Ask and you shall receive….but are you asking correctly?

I attended a class and crossed over event last night.  A good friend of mine Sarina Baptista  holds a monthly event and is very passionate about connecting you to your loved ones.  It is always inspiring for me to sit in and listen and feel the connections that happen.  Time stands still and the energy is so positive and hopeful,full of love and of course a bit apprehensive.  It is funny.  As excited as people are to connect you can sense the slight unease of the possibility of the chance of a connection.  Even though I did not get or even expect to have a connection I always leave with a message.


Last nights message was in  letting go and accepting oneself as not perfect, we are human. We don’t have to be everything to everyone.  Learning to accept ourselves and who we are is sometimes one of our biggest challenges.  I was also reminded on how to ask for what it is we want.  It is pretty tricky.  You don’t want to get stuck in a want loop!  What do I mean?  I am sure many of you have heard of the book  The Secret or Law of Attraction.  In these books they explain in detail how to ask for what you want, need, desire.  The trick is in the wording (yes) however it is also in the intention and for a lack of better words the faith in what you are requesting. 

If you say for example I want a better _____  (you fill in the blank).  Whatever you want a better of is what you will be putting out there, so you willbe putting yourself in a state of always being in a state of want.  The universe will give you more want of a better blank.  We also need to remember that occasionally what we “want” may not be in our best interest. 

It is very important right now to be sending out your intentions, wishes, needs and wants in ways that will help you manifest what your truly asking for. 

Today also marks the full moon lunar eclipse… the last one until the winter solstice, December 21st.  Time is in full force at what can sometimes feel like warp speed.  Remembering that is very important and key in keeping your footings in all that is transpiring right now.  Keeping your head focused, your thoughts positive and maintaining a high vibration.  Trying to keep up with all these things can inevitably wear the strongest of spirits out.  So with that my advice to you is to check out my friends blog on It’s time to feed the chickens.  She talks about the importance of maintaining balance. 

It is key right now to remember to not only take care of everyone and everything else, but to care for yourself as well.  That is also why it is so  important to fine tune your request for what you want more of in your life.  Focus on the positive on what you currently have and express gratitude.  The universe will recognize this, and provide you with more of it.  The form of that “more” can sometimes be even better than you could have ever expected.

A final note on the eclipse, The Power Path gives a great summary of what this phase represents so for a detailed summary check out The Power Path Moon Phases.  My take on it is be aware that this is a time of letting go of those things and people who no longer serve your best interest. Look at it as a form of graduating to the next level of your journey and letting go of what you have already accomplished or no longer feel the need to hold onto.  Do something new…look for creative ways to express yourself (regardless of your abilities) open yourself up.  Intentions are manifesting quickly in this phase so be careful to keep your thoughts positive and in a forward direction. 

Enjoy this time for it truly is a time of celebration!



Following our path.









I noticed a bird yesterday… following the road above my car.  It was a beautiful Black Raven, he was weaving in and out to avoid the tree tops but definitely following the road.  For awhile he was above us then in front of us, he was a big and beautiful Raven.  Even with his occasional sway you could tell that he was on such a sure mission. Instead of creating a flight pattern of his own he was following the road below him, laid out in front of us both.  Captivated by his distinct direction, I started to contemplate the symbolism. 

It seemed to confirm and assure me that I was on the right path. Headed in the right direction.  To not doubt or turn back just because somethings seems to be blocking your way.  That even when it looks like I am no longer in the clear, to remember to be flexible enough to not be knocked off course by the occasional stray branch.  To forge ahead, all the while remembering to go with the ebb and flow of life. 

This is a good message.  Some thing we all can take a look at in our own lives.  Where are you on your proverbial path?  Are you still headed in the right direction?  All the intentions you have been setting, are they in your best interest? Are you keeping in mind that what we ponder and intend today will directly affect the direction we continue in tomorrow? 

I have pondered these things a lot lately. I have found that I have hesitantly moved into unfamiliar yet passionate territory. All the while wondering am I moving in the right direction?  I have noticed that with the best intentions I have seemingly chosen to take baby steps.  These steps have allow me to change direction at any time.  They have also allowed me to inched myself  forward, but not with the vigilance that I now know I need to emit.   

Looking up at this often regarded dark bird confirmed the magic of it all. It ignited the confidence that I needed to be awakened.

I read somewhere that the Raven, in accordance with Celtic symbolism, is believed to be a sign that something special, but unexpected will happen. Something is yet to come.  What arrives depends solely on us.  I know that I want change.  I am ready to move in the direction that calls to my heart.  My first intention for the new year will be to share my light, expand my gift by not filtering.  Happily I will follow this path, and eventually when the path is no longer there(or no longer needed) I will create my own. 

Have a wonderful week! Happy belated Thanksgiving to all my followers, I am incredibly thankful for each and every one of you.  Besides my Facebook followers(friends) I have almost reached 100 followers.  This is truly  amazing to me.  Thank you for listening, and thank you for sharing your thoughts and opening me up to your blogs. 

Lots of Love~

aka Clairvoyant Girl

The wall…

Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall.  Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the Kings horses, and all the Kings men couldn’t put Humpty together again.

Ever feel like Humpty Dumpty?  Sitting on the top of the wall…feeling like you have a handle on all that is around and below you, only, moments later to find yourself in a pile of pieces at the bottom of the wall?

That was the kind of day I had yesterday. 

The one thing I really try hard to doing my writing  is balance my emotions. I never want to come off too negative.  I refuse to wallow or whine, I want to focus on moving forward and learning and observing the situation.  I think that too often we (a generalization) cling to the negative and never evaluate the situation and our reactions / behaviors enough to learn from them.  This week I challenged myself and anyone else that wanted to participate to maintaining a neutral stance.  This task has been much more difficult thank I had expected.  I have to say I think that overall… I have been fairly successful.  It is always so much easier to maintain neutrality when every thing is going along as it is supposed to be. The key is to be conscious of it in the times of friction.

I know mercury is still in retrograde but so far this week has been about testing my patience and remaining calm.  LOL!  Again I stress that this has been difficult.  Hurry up an wait…that is what I have spent the last few days doing. 

I have also been forced to practice, thinking before I speak and discerning what really needs to be said and what doesn’t. Who would have thought this would be so exhausting!  To think that the week is not even close to being over with.  

I think the important message here is, that when we find ourselves sitting in what feels like millions of pieces at the base of that wall, we have to remember that the only thing that holds us down is ourselves. We need to remember that no matter where you are, or how broken you can feel, you alone can pull it all together.  We have the power to change our perception, our lives.  We just have to remember to do the work and infuse that work in love and enlightenment with the desire for growth.  We need to stay away from blame and deflection of the root of the issues, this only encourages denial and holds us where we are at.  Always remember you are never truly alone spirit is  all around you.     Just waiting for the opportunity to assist you, you just need to ask.

Also since …it is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving…tomorrow will be the perfect time to really embrace that neutrality.  It will help in the chaos that can ensue when  families unite, and it can make the world of difference in your communication (thanks Mercury!).    

Have a great Wednesday!



I was reading a forecast for the month of November this weekend that really got me thinking.
What I read said that we should be holding ourselves in a neutral position. We should be observing and listening to all sides of the issue or situation and processing the information, not reacting. Pulling yourself outside of the situation and viewing it from a neutral position.

I realized that in a sense I am coming full circle.
What do I mean?

Well…when I started this journey, started really examining my inner self and my outer self I realized that I kept myself detached from my emotions and situations. I equated “detached” as a negative. I realize now (full circle) that detached is only a negative if you are unaware of your detachment or if you are detaching solely to avoid something.

Years later, after examining the different corners of my mind, looking within my energetic field, opening up my chakras and coming to appreciate my emotions, I have finally come to realize the difference.

Only after taking the path that I did, do I understand the difference. I can now go back to removing my self from uncomfortable situations. Not to hide or ignore them mind you, but to grow and be effective in my actions. I have learned that discernment is an inner process. It is not something to argue or openly cause conflict on. It is not about debating your point or being right. It is about being able to remove agenda from a situation and process it. To be able to sit with it free of emotion, to better able yourself to hear your inner voice, and make the right choice.

Being neutral is hard mind you. It seems that we naturally strive to be right. It has a lot to do with, recognition, acceptance, power and approval. In which case all of these are based in our first two chakras, and very ego focused.

I am not saying recognition, acceptance, power, or approval are bad things to want. I am saying that when wanting them ask yourself what the long term reward is. Look at what your striving for, does it lead you to where you want to be? Do you even realize where you are going? If you were to look at it by way of removing yourself from the situation would you see it the same way? Would you still want it, and what is it that you ultimately are looking for?

It all goes back to acting without agenda. Viewing life through our hearts. Speaking through our hearts. And living with positive intentions.

Viewing things through neutrality is the best way to interact with others. It frees you from judgement. Opens one up to acceptance and abundance. Actively removing the ego allows us all to see the bigger picture.

As I mentioned earlier, I have come full circle. This does not mean my journey is over, it means it is only beginning, for like the circle the learning is never ending.

Go out this week and practice neutrality, see how it effects you week.

Have a great week!

Discovering Lost messages…

An original piece I created in 2009

I found this on my computer at work.  It is crudely written; however I think it carries a good message and thought I would share it with you. 

Pieces of  Me   written 5/3/2010

What if…there was a place in time that you were really only you, a place that only existed when you needed it to, where only you could go. 

There is such a place; deep within the corner of your mind.  I like it there when it’s clean and freshly dusted.  Most of the time however; it’s full of cobwebs, dusty and slightly foggy.  Sometimes I open the door only to be reminded of how neglectful of this sacred space I really have been.  It’s slightly comically to see all the things I have left behind in this room.  The items that at one time were so special and priceless…now sit forgotten and useless in my neglected space.  I feel a sense of sadness when I look at all these forgotten pieces of my life.  One by one each replaced by the other, only to be left and forgotten. 

What I find amazing is that the dust can get so thick so fast.  It somehow seems unreal how long it has been since I was here last. 

I decide to dust off the chair and sit awhile.  It seems the right thing to do.  As I sit here and ponder the things that have gone forgotten…I am hit with the question of what it was that actually brought me back here to begin with.    I look down and find in my hand a letter.  It then seems all too clear…It all starts with a letter, a request or plea…

I decide to put the letter down.  I need to clean up.  Air the space out and clear the air.  As the dust starts to dissipate I start to find more letters among the forgotten items cast around the room, lost letters everywhere.  Letters that seemed so important at one point in my life, but now are only piles of paper and ink.  Some of these letters I find are very old…the more I dust and clean the more I find.  Letters on notebook paper, blank paper, stationary, parchment, even bark and stone… 

I question my assumption of all of these being just requests and pleas…
As I continue to question… I notice many are addressed…to…me.  They are letters from me…to me.  Letters of strength, hope, triumph and courage.  Letters to remind me I am not alone.  I have never been alone.  I gather the letters…  I need to read them, hold them and touch them.   Each of these letters in this dusty room in the corner of my mind is a reminder of where I have been. Who I have been. What I have learned. What I still need to learn.  They are all pieces of me.

The captivating beauty in release…

This amazing picture was painted by my daughter.  She is truly amazing. I was cleaning out the items I had stored on my computer at work today and ran across this picture. 

Looking at it I realized I needed to blog about it.  Write about what it moves in me, and how it makes me feel.  It is so beautiful I felt compelled to share it with the world.   

I feel the essence of it, for me at least is about release.  Breathing in a new beginning and not really being able to clearly see what that beginning is.

With each breath one learns to trust that what we inhale will be just what we need.  As she tilts her head to spirit you get a sense of the release, the giving over, to blindly accept what is to come. Knowing that it will be as beautiful as the flowers which surround her. 

The picture touches my heart, my soul.  Speaks to me about believing in oneself as well as a higher power.  It reminds me to look at things for the beauty in which they represent not the mess or sadness they may create in your life. It represents inner beauty, trust,and faith. It shows the pause before the new beginning, no longer is she contemplating, but breathing in acceptance.  It is the release to what can be.

This painting has inspired me today… With that inspiration I will pause, and halt worry. I will know that the future is about to unfold.  I know that the fragrance of enlightenment is the sweetest smell of all.  I will close my eyes and trust not only in a higher power but in me.  I will trust myself and my inner knowing.  I will let confidence swell and blossom for tomorrow will be an amazing day.  Anything is possible.


Letting go…easier said than done.


I am excited to start some new ventures and projects.
I wish I could say I was a hundred percent sure of myself, but if I am being honest I am not there yet. I believe it will come.

I keep reminding myself that all the signs are pointing towards change. Every where I look it is what I see, what I am focused on.

I also find that I am the biggest advocate for anyone and everyone to follow their heart and go for it, however when it comes down to myself I seem to get stuck in self doubt. I have noticed this getting less and less, but… it is still there.

I have known for quite some time that a end would come…I just have tried and tried to make it some other way. It is inevitable and this scares me. It is like taking off a band aide, I know that the slower I go the more it will hurt, yet fear paralysis me from just taking the leap.

I think it is amazing how much control fear actually has over us. I know in my heart and my soul that what I need to do is for the best, and will be the best for me, however letting go is so hard and is something we are taught not to do at such an early age.

Think about it. It is funny how as children, babies even, we are told “to hold on”. Hold on while we learn to walk. Hold on to my hand, hold on to the bike, the swing, the chair, the list goes on and on and ON. It is no wonder as we grow and become adults, we never want to let go of anything. We have been programed (for our safety) to never let go…to hold on.

How do we break this programming? When did we start to use it to keep ourself stationary? When did holding on become a crutch? Just like anything else in our lives we have these little programmed hurdles placed in our psyche. If you’re a parent, you’re probably reading this thinking, it is for our children’s safety. They need to learn to be safe. If we did not teach them to hold on, they would fall out, or get hurt. I agree, it is a necessary lesson. What we need to do however is follow it up later with letting our kids know that they should never be afraid of trying something new. Of moving forward in a new direction. To trust their heart.

My point here is I (personally) seem to place a lot of my blame of blockages on fear. I really want to show how it has a lot to do with programming as well.

Learning that letting go, doesn’t mean forgetting or leaving everything or one behind. It means growing and expanding. Taking what you have learned and bringing it with you. So often we think we need to shut off or leave behind things to move forward. And we don’t. What we do need is to realize that letting go and moving on is about repositioning ourselves to have room for something else. To bring with us what we have learned from that experience or relationship.

I recently read a great article about learning to let go and understanding what that really means. A lot of the time it means reprogramming how we perceive letting go. It doesn’t mean goodbye.

Holding on to situations and people in our first and second chakras can cause us to hold on for all the wrong reasons. We need to refocus the connection to our hearts. Our fourth chakra. Holding it here redirects the connection we have and are holding on to. Filling the situation/relationship with love and less with fear and or ego.

If you get a chance check out the following This is where I found the article on letting go that really connected with me.

Enjoy your week. Are you remembering your intentions…are you being conscious of what your setting?

Why is it we look to someone else to tell us we are on the right track?


Have you ever noticed that we seldom trust ourselves. We know what we feel and what we hear inside,yet we still seek the answers (or truths) from outside of ourselves.

For some reason the information always seem more authoritative, or validating when we get it from someone else. If we ask someone else to look inside us and they see our path or the answer to our questions we accept it as our truth,the right answer.

I am not saying we shouldn’t go outside ourselves for answers, not at all. What I am saying is that we should learn to trust ourselves. Trust that we do know the answers to the questions we ask. We know the right from the wrong, even when we convince ourself the wrong is the right. We know. It is learning to look within and listen to that voice that tells us our truth.

How do you learn to hear the right voice? We know which is right. We can feel it. The right voice comes from the heart, and is filled with love and light. Even when it is a tough answer, it has our best interest at heart.

Each time you go outside yourself for an answer, when you hear the answer are you caught off guard? Or do you realize you already knew the answer? To increase our trust in ourselves we need to use this moment of awareness as personal validation to enhance your trust in yourself.

I also believe that we are all hear to help one another. Some times the answers we seek are buried so deep under layers of self doubt and programming that we need to reach outside ourselves. When you do reach out, remember to process the information you are given. Sit with it, and make sure it not only sits well with you, but fits. You want to make sure you are acting on your own behalf and in the best interest of you and no one else.

I am blessed to have come into contact with such honest and beautiful people. People I have been able to reach out too for support and guidance. They have shown me that I can trust myself.

The path to self acceptance, self-awareness and the ability to trust in ourselves is a journey. It is a learned behavior that is powered by our hearts.

So go ahead and ask another what path you should take or what the “right” answer is. Just remember once you get their answer, sit with it. Let it sink in and see what resonates with you. Does it all fit, some or maybe none of it does. All of these results are monumental. How? Because you have went inside and have been able to discern what you heard with what you know. One more step in the direction of opening up to spirit and learning to put trust in yourself,and what you already know.

Then appreciate that person, and the gift they were able to give to you.

Have a beautiful week.

WARNING>>>>Communications right now, MAY be going in every direction!

Typically when Mercury is in retrograde our communications are usually jumbled and can be very convoluted.  What I am finding currently, however is a sense of calm and clarity in my personal communications.  Maybe it is because what I am currently working on communicating has been in the “works” for some time, I am really not sure.  I have had a few candid conversations (in the last few days) that I have walked away from feeling very good about what I said, and how I said it.  What I mean by that is I have felt that my points were both expressed and heard, which is not always the case. 

I think the key thing to remember is if you honor the truth and respond with your own truth the messages can be heard, regardless of the planetary alignment. 

For more information on Mercury in retrograde and the overall current energetic climate check out this months forecast at The Power Path  They offers a lot of insight as to what  to look out for as well as what we can expect.    

I know am still learning how to effectively communicate, we all are.  It is a constant lesson that we all have to practice to keep it in tune.  I used to think that all I needed to do was to communicate with others the way I like to be communicated to, and in doing so all would be good.  I do not believe this any longer.  We are all unique and we need to remember that it isn’t as easy as doing onto others as we would have done onto ourselves. This is a great start…but that is all it is, a start.  This should be a default, the mere beginning of how we communicate with others.  It should be a “core” fundamental method of communication as a human being.  From this basic form we should be listening well enough to the people in our lives to understand how they communicate what works best for them, and mirror that.  We should never force someone to communicate the way we do, especially if that is not effective for them.  What makes your way better, or more effective.  Just because it works for you does not mean it will work for others.  Granted…it is a start.  Because if you look at it from our personal perspective we will more often than not be intending that communication from a positive standpoint.

Here are some keys things to keep in mind when practicing effective communication:

  1. Always communicate from your heart center.  
  2. When you communicate from your truth (not someone elses), love and compassion shine through. 
  3. Leave your ego behind. This is VERY hard for MANY of us! 
  4. Practice communicating to express your point, not make your point. There is a big difference in delivery and reception of the information (think about it).
  5. In heated moments of communication, slow down…take a breath and re-center yourself.  It is easy to get caught up in proving or making a point.  This also goes back to #4.
  6. Last but not least, think before you speak.  Sometimes what we think needs to be said…doesn’t.  Often times it is just our ego flexing its muscles.  You can even try reversing the comment on yourself, how does it sound or feel…and remember to go back to #1.

I know these things seem really basic, and they are.  However; these basics can really make the difference in how your message is both delivered and received.  

Happy communicating!!!



Yep, that is what I said…Keep your thoughts positive!







I have been doing a lot of soul work lately. Trying to work out these lessons that have presented themselves to me this last year. During this process I keep finding things that I feel are imperative to share. Tips to either help others know that if they are going through something similar…hey, you’re not alone type thing!

As important as it is to work through these lessons, sometimes the mere acknowledgment of them and what they are here to teach you can be (if not enough) a really good start.  For instance have you ever noticed that a child clinging to their parents pant leg, or tugging on their coat repeatedly saying mom…mom…mom… (or Dad) are just seeking their parents attention.  Most of the time once the parent says “what?”…they reply with either a smile, or simply say I love you. They just wanted and needed (right at that moment in time) to be acknowledged.

Just like that young incessant child, trying to get our attention our issues and lessons are also reaching out to us, trying to get us to take notice. The more we ignore them the louder they become. Now, they are not really going to tug on our pant leg calling out to us, but they do find a way to make a bigger impact every time they are brushed aside and have to try again to get our attention. The trick is picking up on the subtle tug, the first or the second time when it/they are smaller and possibly easier to address. Once they start to really build up steam to get us to STOP and notice them, well those are the issues that we begin to dread. Granted hind sight is always 20/20, it is a good thing to remember once you  start to look closer at your life and your path being aware of the little things will help make the big things not so…big.

I know there are books out there telling you how to not sweat the little things… I am not saying this is wrong, I am saying that it…is different.  To me the little things to not sweat are the things that you/we personally can’t control.  Once we stop trying to “control” everything around us so it fits nicely in our prepackaged life the easier our life will become.  Not only will we begin to live outside the parameters that have been set for us, we will be able to see the bigger picture, see the world and all its differences for the beauty that she is. BUT… I digress. 

I have little issues popping up repeatedly along my path. Right now, with mercury retrograde, communications can be tough and the best thing I can do is to simply acknowledge them. The key this month is acknowledging what is popping up for you, not always taking the stance of “fixing”.  And as I talked about it (in my last post) things are happening much faster right now…it’s like a speed round in this game called life. So first and foremost…HOLD ON, and keep your thoughts positive.

LOL!!! Sorry…I am still recovering from my last comment. “Keep your thoughts positive…” To me this is a rather funny statement when you think about how turbulent things are. One minute you could be acknowledging the fact that you are feeling physically fit and on the right path to a healthier life and the very next day you may be grieving a loss of an old friend or family member. You could finish a big project at work and then find out there are the whole department needs to be restructured.  It can actually feel like an emotional rollercoaster at times, so keeping our thoughts positive could in effect be one of our biggest challenges. 

I have also found lately (to which I will chalk up to awareness for now)  that physically I have noticed personally that the higher my energetic vibration is the more sensitive I am to the things I put into my body. Certain foods no longer agree with me and alcohol…well, I am a new all time light weight.  I believe what many of us are feeling may be colds and/or allergies are also some of the physical effects of the time we are currently in.  The speed of the climate changes, the planets, a whole new collective vibration is being established.  I believe our bodies are currently in the process of a recalibration of sorts to “tune” in to the new year. 

Allowing yourself to be… and to be aware of where you are, what you are doing and how you are feeling is a positive step in an overall awakening to your spirit.  The purity that is you.  To often we spend our time living for others, through others, to help others that the one person we continue to push aside is ourselves.  By giving yourself permission to be aware, and acknowledge yourself you will begin to remember your true purpose and become more connected with your spirit, which in turn gives you more love and energy to give to others in your life. 

The beauty of reconnecting right now is knowing that we are moving into a time of reaping what we have sown… benefiting from the work we are instilling now, the seeds we are planting will begin to flourish with what our intentions/thoughts plant.  This is why it is imperative to keep those thoughts focused in a positive manner.

Plant away, and Happy November!