February Virgo Full Moon Loveland, Colorado the Snow Moon.





Snow Angels


Earlier today I was really uncertain about what I would blog about. I spent much of the day shoveling snow, then shoveling again. But, all the while I was shoveling I couldn’t help but stare at the beautiful crispness of the day. I was filled with a child like sense of wonderment, of all that was possible. Memories of past forts, snowmen and snow angels came bursting into mind. After all the said work of shoveling and snow blowing were done, I threw myself into the snow…I laid there…took a deep breath and as I exhaled, I made my first snow angel in years. When I was done, I looked up into the snow filled sky and smiled, tomorrow would be a full moon.
So …I must write.

Like I stated above, we received a lot of snow today where I live. Beautiful blanket of a crisp white snow, covering all that was previously exposed. Seems fitting on the eve of a Virgo full moon.

This full moon actually contrasts the signs of Virgo and Pisces.

Why do I say fitting? One of the many things the Virgo full moon magnifies for us is the need to sift through our essence. Look at who we really are. We are asked to look within. Peel back the many layers of conditioning. Release all that does not serve our higher consciousness.

While Pisces teaches and reminds us that we are both a particle and a wavered portal and eternal, a singular and indivisible part of the universe. Pisces asks that we see through the illusion of duality put our trust in our inner knowing and remember how we are all one.

The fresh layer of snow today filled me with a sense of beauty, and peace. It was like I was looking at a blank slate. I could make it anything I wanted. So in an essence, I am being prompted to look within with the same excitement. Release all. Sit with your sovereignty, feel the essence that it you. When you start to fill back, only call back the energy and focus that best serves your highest good, or what rings true to you. Not what you are suppose to feel or believe.

Recently I read some information on the Virgo full moon by a Stephanie Austin. Something she said really imbedded itself into my head. She said (in reference to the alignment of the sun, Chiron, Venus and Neptune) “These alignments show us that acceptance, not time, heals all wounds. Judgement and resentment close our hearts and will literally make us sick.” I have really found this to be true in my life. Big events, painful events do not go away, the imprint or impact that they make on our life are difficult to fade. Acceptance of what was, what happened, allows us the ability to move on. If your are unable to accept, you may need to look within a little more, what are you blocking, why are you holding on.

Letting go doesn’t mean it wasn’t whatever it was, it means that you no longer are going to fuel it. You are no longer going to keep the energy flowing. By continuing to send it energy you create a circle event…it always comes back to you, over and over again.

Look at the blank slate (blanket of snow) start fresh. Don’t know how? Intend it. Intentions are that powerful.

I actually saw a post on Facebook today, someone said that the February full moon is called the snow moon, definitely the case today here in Loveland, Colorado. Check out my FB page!

Enjoy your full moon.



Is what your feeling yours or theirs? Can you tell the difference?


I am not sure how long it has been since I talked about boundaries…but I feel it is once again a good topic.

So often we are unaware of how our energies really affect others. The more aware/enlightened I have become the more I find myself picking up on the subtle energetic differences we all have. Its like an energetic signature. Have you ever felt someone was near to turn and find them either walking up to you or already standing there? Have you ever been doing something and suddenly have a person pop into your head (your thoughts) only to have them call you moments later?

It is their energy. We all can sense things and chaulk it up to coincidence or de ja vue, for some reason this makes more sense then sensing someones energy.

Just like the energetic example I meantion above we can sense energies every minute of our day/life. We usually just assume they are ours. This is where learning how to use and place your energetic boundaries becomes really beneficial in decerning what is and isnt yours. What do I mean hear… Let’s see…

For right now I am not talking about setting physical boundaries or the boundaries we have that list our chosen limits and limitations. I am talking about your energetic boundaries. My good friend and mentor talks about setting your boundaries in her book The Clairvoyant Path . From her classes is where I first learned the importance of setting our boundaries. She uses the image of a rose. Setting a rose out in front of you ( acomfortable distance) and then placing it front to back, side to side, top to bottom and filling in all the gaps. For the longest time I could not get this format to work for me. I struggled, I could not grasp the visual of the rose, being enough for me (I can now and use it all the time). For me what worked in the begining was using a light. I could imagine a color that represented protection and imagine it surrounding me. I would (just like with the roses) change the color based on the boundaries I was setting.

Once you have your energetic boundary set (in your minds eye) play with the amount of space you can give yourself. This works amazing in tight spaces as you can set your energetic boundary smaller or larger than the enviroment you are in. Physical space play no roll in the energetic space you can give yourself. You could be sitting side by side someone and your space could expand through and past them with out including them. Space is infinit. The trick is finding a space for yourself that is comfortable and managable. You want to feel at ease. If you still have a problem conceptualizing light or the roses, I also have used the image of a giant clear hamster ball (with tons of little air holes for breathing). I imaging standing in the middle of this energetic hamster ball infuse it with color or roses and proceed.

Let’s talk about color for a brief moment. The color or colors you use to surround yourself with beit with the roses or just light will enhance the return on your boundaries. Colors can be very personal, as well as very powerful. Setting your energetic boundary with a color that represents love and protection is a beautiful and safe go to intention. Some times we however will need or would like a more protective or purposeful intention. We can set our boundaries at a color that represents, healing, protection, stregnth, humor, nutrality. Different situations can call for different supports. I have also been known to use mirrors at times. Why a mirror? Sometimes we can find ourselves in situations where we are energetically or emotionally attacked by people, people that push there energy on us. The mirrors allow us to reflect that energy they push on to us back at them. This can be quite abrupt and I honestly do not use it unless other methods have failed me.

Without setting some type of energetic boundary around ourselves our energies begin to commingle with all that is around us (our energies still do this to an extent) which makes it hard to determin what is really ours and what is someone elses all together. I like to give the example of standing in line at the grocery store, you’re content one moment and then suddenly you feel a surge of emotion (could be anything but for discussion here let’s say anger) you suddenly feel angry, anxious and after a moment or two of realizing this sudden burst of emotion, you question it. You think, what is this all about? Why am I so upset? It is then that you hear the person in front of you arguing with someone on a phone. They are really upset. This energy that you suddenly felt (which made no sense and was just thrust on you out of the blue) wasn’t yours, isn’t yours. It is theirs.

Having your boundaries in place help in this situation by allowing their energy to go around you, around your space, your emotions remain yours, unaffected by thiers.

Everyone should be using boundaries… especially if you are a healer or empathic, you tend to absorb a lot of energy. Even if you are diligent about energetically releasing yourself from the people you work with, those moments of treatment can be quite intense at times, energies get jumbled. This is where you could use multiple layers of energy and color for your boundaries. For your inner layer the one closest to self, you could intend for self protection, your space. Then add a layer for your work enviroment. Maybe add another layer for your healing encounters with other people. Hopefully you get the idea. You literally can layer yourself with as many layers as you need to.

Ultimately once you start using your boundaries and start to feel comfortable in your space you end up noticing just how much you protect yourself from what can feel like energetic war fair. Besides self protection it allows you to not impose your personal space onto others. You keep what’s you and yours protected.

For the most part I like to place two layers of boundaries. However when I do just a single layer I have the inside designed for me personally, and the outer appearance of the layer for all those I encounter. I can intend the outer vibrations to resonate with love and peace for all.

I hope this gives you something to think about. Play around with setting your boundaries. Get comfortable within your space.

As a final note, setting energetic boundaries don’t need to end with your personal self. You can set boundaries around your house, your car, motorcycle anything! I have been known to place a camouflaged boundary around my car. 😉

When you start to set boundaries you will be able to release yourself from energies that have latched on to you that serve you no purpose, you will feel energetically lighter and more in control of your own self. Practice, see what you notice. Good luck~ lots of love and light!


Gratitude for a successful event!!!!


I need to take a few moments and talk about The success of The Everyday Psychics Conference! I am filled with gratitude and I want to thank everyone that was able to come out and participate!

It was AMAZING!!!! The women I worked with that day were amazing, the attendees were amazing…LOL! Yep, you could say it was amazing.

I was surrounded by such powerful and beautiful energies and all with the highest of intent for the day as well as overall enlightenment.  Our topics were all diverse yet so very similar.  It provided for such beautiful diversity.

I talked that day about understanding your energy, and the importance of grounding.  In the morning we spent a lot of time introducing ourselves, sharing our early experiences and talking about what it means to be psychic, intuitive or clairvoyant in our own lives.  In the afternoon we each had about 45 minutes to share a tool with you.  I took everyone through a guided meditation and grounding session. I talked about the energetic body and the many dimensions of self that make up who we are.  Eva Black Tail Swan did a drumming workshop and exposed us all to a wonderful sample of the Cherokee Ceremony. Sarina Baptista connected attendees to their crossed over loved ones and explained how this works for her.  Jonelle Davis talked about uncovering our wounds to find our gifts and how knowing your birth number can help you determine your perfect career.  Michelle talked about understanding your boundaries, and how being in tune with the cycles of time can help us all go with the ebb and flow of life.

We are trying to put together our next conference which will probably be in the Colorado Springs area early summer or late spring!

CLICK HERE to see some snippets of video of our intros as well as our closing comments of the conference! check us out!!!!!!


Patience + Acceptance + Balance = Harmony

A Loveland Colorado sunset.

A Loveland Colorado sunset.

I have been thinking  a lot about patience and acceptance lately.

The practice of patience is truly all about balance and practice, and practice makes perfect…right? Perfection can be quite a tall order.  An aspiration  I actually don’t think I wish to obtain.

The challenge of accepting where we are at currently in the big scope of our lives requires patience. So often we are overly focused on what we believe to be “needs” like; what needs to be done, what we need to complete, what we need to say, where we need to be. We lose focus on the beauty of what is. Some would say that it is best to live life to the fullest each and every day….others would say that a life in that direction is a wasted life, and others yet would say we should never lose sight of what was, and learn from our mistakes. 

Well…Let’s see… A recent conversation in one of my workshops kind of addresses this.  We were talking  about being aware, learning to understand things that come up within our introspection. The conversation shifted on the discussing the importance of balancing our past our present and our future. We talked about how important it is to come to the understanding that the acceptance of all three is critical, for we cannot have one without the other. You also cannot live solely out the perspective of just one of them.

Let me see if some examples will help.
Dwellers of the past
Tend to be regretful, remorseful, and long for what was. Constantly tell stories of how things used to be. Have a really hard time accepting change as well as technology. Their minds tend to be set on predetermined or based off of pre-lived experiences only. Dwellers of the past are not always fun to be around because they tend to be slightly pessimistic and can seem stuck in life (as if they are not moving forward). Living solely from this frame of mind and you will not move forward, life will stay where it is.

Dwellers of the present
Tend to live just in the now. They can sometimes seem the life of the party, always having fun, taking nothing serious. they are fun to be around for periods of time. They can at times lead reckless lives. Never plan for anything. Eventually this focus will either keep them on the proverbial treadmill of life always in motion but really never going anywhere or staying just where they are. Living solely from this frame of mind you will eventually put yourself in the past. To stand steadfast in one place will eventually put you in the past and no longer in the present. Nothing living stands still, stops moving or growing.

Dwellers of the Future
Tend to be living always for tomorrow. Constantly focused on what can be. Focused on what will happen when… They can appear dreamy and unrealistic. They are often caught thinking about the what if’s in life. Coming up with ideas only to come up with a new one or another one. Always wanting to share the latest and greatest plan. Dreamers and visionaries, they are very inspiring people. They believe anything is possible, however they are always planning and never really seem to accomplish what they set out to accomplish (for the plan is always changing, before they even start it). Living with your site always on whats ahead of you, doesn’t allow you to enjoy what you have, or what you learn. To constantly think of a new way or better way forces you to never step forward in the physical form ( and that is what we are a physical of energy).

The goal I am sure you can already see is to find balance. To live with the past and in the present to create a new future. We need to be patient with our growth, our lives, and where we are along our path of life. Within the patience we need acceptance. We need to accept where we are, as well as all that is that makes us different. It is a constant focus this balance of acceptance of our past self, present self as well as the future self. Each essence as important as the other.  Understanding that any one alone in excess would be dangerous.

Ultimately the key is balance, not shutting out or off a facet of ourselves. Everything in our life is about balance. Patience is no different…the key to patience is balance as well. Knowing when too much turns in to apathy and indifference and when not enough invokes arrogance and righteousness.

Eventually, acceptance of what is and patience in what is to be, creates harmony.  Harmony within our spirits and our souls.  We become active participants in our lives, we no longer focus on the past or blame others.  We learn to assume ownership in our growth, our successes, failures and our enrichment. 

What comes to you when you think of patience and acceptance? 
I would love to hear!


Happy Valentines Day!

66743_10151313670403129_731878095_nTo all my wonderful Blog followers, thank you for your support and comments! I wish you all love, light and happiness.

Please remember this day is not bout who loves you or having a significant other… it is about love. we all have love in our hearts. Let today be about sharing that love with the universe. To the moon and back!

Clairvoyant Girl aka Jackie Mihalchick

Do you believe in Magic, in a young girls heart?


Just saying the word magic can conjure up all kinds of emotions. For many negativity is the primary one. It’s ok to watch a magician and call his act magic, but it is not ok to believe magic can exist. We are encouraged to believe the magician can pull a rabbit out of his hat, yet we are taught to fear the person that says they can concoct a love spell. Even I have a hard time with magic and my complete understanding of it’s complexity. Deep below the surface I can feel that oh so familiar emotion…fear. I also realize that even though I have come out of the closet (so to speak) in the area of clairvoyance/psychic abilities, magic is in a chapter all it’s own.

Of course once I really think about it, really look at it, I realize a lot of that fear is from programming.

Programming from this life time as well as others.
We are taught to be intrigued by it, entertained by it and yes, to fear it. With magic there seems to be so much more room for darkness. This darkness over shadows all the light. Witches and warlocks…even the titles given to those who possess the power are slightly ominous. History books tell tales of the sacrifices, and the fear that communities were overpowered with. They tell the tales, the stories of drownings and burning at the stakes. And for what? Intuition, for some, magic or witchcraft for others…but death,just because of what fear, or control?

As if we were not confused enough, we are then presented with the TV shows. Beloved characters and stories we connect to and fall in love with. This is my current past.

You see, I grew up wanting to be the Elizabeth Montgomery character Sam on Bewitched. I so wanted to be able to just twitch my nose and summon an item into my hand. I wanted to nod my head and disappear, only to appear somewhere completely different. She was amazing and my idol. I so connected with her…she in my eyes was the original “every day psychic”!

I can’t forget Barbara Eden, Jeanie from, I Dream of Jeanie! These were the women on tv I grew up with. Such beautiful, kind hearted women who taught me magic was ok, and acceptable. It was part of our everyday life. Or at least it could be. I guess that is why I struggle with it today. It confuses me that I could grow up watching them on TV,and yet still have the deep seeded fear of magic, and the darkness it brings. Some of this is I am sure due to the past lives i have lived where i have either misused my powers, or have been witnessed to its devastation. Some tragedies, no matter the lifetime, stick with a soul. They are embedded in our code as a form of protection against repeating events that led up to the devastation or pain we experienced. Even though I have this underlying fear of the bad that magic can do, I believe it is like anything else. The intention is always directly related to the vibration of the person conjuring up the scenario. The lower the vibration the more ego or power related magic, power never leads to good magic.

Good magic does exist. Magic is still a modality that I am not quite comfortable with (at least not 100%) for me in this lifetime, I know very little of its true capabilities. I know that I appreciate the kind of magic that comes from nature as well as what I was presented with as a child on TV.

I believe that it goes back to hope, and my idealistic views on how things could be. You see, my spirit connected with the infinite possibilities that these women on these TV shows exposed me to. I saw a glimmer of enlightenment (that my spirit recognized) and I connected with it. It was like a glimpse of something familiar, that my spirit embraced. Nothing else really mattered, the negativity, the tragedy or pain from past years of life. None of it stuck at that time. However, as i got older years and years of subliminal messaging and cultural un-acceptance forced the positivity aside and brought the fear and negativity to the surface.

Only once I started to become “in touch” again with my spirit, has the negative images started to recede.

My recent journey has brought many treasures of my youth to the surface again. Little memories such as a TV show (for me) has reminded me of things that I had forgotten. A renewed spirit and excitement for what is possible and what will not only be..but what already is. We are amazing bodies of energy, on an amazing journey through thought. I posted yesterday on my Facebook page a little drawing I did about thought becoming things, so chose the good ones. I think this pertains to each of our journey’s. It’s your journey, chose the one you want.

Do you believe in magic? I do.


Just a quick thought on what brings us joy


I have been thinking a lot about joy, peace and happiness. I have blogged about it. Posted about it on Facebook, twitter and even mentioned it on LinkedIn. I find fascination with the thought of it. I am amazed at how often it is that we move through life in the dark and at such a speed that we can sometimes forget what joy and happiness can feel like.

For me, even the recalled memories of that young eleven year old girl really didn’t give me any insight to what it was that once made me happy.

Don’t get me wrong, I have good memories and had some great joyful experiences. What I have found however is that in my quest to revisit the things that gave/give me joy have surprised me. I have found that for the most part when I press the issue, my heart and mind conjure up images of sunsets, meadows and cornfields. Not actual events.

I have realized that this is not a single emotion. Once again it is a combination of things. I don’t know why I am just noticing it now, it happened when I spoke about fear previously. Happiness, joy, peace are all layers. Often we have one without the other, but on those rare occasions when you have all three or more, at the same time…well, those are the amazing moments in life. They embed themselves in our minds as markers, the moments in our lives that mark time.

Those moments can be traditional, like the birth of a child, getting married, saying I love you for the first time. They can also be very untraditional, such as seeing a piece of art, the sky, a field of flowers, a smell that takes you back in time. Those moments when we slow down, stop taking everything for granted. That millisecond we take to look at a blade of grass, or allow ourself to feel wonderment and believe in the unbelievable is unbelievably amazing!

Happiness, joy and peace I believe can all be elicited from hope. Having hope is like believing in magic. Hope is magic.

For me it all goes back to hope. The thought of what is possible, the beauty in the design of the things that appear to be so simple, but in reality are anything but. When I try to think about what makes me happy, usually it’s the things I have no control over. They are the things that inspire and amaze me. The everyday gifts we have all been given, but often times are too busy to really see.
The rest of the stuff that I enjoy seems nice, but sometimes it doesn’t seem as important. The truth is, it is all important.

Just a little something to think about.


February is all about being flexible.


I have been thinking about how important it is right now to just go with the flow. Seems to be a key message that the old ways of doing things are just that, the old way. What we are learning now, is the new way. We are re-training ourselves to look within more than outwardly for answers. In a conversation recently at a workshop I was a part of we discussed how, since the end of the Mayan calendar, we don’t have a predetermined path to follow. It’s as though the slate was wiped clean. Even if you did not follow “the” path or “a” path before, you are now presented with no path. Trust is now a key component on the next steps you begin to take. For me this is depicted clearly in one of my favorite images in the Shadowscapes Tarot deck, the Three of wands. The picture says it all. Here we are teetering on the edge of the path we have been walking upon, looking off into the great abyss. Presented with the choice of turning back the way we just came or taking that leap of faith, trusting that the path will appear Beneath our feet with each step.

I think that 2013 will be like this for most of us.
We will be challenged to trust in our purpose, our selves and the direction we are headed. We will be challenged to trust the direction we have embarked upon even when the path is no longer visible.

I think that the one thing we need to remember is that we need to be flexible. When things turn topsy-turvy remembering to look at a situation from a different perspective is the better option. The only thing that can be predicted for February is that the month will be unpredictable.

If things seem out of whack and not status quo take a look at how a situation is affecting you. If you “normally” are on the go…busy…and are rarely just still, then maybe the situation you are in is to force you to slow down.
Recently a woman I just met told me she had a great song that explained the point we were trying to make. Right in the middle of our conversation she broke out in song…singing doo,bee,doo,bee,doo….
When she stopped we all just looked at her, she smiled and said, do you get it? We are always struggling with what to do. Should we just be…or do. It was wonderful! Her point was dead on as was the way she presented it. She captivated us, we stopped actively thinking about what we were going to say next (in participation of the conversation) and we listened to her. We really listened.

So often we find ourselves in a do (go…go…go) mode. It just doesn’t seem right,to just be, especially when you want thing to happen. What we need to remember is that sometimes the work that needs to be done can only happen when we do nothing. Learning to be still is one of the hardest things we can do.

February is gong to be the month that really tries to make that point. Try to remember that when the rug gets pulled out from under you, and you are suddenly faced with the unexpected, go with the flow. Look at what the event forces you to do. If that means sitting at home doing what seems to be nothing, think about the last time you allowed yourself the time to do nothing. Think about where you are being forced to spend more of your time, why is it? What is the hidden message, what are we overlooking by being frustrated with what we cannot do. The reason or message is there, you just need to look for it.

P.S. Thank goodness February is a short month!!


After looking within…then what? What do we do with what we see?


Hopefully, if anything this week you were prompted to really sit with yourself and examine the inner you.

Coming up with what makes you happy is not an easy task. Some of you may be thinking its nearly impossible. And this nonsense of talking to our 11 year old self…really? If you found this next to impossible, well your not alone. We often lose sight of who we were and who we once thought we would grow up to be. This is a natural transition to adulthood. We could never expect to stay the same. Who would want to really? We learn things and we grow. As we grow, we become exposed to different people and experiences that change our perspective and open our hearts and minds to new ideas and experiences. Our dreams and goals change. What once made us happy, may not now. This is called life, change and growth.

For many of us talking (or even remembering) our eleven year old selves made us realize how different we have become. Some of us much happier and some maybe not. I think the one thing we can all agree upon is our past is what has molded us (in so many different ways) to who we are today. This assignment was to help us get out of the box we have been living in. So many times the responsibilities in our lives build these walls of intensity around around us it is hard to see through or past what else makes us who we are. We forget the simple things that can make us happy or even just give us joy.

The assignment/challenge is not over. I would like to propose one of two things. For those of you that maybe looked back into a past that was not something you wanted to remember, or was not how you wished it would have been, I propose a rewrite. Yep, you heard me.

What would you change? How different would you be today? What would you wish more of? Why can’t you re-write it?

If your journey brought you back to a time of a carefree happy time that you may have long forgotten about…imagine that in your life today. How could you recreate it into your current life? It doesn’t have to make sense. Write about how it made you feel.

Sometimes an example helps. Here is one…let’s say you loved to dance. When you danced how did you feel? What is the first emotion that pops into your mind? What does that emotion mean to you? How can you develop more of that emotion into your life today? What in your life today closely resembles that feeling from your past, and how can you embrace more of it.

Overall what I wanted to do was get you to look within and remember your happiness, your possibility. I understand that just because something made you happy when you were young does not mean it will still make you happy now. That wasn’t the point of this. The point was to remember what it felt to be happy. To try and recall that emotion. Remembering how it felt to enjoy something on your own. By keeping in touch with what makes us laugh, smile,helps us remember that we, are important. Our feelings matter and need to be cared for. Reciprocation is needed for healthy giving.

So many of us are fixers, givers, caretakers and pleasers. If you give…give…give… And never allow yourself or remember to receive…your giving ends up being layered in resentment. So…when that voice in your head starts to tell you, that you are being selfish….ignore it. By ignoring it you allow yourself to be valued.

Imagine a pitcher of water. You fill glass after glass with water from that pitcher. Eventually you run out of water. How do you continue to give water from an empty pitcher? You can’t. It’s empty. Do not allow yourself to become empty, or once you are empty, to remain empty. You’re a better you when you’re not depleted.

Love & happiness