The motion of moving forward instead of backwards.


I was thinking about progress. The motion of moving forward instead of backwards. You know, that moment in time, when you are standing at the edge of a cliff with no path in sight. Sure you could turn around and go back the way you came… but why? Why move forward to only go back?

It is easy to talk about how one should trust, have faith, and courage… but when it’s your turn…and your standing there… with your feet on the edge, well… it can feel next to impossible.

What I am realizing though is that moments like this are beautiful. They are rare and to be treasured…savored and embraced. Stand there…appreciate and process where you have arrived. Acknowledge what you have gone through to get there. Celebrate your journey. When we take the time and appreciate all that we have been through to get to this particular place we begin to feel the excitement of what is next to come. This reflection allows us to value and validate the pain we encountered along the way…it lets us know it had a purpose.

No one ever said you couldn’t just stand there and ponder a while. Processing the journey gives us added courage and faith to take that next unchartered step. That “leap of faith” that so many speak of so flippantly.

I am finding (as I stand here…at the edge of my path) that the current cycle of time we are in is all about momentum… thrusting us forward with the slightest bit of motion. I would like to think that come the month of May things will slow down a bit…but I am convinced that we are in some kind of time warp. 2013 is proving to be about motion…movement. It is as though as soon as you think you have a plan and something figured out…some one picks up the snow globe and shake the hell out of it!

We are being tested and taught to actually go with the flow. To set a plan, set into motion and then be willing or able to see the change needed, and react. We are being challenged to think on our feet and trust our gut. Our intuition has been speaking to us for years… and for the most part we have been listening. We have taken a very slow and methodical approach to our intuition. Now it feels as though my reflexes are being tested. Like the giant game of whack a mole. I need to be alert and able to listen to my intuition and react.

The thing is with all this movement doesn’t mean we are not completing anything and just changing directions or our minds, mind you. What is happening is with the momentum that is behind our intentions right now we are creating nearly as fast as we are intending. So it is more of a process of Think – Act – Complete, 1-2-3 Done.

Keeping in the forefront of our minds that what we are thinking we are starting to create even before we start the physical process of creating or acting it out. Many times by the time we think we are starting something we thought about, it is really already nearing completion and we are not necessary ready or prepared for it.

basically this blog post is about remembering to be in the moment. Fear not the direction you are going. Trust your intuition, and yourself. Take those leaps of faith…for this year there will be many of them along our paths.

As I am writing this blog, I keep hearing the song that Kris Kringle sang to Winter in the 1970’s Holiday special “When Santa Clause Comes To Town” In the song even though they are talking about changing from “good to bad” I think it really fits, for it is about believing in ones self. Taking that leap of faith that anything is possible, with the right mindset.

[Speech from the special]
Winter: I really am a mean, and despicable creature at heart you know. It’s difficult to [sniff] really change.
Kris: Difficult? [chuckles] Why, why look here, changing from bad to good is as easy as taking your first step.

Put one foot in front of the other
And soon you’ll be walking ‘cross the floor.
You put one foot in front of the other
And soon you’ll be walking out the door.

You never will get where you’re going
If ya never get up on your feet.
Come on, there’s a good tail wind blowin’
A fast walking man is hard to beat.


If you want to change your direction,
If your time of life is at hand,
Well, don’t be the rule, be the exception
A good way to start is to stand.


Winter: If I want to change the reflection
I see in the mirror each morn…
Kris: Oh, you do.
Winter: You mean that it’s just my election?
Kris: Just that.
Winter: To vote for a chance to be reformed? Woo-hoo!

[Chorus 2x]



A Clairvoyant Living Series Video 4- Enlightenment

Acceptance is key…


I spent the weekend pondering on what topic to write about. I kept picking up my computer and then just putting it down. I ask for guidance and the word that kept popping up in my head was “Acceptance”.
Michelle and I filmed Video 4 in our Clairvoyant Living Series this weekend (watch for the post) and while we were preparing to film, we started talking and lo and behold the discussion of acceptance came up, there too.

Now acceptance is a really big word. When you hear the word what do you think of?

Do you think of accepting others, acceptance of gifts, compliments and possibly acceptance of another’s point of view. How many think of you think of it, in relation to ones self???

Let me start at the beginning…
For many of us our collective purpose is that of growth and healing. We seek guidance and advice, spend much of our life contemplating what we learn and reveal about ourselves. All this in the search for enlightenment. We see our faults and set out to change or correct them. We become focused on becoming a “better” person. We embark on a journey of change and dissection.

We dissect our personalities, categorizing our faults and our attributes into sections to be evaluated. Many times we will see areas that need to be enhances, supported or tamed down. Sometimes we even find things we don’t want to find. These things, these character flaws or errors of omissions we try to look over and not shed any real light on, are there. We think we should fix them…find out why we do what we do, why they are there. We try to unearth the wrong in our life that created this bleep in our path. We struggle with the dark that we find and try to overcompensate with extra good.

All this is part of the process that each one us encounter along our path of personal growth…or personal enlightenment. Many will spend their entire life trying to correct or fix things that they uncover that they feel do not meet the criteria of being the person they think they should be.

So…acceptance…where am I going with this? There comes a point in all of our lives that we need to stop what we are doing and accept who we are. All of who we are. Accept the beauty that is you.
Acceptance does not mean we are no longer working on improvement… rather it allows us the permission to be who we are. When we can love the person we are today in this very moment, this moment is the moment that true change and growth can actual begin to happen. Accepting ourselves our beauty, our faults, this is the biggest step forward we can ever take.

When we stop comparing ourselves to someone else or some other ideal and accept who we are and where we have been, then we can really look at the things we have not liked to look at. Look at them with a clearer view of what those attributes and traits were put into place for. Were they for survival? Wer they for defense, was put into place to prevent us from making a mistake we made once before in our past (current or past life)? We cannot change what was or has already been done…we can however look at the situation or experiences for what they were, the purpose… and know that this trait or attribute no longer serves us. We can then accept the past for what it was… knowing full well that it has helped to create the person you are today. Move forward with love and acceptance of yourself, this will enable you to let go of that which no longer fits your plan or your path. Sometimes experience is the best lesson in life…we learn from that which we personally experience and walk through. The key is knowing when and what you can let go of and leave behind you going forward.

Acceptance…is the key to love…unconditional love. To have it and to give it you must take the first step in accepting yourself.

Happy Monday.


Clairvoyant Living the online series part 1

Here is the first video in our new series… On line classes are coming soon!!!  Please check it out and let me know what you think!!!  Would love your feedback. 

Time to learn to swim with the current, not against it…

Pisces Spiral GalaxyI think what I am learning that right now…is we need to really dig into the old wounds. Peel back the scab that avoidance has formed and really dig at the root of the issue.

Just the thought of it is painful, uncomfortable and downright unpleasant.  Yes…I know it’s a disgusting image.  This imagery is in place to keep us away.  We want to avoid and that avoidance lets the scab form. Contrary to what we have been told about picking scabs…in this instance picking at the scab will not leave a scare.  Quite the opposite. Finding the cause will remove the cover up as well as the potential scare tissue and help us move forward.

I feel pretty confident that now is the time to move forward. Unearthing the issue we have avoided or let “scab” over will help us to see clearer the direction we are meant to go….the direction however that we go in will not be as easy as it could be when we carry our untreated wounds.  Doing this will feel like you are going up hill instead of traveling forward on a level plain. Why is it important? Just think of all the energy we will or would have if we didn’t need to carry all the scars with us. We would be able to focus and manifest that much the clearer and faster.

In the spirit of the Pisces new moon,  lets swim with the current not against it right now. If you feel like it is nothing but currents and you’re not getting where you are want to be…maybe you are dragging too much with you.  Are you even aware of what you are holding on to?  Are you holding on out of habit? Does it serve you or even matter anymore?

Much of the internal resistance we are feeling right now is in conjunction with mercury being in retrograde…it seems to be having more of an internal effect on us this time, instead as much externally.   As we near the 17th of March,  the fog will start to clear…things will begin to make more sense again.  Now is the perfect time to just sit with your thoughts.

Take time in the next few days to show appreciation for your perseverance. Applaud yourself for what you have accomplished…how far you have come. This has been a new time…a fast time. Energetically things are shifting quicker than ever before. In all the haste of change we need to be reminded to stop and show ourselves appreciation (no matter how small) it is VERY important. I am reminded of a song from The Rocky Horror Picture Show…Time warp…the thing is…we are all doing the time warp right now.  Everything is moving, quickly.  The saying “Thoughts become things”…takes on a new importance…as it becomes a more urgent reminder to focus on the positive.

So how are we to pick off the scabs and remain positive you ask? Remain NEUTRAL, this is the key.  Some of those old wounds have been festering for a very long time, so it’s not always easy to do this.  The energetic charge we are all carrying right now tells me that we have the power, right now, to take this stand.  It is what is necessary and all that’s standing in our way is the shadow of fear. Fear from our past attempts…and the events themselves.  Just remember that spirit does not lead us to something that it thinks we are not equip to handle.
The time  right now,  is to center ourselves and run our energy…
Pull in a a beautiful light of spirit…a white iridescent glow that is rich in love, warmth, wisdom and strength.  
Trust this light.  Let it fill you.
Fill you with the strength and courage you need to rip the “bandage” off and air out what we have kept covered. Then Breathe deeply, and with each breath know that you are not alone, you are never alone and
Release..release…and release.

Then fill in with all that you desire…no doubts how it will all be achieved… Just believe.
Trust that the picture is bigger than you could ever imagine.
Know that love is the ultimate goal.
Remove self judgement and allow things to unfold.
Step into your light body, and allow yourself to feel the warmth. Bask in it.
Breathe in the inspiration that surrounds you.

The task at hand is more about exposing the wound… Acknowledging it.  Thanking it in a sense for the lessons you have learned from it, and then letting it know that it is no longer serving you. It’s original purpose is no longer needed…the protection or reminder has been replaced with a new understanding.  An understanding of who you are and why.  Love now fills the space where the scab once was.  Love will replace the void, the regret, the pain.  If this were a card game Love would ultimately heal and trump all.  Play the love card on you self. 

The beauty of love is that once you give it, you release it…you are automatically filled with more. The more you give the more you recieve…it is endless.

Remember Love =more love….


Unlock the gates and look within and see what you may be carrying with you from a past life.


Past lives…

I have been wanting to address this topic for awhile now…
Often times we have emotions in our lives that don’t always make sense or connect to our current situations. Sometimes these emotions or feelings are attributed to a past life.
When people hear the term past life it can conjure up many different reactions. Personally, it lends me a measure of perspective.

I have noticed in my own life that when we have an extreme emotion it may often be left over residue from a past life experience. These experiences can be either traumatic, intense or possibly just left a very lasting impression.

Let’s see if I can give an example…
Personally, I have had a past life where I was feared due to my psychic abilities. In this life time I misused this power for revenge and out of anger. I was also very alone and treated as an outcast. When my spirit was designing my life path this time around, I believe cautions were set in place (These cautions are based on the experiences of our past). They are meant to protect us from repeating (at least in this example) the pain I once felt. But, the thing is, for me in this lifetime my experiences are very different. I know that based on my current situation and the culture I live in, that nothing will be experienced in the same manner. The protections are just not needed, instead what is happening is I am self sabotaging and blocking myself out of an unnecessary fear.

For Example, I have struggled with fully embracing my gifts. For the longest time I would get to a certain level and I would stop…I would hit a wall of sorts. Finally after meditating, much work and reflection I have unraveled my personal mystery. The next step for me was to break through this block. To break through I needed to begin by looking into this past life and seeing the pain and loneliness I experienced. I then looked at my current life time to find any similar patterns. Realizing that I was not the same person, that my life was much different than the past life, I needed to heal this part of me. I needed to spend time thanking my spirit for placing the protection into this life time. However; I also explained (to myself/spirit) how this protection no longer served me. I assured my spirit, that I could control my powers of intuition in this lifetime. I was not the same person, and would not repeat the same mistakes. I asked to release this hold.

In this example it is about realizing where a blockage is coming from, breaking it down to the core. Once it has been identified for what it was, releasing it. Just the act of appreciating its purpose and owning the responsibility now can help remove the blockage. It is not necessarily an instant fix, you need to be 100% honest with yourself and that is the hard part. Sometimes we can remove the obstacles, but blockages will still remain. Why? Because unfortunately when we remove the blockage fear of owning ourself steps in and we make excuses. When we have nothing to blame, we seek other excuses then doing the self work needed to move on. We need to stay aware of our actions and motives to continue to grow.

This is just one small touch on a past life experience affecting a current life. I think it is really fascinating to evaluate our lives and see what we carry from current experiences and what we bring with us from past lives. Take a look within and see what you unravel!


Release happens in many different ways…


I have been slightly off schedule for blogging lately. This time of year is quite frantic for me normally, add a few health issues and the constant transition I seem to be in, well…it can be all together crazy.

In doing a lot of inner spiritual work and with the speed at which I have been going, my physical body has been finding it hard to keep up. I am sure the bugs (viruses) going around have not helped out much either!
During my more recent one day (ok…day and a half) of the stomach flu I realized some things.

The day after the full moon/solar eclipse I got sick. All the messages I have been reading clearly state that between now and the winter solstice (December 21) we need to be releasing what we no longer need or what is no longer serving us. I feel like I took that literally and figuratively last week, I released! While being sick, I recall laying there thinking “I can heal myself” why am I not doing this. So I did some work, laying there in my bed, and focused on invoking a personal Reiki session on my stomach. I drifted off to a very restless sleep, filled with lots of tossing and turning. I dreamt of receiving messages that I could not decipher. I dreamt of people leaving my life in bizarre ways that made no sense, basically I awoke every hour on the hour frustrated and fitful. The next day I was tired disoriented and felt down right ill. I am not saying my self healing did not work, what I am saying is that in doing my healing I got more than what I was expecting.

Later in the day while laying on the couch, I started to noticed my legs ached with intense pain on the outsides of my thighs…they hurt to even touch. It made me think of when I was young and would wake in the middle of the night crying with what I called growing pains. Growing pains…that is what all this is…that is what this is about…growing pains.

This concept is not really new, I talk about it quite frequently actually. When we start to work on our self, the path we are on we start to see things and feel things in a different way. Growth is an expansion of not only our mind but also our soul. This expansion can cause “growing pains”.

We naturally hold on to things (habits, lifestyles, people) and struggle to release them, even when they are for our own good. With self acceptance come a new self knowledge. This knowledge opens us up to new possibilities. We start to expand and our bodies react. We are no longer satisfied with the status quo, we no longer are able or willing to settle for something that isn’t good for us or in our best interest. We become awaken to our physical health, and it’s sensitivity to the environment.

All this awareness and reflection is fine and good when you are feeling on top of the world, but while sick, well it can be somewhat frustrating! I get the message, I am working it I promise! I am working on releasing bad habits, eliminating unnecessary stresses in my life, eating better and taking better care of myself. Making me sick is not helping. I believe in a way (even though I am not happy about it) that is may be unfortunately necessary.

Transitions are happening fast right now, and many of us are in a major metamorphism right now. We adjusting to a new vibration, a new tomorrow, an awakened state.

I am feeling much better overall (health wise). Which is a really good thing. Later this week I will be having some surgery and need to be going into it with a healthy body! I hope to write at least one more blog before the 6th (day of my surgery). I am having a hysterectomy, time for more release I guess!!

I am practicing asking for help and actually receiving it when it comes. So…in the name of practice…any of you that would not mind holding some healthy healing energy space for me I would greatly appreciate it.

If there is one thing I have learned along my clairvoyant journey it is that the collective is extremely powerful. Thank you in advance for any energy you are able to send me.

Have a wonderful week, try to remember to slow down. The work will get done. Don’t rush the holidays, try to enjoy.



Big Thompson Canyon

Big Thompson River

This date feels really important to me. 

Like a stepping stone…to something bigger.  Awareness. 

My equilibrium is a tad off today, started last night actually. I am feeling a little out of balance. 
Maybe I am not “unbalanced” but what is happening is my balance is recalibrating.

All summer I felt that October was going to be a big month. I feel like I am going through an attunement of sorts.  I have been spending a lot of time in my head.  As my clarity changes so does my perspective. I have talked so much about the chakras lately, but they are so important! 

I am personally finding it very hard to continue to live in duality.  My esoteric body and mental body keep me in constant debates within myself.  The more I struggle with this the more I realize that maybe that is the result of balance.  Maybe…just maybe when you live 50/50 you remain slightly unattached to either side? Is balance what we should be seeking?  If not balance what?  Living on a line is hard.  Seeing both sides causes one to not always react appropriately.  Sometimes when you can see the end at the beginning do you forget to enjoy the middle?  

This is where I am right now, in contemplation.  The other side of it is when you have lived shut off from the whole of all your emotions (you know, kept them tucked safely away for protection) when they start to surface do you recognize them?  How does it feel to actually feel everything and not just what you allow in?  How do you find balance of the emotions like you do of the mind?  When the dam breaks and the emotions break free do you let them run where they may?  If so are you washed away with them or do you create your own stream? 

My thoughts on this is when your ready to break down the dam, you need to be ready to trust the path that it settles into.  I am working on accepting the strength in the stream over the strength of the dam.  They both are strong and mighty.  One is just much more truer than the other.  And in the end truth will endure any structure placed solely to contain emotion. 

My fear is what if breaking the dam breaks me.  Just admitting that, typing it, lets my soul know that I am that much closer to creating my true stream.  Even though just the thought of releasing that dam tightens my chest and brings to surface such internal fear it also makes my heart smile knowing and  feeling the love and joy it also evokes.  I am on my way.  Word by word.  Step by step, we all are. 

October is about contemplation, looking within and accepting and planning our new futures.

Enjoy the process.

This little light of mine… defeated my cold…I am going to let it shine!

Sunset on the Mummy Range

A beautiful view of the sun setting on the Mummy Range near my home

I believe things happen to us for a reason. And usually the bigger the thing is that happens, the bigger the reason/ message. That being said I am going to talk to you about my recent cold. Now, I am not saying my cold is a big thing (although my family may think it was, based on how I may have acted). I am saying that with a lot of my newfound clarity and focus I feel have in a way been asked to put  my new knowledge to a test of sorts.

I have been experiencing what I am going to call a speed cold. It has really been odd. here, let me bore you with some details of my cold.

Day 1 (Saturday evening) Head ache, really just felt slightly off .

Day 2 (Sunday) woke in a rather bad mood and to a bad asthma attack a heavy chest (could barely breathe) all day. Very odd, have never that I can recall experienced this before. couldn’t really talk without wheezing. Started losing my voice.

Day 3 (Monday) Breathing issue-GONE.  However today when I woke my throat was beat red and swollen. Went to work  started to feel like your basic head and chest cold. Nose would not stop running.  Drank lots of tea.  Funny how even though I love coffee… plain old black coffee, whenever I am even the slightest bit under the weather, I cannot drink it. I can only drink tea.

Day 4 (Tuesday) massive headache, body aches SOOO amazingly tired. My glands were so swollen that I could see them bulge out when I looked in the mirror. Struggled to even get out of bed. In a matter of 4 days I felt like I went through four uniquely different colds and the flu! It has been the weirdest cold ever! Each day a very SPECIFICALLY different symptom. I had to call in to work Tuesday too… Something I don’t ever do.

Yesterday while I was home on the couch, in between napping and watching TV it all actually started to makes sense.
Here is what I was doing energetically through the last few days.

Day 1 You see I told a friend I was getting sick on Sunday, she said she would take a look at it for me and do a healing.
Day 2 I then used the Dynamind toning technique Becca Chopra talks about in her book (which  really helped ).
Day 3. I repeated the Dynamind technique and also took a deep look at each of the areas affected.  Focussed on clearing those Chakras. Accepted the information I received.
Day 4. I asked for help.  Asked my guides to help me get well.  I saw the trend of the cold. Made note of the changes each day. I felt excited by the progress, how what was being done was working. Each day the symptom I focused on was either completely cleared up or nearly cleared up the very next day.  I told myself that this could not be a coincidence.  It had to be spirit.
Today Day 5 I am blogging about it.  And I will do some reiki on myself as well.

I have been really working on all of my Chakras lately.  Trying to clear up some deeper  issues as well as find a way to open my heart chakra up more. I think this is what started the cold actually.

All of our Chakras can hold congestion. The fourth and fifth Chakra is where we tend to hold the majority of that congestion. I think we tend to filter so much that junk just gets stuck, easily buried.  If you look a little closer at the two Chakras you will see how the symptoms can correspond to the cold symptoms I have mentioned.

The Fourth Chakra– The heart Chakra, this is where we hold our compassion, love, forgiveness and unconditional love for self and others and trust.  When there is an imbalance in any of these areas are health issues will start to manifest themselves such as heart conditions, asthma, lung & breast cancers, thoracic spine, pneumonia, upper back, shoulder problems

The Fifth Chakra This is where we speak our truth. Where we express ourselves for who we are. How truthful we are in doing this can also cause congestion here. The repression of our anger or displeasure by ignoring our feelings through evasive sweet talk, or silence, can manifest into throat imbalances as well such as sore throat, strep throat and laryngitis, thyroid issues to name a few.

I have been spending the last two weeks paying special attention to these two chakras. In this process I have been forced to look a things that have not been looked at for quiet some time, re-evaluate myself and my truth. I had been looking at what was coming up, but not really paying it the attention it needed. I go, go, go.  Working on my Clairvoyant gifts, expanding my views, being a wife, parent, friend, as well as work a 40 plus work week I am burning myself out. I have known this.  Even as it was coming up in meditation I was pushing it aside, trying to get to the next issue. Silly me did not realize that I was not going to get to the next issue (until I actively did something with this one first).

 Being forced to spend the day home on the couch Tuesday,  in and out of a sleep stupor was really the only way I would take a clear look at the messages I was being presented with. It was exactly what I needed.

Yesterday my glands felt like they were about to explode. Everyone of my joints hurt . Today, my cold is lingering. Slight after affects, but hopefully it is on its way out. Truly the experience has been amazing!!!

I think what is happening is that, as I raise my vibrations I am jogging lose all kinds of things I need to deal with. Brining it all to the surface. But by trying to keep my vibrations high, and asking for help from above, this cold was showing me what is possible. That with focus and determination even the things that seem hard to overcome and get past are possible. ALl we have to do is stay intuned with our bodies.  Understand how everything effects us.  By keeping ourselves intuned with spirit we have an amazing healing gift at our mere fingertips, our mind, our soul and all those above us.

Healings are possible. 

Now, I know this is just a simple cold…simple, yet complex at the same time really. It is not like I cured cancer or healed a broken bone. But, I was given an opportunity to see the possibilities, experience it for myself. There is nothing better than validation to keep you coming back for more. We all have the divine light within us, faith is what we need to support the light. Trust will keep it glowing.

This little light of mine… I’m going to let it shine.