Sometimes things are not quite what they seem.

It's Spring...Right?

It’s Spring…Right?

Lately, I have been pretty busy and excited keeping current on Facebook, LinkedIn, my blog, creating web videos and developing my new website! Not to mention taking care of my husband and daughter while they recuperate from some recent surgeries. I think sometimes I take the phrase go big or go home a little too seriously! HA! Never one to do one thing at a time…nope, not I, ANY way…

On top of all that I decided to really put myself out there and start advertising the readings I offer. I created a simple little ad and started running a campaign on Facebook.

I have been happy with the results and have really looked forward to the responses I have got. So, you may be wondering what is this blog about? No…it’s not a blog ad about the readings I offer.

You could say it’s about ethics, opposition, rejection, conflict and confrontation.

You see, I received a Facebook email the other day (which I thought was going to be a request for a reading) that put some things into perspective for me. It basically ended up being a hate email. Someone lashed out at me (let me clarify that this someone does not know me, or ever had any interaction with me). This person made allegation towards me after only…seeing my ad.

He started out by asking me to remove the photo I posted. This is the actual ad I ran. 602200_171620846325281_298425903_n

He told me “something about this photo bothers me. Could you please remove it”.

I was confused and quite frankly a tad taken back. I responded politely and told him it was my daughters eye, I found it quite beautiful and I was very sorry it bothered him. I told him my ad would be done by the end of the month and he should never have to see it again.

He responded with another email. This was the one that hurt. Basically, this is what he said to me:

Your picture isn’t what is disturbing, the fact that you take money from distressed people claiming to be a “clairvoyant” is what is pathetic. If I see your ad again, you’ll be reported to Facebook for violation of their TOS.

Honestly…I was instantaneously hurt…and angry… embarrassed, and then… finally, I felt bad for him. This is one of those events that I think many Clairvoyants, Psychics and Mediums fear. Ridicule and humiliation.
For me personally, what he claimed I was, went against everything I believe and personally feel I represent. My main focus is on educating others and teaching them to understand what it means to be and live a clairvoyant life. I try to demystify what is stereotypically seen as someone who is a Clairvoyant, Psychic or a Medium.

It has taken me a long time to (as I have joked) come out of the clairvoyant closet, and honestly a year ago, had this have happened, I would have ran back in and locked the proverbial clairvoyant closet door. I would have then lashed out at him or hid.

But…what I eventually realized (after really processing the email) was that this was not just an anti clairvoyant email, it was a personal test. I believe in what I do and what I try to teach others. I have realized that when someone criticizes us many times we will become defensive and aggressive. This reaction often happens because the criticism we have received is a personal criticism that we carry ourselves. It is that feeling of doubt that lurks in our subconscious telling us that we are not what we say we are. I realized within minutes…no…moments of reading that email I have no longer have those doubts! I passed the test. I also realized this would not be the first naysayer, and I am ok with that.

After I ran through all my personal emotions from the attack, I felt bad for this man. Obviously he personally (or maybe someone close to him) has had a negative experience with a Clairvoyant or psychic. That or possibly he doesn’t really understand, what it is I do. I wish I could say that it was all him and his ignorance or fear…but I can’t.

What I would like to discuss is the importance of Ethic’s. Like any profession, we (clairvoyants, Psychic’s and Mediums) should be working from a code of ethics. Unfortunately, there are many Clairvoyants ,psychic’s and Mediums out there that may not truly have your best interest at heart, just like there are many people in general (out there in the big world) that do not have your best interest at heart. To me a good Clairvoyant, Psychic or Medium does, it is the nature of the job! Some that are unethical are not reading from the highest of vibrations. You need to remember to always go with your gut…your intuition. If something doesn’t make sense or sound right to you, leave.

This brings me to the discussion of learning or “dabbling” in many areas of spirit without knowing what you are really doing. I don’t mean to say you have to understand it all and have it all figured out…on the contrary! It is meant to be a learning experience. The point I am trying to make is that…YOU hold the key. You can ask someone to tell you what they see, but ultimately you have control, or at least you should. True healing and growths comes with accountability, we are all personally accountable of our actions.

As you begin to look within you start a process, a process of self-reflection, growth and knowledge. You begin the path of taking ownership of where you are and where you are going. We should never rely solely on someone else’s information. Their purpose (my) purpose is to help show what you already know on another level. To help you become aware of the messages you are receiving and to let you know that you are not alone. My job is to help thin the veil between the earth and spirit, that years of programming and conditioning has put into place. Help you in awakening your spirit and the messages from your higher self.

When any of us start learning and opening our minds the next crucial step is looking within, and understanding ourselves (or at least how the information we receive affects us) before we start going out and advising others. I don’t mean we have to have ourselves all figured out, what I do mean is that we must understand how symbolism works for us…what to look at, why we may see things that we see. The most important thing to learn is…we all can see. What we need to understand however; is what you see today could change by tomorrow. We are a constant work in progress and what is right today could be left tomorrow…things change, we change. The destination of our path may stay the same, but how we get there will change many times along the way.

Back to ethics… When we don’t have an understanding, or maybe we do have an understanding and choose to use what we have developed for our gain and not for the purpose of helping someone else see the answers for themselves…you have someone who is operating from ego and a lower vibration for financial gain alone. It’s frustrating. Frustrating for the majority of us out there that are operating from our hearts.

I am not mad at this man…
I am actually thankful. So often we get comfortable in our environments, we surround ourselves with like-minded people to point of forgetting the majority.

He brings to the surface the amount of work that still needs to be done. His words remind me that my focus needs to be on educating the masses and raising the vibration of the collective. On a personal note he has highlighted within me my own personal growth and the belief I have in myself that I have cultivated over the last few years, for this I thank him. I wish him and others like him, nothing but the best.

Lead with your heart, let love and light dictate what you give to others as well as yourself.




Insta gram moon

I have been thinking about this word; acknowledgement and how it is such a big word that is seemingly used so sparingly.  

When you first hear acknowledgement, what do think of first?  Acknowledging someone for a job well done or acknowledging someone in line with you with a head nod?  These of course count, but really when you think of it, acknowledgement is much bigger than that. 

Like in a previous post:  That’s what I said; keep your thoughts positive I talked about that incessant child you hear in a store saying “mom. mom. mom.” over and over till finally the mother will say what?! And the child, responds with either I forgot, or I love you.  When (in most cases) all they really want is to be acknowledged.  Really don’t we all?  No one really wants to be invisable…at least not all the time.  There is an innate drive in nearly all of us to be appreciated and at least acknowledged for who we are and what we do.  It does not need to be an award or public announcement, nothing grandiose or pretentious.  What we are looking for is honest true acknowledgement.

That’s one way of looking at acknowledgment… from outside ourselves.  How about self acknowledgement?  Are you good at acknowledging self? How about spirit?

Let’s look at it from this way.  As you begin to awaken your spirit, yourself, your soul, are you acknowledging these new aspects of self, of who you are completely?  Or do you only acknowledge your physical self?  In many of the classes I have taught students will say that once they opened themselves up they could not shut it off.  They complained of being knocked off guard and inundated with “intrusions”.  These intrusions could be classified as signs, hearing messages, feeling others energy as well as taking that energy on as their own.  It could be also as big as those out there that are finding that they have a connection with the crossed over (mediums).  I myself have only had two distinct experiences with this personally and it is not one of my featured abilities.  Featured…Ha!  that sounds funny, but…it fits.  However; what I have noticed with these students are that, even though they  have tapped into their spirit and are open to this new higher vibration, their boundaries have fallen by the wayside.When this happens this communication can feel like an intrusion.  So, what do we do with these intrusions, we start to ignore them, and get frustrated. 

What I mean by this is it is all about balance.  Spirit is so excited when they can communicate with us, that they want to communicate all the time, and don’t always understand how this is not possible. for them (us) it is the ultimate reward to have the realms open.  What we need to learn to do (and practice) is set up some boundaries and guidelines.  I am giving you a list of course this list is outlined in the most basic of form (I detail it more in classes) but hopefully it is something to get you started with.  Try practicing it daily but at least once or twice a week. See if it makes a difference.  If you are able to do it daily you will feel the return/benefits that much faster. Everything is about practice.

  1. Run your energy regularly
  2. Set your boundaries (energetically) a space that is just for you…around you.
  3. Set aside specific times to work on connecting and listening to the messages you receive
  4. Acknowledge

Running your energy is the first step!  It helps you stay grounded and clean of other people’s energies. It sets the stage for you personal space and helps in setting your boundaries.

Boundaries…this is easier to discuss in a class room where we can do some guided meditation and walk you through the process… but, think of it as surrounding yourself with light.  You can pick the color of light that means what ever it is you would like your boundaries to invoke or put out to others as well as yourself.  you can also layer your boundaries so you have the closest to you for you only and the outer layer for those you encounter.

Setting aside time.  This really is key. It helps put you in charge of your gift.  Most of us have day jobs and active earthly lives that mean we have to be present for ourself and others.  By setting “time” aside we let spirit know that we want to communicate but not while running a fork lift or driving in traffic.

Back to the key word of the blog today Acknowledgement.  Often like the child hanging on the parents leg…spitit just wants to be acknowledged.  Ignoring them will only make them try harder.  They begin to wonder if you can still hear them, and get louder or more incessant.  That is why three and four go so well together.  By giving them the times that you are “on call” they will become more and more patient therein giving you more control over your own life.

Wow… that is such a condensed version… I hope it makes a little sense.  Pretty much anything we ignore gets bigger and bigger and if you look at it from the viewpoint of love and universal acceptance we all just want to be acknowledged.

Well, that is all for now.  Have a great Tuesday!! 


Everyday Psychic Conference! Join us February 16th!!







I am pretty excited! I hope you will be able to join us!
Together with two other amazing women I have put together a Conference on February 16th, 2013 titled
A Day with Everyday Psychics!

We are very excited about this event. Our intent is to dispel the myths of what it means to be psychic. To help you learn some basic tools so you can access your own inner knowing.

This is an all day event 9:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. The event is hosted in Loveland, Colorado. We are looking forward to traveling to Denver and Colorado Springs in the near future. Check out the website for details on registration!

Conference Details
Registration begins at 9am. The morning session begins at 9:30am with speaker introductions, then a short talk from each about the gifts you already have and how to identify them.
We will have an hour lunch break. There are many local eating spots close to the conference so get outside and enjoy! You are also welcome to bring a sack lunch and stay at the conference center if you prefer.
We open the afternoon session with a panel discussion with all of our speakers and talk about your experiences during your lunch break.

What will the speakers be speaking on?
Each of our speakers will host an experiential workshop demonstrating the concepts and tools you need to access your everyday gifts:

Eva Black Tail Swan — Everyday Medicine People

In this workshop our goal will be to awaken our (Medicine) inner-knowing. Inner-knowing is simply one way of speaking about our in-born intuitive sense, our sixth-sense, our connection to and with the High Place, and our connection with our Higher-Self.

We will use our own voice, our vibration, and the sound and vibration of drums and rattles in combination with intention and simple chants to open and awaken our own inner power (our Medicine). Awakening our inner power opens channels of communication with higher realms and will assist us to clear blocks, receive messages, discern our goals and direction, experience Vision, bring about our own healing, and even manifest the life path that is perfect for us.

Sarina Baptista — Connecting to the Other Side

We are all psychic! We all read energy and we all receive information. What we do with this information can make such a difference in the lives we lead. Sarina will connect to the your loved ones on the other side through gallery style readings and show how to receive messages for yourself. Knowing our loved ones are close and can communicate with us can heal us in so many ways, allowing us to live psychically everyday!

Jonelle Davis — Birth Path, Intuition and Energy!

Your life’s mission is revealed in your birth path number. It is within this number that your dream career and the purpose of your great work is revealed. Understanding the meaning of your birth path number can be a profound realization towards living the life of your dreams.

Using intuition and positive energy every day helps us live up to the mission of your birth path. Meditation is key to tapping into and developing your intuition, so we will talk about how to easily meditate every day, and what questions to ask at the end so that you live up to your life’s work. Jonelle will demonstrate how you can identify your highest vibration self and rely on this energy to make decisions in your life and encourage you to open yourself up to inspiration, spirituality and goodness every day.

Jackie Mihalchick aka Clairvoyant Girl — Necessary Tools for Everyday Psychics

Being psychic doesn’t mean you have all the answers or are now able to heal the world. Learning how to run your energy can help empower your life by healing the self first. Jackie provides you with the tools needed to tap into your own personal power. She will walk you through a guided energy run showing you how to unleash the healer within.

You will learn how your energy flows and how to feel and sense where your energy gets blocked. Jackie will demonstrate why it is important to peel back the layers of self and become aware of how we hold energy. You will also learn how these energetic blockages affect your everyday life.

Michelle DesPres — Higher vs. Lower Living – Living Psychically in Relationship to Others and Honoring Cycles of Time to Create Empowerment and Change

Michelle will demonstrate how to bring your highest and most authentic self into every part of your life. You will discover how to follow your personal as well as collective cycles of time for achieving maximum potential and uncover the progressive techniques for maintaining balance physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually with self, family, friends, intimacy, career, etc. You will also learn how to maintain personal boundaries while honoring the boundaries of others. Michelle will teach you how to use energy to protect yourself, your loved ones, and even your car. You will become your own spiritual authority and partake in the clairvoyant revolution that is reinventing the American ideal.

Love the life your in…you picked it.

End of the season flower I found in the mountains.

I am amazed how fast this month is going. Here it is October 20th, happy Birthday Mom by the way! 🙂 

Thinking of birthdays… do you know that each one of us had a hand in picking our birthdays.  Not only did we have a hand in picking our day of birth, but we picked our life, our families even our astrological sign.  This was not a rash decision either.  We researched and contemplated for what would seem like years to us here on earth.  

I know that many have a really hard time accepting this concept.  Many would wonder…why would I have chosen this… such a hard life for myself?  Many of the experiences we have in our life are lessons, some harder than others. 

We as a spirit body spent an enormous amount of time gathering information and collectively working in spirit to put your individual path together, piece by piece person by person.  Now don’t get me wrong, our life is not all “predetermined” we have free will and choice.  This is why the plan takes so long to put into place, so many variables.  

The Spirit takes a look at where it has been.  Look at all the experiences that it has gathered.  Stronger spirits will take on tougher lessons.  The old saying you are only given as much as you can handle, it is really true.  What about those that leave too early or take themselves out before they seem to be done, you might ask?  That may have been their path?  It is not that they couldn’t handle it any more or were weak.  Possibly the lesson was for those around them.

We all are interconnected.  We are all her to teach each other something.  When our spirit is laying out our plan/path they don’t just sit and plop hurdles and roadblocks.  The intention is to learn things the easiest way, but as a physical body we more often than not do things the hard way.  But when making this plan, there are many people, past connections and new spirits that contract with us.  They all agree to help us fulfill our mission (so to speak) we are all collectively connected in spirit and light. 

Hate, pain, loss, regret are all in our lives for a reason, but so are love, joy, pride, connections, bliss, amazement.  The light and the dark.  Balance.  Sometimes we can get lost in the dark, when that happens we have usually stopped looking within.  Within us all our spirit and light shines.  It is a never-ending flame that no matter how dark it gets, deep within a light will always be there to guide us on our way. 

We create our experiences.  We create our reaction to the life events we experience.  No matter the path that we may have designed for ourselves in spirit, we have always had the power to create how that experience may affect us and how we will choose to react to it.  

I was told in a reading I had a few years back something that really intrigued me.  We were doing past lives and was told that the lifetime they saw was not the normal physical lifetime.  It was of  me as spirit.  She told me as spirit energy we all had jobs so to speak… not like now, but jobs nonetheless.  She said I was one of the master spirits that helped with the creation of the soul path, life plans.  I was an old soul (oracle) that had experienced many, many lifetimes. She also told me that my current life path/plan was chosen to remember and familiarize myself of the challenges and tribulations that the lessons we choose can take in physical form.  She said I wanted to remember and better understand the realities and constraints that we put on ourselves when we are in physical form.  Our spirit know love and healing and the abundance of energy, it is sometimes confused by how hard we make things.  I liked this reading… this life really resonated with me.  I remember it frequently and hold on to the thought. 

Life is beautiful, and we all have things to absorb, transition through, and climb over.  Just know that where ever you are in your life path/plan, you… your higher self, your spirit knew you could do it, knows you can do it.  You just have to remember to not do it alone.  Look within to find your light. Look to the people in your life, they are there for a reason.  Even that stranger you just met or bumped into.  Look outside the traditional and always remember things happen for a reason. And sometimes you have to look even outside yourself and at the big picture. 

Enjoy your Saturday!



Learning to let go.


Learning to let go. The trees do it, why can’t I?

I think Fall is a really good time to look at this lesson. For me this seems to be a tough one. I find that I personally have a really hard time letting go of things, people and even patterns. I know I cannot be the only one! We are out there. I know that there is a bigger picture to all of this. Why we are here. Why I chose the path I did. But for some reason…letting go and taking that step off the cliff is SO very hard to actually do.

When I sit and contemplate this, the message I receive over and over is always the same, it’s an ingrained behavior. It is carried over from not one but many (for me at least) past lives.

I recently read a posts from one of my favorite bloggers(Yamya ~ check her out) and I think she stated it very nicely. On this journey to achieve a higher state of consciousness we need to make sure that we actually take the time and work on healing ourselves. We need to remember to not just push through to the next so-called chapter. So, I am attempting to bring awareness to the issue and work at figuring this inability to let things go, out. Hopefully it may help you look within and figure things out as well.

It confuses me at how I can be spontaneous one minute (in a controlled environment mind you LOL!) and so extremely structured in the next. The point is I have a huge fear of loss. A terrifying fear of losing the ones I love, leaving and being forgotten. I have shared this with friends and loved ones who will sometimes just look at me funny and say Oh come on how could anyone forget you? The point is this feeling, this fear that sits deep within my chest, and is actually real. Based on what I am learning the first place to look to for healing…is my Heart Chakra!

What is it that makes us hold on so tight?

So tight we risk losing all that we hold on to?

Some may say its the “L” word… Love. How can that be really? Love is eternal. The higher I go the more I realize that. How can love make us not let go? In the stories and tales aren’t we supposed to be able to set something free, and if it comes back to you it was yours if it doesn’t it never was. It can’t all be a lie… So, it must be something called fear. I think fear may be the new four letter f word!

I have held too tightly to many things in my life. I don’t want you to think I am talking only about relationships here. I am talking about so much more than just relationships. I am talking about clothing, cars, papers, houses, mementos, letters, jobs… and yes people. We maintain and create all kinds of relationships. Sometimes we can hold on too long to those things. The question for me again is why?

We can all analyze our current lives. And many may find that the solution to our problems can easily be solved right here. Something that spells out the explanation of why our lives turned out the way they did, and why we have some of the issues that we may have. However; sometimes all the self analysis in this world or lifetime won’t fix the underlying issue, since it may be underlying in another lifetime.

For me, I have had numerous readings in my classes by other students, where we have reviewed past lives in each other. The past lifetimes that have been seen for me have stayed fairly consistent. You don’t need to have a past life regression to know that an issue may be from a past life. What you need to do is listen to yourself. Ground yourself and meditate on your issues. What doesn’t make sense to you ask for it to be released from you.

Start with asking your guides to relieve you of this unnecessary block.
Become aware of it, this alone helps to weaken it’s hold on you.
Imagine the best out come…you can do this by removing all the fear, and anxiety that holds you in place.

Next look into balancing your Chakra’s. We will talk more on that soon, I think this gives us a pretty good start. Awareness is always the best start!

Our lessons will keep repeating themselves until we actually learn them. Just something to think about.

Have a good evening…

This little light of mine… defeated my cold…I am going to let it shine!

Sunset on the Mummy Range

A beautiful view of the sun setting on the Mummy Range near my home

I believe things happen to us for a reason. And usually the bigger the thing is that happens, the bigger the reason/ message. That being said I am going to talk to you about my recent cold. Now, I am not saying my cold is a big thing (although my family may think it was, based on how I may have acted). I am saying that with a lot of my newfound clarity and focus I feel have in a way been asked to put  my new knowledge to a test of sorts.

I have been experiencing what I am going to call a speed cold. It has really been odd. here, let me bore you with some details of my cold.

Day 1 (Saturday evening) Head ache, really just felt slightly off .

Day 2 (Sunday) woke in a rather bad mood and to a bad asthma attack a heavy chest (could barely breathe) all day. Very odd, have never that I can recall experienced this before. couldn’t really talk without wheezing. Started losing my voice.

Day 3 (Monday) Breathing issue-GONE.  However today when I woke my throat was beat red and swollen. Went to work  started to feel like your basic head and chest cold. Nose would not stop running.  Drank lots of tea.  Funny how even though I love coffee… plain old black coffee, whenever I am even the slightest bit under the weather, I cannot drink it. I can only drink tea.

Day 4 (Tuesday) massive headache, body aches SOOO amazingly tired. My glands were so swollen that I could see them bulge out when I looked in the mirror. Struggled to even get out of bed. In a matter of 4 days I felt like I went through four uniquely different colds and the flu! It has been the weirdest cold ever! Each day a very SPECIFICALLY different symptom. I had to call in to work Tuesday too… Something I don’t ever do.

Yesterday while I was home on the couch, in between napping and watching TV it all actually started to makes sense.
Here is what I was doing energetically through the last few days.

Day 1 You see I told a friend I was getting sick on Sunday, she said she would take a look at it for me and do a healing.
Day 2 I then used the Dynamind toning technique Becca Chopra talks about in her book (which  really helped ).
Day 3. I repeated the Dynamind technique and also took a deep look at each of the areas affected.  Focussed on clearing those Chakras. Accepted the information I received.
Day 4. I asked for help.  Asked my guides to help me get well.  I saw the trend of the cold. Made note of the changes each day. I felt excited by the progress, how what was being done was working. Each day the symptom I focused on was either completely cleared up or nearly cleared up the very next day.  I told myself that this could not be a coincidence.  It had to be spirit.
Today Day 5 I am blogging about it.  And I will do some reiki on myself as well.

I have been really working on all of my Chakras lately.  Trying to clear up some deeper  issues as well as find a way to open my heart chakra up more. I think this is what started the cold actually.

All of our Chakras can hold congestion. The fourth and fifth Chakra is where we tend to hold the majority of that congestion. I think we tend to filter so much that junk just gets stuck, easily buried.  If you look a little closer at the two Chakras you will see how the symptoms can correspond to the cold symptoms I have mentioned.

The Fourth Chakra– The heart Chakra, this is where we hold our compassion, love, forgiveness and unconditional love for self and others and trust.  When there is an imbalance in any of these areas are health issues will start to manifest themselves such as heart conditions, asthma, lung & breast cancers, thoracic spine, pneumonia, upper back, shoulder problems

The Fifth Chakra This is where we speak our truth. Where we express ourselves for who we are. How truthful we are in doing this can also cause congestion here. The repression of our anger or displeasure by ignoring our feelings through evasive sweet talk, or silence, can manifest into throat imbalances as well such as sore throat, strep throat and laryngitis, thyroid issues to name a few.

I have been spending the last two weeks paying special attention to these two chakras. In this process I have been forced to look a things that have not been looked at for quiet some time, re-evaluate myself and my truth. I had been looking at what was coming up, but not really paying it the attention it needed. I go, go, go.  Working on my Clairvoyant gifts, expanding my views, being a wife, parent, friend, as well as work a 40 plus work week I am burning myself out. I have known this.  Even as it was coming up in meditation I was pushing it aside, trying to get to the next issue. Silly me did not realize that I was not going to get to the next issue (until I actively did something with this one first).

 Being forced to spend the day home on the couch Tuesday,  in and out of a sleep stupor was really the only way I would take a clear look at the messages I was being presented with. It was exactly what I needed.

Yesterday my glands felt like they were about to explode. Everyone of my joints hurt . Today, my cold is lingering. Slight after affects, but hopefully it is on its way out. Truly the experience has been amazing!!!

I think what is happening is that, as I raise my vibrations I am jogging lose all kinds of things I need to deal with. Brining it all to the surface. But by trying to keep my vibrations high, and asking for help from above, this cold was showing me what is possible. That with focus and determination even the things that seem hard to overcome and get past are possible. ALl we have to do is stay intuned with our bodies.  Understand how everything effects us.  By keeping ourselves intuned with spirit we have an amazing healing gift at our mere fingertips, our mind, our soul and all those above us.

Healings are possible. 

Now, I know this is just a simple cold…simple, yet complex at the same time really. It is not like I cured cancer or healed a broken bone. But, I was given an opportunity to see the possibilities, experience it for myself. There is nothing better than validation to keep you coming back for more. We all have the divine light within us, faith is what we need to support the light. Trust will keep it glowing.

This little light of mine… I’m going to let it shine.




Crazy weekend…
Spent a lot of time on the motorcycle.

On our rides this weekend I was once again reminded of my connection to the earth. I love the trees…and all the vegetation, however for me the deepest connection is to the water and the rock…not just crystals…but…all rocks…boulders, sandstone, slate, flagstone.
It calls to me. I see faces in the stone…my heart fills with love and joy. A connection is established. I don’t know why I am surprised by this…but I am…every time I realize it. Now don’t get me wrong, I have a connection with the trees as well. This connection with the trees however was much stronger when I was young. They were my friends. My aspens in my yard today have eyes that can see…that keep me connected.

My goal this year is to unlock the connection with minerals/stone. I seem to have resisted it in the past and am being reminded of our connection.

Crazy how many times that word keeps flowing out of me right now… Connection…connection… We are all connected.. I just never considers rock…living, and felt that I…guess I thought I could not have a connection with it. But the fact is it is living… And I can feel that.

When I think of this…relationship I think of a guide I have… He is a shaman…and every time I have met with him it has been in a field of grass on a big boulder…a rock. This is where we look at each other… Where he looks at me and smirks as he shakes his head at me. As if he is just patiently waiting for it all to click. I ask his name and he just shakes his head no…as if to tell me that I must first remember…that was the deal. No jumping ahead.

Why I decided to make this so difficult for myself I do not know… But I am patient. Part of me remembers him…I know he was my friend, someone I truly trusted. I know he will not break our pact. It is my job to remember…whether I do in this lifetime or not….is another story. There are no guarantees. But…as I see his smirk, his smile…I know that it is just a matter of time.

Some how…I know that my discovery of the connection I have with the rocks…will unveil more to me then I can even comprehend at this time.

Basically we all have parts of our life paths that are yet to be discovered…many of us have no idea what those connection are until we have uncover them…it’s in those ah…ha moments when we peel away the material, earthly Layers of our physical self to expose more of our true spiritual self that we truly begin to shine.
We all just need to remember to be open…open to new ideas and new directions in which to live our lives. Be open to new experiences and ideas…new thoughts and beliefs, this will allow us to remain on the shorter path to enlightenment. No Matt what path you take…or what connections you make or allow in your life…just know it’s the right path for you. For you at that time in your life. Some roads are just more….challenging than others.

Love, light and peace…


Goddess card reading

I sat with my goddess cards tonight and decided to pull some cards for this next week.
My question was what goddesses will best serve me this next week.
Here is what I received.

The first card I pulled was ~ Kali
Representing Endings and Beginnings-the old must be released so that the new can enter.


The next goddess that was presented to me was ~ Butterfly Maiden
Representing Transformation- you are experiencing enormous change right now, which brings great blessings.


The third goddess was ~ Kuan Yin
Representing Compassion – Release judgments about yourself and others, and focus on the love and light that is within everyone.


And the card that jumped out at first was ~ Isolt
Representing Undying Love – The love you have shared is eternal, regardless of the situation.


The messages these goddesses bring to me are deeply appreciated, as well as spot on in what is going on in my life right now. As often as I ask for guidance and support from above, I am still amazed every time….when the message is so clear, as well as full of love.
We need to remember to “ask” for assistance…help…surrender our stress, anxiety, and problems to our guides, angels, god…a higher power. For they love to assist us whenever they can and we allow them.

Thank you goddesses.




In the journey of self improvement and awareness…one of the hardest things we can do is really take a look at what we do.
Lately I have been evaluating my purpose…my life path. Why I am who I am, why I do the things I do…
It’s somewhat easy to cast blame onto those that come into our life and make us uncomfortable…but the really mission is finding out why they make us uncomfortable. Why do we allow it and sometimes encourage it. I have been finding this lesson both interesting and extremely challenging. Interesting because of my ability to detach myself at times and watch the situation I am in or other situations around me. The trick is reminding myself to reattach, that is another post….

Challenging, because just when I think I have something figured out I am challenged with the awareness of my contribution to the issues. I have become more aware that I give myself to situations that I shouldn’t. I become emotionally involved with that, that I shouldn’t… The list goes on. But the question in regards to that list…is why do we do that.

One of my fellow bloggers just wrote a post titled “sorry this makes you uncomfortable” check it out. intuitive one
I think that it fits here…when we don’t live “our” personal truth…we end up causing struggles and roadblocks ultimately for ourselves…which can cause friction…and discord amongst those around you.

My goal right now for the next week…is to practice looking within. For me I am going to refocus. I am going to take a look at the list of things I have personally come up with (for my own contributions to my stress) and start to “refocus” on what and why it is what it is. I am going to think before I react..LOL!!! or should I say I promise to try very hard to Think before I React. I am also going to think about what and why I may feel the way I feel….is it valid? Or is it programming from another lifetime? Am I reacting to something based on another experience or reality..

This introspection will help me clear past chords…or karma…and past life programing that does not serve me any longer. Just by becoming aware of why we do what we do ….or react the way we react…with out doing anything outwardly…will make an enormous difference in our lives.. This is a message I keep getting. Go within to make the outward change.
Think about those summits we have not conquered…was if failure as we first may have perceived it…or could it be they went for us, they didn’t serve us and we switched courses.

Going within can be tough…sometimes once we reveal our true self we are not always happy at what we see… Meaning….many of us layer ourselves with layers and layers of other people’s truths that our own seem so small…so frail. Remember to ground yourself…pull in spirit energy to help guide…remind you of your own truth. Ask for strength to help live your truth. Living your truth can be something as big as your sexuality, your religious beliefs, or as small as not liking certain music, movies, or a specific food. The point is to live honestly and respectfully of yourself and others. Our individual difference is what makes us all so unique and amazing.

That is enough for now… I hope to write more this weekend.




Today I am thinking of blessings.
Today…I feel inspired to remind myself and anyone else who needs reminding, that we all have blessings. It is our job to find them and acknowledge them. To do this is to appreciate them…and understand them.

I have spent a lot of time it seems frustrated and caught up in things that should not matter. I have given myself away in ways that no one but myself are to blame. We can point fingers and frustration at others but really…we have ultimate control of our feelings. the key is remembering what is respecting ourselves and others…and remembering what is important.

I have gotten some really good advice lately…about holding my boundaries…believing in myself and giving myself my space, the right to claim that space.

For a long time now I have felt a strong connection with Mary Magdalin. She is always there as a constant support and guide through many of my lives tribulations. I feel her standing with me…telling me that what others believe or think they believe do not affect us…we affect us, what you believe of your self is what matters. Others will see you for what they want to see you as. For what they need to see you as, so as they can look upon themselves and feel superior. I know my time with her is not yet done…as I am still learning to find myself and be who I am to be.

I was reminded today of a particular story from the bible I remember…where the two Mary’s were visited by Jesus…one Mary cooked and cleaned washed his feet and served Jesus while he spoke to them…while the other sat with Jesus and listened to his stories and talked with him. The other was clearly unhappy about it… Jesus asked why she was so unhappy. She told him how she was disappointed that she did not have more time to talk with him…like the other Mary did. And he asked why she did not spend more time with him…she told him about the cooking, and the cleaning, and how it all needed to be done… He told her that it was her choice. That she could not be jealous of the other Mary…for it was her choice to spend her time the way she did. Ultimately it is our choice what we do…how we do it.

Basically I am sure I have completely messed up the whole message and how it was really represented in the Bible… That is not the point. Sure I could have looked up the passage and quoted it…word for word…but…for me it isn’t the word for word…it’s the translation to my heart that matters. I find that the one thing I need to remind myself over and over is this…it’s that to get angry at others for laughing…relaxing…when I am feeling overwhelmed and working really hard, is not fair. Not fair to the other people….it is my choice. My choice to be focused… In those moments what I need to do is stop. Stop and ask myself…why am I angry? Is it really anger or is it jealousy?

Did I somehow forget that I make my choices? That like the story in the bible…it was my choice to do what I was doing…my choice. We all make choices, everyday…millions of choices. With all the choices we make everyday, it is a really important reminder to make sure we know what we want…what is important to us… Know our priorities…what matters to you…not what is supposed to matter, or what matters to others…or what your paid to matter about. In the end, your (my) frustration could be avoided if I kept my best forward, and balanced in my life. When we don’t… Frustration, anger and jealously will inevitably set in.

Now is the time to manifest our dreams… Imagine it..feel it…live it…manifest it.
Every day every mood every thought we make takes us closer to where we are going.

When we are overwhelmed…we need to remember to stop…silence our mind of all the clutter. Forget our deadlines and external demands…go within and ask ourselves…what is it that we want.

Blessings, I have many blessings in my life. The encouragement I receive from the many loved ones I have that surround and support me in my life are too many to list….and for this I am truly blessed. I have a family that I could not imagine a life with out…. Besides the fact that I have a roof above my head and a steady paycheck…I am thankful for spirit…for the lives I have lived, the experiences that have shaped my life from this life and all others. So many blessings…my freedom, water, earth, sky…the birds, bees…and trees. The rocks and boulders that have been on this earth since the beginning of time….I touch you and am in complete awe…the things you have seen… Your energy moves me in so many ways. Thank you.