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Yesterday I shared an excerpt of a post I created for the Spirit of Intention website… here is the full post. Please check it out.I Think I Saw a Fairy Today


Fairies in the wind


I think I saw a fairy today…
She smiled as she fluttered by…and whispered something in the air.
I was too busy to hear.
I didn’t even blink.
I heard the buzz, as she flew by.
But all I could do was think.
Trapped in my mind…I have forgotten how to get out.
All the windows are closed…the blinds pulled tight.

So take a moment…
and sit a spell…
Clear your mind, please do not dwell.
Open a window, let the light peak through…
Breath in..and listen..can you?
Do you hear them? Whispering in the wind?
Do you feel their smiles?
No my friend…it’s not just in your head.
The first step.. is to just…believe

Animal messages…I am learning to listen…are YOU?


This last week I have been visited by many of our lovely animal friends. The gentle friend…the deer. The wiley fox, the soaring eagle, protective hawk, the ancient heron and the determined duck. All these beautiful animals have made a personal visit to me this week.

It started early….with the beautiful red fox. Two mornings in a row…in completely different locations I saw a fox, and the fox saw me. The first day my reaction was…oh…look a fox, wow it’s been a while since I have seen foxes. But…the second morning, I was like…ok this is weird.. When I saw him this time, we both locked eyes, and looked at each other as if in acknowledgement… Both knowing he was there for me. To remind me…I need to remember to be adaptable… cautious, and remember change is coming. I thanked him for the reminder…and have not seen them since.

As the week went on and the stress unfolded..I started to see a flurry of animals all around me, reminding me that they were there…my feathered friends, the bald eagle, the heron, and even the duck were reminding me about the higher plan. The greater picture. They provided me with warm sense of comfort, just knowing I wasn’t alone and that everything had a purpose. One of the warmest reminders I received this week was from my friend the deer.

You see, where I live I am blessed to be close to nature and the occasional visit from many different animals is not uncommon however; I take none of them for granted however.

My first visit was pretty unexciting… While on the motorcycle I happen to see a small group of deer. We continued on…then along side of a well traveled highway…in the brush, was the most precious sight…a doe feeding her fawn. Just the two of them. I felt so blessed to witness this most basic acts of survival, parenting. Something so intimate amidst my chaotic thoughts. I Knew the message… I was to slow down…stop and go back to basics, remember where I was going, where I am going. I was being guided to stand tall and protect my young.

I also knew that I needed to step softly into the forest and listen to its message.
We continued our ride and many times along the way I was reminded of the message of the deer.

A few days went by and I couldn’t shake the image of the mother deer and her baby. Again we were on the motorcycle…riding up in the mountains. While on the back of the bike I would close my eyes and see a deer beside me. She was with me the whole ride… In my minds eye. I felt that I must not be heading the complete message…because unlike the fox, she is not going away…

After a very long day on the bike…exploring..we were standing in our kitchen and what should be squatting in the middle of my back yard? A Buck…

I have looked up the meaning of the deer… All of its messages, what it stands for has fit into my life…I felt that I was hearing the message..I was confused at what I wasn’t seeing. What was I missing? Then I was looking again and there it was, one of it’s messages I have been overlooking their connection to the fairy realm.

The beautiful deer… Message of love, kindness, patience understanding, caution and protectiveness of our families…our children…quiet our minds and listen with our senses…not just our ears…
The fairies are calling me and I have not been listening. Tonight I will meditate with the deer and the fairies, hoping their message will be revealed to me.
For me I am learning…learning to really listen.

In this Journey I have learned so many things…I have learned that my pleas, prayers are heard, and the replies are presented to me…I just need to remember to be aware, and remember to really look for the messages I am given. Acknowledge them.

We need to remember the answers we seek won’t necessarily be “spoken to us” or written out in black and white, sometimes we have to decipher it.

I love it when I learn to listen.


We need to remember to slow down,and not just mean what we say….say what you mean.


In my journey within…I’ve realized something about my communication skills. I am not as terrific at it as I had thought!

As I have been talking to people lately I have caught myself…I’ve actually been listening (to myself) as I am talking, and what I have heard has really surprised me at times. Let me see if I can explain….the following is just one small example;
Let’s say I am choosing between two food chains, Chipotle and Qdoba…in my head I want Qdoba…but I hear my voice say Chipotle. I actually hear my self adamantly saying…no…Chipotle….finally my subconscious that is eavesdropping on the situation, finds an opportunity to speak up and clear the air….by correctly voicing what I thought I was saying in the first place. It’s weird…. It seems that (not all the time mind you) that What I am wanting or trying to say is either coming out with the completely wrong words…or the words that do come out are not conveying what I am trying say. Listening to this made me wonder… how long….has this been going on? The other thing that really makes me stop…and think is…how many arguments have I argued…when based on the words I was speaking were wrong…and I was not really hearing.

Lesson here is many times we allow ourselves to be on…auto pilot. We complain that we are not being heard…or that our points may not be getting across… But, what about us? Are we listening? Not just to the people we are talking too…but to HOW we are talking to them? Are we in the moment when we are speaking or have we jumped ahead to their assumed response…have we allowed our minds to work on the rebuttal to the argument that we have not even received yet instead of being in the moment.

It seems that we are all on some super path. Each of us feels we are running out of time. We are programmed to not have to wait for anything. Instant gratification, instant relationships, so much to do so little time to get it all done. That we forget.
We forget to actually communicate.

Let go back to the beginning. This journey of mine is real. It hasn’t been instant. It’s kind of like playing the game chutes and ladders. Some things have been a harder or longer climb than others and some have slid me back to where I have already been. Regardless I continue to move in the right direction, no matter where I am on the board.

You see… I had some nice motorcycle meditation time…peaceful…uninterrupted in my head me time. Right before we left…I was talking to someone trying to explain a local situation that was recently in the local papers. I fumbled on my words…could not make my point and overall I felt like a bumbling idiot. You see…this is not always me. I am usually fairly articulate.

This situation sprung into my head while my mind rested (on the back of the bike) and the more I thought about it I was confused. I feel that I communicate quite well most of the time. Why is it that am more comfortable writing than speaking?

For me…I think it is because when I type…or write…I move a little slower…I am forced to try and slow my thoughts to keep them in time with my fingers. I am not a speed typist, and as my readers know…not great at catching all my typos or spelling errors either. Let’s face it I have a really hard time slowing down. I have a harder time staying in the moment. I try to remember to live in the moment more than live ten steps ahead. Remember I said “try”, we are so program to hurry, that it’s not one of those things we can fix over night. It is while I am learning to slow down that I am learning the majority of my lessons.

In revealing my life lessons, not only do I find the things I need to work on…I learn more about what my true purpose is and about the unique path I am on.

Well, again I have gotten quite wordy, so I will wrap this post up and bring it to a close.

If while reading this you recognize my points in your own life…remember to slow down and listen to what your saying….and how you are saying it. Remind yourself to live in the moment, and mean what you say but better yet, say what you mean.


Solitude and introspection


Sometimes a day of rest, solitude, a good book and your cat is all you need.
I hope you all enjoy your upcoming week, and remember to appreciate the little things that present themselves to you along the way.

The period of time we are traveling through with Venus in retrograde is all about indulgences…creativity…and desires…honoring our sexuality and uncovering our feminine power. We need to remember to look honestly within to make sure we are following our hearts. Being honest and true to ourselves. For this is the only way we can be honest and true to others.

I guess I am going through some deep introspection, I have been guided by my guides to look deeply within, but while looking within to not get lost and forget about the world that is around me. I advise you all to do the same. It’s a time about finding that balance, the one that works for you.

Many times we can get lost in our thoughts….which can at times be defeating. The key is to look within, without sinking to deeply into what has been. It’s about looking at where you have been…but focusing on where you are going.

I also know that as easy as it is to say the glass is half full, remember to see it and believe it as so because only then will the universe provide abundantly for you.

Dream big…actually…go ahead and dream bigger!


Motorcycle meditation and the topic of Memories….


Yesterday I finally got a chance to be out on the motorcycle again…It has been FAR to long since the last ride. How do I know this? My backside told me so!
While riding around the beautiful reservoirs and foothills that I am so fortunate to live by, my mind started to wander like it usually does. Something along the ride triggered a childhood memory for me.
When I was young I lived in many different locations growing up, the memory I came upon yesterday was one from a time in my life that I was full of imagination and creativity. I cannot remember the exact age I was in this memory flash, and really it doesn’t matter.
The flash of memory was of me sitting on the front steps of someone’s house. I remembered sitting here often. I do not remember the name of the owner of the house….I am not sure I ever knew her name. I think I remember her as an old woman that I believe lived in the house alone. I was not close to this woman; however she may have had me in for cookies once or twice.
This front step of hers was a place of solitude and contemplation for me. This much I remember. I recall sitting there thinking … I sat here many times in this phase of my childhood…thinking… wondering about the trees, the grass, God…and the world.
This flash of a memory prompted me to start to think about memories in general. I thought of conversations with my own children, about events and things we did in there childhood. Conversations like “do you remember that time….” and when they would respond “no, I don’t remember that”. I started to think…what activities in our lifetime get chosen as memories? What is it that triggers something in your life that it quantifies a place in your active memory?
I say “active” memory, because I believe all record of our past and current lives are kept in chronological order in our Akashic Records. Putting the Akashic records aside for another blog topic for now, lets think about our current life…”active” memories.
We have all had a memory flash that could range from something very important or momentous in our life, to the flash of something so seemingly insignificant that you just have to stop and wonder. Why that memory?
When I started this post I really didn’t have a clue to the answer to my question. Now however as I type my guides are telling me that nothing is insignificant. Every thing in every life matters and makes up a choice. Maybe that flash seems nonchalant and unimportant… when in fact it could have been a turning point in your physical life or your mental body. A choice may have been made effecting the direction your life was to take. Every event provides choices and options. Subconsciously these moments are grand and momentous and moments to treasure however; in our conscious mind they may seem like an everyday experience, when really they are pinpoints on our path. The same life path we created for our self before we were even born. I guess you could call them spiritual check points. Points along the way we have preselected as gauges for our spirit to check in are we on our planned path, or have we taken yet another detour? They are points along the way for us to remember that moment…remember that point in our life and proceed from there in the direction we have chosen. Funny but it could be something as simple as stopping at the store and purchasing a sucker… some gas….or holding open a door for a stranger.
It makes me appreciate and treasure these things we call memories. I know that I will now look at them differently. I will look at them as precious gifts as well as incredible little mysteries in the thing called my life…
As for my specific memory flash that prompted all this. I spent a lot of time as a child thinking within as much as I did talking… (and for people who have known me throughout my life know that I did and do love to talk!) I think for me the flash of memory of me sitting on the front step is a reminder for me that I am on the right path. I have reconnected to my spirit (that little girl) sitting, thinking, contemplating. And that makes me smile inside and out.
Enjoy your day! I hope to enjoy a little more solitude and meditation today on the back of our Road King Classic…look out mountains, look out spirit world…here I come again.


Venus~ the lovers the dreamers and me


In honor of the Transition of Venus happening June 5th and 6th I thought I would share a post I wrote for the spirit of intention site in which I dedicated a post to Venus.

When I first started going to Michelle’s classes a few years back, one of the first things I learned was the importance of, and how to, ground myself. This has proven to be one of the most valuable lessons I have learned and one I will forever be grateful for. By taking the time to reconnect…to Earth, Spirit, and yourself you are awakening the gift of self healing. This definitely something each and every one of us can benefit from.
How does this relate to Venus you may be asking yourself… well, let me share my experience with you and you will understand. When I first started attending classes we would and still do actually, start class off by getting in ours ace and grounding ourselves. Once we had gone thru the steps of dropping our grounding cord, releasing all that is in our space and then connecting to the earth and pulling up our earth energy, we move to our crown and call in spirit energy. This is where Venus would come in for me. Without consciously thinking…hey I am going to pull energy in today from Venus… I would inadvertently connect to the planet… and feel its energy flood my crown. Now, how did I know it was Venus energy pulling in, you might be asking yourself? Well, the name of the planet would pop into my head, over and over again. Would hear it, or think it and consciously I would dismiss it. At times I actually remember thinking to myself, “Is that the only planet I know of? Geeze… Jackie can’t you be a little more creative?” Iwould also try and i agine something else…but my thoughts would always go back to venus. Now, I think my reaction is rather funny. I have come to realize that we pull in what we connect to, what we need. After multiple times of this happening I realized I needed to stop resisting and pay attention to this message. I needed to do some investigation of Venus to understand what my connection was or just what the reason for my connection was.
What I found at first felt really superficial. And left me feeling a bit vain. A common description that I encountered described Venus’s strength as: Love, Beauty and Sexuality with its weakness being: Jealousy and Vanity. Upon digging a little deeper the complexity of this planet/goddess really started to revealed itself to me and I had a better understanding of my own personal connection with her as well as her roll in humanity and spirit. Venus is about beauty, love and sexuality…but its also about so much more. She has a duality of sorts that resides in all of us.
According to the Babylonians they named the planet Ishtar, the personification of womanhood, and goddess of love. She had a dual role as a goddess of war, representing birth and death. The Greeks they named her after their goddess of love. And In roman mythology, Venus is the goddess of love and beauty, famous for the passions she could stir among the gods. Passion invokes power, love and war…you could say that Venus is about power, creativity, love, passion,and new beginnings.

In Astrologically, Venus is associated with the principles of harmony, beauty, balance, feelings and affections and the urge to sympathize and unite with others. Venus is involved with the desire for pleasure, comfort and ease. It seems that romantic relations, marriage and even business partnerships, fall under this magnificent planets umbrella. And we cannot forget the reference to sex. When I was researching Venus the Goddess, lover and prostitute popped up. Now most people hear prostitute and think negatively. I understand this, however; what is a prostitute? It’s someone that sells their body for sex, right? Well that someone holds a certain power don’t they? Prostitution (without going into a completely other direction) is about power, control, and giving ourselves away. With anything there is positive and a negative. With Venus, you can have love, passion, power, beauty…and on the other end of the spectrum you could experience, giving yourself away, low self esteem…a lack of power, not seeing your true beauty. Everything is about balance.
With all this information this is what I have gathered…Venus is not just about beauty, love and vanity in the simplest of terms, it is far deeper. The transition of Venus I believe will bring to light any issues you are having that involves the love of others as well as self love, self acceptance. It presents us with our deepest needs of love and acceptance, and the beauty that can be provided by these basic and simplest comforts. It can also be a reminder or wake up call to stop giving yourself away. To take a look at your relationships….and see if they are balanced. Have we become off kilter? Are you obsessive about a relationship…a task…a goal…have you lost sight of the inner beauty that you possess and the power that comes with that. Call about Venus to help illuminate your relationships, your passions in life. Are you ready to embark on a new path or journey, do you need to find once again your passion? She can help. In romantic relationships she can help as well. Look to her to find where you are using or abusing your power. Remember that sex is a beautiful expression of love, however it can also be a tool that can be conniving and deceitful if used to control or manipulate someone. How are using it. Is it serving you or draining you of who you are…your self worth or value.
Venus is one of the brightest planets in our solar system other than the moon… Her presence and all she embodies is both purposeful and powerful. Try to take time out and look inward, to look at the real you. Are you serving your best interest or someone else’s? something to think about.