The motion of moving forward instead of backwards.


I was thinking about progress. The motion of moving forward instead of backwards. You know, that moment in time, when you are standing at the edge of a cliff with no path in sight. Sure you could turn around and go back the way you came… but why? Why move forward to only go back?

It is easy to talk about how one should trust, have faith, and courage… but when it’s your turn…and your standing there… with your feet on the edge, well… it can feel next to impossible.

What I am realizing though is that moments like this are beautiful. They are rare and to be treasured…savored and embraced. Stand there…appreciate and process where you have arrived. Acknowledge what you have gone through to get there. Celebrate your journey. When we take the time and appreciate all that we have been through to get to this particular place we begin to feel the excitement of what is next to come. This reflection allows us to value and validate the pain we encountered along the way…it lets us know it had a purpose.

No one ever said you couldn’t just stand there and ponder a while. Processing the journey gives us added courage and faith to take that next unchartered step. That “leap of faith” that so many speak of so flippantly.

I am finding (as I stand here…at the edge of my path) that the current cycle of time we are in is all about momentum… thrusting us forward with the slightest bit of motion. I would like to think that come the month of May things will slow down a bit…but I am convinced that we are in some kind of time warp. 2013 is proving to be about motion…movement. It is as though as soon as you think you have a plan and something figured out…some one picks up the snow globe and shake the hell out of it!

We are being tested and taught to actually go with the flow. To set a plan, set into motion and then be willing or able to see the change needed, and react. We are being challenged to think on our feet and trust our gut. Our intuition has been speaking to us for years… and for the most part we have been listening. We have taken a very slow and methodical approach to our intuition. Now it feels as though my reflexes are being tested. Like the giant game of whack a mole. I need to be alert and able to listen to my intuition and react.

The thing is with all this movement doesn’t mean we are not completing anything and just changing directions or our minds, mind you. What is happening is with the momentum that is behind our intentions right now we are creating nearly as fast as we are intending. So it is more of a process of Think – Act – Complete, 1-2-3 Done.

Keeping in the forefront of our minds that what we are thinking we are starting to create even before we start the physical process of creating or acting it out. Many times by the time we think we are starting something we thought about, it is really already nearing completion and we are not necessary ready or prepared for it.

basically this blog post is about remembering to be in the moment. Fear not the direction you are going. Trust your intuition, and yourself. Take those leaps of faith…for this year there will be many of them along our paths.

As I am writing this blog, I keep hearing the song that Kris Kringle sang to Winter in the 1970’s Holiday special “When Santa Clause Comes To Town” In the song even though they are talking about changing from “good to bad” I think it really fits, for it is about believing in ones self. Taking that leap of faith that anything is possible, with the right mindset.

[Speech from the special]
Winter: I really am a mean, and despicable creature at heart you know. It’s difficult to [sniff] really change.
Kris: Difficult? [chuckles] Why, why look here, changing from bad to good is as easy as taking your first step.

Put one foot in front of the other
And soon you’ll be walking ‘cross the floor.
You put one foot in front of the other
And soon you’ll be walking out the door.

You never will get where you’re going
If ya never get up on your feet.
Come on, there’s a good tail wind blowin’
A fast walking man is hard to beat.


If you want to change your direction,
If your time of life is at hand,
Well, don’t be the rule, be the exception
A good way to start is to stand.


Winter: If I want to change the reflection
I see in the mirror each morn…
Kris: Oh, you do.
Winter: You mean that it’s just my election?
Kris: Just that.
Winter: To vote for a chance to be reformed? Woo-hoo!

[Chorus 2x]



Sometimes I wonder who I am… and then I have the craziest dream…


Sometimes I wonder where I am…Who I am…Do I fit in…

The truth is the only question that matters is “who am I” the others don’t matter. The others just cause us sadness when we dwell or try to fit in. The strength needed for us to realize that all we need is to be who we were meant to be, is enormous for most.

So often we spend such a large part, if not our whole life worrying about trying to fit in that we forget to live and be who we are or were meant to be. I keep getting the message that it is time to stop conforming to a mold that is outdated. We need to refocus our intentions to living our life, not narrating it or analysing it…living it.

Make the necessary changes needed to open yourself up. I have been periodically listening to YouTube videos on Abraham Hicks… I am really loving the message. The are so…simple. yet we so often over look or miss them. This is one I listened to today.

I woke up this morning not wanting to really get up (this happens most days LOL! ) today it was for a different reason. I was having the most peculiar dream. I got up and dismissed it… went about my day feeling slightly off. Being extra aware of not really “fitting” in, yes…we all feel this way at times. But as the day progressed and after listening to the Abraham Hicks video, I was at lunch talking to a friend when my dream hit me again.

I realized I needed to take a longer look at it. This is what I dreamt last night.
I had the most interesting dream last night.

I dreamt I was riding this horse through the woods…up and down a mountainous terrain. It was beautiful yet there was a reason for the ride. It felt like a hunt.
I had others with me, and I recall talking with them but I do not remember what was said. We agreed on something, then I dug my heels into my horse (so I thought it was a horse) and took off in a direction on my own. I remember getting tired of the journey and resting my head on my horses main (again…so I thought). this is when I noticed that the main was not like that of a normal horse. It was soft and fur like, fluffy and so very comfortable. My hands sunk into the sandy colored mounds of fluffy fur. I then, opened my eyes and saw that I was not holding on or riding what I thought to be a giant magnificent horse, but a mighty lion. Larger than any lion I had ever seen before.
I found my self extremely comforted, not at all afraid as one might think you would be on the back of a mighty lion. I dug my hands and arms in deeper and rested my head in his main. I felt comfortable, and deeply tired. It felt safe. I remember riding off…seeing myself holding on to this beautiful majestic creature,my larger than life lion…confidently and full of love. We belonged together.

This was my dream…


All afternoon I kept thinking about this dream…this lion, and how comfortable I felt. I went on a mission of needing to know what it meant. I began looking up dream symbolism and found many things that really seemed to make sense… I was actually surprised to have found something that actually said ” To ride one, denotes courage and persistency in surmounting difficulties” this seemed to really click. I kept searching… I went to one of my favorite sites Whats your Sign and found this.

When the lion comes to us it is a sign for us to step into our natural birthright of power. Each of us is born powerful and divine. The lion reminds us of this.

Other messages the lion shares with us:

  • Hold your head high – even in times of conflict – conduct yourself with dignity
  • Stand tall, remember your birthright of power
  • Perhaps it’s time to show your authority (not in a dominating way) but lead others with a loving heart
  • It may be time to defend something that is dear to your heart – defend it fiercely if you must.
  • Have courage, have faith.

While I kept searching for the answer to my dream I knew inside that the real answer always lies within us. I chuckled at myself and decided to break my dream down. It began to make som much sense. So to save you the time I ran myself through… I thought I would share the steps that I (eventually) run myself through that REALLY always helps me understand its meaning.

To really figure out your dream try following these simple steps:

  1. To start…write it out. Jot down as much detail as you can.
  2. Now begin to disect it if you remember enough of it, in halve, thirds fourths…what ever you need based on its legnth.
  3. Ask yourself how you felt about an event, or encounter.
  4. What reaction does it invoke with in you?
  5. Does it prompt you to think of something else in your life unrelated to the dream?
  6. Who or what does it remind you of.
  7. If none of these help… try explaining your dream out loud to someone (who will listen) and explain it to them as if they were an alien from another planet and you had to really explain in detatil the simplist things in the dream. This will sometimes help to break down the drama or wow factor of the dream and help you see it from a very basic perspective.
  8. Then as I did…you can look it up on the internet and see what you find (you would be amazed at what is out there) the thing is with the internet…like I said earlier. Your dreams are just that…yours. Your symbolism is not going to be the same and mine or your neighbors or even your best friends. We are all unique in that we carry attachments to many things in many different ways.

The big message here is our dreams carry custamized messages big, small and everything inbetween for us to learn from or be reminded of. Even when they seem to make no sense at all there is something to it. It is not just the stuff you ate before bed! Learning how to decode your own symbolism is the best way to figure out your message.

So tap in… keep a dream log. Listen and see what you learn. Just maybe you will be awaken to the you, you left behind. The person that you have been trying to make fit in.

When you close your eyes tonight… ask for a message, an answer… see what you get. Remember, it takes practice for some to get back in touch with our subconscious…

Judgement- who really wants to be seen as judgemental?

Michelangelo - Fresco of the Last Judgement

Michelangelo – Fresco of the Last Judgement

How many of you feel that this word should be bolded and in all caps!? JUDGEMENT….

How do you define JUDGMENT Here is Merriam Websters attempt.

1) a : a formal utterance of an authoritative opinion
b : an opinion so pronounced
2) a : a formal decision given by a court
b (1) : an obligation (as a debt) created by the decree of a court
(2) : a certificate evidencing such a decree
3) a: capitalized : the final judging of humankind by God
b : a divine sentence or decision; specifically : a calamity held to be sent by God
4) a : the process of forming an opinion or evaluation by discerning and comparing
b : an opinion or estimate so formed
5) a : the capacity for judging : discernment
: the exercise of this capacity
6) : a proposition stating something believed or asserted

This is a touchy topic. No one really wants to be seen as judgemental… Unfortunately it is much more common to encounter people in your everyday life that are judging us to some extent. It seems sad to say that rarely do we come in contact with someone who is not judgemental (in some way or another).
There are so many hot buttons/topics out there that are attached to judging. I don’t want this discussion to become laden with, the legal system, schools or political views of the far left or far right way of thinking. I want to look at the human aspect of it. The personal aspect of judging. The judging of others (against your views) and the judging of self (against your views as well as the views of others).
This is a painful word. Why is it painful you may be asking? Is it not just a word? There are so many words that when written or spoken can stir up an enormous amount of pain. This word though…when used towards ones self can stunt growth. It can place roadblocks that need not be there. This word stems from fear.
Many times when the word is being used outwardly (internally upon other people) it happens out of fear, and jealousy. There is a root issue attached to the judgement…which inturn stems back to the judging of ones self.
Truthfully none of us is equip to judge someone else.
Let’s look inside the schools for a moment… and take a really basic example we have all had some experience with at one time or another (either as a participant or a witness) .
Someone within a group (of friends) judges the clothing or music or shoes of someone outside of their group, vocally in front of that person for others to hear (this is a very minor example just for discussion purposes, unfortunately situations like this are usually much worse).
Why do they do this? Who are they to judge someone else let alone their personal style? Their choice in music? Who are they to make them feel uncomfortable? What do they have to gain? In this scenario the actions seem pretty straight forward. Lets look at some of the obvious possibilities:
  1. They are picking on someone who appears different to make themselves feel superior.
  2. They wish they had the strength to be their own person.
  3. Their personal anger towards themselves for not having the courage to stand out pushes them to act out, the scenario they fear they would encounter.
  4. They do not feel free to express themselves and be their true self (so why should someone else)
  5. pick on… so you’re not picked on.

I think you get my point in regards to outward judgement.  It is usually an act of fear and jealousy (in an odd way). 

Let’s turn the table around and look at judgement from the dreaded, ever imposing, internal perspective.

JUDGEMENT…The hardest thing we are on ourselves!!  This is the word. the action. the thing that stops us the most besides fear (since they are so very related).

So many of us spend our lives judging ourselves.  Attempting to live by standards that were most likely set into motion by someone other than ourselves.  Ideals placed in our field by our parents and society.  I mean it really is the job of our parents, caregivers to help mold us into the people we are today.  We learn to live by the values of our loved ones.  I am not saying any of that is wrong!!!  Not at all!  Especially since the alternative would be solitude growing up, where we would never be able to choose a side or know right from wrong. 

What I am trying to do here is make you think about your values for a moment. 
Are they truly yours?  Do you believe them?  Do they feel in alignment with your current path…  How does it resonate within your current belief system?   

These are some short sentences that hold some pretty big questions.   I would suggest writing out your ideals, your values, basically the things that instantly come to your mind, that represent a good life, good person. 

Now…put a check mark next to the ones you would expect your friends to live up to.
Next, put a check mark next to the ones that you expect yourself to live up to.  

Now… look at this list. Does it seem complete… all the check marks where they need to be?  You may be thinking… where are you going with this?  Well, if you have two check marks next to each item on your list this is great.  Possibly you are in alignment.  Why do I say possibly???  Because we have a few of these lists… and the expectations with the items on the lists seem to change.   But it is a great check point to become more aware of your ideals, your values. 

The next thing to think about is what holds you back from doing something that does not affect your value system. 
let me give you some examples….

I would like to quit my job.  I don’t , because I am afraid that it would make me a quitter, a failure. 
NOW , If my friend were to say to me.  I really want to quit my job and do (blank).  I would counsel her to do what makes her happy.  That she would not be a quitter by moving in the direction her heart was pointing her.  I would ask her why she would consider herself a failure?  I would empower her to be who she was ment to be. 

I have decided to hold myself to a standard that I do not hold my friends at…why?  Why would we judge ourselves in a way we would never judge someone else? 

Here is another example:

I do not like to cry.  I hold my tears in.  When I start to cry, I get angry at myself and feel like I am weak.  I tell myself nothing good comes from crying.  Weak…weak… overly emotional…woman.  Float in head.  LOL!  Granted I know this is an issue and topic all on its own, but I digress… back to the example.  NOW, the scenario changes and a good friend comes to me with an issue.  They are crying…and they start to apologize for crying.  I stop them and tell them not to apologize.  They need to cry, release it. Feel it.  Let it out.  They say, I feel like such a baby though… I tell them that they are anything but.  All the while in my heart I feel so much love and compassion for this person.  I do not feel judgement… I do not look at them as weak…or overly emotional or as being “female”…NOT AT ALL.  Why is it easier to be accepting of this behavior with someone else but not in myself/ourself? 

Now these were just personal examples to try to make my point.  Each of us have different situations that they can possibly relate to.  Just as we each have different standards to which we attempt to live our lives.  Are these standards on your list?  Are these standards yours or expectations others placed upon you?  In the two situations above I have personally asked myself… do you think you are better than them? My answer is always no…I dont.  I just expect more from myself. 

I think part of it is judgement…and part of it is really knowing what we are personally capable of… we forget to be forgiving to ourselves.  We forget to hold our self in a compassionate stance.  

I know this became a truly long blog post… I am sorry.  I could go on…and on…and on, however… It all goes back to what I have been talking about in my last series of posts… We need to look within, learn who we are. 

Remember when doing any self work… we need to hold our space with  neutrality and amusement.  
Release expectations and let things flow.  The best advice I can give you is to give yourselves the advice, and understanding that we would give our dearest friend…our children. 

Love and light~

Everyday Psychic Conference! Join us February 16th!!







I am pretty excited! I hope you will be able to join us!
Together with two other amazing women I have put together a Conference on February 16th, 2013 titled
A Day with Everyday Psychics!

We are very excited about this event. Our intent is to dispel the myths of what it means to be psychic. To help you learn some basic tools so you can access your own inner knowing.

This is an all day event 9:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. The event is hosted in Loveland, Colorado. We are looking forward to traveling to Denver and Colorado Springs in the near future. Check out the website for details on registration!

Conference Details
Registration begins at 9am. The morning session begins at 9:30am with speaker introductions, then a short talk from each about the gifts you already have and how to identify them.
We will have an hour lunch break. There are many local eating spots close to the conference so get outside and enjoy! You are also welcome to bring a sack lunch and stay at the conference center if you prefer.
We open the afternoon session with a panel discussion with all of our speakers and talk about your experiences during your lunch break.

What will the speakers be speaking on?
Each of our speakers will host an experiential workshop demonstrating the concepts and tools you need to access your everyday gifts:

Eva Black Tail Swan — Everyday Medicine People

In this workshop our goal will be to awaken our (Medicine) inner-knowing. Inner-knowing is simply one way of speaking about our in-born intuitive sense, our sixth-sense, our connection to and with the High Place, and our connection with our Higher-Self.

We will use our own voice, our vibration, and the sound and vibration of drums and rattles in combination with intention and simple chants to open and awaken our own inner power (our Medicine). Awakening our inner power opens channels of communication with higher realms and will assist us to clear blocks, receive messages, discern our goals and direction, experience Vision, bring about our own healing, and even manifest the life path that is perfect for us.

Sarina Baptista — Connecting to the Other Side

We are all psychic! We all read energy and we all receive information. What we do with this information can make such a difference in the lives we lead. Sarina will connect to the your loved ones on the other side through gallery style readings and show how to receive messages for yourself. Knowing our loved ones are close and can communicate with us can heal us in so many ways, allowing us to live psychically everyday!

Jonelle Davis — Birth Path, Intuition and Energy!

Your life’s mission is revealed in your birth path number. It is within this number that your dream career and the purpose of your great work is revealed. Understanding the meaning of your birth path number can be a profound realization towards living the life of your dreams.

Using intuition and positive energy every day helps us live up to the mission of your birth path. Meditation is key to tapping into and developing your intuition, so we will talk about how to easily meditate every day, and what questions to ask at the end so that you live up to your life’s work. Jonelle will demonstrate how you can identify your highest vibration self and rely on this energy to make decisions in your life and encourage you to open yourself up to inspiration, spirituality and goodness every day.

Jackie Mihalchick aka Clairvoyant Girl — Necessary Tools for Everyday Psychics

Being psychic doesn’t mean you have all the answers or are now able to heal the world. Learning how to run your energy can help empower your life by healing the self first. Jackie provides you with the tools needed to tap into your own personal power. She will walk you through a guided energy run showing you how to unleash the healer within.

You will learn how your energy flows and how to feel and sense where your energy gets blocked. Jackie will demonstrate why it is important to peel back the layers of self and become aware of how we hold energy. You will also learn how these energetic blockages affect your everyday life.

Michelle DesPres — Higher vs. Lower Living – Living Psychically in Relationship to Others and Honoring Cycles of Time to Create Empowerment and Change

Michelle will demonstrate how to bring your highest and most authentic self into every part of your life. You will discover how to follow your personal as well as collective cycles of time for achieving maximum potential and uncover the progressive techniques for maintaining balance physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually with self, family, friends, intimacy, career, etc. You will also learn how to maintain personal boundaries while honoring the boundaries of others. Michelle will teach you how to use energy to protect yourself, your loved ones, and even your car. You will become your own spiritual authority and partake in the clairvoyant revolution that is reinventing the American ideal.

I would be proud to be a goose…how about you?

I keep seeing 4 Geese flying along side of me or right above me, so I decided to investigate a little.

I went to one of my favorite sites to get some insight on this sign I keep receiving, down to the number of Geese and the Geese themselves.  To see exactly what she had to say check out her site

Four represents balance. 
You can look at it many different ways. 
The elements: Earth, Wind, Water and Fire.
Direction: North, South, East and West.  
Self: Physical Body, Spiritual Body, Emotional Body, and the Mental Body.  

Balance is key for all kinds of growth. 

Now for the beautiful attributes of the Goose.  My heart swelled with love when I read about the Goose.  I was not expecting this type of reaction.  Below are the key words associated with the goose.

Some Key words that represent the Goose:

  • Communication
  • Determination
  • Fellowship
  • Teamwork
  • Confidence
  • Protection
  • Bravery
  • Loyalty

For me what struck me just so was the loyalty she describes.  They will stay with each other till the end.  They will never be left alone.  
My personal message in all of this is two-fold.  Now is the time for me to embark on my new journey.  But in doing so I must not lose sight of my family or the people who are in my life.  I must be confident in my choices and communicate my intentions.  The bravery and determination play in to all aspects of our lives and I must remember to be brave in embracing the new and unknown while showing fierce determination to follow through. 

The protection piece is simple for me, I will protect my family forever.  While I have a breath to breath and even when I am no longer on this plane. 

A friend of mine recently did a reading for me to help me through my surgery and to help me understand what transitions and transformations I am currently undergoing.  She helped me see the sense in many things that were happening to my body as well as my spirit body.  collaboration was a big message.  Which matches up with the Goose.  It is a strong reminder of teamwork, collaborating, and fellowship.  It is a reminder of the work that is to be done. But most importantly it is a reminder that we wont be working alone.

I also know that the meaning and symbology of the goose is not just for me.  While at work today (looking up the symbology of the goose) a coworker of mine told me a story of how just the other night a goose flew into his windshield!  I could not help but chuckle to myself. Why you might be asking? Because for all the doubts I had before I looked up the symbology (and I had many.  I kept thinking, it is not a sign there are tons of geese, of course you’re seeing geese) his story erased all my doubts.  They are a sign.  To me and each and every one of us!

They remind us to forge ahead with confidence and bravery. they’re fiercely protective of their young and are compassionate keepers of their communities.   We need to stand up and learn to effectively communicate to our fellow-man and we need to work together as a team.  We need to remember where we came from, who we are and what we truly believe in.  

The goose seems to have gotten a bad rap, but there is a reason they are making their presence known…we need to look to what they represent and then look within and see if we are following the Goose’s lead. 

The number four in relation to the Goose for all of us is to remember that balance is the key.  We must keep ourselves grounded as well as connected to spirit.  We must not get caught up fighting for something that we are not fully vested in, or we will lose sight on the real issues.  We must balance our lives to be able to balance our communities.  Take action but don’t forget or lose sight on the original reason the action was taken.  Remain open-minded. 

Being grounded is key to receiving spirit and being able to listen to the voice within.  Passion is a purposeful fire, but like fire with out a border or boundary it can burn out of control, balance is what keeps that passion within control. 

Have a wonderful weekend and ponder if you can on the goose. 


Following our path.









I noticed a bird yesterday… following the road above my car.  It was a beautiful Black Raven, he was weaving in and out to avoid the tree tops but definitely following the road.  For awhile he was above us then in front of us, he was a big and beautiful Raven.  Even with his occasional sway you could tell that he was on such a sure mission. Instead of creating a flight pattern of his own he was following the road below him, laid out in front of us both.  Captivated by his distinct direction, I started to contemplate the symbolism. 

It seemed to confirm and assure me that I was on the right path. Headed in the right direction.  To not doubt or turn back just because somethings seems to be blocking your way.  That even when it looks like I am no longer in the clear, to remember to be flexible enough to not be knocked off course by the occasional stray branch.  To forge ahead, all the while remembering to go with the ebb and flow of life. 

This is a good message.  Some thing we all can take a look at in our own lives.  Where are you on your proverbial path?  Are you still headed in the right direction?  All the intentions you have been setting, are they in your best interest? Are you keeping in mind that what we ponder and intend today will directly affect the direction we continue in tomorrow? 

I have pondered these things a lot lately. I have found that I have hesitantly moved into unfamiliar yet passionate territory. All the while wondering am I moving in the right direction?  I have noticed that with the best intentions I have seemingly chosen to take baby steps.  These steps have allow me to change direction at any time.  They have also allowed me to inched myself  forward, but not with the vigilance that I now know I need to emit.   

Looking up at this often regarded dark bird confirmed the magic of it all. It ignited the confidence that I needed to be awakened.

I read somewhere that the Raven, in accordance with Celtic symbolism, is believed to be a sign that something special, but unexpected will happen. Something is yet to come.  What arrives depends solely on us.  I know that I want change.  I am ready to move in the direction that calls to my heart.  My first intention for the new year will be to share my light, expand my gift by not filtering.  Happily I will follow this path, and eventually when the path is no longer there(or no longer needed) I will create my own. 

Have a wonderful week! Happy belated Thanksgiving to all my followers, I am incredibly thankful for each and every one of you.  Besides my Facebook followers(friends) I have almost reached 100 followers.  This is truly  amazing to me.  Thank you for listening, and thank you for sharing your thoughts and opening me up to your blogs. 

Lots of Love~

aka Clairvoyant Girl

Are we alone in our thoughts?

Photo taken at a herb garden in a little Oregon town.


My daughter text me something  last week that is still bouncing around in my head.

“I sometimes forget that other people have things going on in their own life. That they don’t only exist in that paticular moment of contact, in my life, for me. That when I am not around their lives continues on”.  EM

I couldn’t help but just freeze in that moment and be transported back in time. To my childhood.  It was shortly after my parents divorce and my Grandfathers death.  I recalled being in the back seat of my Moms Malibu, we were driving somewhere, and I was watching the landscap pass as we drove. I would see cars passing by and get a glimps of the people in the car, sometimes I would meet eyes with one of the passengers and smile.  While sitting at a stoplight I remember watching the people in the car next to me… imagining what was transpiring in their conversation and in their lives.  Who were they, did they really exsist?  Were they only there at that moment in time for me?  To distract me, my thoughts?  Did anyone exsist after my encounter with them was finished?  If I could no longer see them, were they real? 

I started to think about this alot.  From that moment on I really wondered how this life of mine would play out.  Were all the people in my life, just playing a roll?  It started to make sense.  It would also begin to explain why I felt so different, do detached from everything and everyone. 

Jumping back to the now… I suddenly was thinking, what are the odds that my daughter would have some of the same thoughts?  I have asked others if they have pondered this (and I know there are others out there)…but those that I have asked in my life, all have responded with a “no”.  I have then gone on to ask if they have known of anyone that has told them they felt this way at one time.  They have chuckled and said “no, just … you and now your daughter”.    I refuse to think or  believe this is that unique!

Now, for me these thoughts did not stop there… they continued and progressed into a different thought.  I started to realize I was different, and that I needed to keep my differentness hidden.  I started to think that the people in my family were all monsters.  That when I would go to sleep, they would contemplate ways to get rid of me.  I would imagine that if they got angry enough with me, they would get rid of my and would plot my demise.  I know this is a rather shocking statement… Honestly, at 45 I have only spoken of this childhood fear a handful of times.  Whenever I did it was always in a joking way.  But it haunted me.  Looking back I think it had a lot to do with my souls adjustment.  You see, I always knew too much, things that didnt make sense to know.  At first I didn’t know any different, and the knowing was just knowing.  It made sense.  I could sense emotions, feel them.  I knew I was bigger, older than my age. However; it started confusing others.  My stories and tales were just fabrications of a little strange girl.  I feel I lived in two worlds, the one in my head and the one I learned to project to the world around me.  I am sure my images of Monsters plotting my demise also had a lot to do with a child learning to dealing with loss, my parents divorce and the loss of my Grandfather (a man I was deeply attached to).  Eventually these images were pushed aside, contemplated again only when sitting with friends discussing the purpose of life.

As I pushed the images of Monsters and the world revolving literally around and for only me deep down into my subconsious, I also pushed my secrets away.  The talking to the trees, and the communication with animals, I slowly started to shut them off. 

I think that when you grow up realizing that your different and long to just fit in… you end up creating masks for yourself.  Masks that allow you to be whatever the people in your life want you to be.  You become to some extent a pleaser, never wanting to rock the boat, at least not too hard…  

Interesting how, that one text would bring up all these memories. Awakening oneself to the rediscovery of self. 
My goal now is to make sure that my daughter never forgets herself.  To teach her and enable her to retain the gifts she has, the knowing, the animal connection, her empathy.  To teach her to embrace her uniquness. 

Now is the time for us all to accept who were are, where we are on our paths.  Embrace the life you live.  Imagine the beauty of collective acceptance.  Letting light flow into the shadows of doubt and misgivings that fear creates.  My heart begings to overflow with love and peace at knowing that right…now… is really just the beginning!


Come on a walk with me, tell me what you see…

Have you ever really looked at nature? I mean really stopped and looked at it. Last year while on a hike with my husband we came upon some pretty amazing sites. It has taken me a year, but I am finally really seeing the symbolism. Maybe it’s my personal growth, maybe my mental body is finally taking the time to process or maybe I am finally becoming…aware.
Let me take you on this hike and share with you the sites we were blessed to see along the way. As all things in life, it started with a journey. It took us 45 minutes to reach the starting point of our hike. This is the path of my enlightenment…


This path led us deep into the trees. I took the picture below because of how interconnected the area was.
Looking at the photo now I believe the message to be that of sharing, loving and living together. I see a beginning. I see an end. I see struggle. I see perseverance. To me this picture represents our daily lives. We seek the light to grow. We work hard at achieving our full potential. I see us not yet willing to surrender. I see peace and harmony. In this picture I am reminded that in life there is not always a direct well traveled path, and yet that is what makes life beautiful.


Further down the path I came across this amazing image. This picture screams BALANCE. Looking back at this picture the message I receive today is that of learning to accept that things must come to an end, yet that does not mean it is the end. The beauty in this image is balance. These boulders have been here for eons… they have seen the trees around them come and go. They have sat amongst them and pondered the meaning of life. They tell me that the answer is not really an answer but the path of knowledge and the ultimate message again is balancing our lives.


Upon a closer inspection of the boulder in the left corner of the picture above the image below is what we saw. Boulders… a large, heavy solid mass, that is something that when we see is we believe we cannot go through it. It forces us to go around, sometimes even change our path or direction completely. This boulder shows me that even when we have to change our direction….our path that we should not loose site of what we were seeking.
We should not allow it to block or change our mind. We need to remember to look through our obstacles and remember what gifts lay on the other side. Even when it is dark, we need to remember the light.


Further along the path we reached a summit… it was at this point I stopped for water, and a breath. As I gathered my bearings and looked around I was completely taken aback at what I saw.
Looking off to my right, I was reminded to pray. The mountain was telling me to remember to ask. Ask for help, guidance, to remember to release my struggles and that a higher power was there waiting to help, and all I needed to do was ask. Our angels are with us, they love us, and however they cannot interfere. We need to ask them for their help. We need to remember to release our burdens. We need to learn to trust the signs we receive. Let our hearts speak our truth. Love is the only answer.


We finally made it to the lake that was to be our turning point for our hike that day. It was an amazing view. It was peaceful, tranquil, and truly inspiring, definitely worth the long and at times treacherous hike to get there.
Looking at this picture now, I see the rock people, the keepers of the lake, and the keepers of the land. I hear their whispered conversations in the breeze.


Here is another picture of what I call the Rock people. Here he looks like a wise old man…With a story to tell. I see this picture and think of wisdom. I am also reminded that things are not always what the first appear to be. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves to look closer so we can see the true beauty or meaning of something.


On the other side of this magical lake, was a sandy beach, with trees scattered around it.
The tree below however looked to me as if it were walking away.
I see this picture and realize that sometimes in life we need to uproot ourselves.
Look around and ask ourselves some questions:
• Am I happy where I am
• Is my current situation serving me?
• Is it time for me to move on?
• Am I on the right path for me?
It is never too late to change directions. The movement suggested in this picture, that day made me feel as though I was moving forward, that I was headed in the right direction. For me my message was one of validation. We need to remember to not get stuck and that home is where ever you plant your roots.


We decided that day to go a little farther on the path… the views were spectacular.
We eventually turned around and headed back towards our car. Tucked off to the side I saw this pine tree amidst a grove of aspen trees…
The importance of this captured moment is to remind me to be myself. To remind us all that no matter what we are surrounded with hold on to you. Don’t try to be something you’re not. Fitting in is not having to look and act like all the others around you it’s about being accepted for who and what you are.


I really appreciate the picture below. In it I feel it show unity. I see the differences of all the elements and am struck with such wonder how beautifully it all fits together.
It expresses to me how we can all live together in harmony.


As our hike neared its end, I wanted to share a final picture. This one was taken somewhere along the middle of my hike. The moment I saw this tree I was connected to it. I saw myself in this tree. Let me explain… this tree was once big and strong. It provided shade and at one time was full of pride. Standing tall, facing the sun it was on a mission.
Now I know this tree is dead, and I am far from dead! But what message I hear with the image is that no matter how strong we are, no matter how rough our exterior we are soft in the middle. I saw this as a form of exposure. This long straight tree, cut open…exposing to me its insides… showing us/me that we are not just one thing, one particle…we are made up of bits and pieces. And without those pieces we would be hollow.
Our body is but a vessel to contain all the pieces that make us who we are. Those pieces are infinite.


I hope you enjoyed my hike…
Have a great week!

Listening to our messages…


I have noticed lately, every time I sit down to write out a blog, a reading, or just meditate I have a companion with me. My 15 year old cat; sox. He doesn’t really like to have me take time out and pet him (unless it’s on his stomach) he does however like to to be right next to me. He makes my heart smile.

I have been thinking today on symbolism again…it seems I have been hit with so much of it lately.
Just yesterday my husband and I took our motorcycle out for a beautiful ride in the foothills. The weather was perfect. We usually see a lot of the native animals in our area such as deer, elk, hawks and eagles…but yesterday…well…we saw an animal we have not seen in the wild here before, and we had a weird experience with some Bee’s. Let’s start with seeing what we believe to have been a wild turkey.

Again i will remind you that this… is very out of the ordinary around here. He was just standing along side the road…by himself. It was the craziest thing. We even did a U-turn to see if it was really what we saw, and yep…it was a wild turkey!

The following is an excerpt taken from what’s your

“When the turkey visits us it is a sign that we must be mindful of the blessings bestowed upon us each day. Further, it is a message to express our strength and brilliance – it’s time to show our own plumage and reveal true selves.”

Reveal our true selves…seems like a reoccurring message in my life lately.

The other bizzar experience we had was while we were riding towards home, at the end of our ride. We were just enjoying the ride when… BAM! We are pelted with Bee’s…it had to be 20 or more! Big…bees, bumble bees. I was hit with a bunch that just bounced off me….and about 6 that actually stuck to me, that I had to brush off…my husband was equally as pelted by the Bee’s. I was lucky and was behind him, he actually had to block his face from the swarm that we obviously drove through. Weird…very weird. What i was able to find on Bee symbolism boiled down to this…

“If a Bee has shown up in your life, examine your own productivity.
Are you doing all you can to make your life more fertile?
Are you busy enough?
Are you making time to savor the honey of life and not becoming a workaholic?”
They are also known for accomplishing the impossible…

Both these hold a lot of meaning in my life right now…. I am grateful to the universe for reminding me I am not alone…and I am on the right path..Maybe next time….you don’t need to hit me with a spray of bees? Or…maybe I could listen better and have heard the message the first 20 times…

I think my goal this month is to look for the messages and symbolism in my daily life…each and every day this month. Symbolism is out there, we just have to pay attention.

Have a great evening and a wonderful tomorrow.

Sox is telling me it is time to stop typing, he keeps pawing my fingers down and then resting his head on my hand. I love my little friend!!! Good night.

I just picked up my iPad to blog…and…opened my wordpress app…and this was here… missing blog. Do you understand my surprise? I have blogged since it was lost…it was gone…and now…it’s just here, up…open…ready for me to publish…
WOW…I need to find the message.


I thought I would touch a bit on how I became so connected, or…I should say more… aware of the messages from nature.

I will start with my connection with animals.

My first introduction to animal guides was through a guided meditation intended to introduce us to one of our animal guides. … we were laying on the floor…our eyes closed…created a scenario that was relaxing and yet intriguing…with a path. During the guided meditation we watched the path to see what animal came upon it to meet us. Mine at the time was a tiger.
What I did after that class was research what the tiger represented… I found similar qualities that seemed to jump out to me…

However my relationship with animals and my animal guides have really changed since then. All I can say is that one day I became….aware…
Aware…that I kept seeing the same type of animal…. It really started with the Hawk. I would see them In random places…and for a while it seemed that I didn’t notice anything but the hawk. This prompted my to look up the meaning of hawks (animal symbolism) the meaning fit my life at that time.
When I first started seeing the vultures…I have to say, I was at first a little alarmed…but after doing some research, I started to actually seal them out…but like any good animal guide, those we look for sometimes stay hidden. When they do appear…and they did 3 times for me in the last 2 years…they have a strong meaning…

Then….it would randomly change up…I would see foxes all over…or rabbits…birds,but not just birds, I would start to se a specific type over and over.

I know we all see birds and many of us are lucky to see a variety of animals…because of where we may live. Many of us don’t have the luxury of being so close to nature that you have the opportunity to see these creatures throughout your day or you week or life… But my advice…is to be open and awar to what you are currently seeing. It could be the animals picture…in a movie or commercial repeatedly you are drawn to notice a specific animal…or, you pick up a paper (and an animal name or type) and something just catches your eye…or jumps out at you. Could you be seeing an animal in your dreams?? There are many ways to be contacted by your animal guides…or just messages from our animal friends (I just typed furry and feathered friends, but had to erase it… Because the message I was getting wants you to know that lizards, snakes, frogs, fish…you name it, all have messages for us. That was kind of funny!)

Ultimately, Read up on their meaning….find out what messages they are trying to give you that you are not paying attention to…. Because that is the key…paying attention.
So many times one might say…just give me a sign, pleas for help and answers…that many feel have been ignored, are probably responses that have just gone unheard…unnoticed.
The spirit world loves us and wants to help guide us…they try, but some times no matter how hard they try…short of slapping us in the face…we are just unaware.

Happy Monday!

Next time I hope to have something on nature, trees, rocks and the symbolism, and beauty they share with us as well.