sounds hypocritical I know… But the key to this success, is boundaries.

Leave the what if’s at the gate, leave the why me and what did I do, or how will I decide at the gate. Set boundaries around your light. Don’t let outside sources impose their issue upon you. Keep your faith, your focus and the higher purpose that you know is yours. Boundaries…this was a beautiful (sign) reminder.

For me this ride was very therapeutic, helpful and provided lots of personal insight. I really wanted to share my personal experience to remind you and myself (actually) the original purpose of my blog. To share with you, and myself this crazy, and oh so real clairvoyant journey I am on…that really each one of us are on. Some of us have chosen to be awake while on this adventure, others are either in the process of waking up or still dreaming of the possibilities. No matter what stage you are in, embrace it and know that it is the right stage for you at this time.