Judgement- who really wants to be seen as judgemental?

Michelangelo - Fresco of the Last Judgement

Michelangelo – Fresco of the Last Judgement

How many of you feel that this word should be bolded and in all caps!? JUDGEMENT….

How do you define JUDGMENT Here is Merriam Websters attempt.

1) a : a formal utterance of an authoritative opinion
b : an opinion so pronounced
2) a : a formal decision given by a court
b (1) : an obligation (as a debt) created by the decree of a court
(2) : a certificate evidencing such a decree
3) a: capitalized : the final judging of humankind by God
b : a divine sentence or decision; specifically : a calamity held to be sent by God
4) a : the process of forming an opinion or evaluation by discerning and comparing
b : an opinion or estimate so formed
5) a : the capacity for judging : discernment
: the exercise of this capacity
6) : a proposition stating something believed or asserted

This is a touchy topic. No one really wants to be seen as judgemental… Unfortunately it is much more common to encounter people in your everyday life that are judging us to some extent. It seems sad to say that rarely do we come in contact with someone who is not judgemental (in some way or another).
There are so many hot buttons/topics out there that are attached to judging. I don’t want this discussion to become laden with, the legal system, schools or political views of the far left or far right way of thinking. I want to look at the human aspect of it. The personal aspect of judging. The judging of others (against your views) and the judging of self (against your views as well as the views of others).
This is a painful word. Why is it painful you may be asking? Is it not just a word? There are so many words that when written or spoken can stir up an enormous amount of pain. This word though…when used towards ones self can stunt growth. It can place roadblocks that need not be there. This word stems from fear.
Many times when the word is being used outwardly (internally upon other people) it happens out of fear, and jealousy. There is a root issue attached to the judgement…which inturn stems back to the judging of ones self.
Truthfully none of us is equip to judge someone else.
Let’s look inside the schools for a moment… and take a really basic example we have all had some experience with at one time or another (either as a participant or a witness) .
Someone within a group (of friends) judges the clothing or music or shoes of someone outside of their group, vocally in front of that person for others to hear (this is a very minor example just for discussion purposes, unfortunately situations like this are usually much worse).
Why do they do this? Who are they to judge someone else let alone their personal style? Their choice in music? Who are they to make them feel uncomfortable? What do they have to gain? In this scenario the actions seem pretty straight forward. Lets look at some of the obvious possibilities:
  1. They are picking on someone who appears different to make themselves feel superior.
  2. They wish they had the strength to be their own person.
  3. Their personal anger towards themselves for not having the courage to stand out pushes them to act out, the scenario they fear they would encounter.
  4. They do not feel free to express themselves and be their true self (so why should someone else)
  5. pick on… so you’re not picked on.

I think you get my point in regards to outward judgement.  It is usually an act of fear and jealousy (in an odd way). 

Let’s turn the table around and look at judgement from the dreaded, ever imposing, internal perspective.

JUDGEMENT…The hardest thing we are on ourselves!!  This is the word. the action. the thing that stops us the most besides fear (since they are so very related).

So many of us spend our lives judging ourselves.  Attempting to live by standards that were most likely set into motion by someone other than ourselves.  Ideals placed in our field by our parents and society.  I mean it really is the job of our parents, caregivers to help mold us into the people we are today.  We learn to live by the values of our loved ones.  I am not saying any of that is wrong!!!  Not at all!  Especially since the alternative would be solitude growing up, where we would never be able to choose a side or know right from wrong. 

What I am trying to do here is make you think about your values for a moment. 
Are they truly yours?  Do you believe them?  Do they feel in alignment with your current path…  How does it resonate within your current belief system?   

These are some short sentences that hold some pretty big questions.   I would suggest writing out your ideals, your values, basically the things that instantly come to your mind, that represent a good life, good person. 

Now…put a check mark next to the ones you would expect your friends to live up to.
Next, put a check mark next to the ones that you expect yourself to live up to.  

Now… look at this list. Does it seem complete… all the check marks where they need to be?  You may be thinking… where are you going with this?  Well, if you have two check marks next to each item on your list this is great.  Possibly you are in alignment.  Why do I say possibly???  Because we have a few of these lists… and the expectations with the items on the lists seem to change.   But it is a great check point to become more aware of your ideals, your values. 

The next thing to think about is what holds you back from doing something that does not affect your value system. 
let me give you some examples….

I would like to quit my job.  I don’t , because I am afraid that it would make me a quitter, a failure. 
NOW , If my friend were to say to me.  I really want to quit my job and do (blank).  I would counsel her to do what makes her happy.  That she would not be a quitter by moving in the direction her heart was pointing her.  I would ask her why she would consider herself a failure?  I would empower her to be who she was ment to be. 

I have decided to hold myself to a standard that I do not hold my friends at…why?  Why would we judge ourselves in a way we would never judge someone else? 

Here is another example:

I do not like to cry.  I hold my tears in.  When I start to cry, I get angry at myself and feel like I am weak.  I tell myself nothing good comes from crying.  Weak…weak… overly emotional…woman.  Float in head.  LOL!  Granted I know this is an issue and topic all on its own, but I digress… back to the example.  NOW, the scenario changes and a good friend comes to me with an issue.  They are crying…and they start to apologize for crying.  I stop them and tell them not to apologize.  They need to cry, release it. Feel it.  Let it out.  They say, I feel like such a baby though… I tell them that they are anything but.  All the while in my heart I feel so much love and compassion for this person.  I do not feel judgement… I do not look at them as weak…or overly emotional or as being “female”…NOT AT ALL.  Why is it easier to be accepting of this behavior with someone else but not in myself/ourself? 

Now these were just personal examples to try to make my point.  Each of us have different situations that they can possibly relate to.  Just as we each have different standards to which we attempt to live our lives.  Are these standards on your list?  Are these standards yours or expectations others placed upon you?  In the two situations above I have personally asked myself… do you think you are better than them? My answer is always no…I dont.  I just expect more from myself. 

I think part of it is judgement…and part of it is really knowing what we are personally capable of… we forget to be forgiving to ourselves.  We forget to hold our self in a compassionate stance.  

I know this became a truly long blog post… I am sorry.  I could go on…and on…and on, however… It all goes back to what I have been talking about in my last series of posts… We need to look within, learn who we are. 

Remember when doing any self work… we need to hold our space with  neutrality and amusement.  
Release expectations and let things flow.  The best advice I can give you is to give yourselves the advice, and understanding that we would give our dearest friend…our children. 

Love and light~


Good Morning Moon

full moon
Funny but I knew today was going to be a good day before I even got out of bed.

Granted I could have thought the complete opposite given my sleepless night. From 11:40pm till 4:40am I was up every hour on the hour last night. Awakening with a sense of completion. I would feel refreshed and ready to start my day. Only after looking at the time would become tired once again and gratefully drift back to sleep. I would also go right back to the same dream I was having.

When 4:40 came I was ready for the day, however by this time I was also very tired and confused by my spirits eager anticipation for its arrival.

It wasn’t until I was backing out of my driveway at 6:40 (interesting time patter here) that I noticed the Moon in its full beautiful glory shining ever so brightly to the west just above the mountains.
I actually stopped at the bottom of my driveway. I was so enthralled with its beauty instead of heading east (like I would normally) I used the west exit of our subdivision, just so I could enjoy the moon for a minute or so more.

Today is the full moon. Cancer Full Moon: Fri. Dec. 28, 2012,
Sun 7.06 Capricorn, Moon 7.06 Cancer

This is the 13th moon of 2012, a rare and cool event.  A morning I was definitely not suppose to miss. A day of celebration of all the work that has been accomplished this year.

This is the cold winter moon of December and I will tell you…It was cold this morning!

This moon prompts us to take a look at one what we started with the new moon and make sure we are still on the right path, as well as, realize our highest truth and drop all that is no longer serving us. We may be prompted to re-evaluate our relationships with others as well as our self. Look at where we are spending our time, and find balance. This time of year it can be hard to not lose sight on our goals as it can be chaotic and hectic at the very least. It is important to take some time alone, in your room, to be still and allow the breath to flow through you.

This morning, the instant I saw the moon, I was connected. I felt as though I was drawn to it, part of it. This feeling of being on the right path overwhelmed me. I felt as though I had passed one very important soul test. I was moving forward towards a new beginning, a new tomorrow with my eyes wide open and my heart ready for action.

We all are really. We have been working hard this year and this moon also symbolize the ending of what was and what no longer is.

I have spent a lot of time this past year working on my Heart Chakra, self acceptance, and understanding the patterns and choices in my life. Today I feel secure that this work has not been done in vain. It was needed for this next phase.

The emotions that keep floating to the service right now are ones of gratitude…deep fullfuling GRATITUDE.

Thank you Mr. Moon.

Namaste~ Clairvoyant Girl

Love the life your in…you picked it.

End of the season flower I found in the mountains.

I am amazed how fast this month is going. Here it is October 20th, happy Birthday Mom by the way! 🙂 

Thinking of birthdays… do you know that each one of us had a hand in picking our birthdays.  Not only did we have a hand in picking our day of birth, but we picked our life, our families even our astrological sign.  This was not a rash decision either.  We researched and contemplated for what would seem like years to us here on earth.  

I know that many have a really hard time accepting this concept.  Many would wonder…why would I have chosen this… such a hard life for myself?  Many of the experiences we have in our life are lessons, some harder than others. 

We as a spirit body spent an enormous amount of time gathering information and collectively working in spirit to put your individual path together, piece by piece person by person.  Now don’t get me wrong, our life is not all “predetermined” we have free will and choice.  This is why the plan takes so long to put into place, so many variables.  

The Spirit takes a look at where it has been.  Look at all the experiences that it has gathered.  Stronger spirits will take on tougher lessons.  The old saying you are only given as much as you can handle, it is really true.  What about those that leave too early or take themselves out before they seem to be done, you might ask?  That may have been their path?  It is not that they couldn’t handle it any more or were weak.  Possibly the lesson was for those around them.

We all are interconnected.  We are all her to teach each other something.  When our spirit is laying out our plan/path they don’t just sit and plop hurdles and roadblocks.  The intention is to learn things the easiest way, but as a physical body we more often than not do things the hard way.  But when making this plan, there are many people, past connections and new spirits that contract with us.  They all agree to help us fulfill our mission (so to speak) we are all collectively connected in spirit and light. 

Hate, pain, loss, regret are all in our lives for a reason, but so are love, joy, pride, connections, bliss, amazement.  The light and the dark.  Balance.  Sometimes we can get lost in the dark, when that happens we have usually stopped looking within.  Within us all our spirit and light shines.  It is a never-ending flame that no matter how dark it gets, deep within a light will always be there to guide us on our way. 

We create our experiences.  We create our reaction to the life events we experience.  No matter the path that we may have designed for ourselves in spirit, we have always had the power to create how that experience may affect us and how we will choose to react to it.  

I was told in a reading I had a few years back something that really intrigued me.  We were doing past lives and was told that the lifetime they saw was not the normal physical lifetime.  It was of  me as spirit.  She told me as spirit energy we all had jobs so to speak… not like now, but jobs nonetheless.  She said I was one of the master spirits that helped with the creation of the soul path, life plans.  I was an old soul (oracle) that had experienced many, many lifetimes. She also told me that my current life path/plan was chosen to remember and familiarize myself of the challenges and tribulations that the lessons we choose can take in physical form.  She said I wanted to remember and better understand the realities and constraints that we put on ourselves when we are in physical form.  Our spirit know love and healing and the abundance of energy, it is sometimes confused by how hard we make things.  I liked this reading… this life really resonated with me.  I remember it frequently and hold on to the thought. 

Life is beautiful, and we all have things to absorb, transition through, and climb over.  Just know that where ever you are in your life path/plan, you… your higher self, your spirit knew you could do it, knows you can do it.  You just have to remember to not do it alone.  Look within to find your light. Look to the people in your life, they are there for a reason.  Even that stranger you just met or bumped into.  Look outside the traditional and always remember things happen for a reason. And sometimes you have to look even outside yourself and at the big picture. 

Enjoy your Saturday!



Motorcycle meditation and the topic of Memories….


Yesterday I finally got a chance to be out on the motorcycle again…It has been FAR to long since the last ride. How do I know this? My backside told me so!
While riding around the beautiful reservoirs and foothills that I am so fortunate to live by, my mind started to wander like it usually does. Something along the ride triggered a childhood memory for me.
When I was young I lived in many different locations growing up, the memory I came upon yesterday was one from a time in my life that I was full of imagination and creativity. I cannot remember the exact age I was in this memory flash, and really it doesn’t matter.
The flash of memory was of me sitting on the front steps of someone’s house. I remembered sitting here often. I do not remember the name of the owner of the house….I am not sure I ever knew her name. I think I remember her as an old woman that I believe lived in the house alone. I was not close to this woman; however she may have had me in for cookies once or twice.
This front step of hers was a place of solitude and contemplation for me. This much I remember. I recall sitting there thinking … I sat here many times in this phase of my childhood…thinking… wondering about the trees, the grass, God…and the world.
This flash of a memory prompted me to start to think about memories in general. I thought of conversations with my own children, about events and things we did in there childhood. Conversations like “do you remember that time….” and when they would respond “no, I don’t remember that”. I started to think…what activities in our lifetime get chosen as memories? What is it that triggers something in your life that it quantifies a place in your active memory?
I say “active” memory, because I believe all record of our past and current lives are kept in chronological order in our Akashic Records. Putting the Akashic records aside for another blog topic for now, lets think about our current life…”active” memories.
We have all had a memory flash that could range from something very important or momentous in our life, to the flash of something so seemingly insignificant that you just have to stop and wonder. Why that memory?
When I started this post I really didn’t have a clue to the answer to my question. Now however as I type my guides are telling me that nothing is insignificant. Every thing in every life matters and makes up a choice. Maybe that flash seems nonchalant and unimportant… when in fact it could have been a turning point in your physical life or your mental body. A choice may have been made effecting the direction your life was to take. Every event provides choices and options. Subconsciously these moments are grand and momentous and moments to treasure however; in our conscious mind they may seem like an everyday experience, when really they are pinpoints on our path. The same life path we created for our self before we were even born. I guess you could call them spiritual check points. Points along the way we have preselected as gauges for our spirit to check in are we on our planned path, or have we taken yet another detour? They are points along the way for us to remember that moment…remember that point in our life and proceed from there in the direction we have chosen. Funny but it could be something as simple as stopping at the store and purchasing a sucker… some gas….or holding open a door for a stranger.
It makes me appreciate and treasure these things we call memories. I know that I will now look at them differently. I will look at them as precious gifts as well as incredible little mysteries in the thing called my life…
As for my specific memory flash that prompted all this. I spent a lot of time as a child thinking within as much as I did talking… (and for people who have known me throughout my life know that I did and do love to talk!) I think for me the flash of memory of me sitting on the front step is a reminder for me that I am on the right path. I have reconnected to my spirit (that little girl) sitting, thinking, contemplating. And that makes me smile inside and out.
Enjoy your day! I hope to enjoy a little more solitude and meditation today on the back of our Road King Classic…look out mountains, look out spirit world…here I come again.