I have noticed over the last month or so that i seem to have an increased fixation on both the sky and the earth.
Most days I find myself captivated by the clouds…the sun, the moon…or simply the birds flying above me. Then there are the days I feel firmly rooted…connected to the earth below me. I am aware of the trees…the flowers and the animals that are near and around me…with us, on our planet.

To be so connected to spirit and earth is a beautiful feeling. I’ve noticed that I am starting to learn to be more patient…to listen a moment longer before I rush to say what would have been so important for me to say before. I know that personally I have along way to reach the destination that I so carefully planned for myself (when I was still in the the other realm) but I know now that I am on the right path. What I choose to do now is take my time, and enjoy the revelations along the way.

I had the last week off of my day job…and even though I did not blog as much as I had hoped to…I relaxed. I gained insight in letting go. Re-adjusting my focus. I wasn’t 100% successful…but I was more aware then ever before, and that is not only a wonderful start but feeling. I was afraid I had forgotten how.

So in a conclusion of sorts (with this blog) As I sit here on my deck… I am trying to stay focused on my intended topic. However, my attention seems to be drawn to this tightening sensation between my eyes, slightly above my brow. Right smack dab in the center of my third eye.

I am awake to so much more of the wonders around me. Seeing things for more of what they may appear to be. Hearing the music in the song of the birds. Seeing and believing the wonders and magic around me.

I need to go back and share something in regards to the fairies…
After my last blog…I have been surrounded with fairy images. While running my energy in my Thursday night class, fairies carried my spirit and earth energies up through my chakras on a tiny ivy vine. Then, while walking in my yard…I found a mushroom. You may be thinking,..big whoop. Well, it’s vey odd given we are in a drought…record temps of 100+ for the last 7-8 days and the slew of fires that are running amuck in my state (Colorado). So, finding a mushroom in my browning yard was a sign. A sign that the fairies are not done with me yet. Upon more fairy research I decided to create a fairy garden in my yard. MY version of a fairy garden. What has me captivated by this garden is that the door to the little house I put in it…well, sometimes it will be open…and sometimes it is closed. It has been magical to say the least. My logical mind still struggles with the mystery. My spirit is shouting with glee, happy that the fairies have decided to stay. I have a lot to learn from them, and I am looking forward to whatever they bring.

I am pretty sure the fairies are here to remind me to look up to the sky..for it pulls me through my thoughts to the spirit world. Brings me into and out of my sixth chakra…moving up into my seventh and beyond. Helping me to think of things that not only are…but… are possible. Reminding me to look up…see the good…embrace the things to come.

The fairies are also here to remind me to look to The trees, rocks and animals that catch my eye. To ponder the beauty that this world holds. They are here to remind me of what is possible now. The deer that I keep seeing….they have held many messages that are all connected to my first, second, third and fourth chakra…my lower earthly chakras. Profound messages of love and strength. They remind me to walk quietly and follow her…trust her as she is trusting me. They are here to guide me to the fairies…whenever I lose my way.

My quest this week going back to work…is to Live like a fairy. Remembering to stay connected, and to remember to have fun.

Live, laugh, and love.


I think that what the fairies are trying to tell me is that the balance is necessary right now… Mother earth is changing. She is reclaiming what is hers.


Fairies in the wind


I think I saw a fairy today…
She smiled as she fluttered by…and whispered something in the air.
I was too busy to hear.
I didn’t even blink.
I heard the buzz, as she flew by.
But all I could do was think.
Trapped in my mind…I have forgotten how to get out.
All the windows are closed…the blinds pulled tight.

So take a moment…
and sit a spell…
Clear your mind, please do not dwell.
Open a window, let the light peak through…
Breath in..and listen..can you?
Do you hear them? Whispering in the wind?
Do you feel their smiles?
No my friend…it’s not just in your head.
The first step.. is to just…believe

Animal messages…I am learning to listen…are YOU?


This last week I have been visited by many of our lovely animal friends. The gentle friend…the deer. The wiley fox, the soaring eagle, protective hawk, the ancient heron and the determined duck. All these beautiful animals have made a personal visit to me this week.

It started early….with the beautiful red fox. Two mornings in a row…in completely different locations I saw a fox, and the fox saw me. The first day my reaction was…oh…look a fox, wow it’s been a while since I have seen foxes. But…the second morning, I was like…ok this is weird.. When I saw him this time, we both locked eyes, and looked at each other as if in acknowledgement… Both knowing he was there for me. To remind me…I need to remember to be adaptable… cautious, and remember change is coming. I thanked him for the reminder…and have not seen them since.

As the week went on and the stress unfolded..I started to see a flurry of animals all around me, reminding me that they were there…my feathered friends, the bald eagle, the heron, and even the duck were reminding me about the higher plan. The greater picture. They provided me with warm sense of comfort, just knowing I wasn’t alone and that everything had a purpose. One of the warmest reminders I received this week was from my friend the deer.

You see, where I live I am blessed to be close to nature and the occasional visit from many different animals is not uncommon however; I take none of them for granted however.

My first visit was pretty unexciting… While on the motorcycle I happen to see a small group of deer. We continued on…then along side of a well traveled highway…in the brush, was the most precious sight…a doe feeding her fawn. Just the two of them. I felt so blessed to witness this most basic acts of survival, parenting. Something so intimate amidst my chaotic thoughts. I Knew the message… I was to slow down…stop and go back to basics, remember where I was going, where I am going. I was being guided to stand tall and protect my young.

I also knew that I needed to step softly into the forest and listen to its message.
We continued our ride and many times along the way I was reminded of the message of the deer.

A few days went by and I couldn’t shake the image of the mother deer and her baby. Again we were on the motorcycle…riding up in the mountains. While on the back of the bike I would close my eyes and see a deer beside me. She was with me the whole ride… In my minds eye. I felt that I must not be heading the complete message…because unlike the fox, she is not going away…

After a very long day on the bike…exploring..we were standing in our kitchen and what should be squatting in the middle of my back yard? A Buck…

I have looked up the meaning of the deer… All of its messages, what it stands for has fit into my life…I felt that I was hearing the message..I was confused at what I wasn’t seeing. What was I missing? Then I was looking again and there it was, one of it’s messages I have been overlooking their connection to the fairy realm.

The beautiful deer… Message of love, kindness, patience understanding, caution and protectiveness of our families…our children…quiet our minds and listen with our senses…not just our ears…
The fairies are calling me and I have not been listening. Tonight I will meditate with the deer and the fairies, hoping their message will be revealed to me.
For me I am learning…learning to really listen.

In this Journey I have learned so many things…I have learned that my pleas, prayers are heard, and the replies are presented to me…I just need to remember to be aware, and remember to really look for the messages I am given. Acknowledge them.

We need to remember the answers we seek won’t necessarily be “spoken to us” or written out in black and white, sometimes we have to decipher it.

I love it when I learn to listen.