What would you say today…if you could…to your 11 year old self?


Have you ever stopped to wonder what you would have been like had you had the opportunity to meet yourself as a child?

I realize this is a really odd question. It is so interesting to peek into our childhood, years later. You see I happened upon some old journals of mine. I obviously fell in love with writing even as a young adolescent. I was eleven years old when my mother gave me my first journal, it was a Christmas gift. It was inscribed inside with the date December 1978. Little did I know then that I would develop such a personal relationship and passion with writing. One would think my grammar and spelling would be impeccable by now (unfortunately it is not). I obviously fell in love with the outlet not the specifics. I have always been passionate about the journey the experience and not necessarily the actual structure and schematics of writing, or anything else for that matter.

It is a funny thing, reading things your eleven old self felt was relevent enough to write about. I, it seemed worried a lot about boys! Ha! But seriously boys, family and love. I was always “in love” graved it you could say. Desired it. Needed it. Felt it so strongly. Knowing the person I am today, when I first read some this journal, I was taken a back a bit.

I have written about it before and spent a great deal of time working on it (my heart Chakra). I have sometimes wondered in the past, if I truly knew/know the feeling of love. Don’t get me wrong. I have a beautiful family that I love dearly. But when I have tried to really dissect this feeling called love I have always felt it eluded me. I always have felt that I have been guarded and not allowed myself to feel completely and when I have… whatch out, the emotion overwhelms me. I let very few people in to that sacred space called my heart, and when I do let you in, you are there forever. However… now that I have stepped back into time a bit I have a different perspective on my relationship with love.

After reading my journals from 6th grade to 9th (as far as I have gotten to date) I believe I was born with an overwhelming abundance of love in my heart. My heart Chakra must have been wide open. I loved everything and everyone. Saw the good in people even when they mistreated me and my feelings. I look at some of my words and realize how confused and tormented I was when their behavior did not match my expectations. This purity, this outlook, starts large in all of us. I believe the key is learning how to balance this chakra. I believe that if we continue to hold it wide open we potentially damage the innocence that we hold here causing a knee jerk reaction of closing this chakra completely off.

I think this is something that we see in society today. Many people out there that have closed themselves off due to experiences to the heart chakra which have damaged that part of them (at a young age) they so easily gave.

How or better yet, can we fix this? Is it too late?
By learning to run our energy and understand the effect it has on us as well as others. Yes, we can fix this.
I do not believe it is too late. It just takes the desire to do the work.

The very first step is understanding your energetic field and learning about your ability to hold boundaries. This is KEY. By the way….THIS is what we should be teaching our young! Everyone should be learning at a very young age the importance of personal boundaries . It should be taught in preschool, prior to entering the world unprotected and vulnerable. A bit dramatic??? Not really. I once read somewhere (when my children were very young) that you should not take a newborn out for at least 30 days. Because there aura’s was still developing and they were susceptible to negative energies. I am sure I got some of the specifics wrong, but I think I made the general point and I truly believe there is some truth to this!

This is now, my passion. My desire to share with everyone I can the importance of boundaries and introspection. Learning the power of self-reflection and introspection, knowing when what you are feeling is yours and what is someone elses. Not letting the cutting words or callousness of others force you to shut down your heart chakra.

How does this fit in with my last blog? What is your next step to practice? Hopefully you were able to come up with something that you believe makes you happy (give you joy). Don’t be discouraged if you were not able to figure something out yet… or if you were only able to come up with one or two things. This is a hard task! Over the course of the next few days I want you to practice running your energy. If you need a guid check out a previous blog of mine Steps to grounding

After you have ran your energy, think about what you would say…. to your eleven year old… self.
Would you give your self words of wisdom? A warning? Would you encourage yourself. what would you say? This task will take some time. Use the next few days to try to remember that part of you that time has separated us from. Add your message to the list of things that give you joy. Don’t limit yourself, if you have more than one message to your self write it down.

Step three will be towards the end of the week or the beginning of next week. I think we all need some time to process these. Eventually we will but these steps together for a final process.



We need to stop being so hard on ourselves…


For many of us as we begin our journey within…we go through a gamut of emotions. Excitement is usually at the forefront of those emotions. The mere idea of where we are wanting to go, where we are headed and the prospect of the changes that we hope to incur can make us feel downright giddy.

Soon that emotions begins to shift. We start to concentrate and focus. We focus on the hows, the when’s, the where’s, all in an attempt to figure out the process needed for the desired results to happen.

Then we find ourself in determination mode. Determined to make the plan work. As we work towards our goal we begin to uncover things and the job can start to get tough, messy and complicated. Perseverance is in our blood. We continue to uncover things, dig up issues, and experiences that we hoped to never have to see or experience again. We struggle. We cycle through these emotions over and over and we end up mad, mad at ourselves, for seemingly not getting anywhere.

This is what I really wanted to talk about, how hard we can be on ourselves. We all (self included) tend to be too hard on ourselves. The process to enlightenment, happiness, or romance is a process. We all must first take the time and discover what it is that makes us happy. This is said to all of us over and over and over again…but what does it mean? How can we find what makes us happy when we have spent so much time making or trying to make others happy? This is the challenge. There is no simple easy answer. I wish there was. Even as I typed that a voice in my head said nothing worthwhile ever was (easy that is). I call BS!!! I agree that it is not easy…what I do not agree with is that stupid saying! If it is true for you, it is because you intend it to be so. This goes back to programing that has been unintentionally as well as intentionally done.

We are programmed to believe, we must work hard for our money, good things come to those that wait, and so many other sayings that indicate pain and suffereing are necessary to get where you are wanting to go. I am not saying these things are always untrue… What I am saying is that they don’t need to be. It is a mindset that we need to break.

So often we get frustrated with ourselves because we are not farther along in our quest. We begin to feel inadequate for not being able to manifest the simplest of things. We are confused why a neighbor, friend, or relative has things so figured out and we are still stuck back at “what do I want to be when I grow up”. All these things have a purpose.

I have said it before…baby steps. We all have different paths and different experiences. We need to quit comparing to those around us, you have no idea what lies upon their path. We don’t know the struggles or what work they had to do to get where they are (in this life time or a past).

When you are feeling overwhelmed with where to begin again…with most anything you do…be still. Allow yourself 10-15 minutes of alone, quiet time. Instead of focussing on what you want to be or what you want, shift your focus on what makes you happy. This is a very hard question to many. for many we have forgotten what it is that makes “us” happy. This is the core… the beginning. Make a list. You may find that the first time you do this you are full of anxiety…or frustration. Why do it then? The mind and the body need to first vent these feelings out to get to the real emotions underneath. We need to acknowledge the judgement and then release it, for it is not serving you.

Many people before they go to bed at night write down something they are grateful for…
Many upon getting up will affirm what they are grateful for…
Try writing down one thing a day for a week (at least) that makes you happy. If you have children…yes we know your childeren make you happy… our spouses can make us happpy…our friends can make us happy…
Don’t write these things down. Give yourself permission to not write them down (they still make you happy-but this excercise is about you). Other than that write down “whatever” makes you happy! What gives you joy.

This is the first step. Step two will come next week. No jumping ahead. Just try to find a few things that make you happy.

Enjoy your weekend.



Insta gram moon

I have been thinking about this word; acknowledgement and how it is such a big word that is seemingly used so sparingly.  

When you first hear acknowledgement, what do think of first?  Acknowledging someone for a job well done or acknowledging someone in line with you with a head nod?  These of course count, but really when you think of it, acknowledgement is much bigger than that. 

Like in a previous post:  That’s what I said; keep your thoughts positive I talked about that incessant child you hear in a store saying “mom. mom. mom. mom.mom.mom” over and over till finally the mother will say what?! And the child, responds with either I forgot, or I love you.  When (in most cases) all they really want is to be acknowledged.  Really don’t we all?  No one really wants to be invisable…at least not all the time.  There is an innate drive in nearly all of us to be appreciated and at least acknowledged for who we are and what we do.  It does not need to be an award or public announcement, nothing grandiose or pretentious.  What we are looking for is honest true acknowledgement.

That’s one way of looking at acknowledgment… from outside ourselves.  How about self acknowledgement?  Are you good at acknowledging self? How about spirit?

Let’s look at it from this way.  As you begin to awaken your spirit, yourself, your soul, are you acknowledging these new aspects of self, of who you are completely?  Or do you only acknowledge your physical self?  In many of the classes I have taught students will say that once they opened themselves up they could not shut it off.  They complained of being knocked off guard and inundated with “intrusions”.  These intrusions could be classified as signs, hearing messages, feeling others energy as well as taking that energy on as their own.  It could be also as big as those out there that are finding that they have a connection with the crossed over (mediums).  I myself have only had two distinct experiences with this personally and it is not one of my featured abilities.  Featured…Ha!  that sounds funny, but…it fits.  However; what I have noticed with these students are that, even though they  have tapped into their spirit and are open to this new higher vibration, their boundaries have fallen by the wayside.When this happens this communication can feel like an intrusion.  So, what do we do with these intrusions, we start to ignore them, and get frustrated. 

What I mean by this is it is all about balance.  Spirit is so excited when they can communicate with us, that they want to communicate all the time, and don’t always understand how this is not possible. for them (us) it is the ultimate reward to have the realms open.  What we need to learn to do (and practice) is set up some boundaries and guidelines.  I am giving you a list of course this list is outlined in the most basic of form (I detail it more in classes) but hopefully it is something to get you started with.  Try practicing it daily but at least once or twice a week. See if it makes a difference.  If you are able to do it daily you will feel the return/benefits that much faster. Everything is about practice.

  1. Run your energy regularly
  2. Set your boundaries (energetically) a space that is just for you…around you.
  3. Set aside specific times to work on connecting and listening to the messages you receive
  4. Acknowledge

Running your energy is the first step!  It helps you stay grounded and clean of other people’s energies. It sets the stage for you personal space and helps in setting your boundaries.

Boundaries…this is easier to discuss in a class room where we can do some guided meditation and walk you through the process… but, think of it as surrounding yourself with light.  You can pick the color of light that means what ever it is you would like your boundaries to invoke or put out to others as well as yourself.  you can also layer your boundaries so you have the closest to you for you only and the outer layer for those you encounter.

Setting aside time.  This really is key. It helps put you in charge of your gift.  Most of us have day jobs and active earthly lives that mean we have to be present for ourself and others.  By setting “time” aside we let spirit know that we want to communicate but not while running a fork lift or driving in traffic.

Back to the key word of the blog today Acknowledgement.  Often like the child hanging on the parents leg…spitit just wants to be acknowledged.  Ignoring them will only make them try harder.  They begin to wonder if you can still hear them, and get louder or more incessant.  That is why three and four go so well together.  By giving them the times that you are “on call” they will become more and more patient therein giving you more control over your own life.

Wow… that is such a condensed version… I hope it makes a little sense.  Pretty much anything we ignore gets bigger and bigger and if you look at it from the viewpoint of love and universal acceptance we all just want to be acknowledged.

Well, that is all for now.  Have a great Tuesday!! 


Think of your dreams as a gift…that you have to unwrap…


Have you ever woke up from a dream to be so confused that as bad as the dream was, you want to go back to sleep to better understand what just happened?

This is what happened to me this morning. I woke up (knowing I was awaking from a dream) yet, needing more information. I laid there…trying to make sense of my dream. Hoping to keep myself in the dream state, long enough to understand. Understand the cryptic message that was playing out for me in an alternate universe otherwise known as my subconscious.

I used to have dreams where I would awaken hurt, upset or just down right angry with my husband. I would carry that emotion not only with me all day but at my husband(the poor guy)! Even though I knew this was a completely irrational behavior, I still could not help but express the emotion.

This blog is really not about what my dream was, but the dream experience. I know that the more enlightened I have become the more I understand that for me my dreams are many things. Sometimes they are a glimpse of a previous life, or a direct message from spirit, and other times, they are messages from my subconscious. A reminder of sorts to remain focused. The latter I believe happens when I start to lose sight or start to possibly Wander slightly off track.

As I type this I can hear the voice in my head say…ok then, so what the heck was the message I am missing,and why were the messages coming from those specific people? Obviously I need to focus on breaking down the symbology in my dream to really be able to put the pieces together and decipher my message.

Sounds like a lot of work! Guess what? It is. But are we not worth it? Aren’t we? We ask for answers and signs all the time. We complain that no one is listening, what if the complaint goes both ways. What if we are the ones not listening? Just because it is not written in ink on a piece of paper in front of us we seem to not see or hear the messages. We have to learn to do the work. Break down our thoughts and the imagery we see in our daily life, so we can hear.

For dreams how do you do this? Well it will be unique for each individual, but this is how I break it down.

1) I look at the overall story of my dream if there is one.

2) I look the people in the dream. What characteristics do they have that stand out. How does that person relate to me? Do they relate to me? How do they make me feel? What are they known for? You get the point? I really look for something that explains a little about the dream and why that person was the person spirit picked to help deliver a message.

3) I look at the location- how does it make me feel. Do I have a connection to it. Does it make me feel safe, anxious…is it foreign to me…etc.

4) How did I feel right before I woke up. A lot of times this feeling does not make sense. We may be in a really frightening situation , yet feel calm…or vis versa. What does this tell you? If I am calm in the face of a fearful situation for example…I could be letting myself know that what ever is on the horizon that I am worried about I will be ready for it. Or it could mean that I am to stay or remain calm and the worst will pass. Do you kind of see what I mean?

5) I then try and piece all this together. If it still makes no sense then maybe I just need to sit with it a few days and let it soak in.

Sometimes the messages may make total sense, some will be easier than others. Many times things may not make sense to us. This is ok as well. These messages often times get planted in our sixth and seventh chakras for use at a later time. I like to think of it as a download of sorts.

So, the next time you wake up and think…what the heck was that dream about. Don’t just dismiss it. Think of it as a gift that you need to unwrap. There are many sites out there to read up on all the symbology…but really we all have our own tools. Try going within first, then seek outside information. Whatever works for you will be the best direction for you to follow.

Well, that is enough for now…sleep tight and happy dreaming!


Bound by energy


I seem to be living ahead of myself lately. Which isn’t a bad thing. I just need to remember to not let myself lose touch with the here and now. Remembering to enjoy the present time is as important as planning for tomorrow.

 Sometimes I stop and look around, only to find myself several steps ahead of my physical body. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but a different thing. My spirit is pulling my body along (like a kite).  As long as I don’t break the string and I stay close enough to keep myself engaged, I will be fine.

 I love that my body basically keeps me grounded! I am also very aware that if I don’t focus on grounding myself and being balanced within my multi-demensional self…I will become inefficient and float off course.

I have been reminded quite a bit lately, of the importance of grounding myself and being more aware of bringing in earth and spirit energy to fully move in the direction that I need to go.

 You see, by grounding ourselves…we are able to run our energies and see how things feel (within) and look at where our energy feels stuck or blocked. It is also important to look at how we hold our space.  What dimension do we lead with, how many dimensions are there, and what does that even mean?  These are big questions… Big topics.  But all in all the most important thing is just feeling our own energy and being able to look at it objectively. We have many energetic forms/dimensions that make up who we are today.  Understanding some of them help us to understand more about ourselves.  We all have a feminine and masculine form as well as a mental, emotional, spiritual and the one we are most in touch with the physical form.  These are just a FEW…to give you an idea of what I mean when I say “multi-dimensional self”.  The more we practice running our energy the more familiar we will become in where we are holding our space and where we have specific blocks.

By seeing or feeling our own energetic blocks we are able to understand our outward experiences so much clearer.  It also gives us the extra insight to help us get back on track.

When we are able to look at what we are feeling internally and what we are resisting, only then are we able to make real outward change. We are then able to access the tools we need to figure out possible solutions to the road blocks that we were otherwise outwardly reacting to with frustration.

We are all energy, no exceptions!  When we can begin to understand our own energetic self we will then be able to understand our effect on the others.  Therein; collectively participating in universal change.  Simply put when we can learn to look within to decode our own everyday issues, we will create a ripple effect.  This ripple effect will help change the world. 

Have a wonderful day!


Everyday Psychic Conference! Join us February 16th!!







I am pretty excited! I hope you will be able to join us!
Together with two other amazing women I have put together a Conference on February 16th, 2013 titled
A Day with Everyday Psychics!


We are very excited about this event. Our intent is to dispel the myths of what it means to be psychic. To help you learn some basic tools so you can access your own inner knowing.

This is an all day event 9:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. The event is hosted in Loveland, Colorado. We are looking forward to traveling to Denver and Colorado Springs in the near future. Check out the website for details on registration!

Conference Details
Registration begins at 9am. The morning session begins at 9:30am with speaker introductions, then a short talk from each about the gifts you already have and how to identify them.
We will have an hour lunch break. There are many local eating spots close to the conference so get outside and enjoy! You are also welcome to bring a sack lunch and stay at the conference center if you prefer.
We open the afternoon session with a panel discussion with all of our speakers and talk about your experiences during your lunch break.

What will the speakers be speaking on?
Each of our speakers will host an experiential workshop demonstrating the concepts and tools you need to access your everyday gifts:

Eva Black Tail Swan — Everyday Medicine People

In this workshop our goal will be to awaken our (Medicine) inner-knowing. Inner-knowing is simply one way of speaking about our in-born intuitive sense, our sixth-sense, our connection to and with the High Place, and our connection with our Higher-Self.

We will use our own voice, our vibration, and the sound and vibration of drums and rattles in combination with intention and simple chants to open and awaken our own inner power (our Medicine). Awakening our inner power opens channels of communication with higher realms and will assist us to clear blocks, receive messages, discern our goals and direction, experience Vision, bring about our own healing, and even manifest the life path that is perfect for us.

Sarina Baptista — Connecting to the Other Side

We are all psychic! We all read energy and we all receive information. What we do with this information can make such a difference in the lives we lead. Sarina will connect to the your loved ones on the other side through gallery style readings and show how to receive messages for yourself. Knowing our loved ones are close and can communicate with us can heal us in so many ways, allowing us to live psychically everyday!

Jonelle Davis — Birth Path, Intuition and Energy!

Your life’s mission is revealed in your birth path number. It is within this number that your dream career and the purpose of your great work is revealed. Understanding the meaning of your birth path number can be a profound realization towards living the life of your dreams.

Using intuition and positive energy every day helps us live up to the mission of your birth path. Meditation is key to tapping into and developing your intuition, so we will talk about how to easily meditate every day, and what questions to ask at the end so that you live up to your life’s work. Jonelle will demonstrate how you can identify your highest vibration self and rely on this energy to make decisions in your life and encourage you to open yourself up to inspiration, spirituality and goodness every day.

Jackie Mihalchick aka Clairvoyant Girl — Necessary Tools for Everyday Psychics

Being psychic doesn’t mean you have all the answers or are now able to heal the world. Learning how to run your energy can help empower your life by healing the self first. Jackie provides you with the tools needed to tap into your own personal power. She will walk you through a guided energy run showing you how to unleash the healer within.

You will learn how your energy flows and how to feel and sense where your energy gets blocked. Jackie will demonstrate why it is important to peel back the layers of self and become aware of how we hold energy. You will also learn how these energetic blockages affect your everyday life.

Michelle DesPres — Higher vs. Lower Living – Living Psychically in Relationship to Others and Honoring Cycles of Time to Create Empowerment and Change

Michelle will demonstrate how to bring your highest and most authentic self into every part of your life. You will discover how to follow your personal as well as collective cycles of time for achieving maximum potential and uncover the progressive techniques for maintaining balance physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually with self, family, friends, intimacy, career, etc. You will also learn how to maintain personal boundaries while honoring the boundaries of others. Michelle will teach you how to use energy to protect yourself, your loved ones, and even your car. You will become your own spiritual authority and partake in the clairvoyant revolution that is reinventing the American ideal.

Unlock the gates and look within and see what you may be carrying with you from a past life.


Past lives…

I have been wanting to address this topic for awhile now…
Often times we have emotions in our lives that don’t always make sense or connect to our current situations. Sometimes these emotions or feelings are attributed to a past life.
When people hear the term past life it can conjure up many different reactions. Personally, it lends me a measure of perspective.

I have noticed in my own life that when we have an extreme emotion it may often be left over residue from a past life experience. These experiences can be either traumatic, intense or possibly just left a very lasting impression.

Let’s see if I can give an example…
Personally, I have had a past life where I was feared due to my psychic abilities. In this life time I misused this power for revenge and out of anger. I was also very alone and treated as an outcast. When my spirit was designing my life path this time around, I believe cautions were set in place (These cautions are based on the experiences of our past). They are meant to protect us from repeating (at least in this example) the pain I once felt. But, the thing is, for me in this lifetime my experiences are very different. I know that based on my current situation and the culture I live in, that nothing will be experienced in the same manner. The protections are just not needed, instead what is happening is I am self sabotaging and blocking myself out of an unnecessary fear.

For Example, I have struggled with fully embracing my gifts. For the longest time I would get to a certain level and I would stop…I would hit a wall of sorts. Finally after meditating, much work and reflection I have unraveled my personal mystery. The next step for me was to break through this block. To break through I needed to begin by looking into this past life and seeing the pain and loneliness I experienced. I then looked at my current life time to find any similar patterns. Realizing that I was not the same person, that my life was much different than the past life, I needed to heal this part of me. I needed to spend time thanking my spirit for placing the protection into this life time. However; I also explained (to myself/spirit) how this protection no longer served me. I assured my spirit, that I could control my powers of intuition in this lifetime. I was not the same person, and would not repeat the same mistakes. I asked to release this hold.

In this example it is about realizing where a blockage is coming from, breaking it down to the core. Once it has been identified for what it was, releasing it. Just the act of appreciating its purpose and owning the responsibility now can help remove the blockage. It is not necessarily an instant fix, you need to be 100% honest with yourself and that is the hard part. Sometimes we can remove the obstacles, but blockages will still remain. Why? Because unfortunately when we remove the blockage fear of owning ourself steps in and we make excuses. When we have nothing to blame, we seek other excuses then doing the self work needed to move on. We need to stay aware of our actions and motives to continue to grow.

This is just one small touch on a past life experience affecting a current life. I think it is really fascinating to evaluate our lives and see what we carry from current experiences and what we bring with us from past lives. Take a look within and see what you unravel!


New Beginnings

We are all dealing with them.  In some form or another.  What are some of the new beginnings in your life right now? 

Why is it that new can feel so scary?  Is it the feel of the unknown? How is it that you can be so ready, do unhappy with Imagesomething, anything….

yet the mere step to making change actually happen can freeze you right on the spot? 

I know I have talked in the past about dissecting our fears and not letting them disable us from moving forward, and I am not trying to be redundant.  It is just that it is a never ending battle…fear, that is. 

Here we are on the fourth day of this new fabulous year, and well I have been inundated with change.  I am experiencing it from all aspects of my life.  Personally I am metamorphosing into the me I was born to be and as much as that work has been internal, only now am I seeing the external effects.  It has trickled down into many areas of my life.  

I am a big advocate for change (really I am)  I just like to have a sense of some kind of control over that change.  I think the next focus for me is CONTROL.  Why is it so important? Why do I feel the need to hold on to it so tightly? 

Basically what I am blabbering about is once we start the process of expansion and enlightenment, it is next to impossible to turn back.  Not that we want to.  What happens however is we begin to peel back the layers and layers of protection and programming.  When this happens, in the beginning we are excited and go right to work processing the lessons that pop up.  What we are sometimes not prepared for are the layers and layers of lessons or issues we are presented with.  It can sometimes be overwhelming when you think you have conquered or learned one to find another lurking underneath.  

Staying positive can be a true challenge.  One that I struggle with and I am sure as do many others.  But it is imperative!  The work may be hard.  Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to really see an issue or situation for what it is and for what your involvement in it has been.  Accountability starts within and we have spent many years in a society that does not teach accountability.  We are constantly looking for someone to blame.  Some one we can point a finger at and say it is your fault.  But really…is anything really anyone else ..fault?  

As I have said before this year is special.  Things will be happening much quicker than we are used to, mostly because of all the work we did leading up to now.  The good and the uncomfortable will and can happen faster.  

I am not sure if this really made much sense today… I think I really needed to just type it out.  My personal struggles and conflicts make much more sense to me when I type.  I am reminded by spirit that this is my master plan.  

I chose the direction and I also knew going in just how stubborn my spirit can be and the lessons for me were very particular.  

The next post will focus on our past lives and the roll they play in our lives today…look for it!

Lastly before I sign off a group of wonderful women I have been working with are preparing for a conference in February, A Day With The Everyday Psychics!  It will be February 16th location TBD from 9-6, in Loveland, Colorado.  We are setting up a website for the event with details and bio’s on all the speakers.  It will be a combination of lectures and interaction! The goal and focus is dispelling the myths about clairvoyants/psychics while teaching you how to tap into your own spirit. Look for more information early registration will be available soon!     

Have  beautiful day!!!