Why I write…Sharing a writing contest , check it out.

What: In your best, most succinct writing – and in 100 words or less – tell us why you write. Dig deep. Why do you continue to put pen to page and what mark, through your craft, do you hope to make on the world?

How: http://www.literarybits.com/our-first-literary-bits-essay-writing-contest/

When: You have until 5:00 p.m. EST on Friday, April 26 to enter.

The Prize: Winner will receive one Moleskine Classic Extra Large Soft Cover ruled notebook (7.5 x 10). Picture above.

Click the link to go to the contest. GOOD LUCK!
I found that it was a really good lead in question…why do I write? Why do you write?? Here is my submission, I hope you enjoy.

Why I write…

I write to tell a story, my story. Writing allows me to make sense of the thoughts and words that dance relentlessly in my head. To show how putting one feeling to paper can take an army of words to express. I write to inspire thought. In writing I wear no masks, I am exposed. With my words I can only hope to awaken the desire of others to look within. My dream is to provide an environment that allows us to slow down and realize we’re not alone. I am a narrator and my story is my life.


The art of doing nothing


This can sound strangely boring as well as easy. In fact, it is neither. I have noticed that the more aware spiritually I have become the more I have been able to quiet the chatter that used to constantly float around in my head. Sometimes when I am pondering what to blog about, I have thought oh…that’s easy, I will just start writing about the first thing that pops into my head. Guess what, a lot of the time lately there is nothing there. The chatter has disappeared. My thoughts have been quieted. There have been very few times in my life that my thoughts have been still.

When I first started practicing hot yoga was the first time I really noticed it. It was a wonderful feeling, to just be in the moment.

I also believe that writing has been very therapeutic for me. It has allowed me to express the thoughts and feelings that have been packed into my head. It has been pensieve of sorts, a place to put my thoughts.

I try not to write to complain, or whine, but to share and offer insight as well as solutions. How successful I am at this I am not sure. I can only give the perspective I am able to see things from.

There are many times I will start to write a blog without a real purpose or intention. And what develops always seems to provide me with the most insight. By allowing myself the permission to be guided by spirit, I am starting to learn to let go of my need for control.

In turn, all this is allowing me to enjoy the quiet in my head. Once we are quiet, our world opens up. I am learning to enjoy the art of doing nothing.


Sometimes I just write


Sometimes I write so I can breathe..
Feel the words slip out with such ease…

Sometimes I write so I can hide…
Words can become a great disguise…

Sometimes I write so I can remember…
The feeling of a moment, we had together…

Sometimes I write to tell my story,
and sometimes so i can lose myself in another’s glory…

And…then there are the times I just write…
I write to remind myself of where I am going…