Random thoughts…

Most every week I have random thoughts throughout the days. I have strong moments, week moments, moments that make sense and then those that I feel completely disconnected from.


Having one of those days when I feel that no matter what I do, I am an outsider in my own life. Disconnected. What once brought me joy…no longer elicits the same desires.
You see the thing is, there really is no reason for this change. This upheaval…

I am trying to process things from a different perspective. This perspective seems to have detached me in ways I didn’t really think were possible.

Things that once mattered don’t. I want what I want…however; I don’t know what it is that I want…image


Come on a walk with me, tell me what you see…

Have you ever really looked at nature? I mean really stopped and looked at it. Last year while on a hike with my husband we came upon some pretty amazing sites. It has taken me a year, but I am finally really seeing the symbolism. Maybe it’s my personal growth, maybe my mental body is finally taking the time to process or maybe I am finally becoming…aware.
Let me take you on this hike and share with you the sites we were blessed to see along the way. As all things in life, it started with a journey. It took us 45 minutes to reach the starting point of our hike. This is the path of my enlightenment…


This path led us deep into the trees. I took the picture below because of how interconnected the area was.
Looking at the photo now I believe the message to be that of sharing, loving and living together. I see a beginning. I see an end. I see struggle. I see perseverance. To me this picture represents our daily lives. We seek the light to grow. We work hard at achieving our full potential. I see us not yet willing to surrender. I see peace and harmony. In this picture I am reminded that in life there is not always a direct well traveled path, and yet that is what makes life beautiful.


Further down the path I came across this amazing image. This picture screams BALANCE. Looking back at this picture the message I receive today is that of learning to accept that things must come to an end, yet that does not mean it is the end. The beauty in this image is balance. These boulders have been here for eons… they have seen the trees around them come and go. They have sat amongst them and pondered the meaning of life. They tell me that the answer is not really an answer but the path of knowledge and the ultimate message again is balancing our lives.


Upon a closer inspection of the boulder in the left corner of the picture above the image below is what we saw. Boulders… a large, heavy solid mass, that is something that when we see is we believe we cannot go through it. It forces us to go around, sometimes even change our path or direction completely. This boulder shows me that even when we have to change our direction….our path that we should not loose site of what we were seeking.
We should not allow it to block or change our mind. We need to remember to look through our obstacles and remember what gifts lay on the other side. Even when it is dark, we need to remember the light.


Further along the path we reached a summit… it was at this point I stopped for water, and a breath. As I gathered my bearings and looked around I was completely taken aback at what I saw.
Looking off to my right, I was reminded to pray. The mountain was telling me to remember to ask. Ask for help, guidance, to remember to release my struggles and that a higher power was there waiting to help, and all I needed to do was ask. Our angels are with us, they love us, and however they cannot interfere. We need to ask them for their help. We need to remember to release our burdens. We need to learn to trust the signs we receive. Let our hearts speak our truth. Love is the only answer.


We finally made it to the lake that was to be our turning point for our hike that day. It was an amazing view. It was peaceful, tranquil, and truly inspiring, definitely worth the long and at times treacherous hike to get there.
Looking at this picture now, I see the rock people, the keepers of the lake, and the keepers of the land. I hear their whispered conversations in the breeze.


Here is another picture of what I call the Rock people. Here he looks like a wise old man…With a story to tell. I see this picture and think of wisdom. I am also reminded that things are not always what the first appear to be. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves to look closer so we can see the true beauty or meaning of something.


On the other side of this magical lake, was a sandy beach, with trees scattered around it.
The tree below however looked to me as if it were walking away.
I see this picture and realize that sometimes in life we need to uproot ourselves.
Look around and ask ourselves some questions:
• Am I happy where I am
• Is my current situation serving me?
• Is it time for me to move on?
• Am I on the right path for me?
It is never too late to change directions. The movement suggested in this picture, that day made me feel as though I was moving forward, that I was headed in the right direction. For me my message was one of validation. We need to remember to not get stuck and that home is where ever you plant your roots.


We decided that day to go a little farther on the path… the views were spectacular.
We eventually turned around and headed back towards our car. Tucked off to the side I saw this pine tree amidst a grove of aspen trees…
The importance of this captured moment is to remind me to be myself. To remind us all that no matter what we are surrounded with hold on to you. Don’t try to be something you’re not. Fitting in is not having to look and act like all the others around you it’s about being accepted for who and what you are.


I really appreciate the picture below. In it I feel it show unity. I see the differences of all the elements and am struck with such wonder how beautifully it all fits together.
It expresses to me how we can all live together in harmony.


As our hike neared its end, I wanted to share a final picture. This one was taken somewhere along the middle of my hike. The moment I saw this tree I was connected to it. I saw myself in this tree. Let me explain… this tree was once big and strong. It provided shade and at one time was full of pride. Standing tall, facing the sun it was on a mission.
Now I know this tree is dead, and I am far from dead! But what message I hear with the image is that no matter how strong we are, no matter how rough our exterior we are soft in the middle. I saw this as a form of exposure. This long straight tree, cut open…exposing to me its insides… showing us/me that we are not just one thing, one particle…we are made up of bits and pieces. And without those pieces we would be hollow.
Our body is but a vessel to contain all the pieces that make us who we are. Those pieces are infinite.


I hope you enjoyed my hike…
Have a great week!

Ebracing the beauty that is you.

ImageHappy Saturday Morning to all!

Just a quick blog to talk about the importance of self acceptance. Seems that no matter how much work is done in this area, we all seem to continue to be more accepting of others than ourselves. What is it…deep within us that springs to life and send sabotaging messages to our consciousness whenever we start to feel good about ourselves?

I have given advice, honest from the heart advice to so many about embracing themselves, seeing their true beauty and the gifts that they have. Only to find myself guilty of the same crime. My higher self sits frustrated with my disconnect to my own beauty. It is about balance. It is about releasing fear. It is about ascending ones thoughts to a higher state of consciousness. Again it is about acceptance.

I know that I am not the only one that lives with the same duality of self. You know how it works. You start with a positive frame of mind, acceptance and joy. Something small may happen or possibly nothing at all transpires and you catch a thought, its quick as lightening. But just like lightening it makes its point.
The seed of self doubt has been planted and it grows as if it is infused with miracle grow!

Self doubt comes in so many forms. Comes to put us into place when we fear our ego is getting to large, or when we mistrust our intuition.

Phrases such as:
How do you know?
You’re really going to let people see you like that?
Who would want to touch you?
What makes you so special?
Getting a little heavy aren’t you?
What makes you an expert?
Why would they want to go out with you?

The list is unfortunately endless. Still many of us try to continuely fight the negativity. This can be very tiring. We know we should be more accepting, forgiving. Here in lies the duality…we know it is self defeating but for some reason the negativity either wins or just never gives up.

I realize that this is not something we can fix overnight,. I do however strongly believe that we do have the power to eradicate it, one small phrase at a time. 🙂

My goal is for every negative personal or non personal phrase, I “catch” myself saying I will consciously follow up with a positive phrase. I say “catch” because there are many phrases we never catch, they simply plant themselves and go unnoticed.

Many of you may think this is silly, or superficial. That’s ok. HA!!! My subconscious bully has already beaten you to the punch in thinking that. I nearly stopped my post because of that negative voice. But you know what? That negative voice is not my intuition, its not a message of love. It is their to confuse me, to keep me from seeing my full potential and beauty.

Join me… The more of us that learn to love and accept ourselves the more we will be fully able to love and accept others. When this happens our world will be a much happier, brighter place.

Have a great Saturday!!!

The art of doing nothing


This can sound strangely boring as well as easy. In fact, it is neither. I have noticed that the more aware spiritually I have become the more I have been able to quiet the chatter that used to constantly float around in my head. Sometimes when I am pondering what to blog about, I have thought oh…that’s easy, I will just start writing about the first thing that pops into my head. Guess what, a lot of the time lately there is nothing there. The chatter has disappeared. My thoughts have been quieted. There have been very few times in my life that my thoughts have been still.

When I first started practicing hot yoga was the first time I really noticed it. It was a wonderful feeling, to just be in the moment.

I also believe that writing has been very therapeutic for me. It has allowed me to express the thoughts and feelings that have been packed into my head. It has been pensieve of sorts, a place to put my thoughts.

I try not to write to complain, or whine, but to share and offer insight as well as solutions. How successful I am at this I am not sure. I can only give the perspective I am able to see things from.

There are many times I will start to write a blog without a real purpose or intention. And what develops always seems to provide me with the most insight. By allowing myself the permission to be guided by spirit, I am starting to learn to let go of my need for control.

In turn, all this is allowing me to enjoy the quiet in my head. Once we are quiet, our world opens up. I am learning to enjoy the art of doing nothing.


Are you ignoring your message?


Have you had an ear worm lately? Ear worms? Some time ago I heard the saying “ear worm” and was rather intrigued. What is an ear worm? Well, in this situation an ear worm was described to me as a line of a song, or a whole song, that repeats itself over and over again in your head.

We have all had this happen I am sure at one time or another. And probably have just chocked it up to hearing it with out being aware…or it just being annoying! When in realty what it is, is a message.

Instead of being annoyed, and trying to get it out of your head, try slowing down for a moment and stopping so you can listen to the words. Sometimes all we hear is the music, or we know the tune…and the lyrics are on the tip of our tongue. When this happens I have learned (and it has taken me a while) to take a moment and listen to the song…read the lyrics. When you do this the message unfolds.

More times then not, these songs come to us from our guides, angels and/or our higher self as answers to questions we have asked. So often we ask for help and complain we don’t get answers, when really, as I have said before we just need to open our heart and minds and listen. One of the easiest ways our guides are able to communicate with us is most often by song.

Not only do I now look forward to the once annoying ear worm, I welcome it. I love knowing that the lyrics that I am blessed to hear in my head, were chosen just for me. A specific line, a refrain, or the whole song or songs, put there as a message…just for me.

Take some time, slow down and really listen to your ear worm. You may find that the answers you have been seeking have been playing right there in your head.


You can lead a horse to water….


You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink
You can give a man your whole heart and soul, but you cannot make him think

You Could Have Been With Me Lyrics
Artist: Sheena Easton

While I was on the back of the bike last night, I saw three horses on the bank of a small lake. As We drove by I noticed them leaving the bank of the water. And instantly the lyrics above started to play in my head, over and over and over again.

I started to think how this really was something we experience quite frequently. In all parts of our life we encounter moments that can be quite frustrating. Like leading a horse to water, you get there, now what? We can’t force them to drink.

Just like we can’t force others to hear our messages. We also can’t force people to see the messages we deliver to them either. This becomes very hard for us, especially when we can see it so clearly for them.

I think as a healer/clairvoyant this is one of our biggest challenges as well as a frustration we all face. It’s seeing the potential in others and realizing that what seems so clear to us is not for us to process, we cannot hold ownership in someone else’s growth. We cannot force others to see or understand what it is we are presenting to them. Learning to understanding what is and isn’t ours to process, is definitely our lesson. Our job is to deliver the message as best and clear as we can. It is their job to receive it, to hear it, and process it, not ours.

We can not control another’s growth. Their journey is just that, theirs. This sounds so sensible, but then why is it so hard for us, when it seems so obvious?

I am reminded that it is because it is part of our own personal growth as healers. I think that the purpose of me seeing those horses, and hearing that song was to share it and remind us all.
Learning this is probably one of the hardest lessons for someone who truly wants to help.

You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink. You can give a man your whole heart and soul, but you cannot make him think.

Have a wonderful night.

Lions, tigers and bears… Oh my!!


Lions and tigers and bears…oh my! This seems to be repeating itself over and over in my head this evening…and really I am not sure why. So…when I don’t get the message internally, I have learned to…write it out. Here it goes!

My initial thoughts on my next blog were to be in regards to the spiders…and snakes that seem to be making a bigger presence in many of our lives right now. However; spirit is nudging me to combine the two somehow, for some reason… I guess I will soon find out what that reason is.

The first thing I think of when the lions and tigers and bears chant/song repeats itself in my head is of course the Wizard of Oz. Ha! Which is funny to me on so many levels. I think I am starting to already get this message…

First off…I never really liked the movie the wizard of oz, it down right confused, scared and creeped me out…especially the flying monkeys. I also never understood why the wicked witch was green and oh so angry. But like countless others I watched it…in a strange state of captivity. I have loved all the other spin off’s of the movie…wicked, which actually made me really appreciate the movie…and a mini series that was done a while back with Zoey Deschenel.

So…what does the Wizard of Oz have to do with my idea of blogging about spiders and snakes?
Hmmm…let me see…how this all twines together.

It seems to me lately that I am seeing spiders everywhere…not so much as their webs as much as the spiders themselves…in great numbers. Big, small, fat, and extra creepy (many of you are thinking…how can they be extra creepy…they’re spiders…they are ALL creepy). Even when I have talked to others they have asked me why are there sooo many?!?!

I see these spiders (and by the way, I think spiders ARE creepy) and lately…well I feel a connection. An understanding. Like we are both trying to design our future, create a new beginning. I will give you a link to one of my favorite symbolism sites_.http://www.whats-your-sign.com/snake-symbolic-meaning.html please check it out and decipher your meaning.

To me I see the spider as independent, creative, and highly innovative. The weaver of wisdom. The spiders web I see as creation. A quilt so to speak of life. Every one is different, special and unique. It is ever changing. Look what we have in common with our friend the spider… Build homes that are full of love and patience, hard work and skill. Then, one day destruction hits and all we built is gone. Imagine being the spider whose web is cast away at every possible chance. They get walked through, or torn down in a storm…over and over they have to rebuild recreate their home…their life. They rebuild…recreate they weave a new future. Many of unfortunately have had to learn this pain as well.

The snake now…makes many of us shiver. But both the mythical properties and the everyday activities of this creature is nothing but wondrous. They are stealthy, sneaky, and ominous however; they also are seductive, patient and magical. Change is a key component of a snakes life. The misconception of a snake is extreme. The adaptability of the snake is truly amazing. No legs, no arms but it can still swim, climb and crawl. It’s ability to overcome prey two to three times it’s size shows determination and strength and incredible desire to survive. The snake also understands the struggle of change. The shedding of it’s skin can be see as overwhelming and amazing at the same time. The snake instills in us to continue forward. To rise above that which no longer serves us and to let it go.

How does this all fit together this evening? Well, I believe that all over the world we are struggling with change. The planet our universe is changing. The climate has been erratic, we still (unfortunately) have war and plagues. The earth has been reclaiming her power. With the increase of the spiders and the snakes in my area at least, I believe it is a message that we are all affected. By all I mean all creatures on this planet. We are all having to recreate, redesign, rebuild our futures…adapt. According to the Mayan’s, life as we know it is supposed to end in 2012…it doesn’t end…end…but “as we know it”. And what we need to remember is we are all affected by this.

It’s time for us to look at life differently. We need to shed what we thought to be the only way and be free to recreate our futures.

Look at Dorothy…she wakes up in Oz, confused. Everything has been turned upside down. What was familiar had a new form, new face, but was still the same. The power to go home…to what was always laid in her power…and she new it all the time in her heart. She just needed to trust in herself. She placed her future in the promise of another…moved along to the search of a man that would make her dreams come true…when in reality, he was just a man…and only she could make her dreams become a reality. Only she could find a way back home. Once she gained the strength along the way…and uncovered the wizards secret..she felt empowered to make the decision to go home, she did. Once she woke up…she was a new person, a stronger person. Change does that to us. Change, struggle, disappointment, loss it all makes us who we are. And with all that… we become stronger for it.

I think the message is to understand that when we are thrust into new unfamiliar territory (like Oz) we can always stick to old patterns and find the familiar. The trick is finding ourselves and recognizing the time or need for growth, change. Once recognized we can begin to rebuild our future,weave it to fit who we are and are becoming. This will involve being patient, and being able to move with the flow of things, adapt to the surroundings as you go. Learning the path, the patterns and deciphering which works for you. Once you have chosen the direction best for you, let go of what no longer serves you. Allow yourself the permission to shed the old to fully embrace the new. Live fully in your new skin.

Change is Inevitable, none of us will forever be the same. The more we learn and explore and experience we will forever be in a state of flux. It’s how you embrace that flux that will hint at the depths of the struggles as well as the joys we will have.

We all have a great opportunity to become not only what we want to be…but that which we never knew we could be.


Angels Among Us


Have you ever looked at the people in your life…and thought when did this relationship happen…what happened to so..and..so…? When did I lose touch with _____? How did I allow this to happen? I mean have you really stopped and looked at the relationships in your life at all of them…the good…the bad…and the ugly.

We have all probably heard someone say “people come into our lives for a reason” have you ever stopped and wondered what some of those reasons are?

I have read many times that these micro relationships…passing acquaintances and friendships are either Angels themselves or sent to us by Angels to help us in specific times of need…struggle…and success.

Upon reflection I have been blessed with many divine interventions in my lifetime. Special people I have connected with and many people that showed up in my life that I believe were here to help me in different phases. People that regardless of how I felt towards them, or them towards me were important figures in shaping my life and helping forge through a specific situation.

You see…I believe we are all here for a reason. And the people that we happen to interact with and show up in our lives are there for many reasons…but… the big one…I believe is to either teach us or help us through specific life lessons.

Many times we are drawn to people that ignite something within us. This spark that is ignited…this flame is instrumental in our personal development… our growth. How we connect may not always make sense. The message is not always clear. This is where it’s our choice to either accept them into our life and learn, or turn away and go it a different route.

How this connection works is relatively simple. Again I ask you to think of the people you have met in your lifetime. Was there a person at some stage of your life that at that time was an integral part of your life? Someone whom you shared everything with and you never could imagine them not being there? Yet now, looking back, you’re not even sure when you drifted apart? These are the connections I am talking about. Many times when we think of people making a mark on our lives we immediately think of romantic relationships, unrequited loves, lost loves. I am not just talking about the relationships of our heart. These relationships in particular will definitely go unforgotten, for each one leave a unique etching upon our soul…which we will never forget. Many of them are here to teach us so much more then the romance they bring.

A lot of the people that truly affect our lives in fact…fade in and fade out quietly, never truly disrupting the status quo. Many we encounter may resemble something in ourselves and the draw is quiet natural, obvious even. Others we may actually resent or feel some form of aversion to. Yes… I said resent. Resentment…anger or even when we down right loath someone, is definitely a lesson. A lot of times what we despise in this person could very well be a trait we either fear or see in our selves… This is not always easy to see or even admit. Because they can ignite such strong emotions in us we may never fully appreciate or understand their purpose. Sometimes…all it takes is accepting…forgiving or even just overlooking the trait we so outwardly clash with is the first step in forgiving or overlooking that trait in ourselves, there in allowing us to grow. After we have accepted or reflected on this, many times this person… will fade out of our life. The relationship will change to the point that it is no longer as prominent.

The relationships we connect to or resemble help us by encouraging us to not feel so alone. The impact they have on our lives can seem obvious…we’re alike, we naturally mesh…etc. However; one of the key benefits that we often overlook is how these relationships encourage us to be more compassionate. How this happens is when we care for these individuals, understand and empathize their situations, we encourage them and support them. By doing this we not only gain acceptance of this person we reiterate an acceptance of that trait or that situation in them as well as ourselves. And in return we learn to be compassionate of ourselves, patient and understanding. This is priceless. Each one of us is naturally quicker to point out or peck at one of our own flaws or mistakes then we are of someone else who acts or does the same exact thing. So by accepting them we learn to accept ourselves.

Let’s talk of the broken heart. How and why is this helpful? How does the pain benefit us? As easy as it is to say it…it is much harder for any of us to always believe and follow it…but the answer is…it does. What we must do like any other situation is dissect it. Look at what it is that is causing the pain. Break it down to the fundamentals. Some people…some lessons are harder more painful because we have failed to learn from the more subtle gentler attempts that have been presented to us previously. Other times they are this way because they are more monumental, the lesson just “is” that big. The impact needs to leave a chink in our proverbial armor so as to not get lost or forgotten along our journey. How many times have you seen someone or been that someone to repeat a bad relationship, mistake or lesson to only say later… why does this always happen to me?
Well…are you listening to the answer? Have you looked at the dynamics of the people you are around… many (not all) of our answers are right in front of our nose. I am not saying they are simple…or painless… but they are there, we just need to really want to see it. For once we see it…we can no longer just ignore it, or cast blame.

Just like you I am learning to understand the people in my life. Beautiful connections that have helped me develop into the person I am today…as well as the person I am becoming. I like to see them all as blessings…sparks of light and dark… that have helped me understand more of myself. Life is about choices, the people you connect to and relationships you develop help us to make those choices more coherently. By being aware of the affect we all have on one another we are able to take more ownership in the directions we chose to go. A good friend/co worker once shared with me some advice they had gotten from one of their parents in regards to wondering if they were making the right decision they said “No matter what choice you make, it will be the right one. You have to believe that otherwise you are setting yourself up to be the wrong one”. They are very right.

The people, relationships, situations in our lives act as mirrors. Reflecting back onto us what we not only put out to others but what we accept of others and ourselves. We are here to help one another. Act as inspiring Angels to cheer on, support, and sometimes even cry with. We are all someone’s light…their spark of hope…someone’s…Angel.

The Cemetery.


I’ve noticed lately that I have become much more aware… I seem to have been able to find a sense of…inner calm. This inner calm has allowed me to shut out the loud shouts of self doubt brought on by all of the societal programing of which all of us have been subjected to in some form or other. Slowly… as I have begun this journey…I have been able to peeled away little by little the layers of conformity. The layers of doubt and mistrust that we are pressured into believing…to feel as thought we…fit in. I am finally able to hear a little more clearly…my inner voice. Now…don’t get me wrong, I am still trying to figure out what it all means. What I am able to hear is still somewhat…coded. I get impulses and fragments of messages that I don’t quite fully understand.

For example; today during a quick motorcycle ride to a nearby town for lunch, while admiring the homes alongside the road I caught a glimpse of what looked like an old cemetery. I didn’t think much of it really…just registered. Then as we rode along…my mind kept flittering back to that cemetery. I ran some energy (which I usually do at some point on the back of a ride) and started thinking. I’d think of work…then the cemetery. I’d think of my workout that morning…then the cemetery.

Closer to our destination I regained control of my focus and forgot all about the cemetery (or so I thought). I did however notice that I had become slightly agitated and I wasn’t sure why. My husband and I enjoyed a pleasant lunch and decided that due to the look of the clouds above it was regrettably time to head home before the rain set in. We took the same route home that we took to our destination; this is abnormal for us, we usually like to break up the scenery and not take the same route if we don’t have to. We leisurely rode home enjoying each others company and the beautiful views along the front range.

Suddenly I spotted a cemetery as we left town. I thought…cemetery!!! Why…is my attention being drawn to cemeteries? As we rode along…again I thought of the cemetery I saw on the way out to lunch…it kept coming to my mind. I leaned to my right and shouted to my husband that I would like to stop at a cemetery I saw. He nodded and we rode along.

I wasn’t really even sure where it was…as we rode by it so quickly…but not a minute went by and I shouted “there it is”! He did a U-turn and we turned down the dirt road and stopped.

We spent close to an hour walking around. No great revelations happened while we were there…no profound messages or reasons as to why I needed to be there. We did notice a majority of the graves were that of children, this was slightly confusing and unsettling. The other thing I noticed was when I was on the older side…of the cemetery my chest felt heavy and my breathing was labored. It didn’t stay that way for long and all was back to normal once we were on the newer side. The cemetery itself was actually beautiful, profound…and sad all at the same time.

While walking around we both were really surprise at how much crystals and quartz we found in the ground. I mean it…it was everywhere, which actually lead to the “magic” that was felt there. As beautiful and tempting as it was…we did not remove the stones, did not seem right. We thoroughly enjoyed our peek into Niwot Colorado history.

Once we were back on the bike and headed home, I asked my guides to help me understand what that was about. Why did they want me to stop there. Upon my asking them…a variety of answers have been coming to me over the course of the evening.

They have told me that it was a test to see if I was listening. To see if I was ready. When I wondered why I didn’t feel the cemetery was haunted…why no spirits presented themselves to me. I was assured that it is a visiting ground for both the living and the dead.

As for the crystals I was assured that they were for re-energizing…there to feed the earth. They were drawing love and light to the location.

The final message I received was that I will soon be able to hear… Hear? At first I was confused…then I realized they are talking as a medium…

This message was reinforced after I got home. I flopped on my couch…tired and ready for a nap…and when I logged into Facebook and saw a Medium friend of mine was having a book signing today from 1-3… and it was going to end in 45 minutes! I wanted to make sure and get her book. SO… I got back up and rushed out. Got the book…started flipping through it and it opened right up to the chapter on communicating and connecting exercises (another message/sign).

I have always known that I could communicate with the crossed over. I have had a few random experiences in the last few years. But…I have also known that I have had a block in this area for quite some time. Today I have been assured that that block is slowly coming down.

I know this has been long…and for that I am sorry. I needed to tell the whole story. To explain it the way it happened. Messages don’t come all pretty a neatly wrapped up with a bow. We have to listen…discern…and work towards them. It’s a process.

Because I have been able to slow down and quiet the idle chatter in my head…in doing this I was able to tune in and hear my message. One day…these messages will be more seamless. Easy to hear and understand. For now, at least I know that I am on the right path. I also know that the future looks bright. I am excited to learn and connect even more. Don’t forget to take the time to turn down the volume in your mind, so you too can hear your messages.